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White House Refuses to Take ‘Yes’ for an Answer

If you were wondering whether the latest White House initiatives being teed up weren’t mainly political – I know probably you weren’t, but in case you were – take a look at this exchange on Air Force One the other day between White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and a reporter.

The Republicans, as you may be aware, are perhaps going to cave on the issue of maintaining reduced rates for subsidized student loans. Mitt Romney already has. But THIS IS RUINING THE PARTY in the West Wing, which has counted on Republican intransigence that President Obama’s political team could use to whack the GOP around.

You can almost hear the disappointment in Carney’s voice as you read the transcript of his response to a question about Republicans coming around to Obama’s point of view.

Q  It seems the debate on the Hill is more about how to pay to extend these than actually whether to extend the rates.  So who is the President trying to convince?

MR. CARNEY:  Well, there’s a couple of things here.  First of all, we welcome any support that is out there for the idea that we need to take action to make sure that these interest rates do not double.  It is certainly welcome, although ironic, that those who fervently support the Ryan budget, which would double interest rates for student loans, some of whom now say they want to not have that happen . . .

I would simply note that overwhelmingly Republicans in Congress support the Ryan budget, the Republican budget, that has become essentially the governing doctrine of the Republican Party, and not only does it not include within it any provision to prevent student loan rates from doubling, but it slashes Pell grants and other programs that are essential to ensuring that young Americans get the education they need to compete in the 21st century economy.

Not only that, it cuts programs that help — that invest in the very industries that we need young Americans to be entering in the 21st century economy.

So the White House feels some love from Republicans, sees light at the end of the tunnel for a supposedly important initiative, and it REMINDS EVERYONE THAT THEY ARE A BUNCH SHALLOW, UNCARING JERKS.

Let’s pretend you are the president of the United States.

Feels good, right?

Hey – get your finger off that button, you don’t know what it’s for!

Now, you really want Congress to pass a piece of legislation. It seems like they may support you. What do you do?

Do you start attacking them??

No. You invite them to the White House theater to watch a movie with you and you put out a statement telling the nation how impossibly smart and good looking the Republicans all are.

Unless, you know, attacking them was the point.

24 Responses to White House Refuses to Take ‘Yes’ for an Answer

  1. You got that right….attacking them is always the point! And those evil Republicans actually want to pay for the extension….the horror!

  2. Well the Obots have played politics with international man made disasterista (aaaahhh, I ummmm gave the go ahead to kill Bin Ladin aaaahh, from my golf cart); our medical care (ObamaCare); the Second Amendment (Fast and Furious); our mortgages and banking system; so why not go after the kiddies college funds?

    Some of the Gen 44ers (all things must honor Duh Won) much be catching on though…only 9,000 could be “found”‘at UNC Chapel Hill (the Berkley of the SE). In 2009, his Koolness filled the basketball arena…this time smaller venue was a problematic sell out. Not a good omen…

    • Next on the hit list will be the confiscation of our 401K accounts.

      The lack of attendance in Chapel Hill may have been because of his opening act. He’s reverting to his old ways of drawing in the kids by campaigning with rock bands. Although I don’t think there can be that many young people who idolize Dave Matthews.

  3. The only methodology that the present administration can run on is to make sure that there is always an enemy, a boogeyman, a war of some sort to run against. To herald their own record of ‘achievement’ is suicide.

    • I like what Mitt said Tuesday night:

      . But because he has failed, he will run a campaign of diversions, distractions, and distortions. That kind of campaign may have worked at another place and in a different time. But not here and not now. It’s still about the economy …and we’re not stupid.

      • He needs to hammer home this point constantly for the next six months, because we’re going to be seeing new diversions/distractions/distortions every other day.

  4. Your website is one my favorite websites.

    Does anyone besides me sincerely want to see someone give Jay Carney a good spanking, like the insolent condescending little brat that he is ??

  5. Can it be that Republicans have finally figured out how to effectively counter Obama’s strategies? Each time Romney speaks as the ‘officially presumptive nominee’, he gives me hope that just maybe he can take Obama on. Fingers crossed.

  6. This is how the most open, transparent, and bilaterial administration works. It is what passes for leadership from the biggest empty suit to ever grace the WH. To think, even for a moment, that the stupids of this country could put that POS back in for another four years just blows my mind. One of my old poli sci profs said that no one president could ever permanently damage the country. The country was greater than any one president. And this was during the Carter years. Luckily my professor passed away before Shithead took office and is not around to see the damage this hack has created.

  7. Romney needs to lie through his teeth to get elected, because that’s the ONLY WAY to get elected in this country of “give ME things” morons, then he needs to have a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting with the country. Then get to work on re-educating the population to understand the need for a balanced budget, including debt repayment, as well as working on entitlement reform, tax increases if needed, and massive, painful spending cuts. There ya have it. Problems solved.

    • We can follow the free world into economic meltdown or we can lead it into a better standard of living. My hopes are on Romney.