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Breitbart is Here

It’s rare that someone who is fearless enters the public arena. Someone who has somehow smashed inhibition and rises out of the trenches to fly forward into any type of fire leveled at him.

This, I think, is what inspires so many people about Andrew Breitbart. He questioned authority. He questioned those who were not in authority. And he asked the right questions.

I hope you enjoy this music video tribute to Breitbart by BigFurHat and Chris Cassone over at It’s unlike a lot of other self-produced videos you see on blogs – it’s extremely well done and the song is good and sounds professionally performed.

12 Responses to Breitbart is Here

  1. I still have trouble believing that Andrew is gone. I’m reading his book Righteous Indignation and it’s excellent. You can hear his voice as you read it. Such a great loss for our side!

    • Tell me about it, it does not seem real to me either, even after all this time. It would be just like Andrew to fake his death just to find out who hated him the most. His poor wife and children are suffering the most, God bless them.

  2. Wow – that was beautiful! Thanks, Keith. Andrew has left the battlefield, but his spirit lives on. We have been empowered – his legacy will live on!

  3. I now he’s gone but I feel his presence when I read blogs and it gives me the strength to go on and fight the good fight. We own nothing less than to keep
    his spirit alive he would want and expect no less. God Bless Brietbart he will be proud for us to carry on and we will!

  4. Thank you for posting this Keith. Saw this yesterday and cried all over again. I never met Andrew but felt like he was my friend. During the heat of the Obamacare battle he was the one who stood by the Tea Party and refused to let the communists in the House slander us with their accusations of racism. He was a courageous warrior for the cause who left this world way too soon. He is our hero and he will never be forgotten. God bless Andrew and his family.
    Breitbart is here!

  5. That monkey toy looks just like Carney.

    I can’t believe that Andrew Breitbart is gone. When I heard the news, my heart grew cold with fear and shock. But we will continue to push for honest reporting and an absence of bias — and do it with his example in mind.

    It’s strange how hard it is to accept that he is gone. I guess it’s our job to make sure that he is not really gone.