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Congress Set to Cite Holder for Contempt

Congressional Republicans are set to issue a contempt citation against Attorney General Eric Holder, charging he has obstructed the Congressional investigation into the Fast and Furious Mexican gun running operation, according to CBS News.

But the Huffington Post is reporting that the citation, which is would be designed to force the Justice Department to release thousands of documents related to the operation, may not be issued if Holder agrees preemptively to hand them over.

The citation will be issued by House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who has been leading the investigation into the issue, and eventually voted on by the full House.

If the citation passes, Congress could then go to the courts to try to force the Justice Department to deliver the documents Republicans say are being withheld. The threat of legal action could also at that point bring the two sides together to come up with a deal.

Holding a senior presidential aide in contempt is a rare congressional action. It could either prove an embarrassment to the Obama administration or could backfire on Republicans if they are viewed as over-reaching.

But the move is certain to keep the focus on a policy that has proved a PR disaster for the administration.

The guns, which were supposedly going to be tracked, ended up being used in dozens of killings South of the Border, including a U.S. agent.

11 Responses to Congress Set to Cite Holder for Contempt

  1. I don’t think it would be over-reaching to cite Holder. I thought the committee was way more than patient. I wondered when they were going to turn up the heat.

  2. I almost thought they had given up on this. And I don’t care if it’s seen as over-reaching…they’ve been more than patient and there’s no sense tiptoeing around this and other important issues anymore. To hell with “the optics” the Republicans are always so afraid of. It’s high time to do what’s right.

  3. In my opinion, he’ll totally ignore whatever congress does. He is no longer the President of the United States, he is an imperial president. America’s own Hugo Chavez. He paid no attention to the contempt citation issued by Judge Feldon, a Federal court judge in New Orleans. What makes us think he’s going to pay attention to a contempt citation issued by what he calls the “do nothing” Republicans in the House?

  4. Good try but Holder is his own boss and answers to no one but himself so I doubt it means anything more than a good laugh with Obama later.

  5. The snake who calls himself, AGOTUS, Eric Holder will undoubtedly continue to swallow his prey whole, until something or someone makes him return to the reptile house where he sharpened his teeth..
    If you haven’t guessed, I have no respect for the man or any of his cronies.

  6. Keep their feet to the fire boys, someone has got to hold these terds accountable for their arrogant over-reach and disregard of our freedoms.
    Screw the BS optics, do what is right.

  7. Overreacting, Ha. Eric ” Snake in the Grass” Holder has no business continuing as AGOTUS. He’s a disgrace and history in time will prove that. (unless it’s written by his RADICAL LEFT WING HISTORIANS.)

  8. why is it that only REPUBLICANS want to oust Holder- aren’t there ANY honest DEMOCRATS?? Or are they DEMOCRATS first and Americans second? why does PARTY LOYALTY come before HONESTY & DECENCY? what has happened to our morality? The most CORRUPT administration in history- has the backing of the super trillionaires- who control the news-media so as not to expose the OBAMA FRAUD-

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