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Economic Growth Slows to 2.2 Percent

The economy slowed in the first three months of the year to a GDP growth rate of 2.2 percent, down from a rate of 3 percent growth in the final quarter of 2011.

The growth, which is pathetically slow, came in below forecasters expectations of 2.6 percent, which is also pathetically slow, although a little less so.

I think most of you are aware that the decline from 2011 to 2012 was George W. Bush’s fault, even though he stopped being president in 2009.

It also has something to do with the student loan rate, I believe.

17 Responses to Economic Growth Slows to 2.2 Percent

  1. I think their propaganda got to you, Keith. Bush stopped being President in 2008 — though some people would like you to think that he’s back there somewhere running the show and Barack Obama is the victim of his third term!

  2. We’d be humming along with 5% growth if the Buffett rule was passed last year. ahem ahem!

    Another 5 million on food stamps will surely bring our economy back to where it needs to be.

    U.S. debt to GDP was 100.8% at the end of the quarter.

    Hope and change baby!

  3. I respectfully have to disagree with your assertion Mr. Koffler, I am more than certain that the War on Women is solely responsible for the GDP decline. How can big pharma supply the vast amount of contraceptives needed by young women such as Ms. Fluke when the the big bad GOP party and religious organizations are preventing the government and insurance companies from purchasing and distributing them.

    • ACK, please no. I mean, as much as I enjoy Obama looking stupid, I just can’t stomach another.

      But I think they should call Biden in. He’d do great. He can talk about how Obama got Osama with that big stick of his.

  4. “Heavy government expenditures and liberty are incompatible. Woe to the people that cannot limit the sphere of action of the state. Freedom, private enterprise, wealth, happiness, independence, personal integrity – all vanish.”
    ~Frederic Bastiat, Addressing National Assembly – France, 12/12/1849

  5. IMO: unemployment and uncertainty of the future led to the popularity of resale items, thrift stores, and places like Craig’s List all led to the further reduction of manufacturing in all industries.
    The cause is the massive intrusion into the private business of individuals by a gargantuan federal government and its draconian regulations.

      • Just heard on the news that this was not part of the education bill, but an executive order. Change my wording from “corruptocrats in DC” to Corruptocrat in Chief.

  6. Excellent point, srdem! If you take a drive into the hispanic communities of East L.A. any day of the week, the sidewalks are packed 6 feet deep with miles of used clothing racks, children’s toys, appliances, furniture, etc. It’s a booming, cash-only business. The City, however, turns a blind eye to it because they vendors and buyers are 99% hispanic. CA is how bifurcated – different strokes for different folks!