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Osama Bin Laden Joins the Obama Campaign

Vice President Biden this morning went fishing in the Arabian Sea and retrieved the body of Osama Bin Laden, vowing to take his partially eaten corpse on campaign with him during the 2012 general election.

In an overtly political speech in Washington this morning focusing on foreign policy, Biden made no secret that the Obama campaign will use the successful SEAL operation as a political weapon against Mitt Romney.

“If you are looking for a bumper sticker to sum up how President Obama has handled what we inherited, it’s pretty simple: Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive,” Biden said. “We can’t say for certain what Gov. Romney would have done.”

While Obama deserves credit for going ahead with the risky attack, some may question the good taste of using for political advantage an operation in which the main heroes were America’s finest and bravest sailors, and for which George W. Bush – who built the military capability that put an end to Bin Laden’s – deserves ample credit.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Biden had not overemphasized the politics of Bin Laden’s demise.

“I think the way that we’ve handled it represents exactly the balance we need to strike,” Carney said.

Biden, being Biden, wandered into a faux pas that will certainly draw as much attention as the other portions of his remarks.

“I promise you, the President has a big stick,” said Biden.  “I promise you.”

26 thoughts on “Osama Bin Laden Joins the Obama Campaign”

  1. Yea, Joe you should know about the big stick. The fact that these scum would use what the Seals did in getting bin Laden for political purposes is beyond reproach. I don’t think it took any political courage for Douchebag to order the mission to strike. If he had not green lighted the mission, once it became know we had the guy in our sights and Obama did not act, he would have been seen as a world class limp wrist. Which is pretty much what he is anyway. But now he gets to puff his chest out and proclaim how the great Obama got bin Laden. Such a phony.

  2. I’ll grant that maybe Romney wouldn’t have bailed out GM and screwed over its investors just to give money to the union, but is Biden really saying that Romney wouldn’t have given the order to take out UBL? That’s the easiest order a president has given in the modern era.

  3. Wasn’t it Biden who also said that Obama “risked his reelection” by making the “gutsy call” to kill Bin Laden?

    And don’t get me started on the Romney comment…I think Axelrod said something similar a few months ago. Don’t they ever come up with any new material?

  4. That’s it? binLaden and General Motors is not a lot to encourage voters when the GM Volt is dead and alQuada is still alive. Solar energy is dead in the sun, the banks are still failing, and the economy is in the toidy.
    Wall Street is doing great, as are the myriad of govenment agencies and their employees, but they’re not good campaign issues.

    So, he goes with what he got; he’s cool, has a big stick and killed binLaden.
    We’ll remember that when we’re gassing up ol’ Bessie and paying the grocery bill.

  5. Maybe theres something else going on in the Oval office with Uncle Joe and Obama,that we don’t know about, with that “big stick” remark!

  6. “We can’t say for certain what Gov. Romney would have done…”

    I’m no Romney fan (but will hold my nose and it’s not so much for him, but AGAINST Obama) but is Plugs going to steal a page from the Santorum playbook and start showing up with Etch-a-Sketch? Or wearing “flip flops” (hope Joe would get a pedi first)? Or…Mitt likes to kill business (by takeovers) but not kill bad guys?

    Is this another subliminal Mormon bashing? A Mormon won’t kill a terrorist? Lets see who else on Team Obot comes out “questioning” Mitt fortitude. And let’s see if Joe can trip over that big stick.

    1. If the only 2 chooices on my November Presidential Ballot are “Obama” or “Satan”, I”m going with the guy with the hooves and pointy tail. Oh crap!!! Which one is which??????????

  7. “Vice President Biden this morning went fishing in the Arabian Sea and retrieved the body of Osama Bin Laden, vowing to take his partially eaten corpse on campaign with him during the 2012 general election.”

    Really–thought he was in MD???

    This article claims he was brought to MD for cremation–maybe they sprinkled his ashes over Moochelle’s WH garden!

    Please America–don’t buy into this BS that BHO got OBL!

    And as far as BHO’s “big stick” better watch it Joe, he just might stick it where the sun don’t shine if you’re not careful!!!

  8. What else can he use to prove he’s a success? Economy? No. Jobs? No. The raffles for $3 dinners, the campaign tricks, reviving OBL, makes me think they’re very worried about the election.

  9. “Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive…”

    Tsk Tsk Tsk… There they go again, taking credit for President Bush’s policies. Joe, you ignorant plagiarist. Obama had absolutely nothing to do with tracking down Osama. Our military intelligence, who is responsible for finding Osama, wouldn’t have been able to gather any intel if you two had your way. It was Bush who authorized interrogation of captured Islamic terrorists. All you and the algae king do is play footsie with them and build them a $750K soccer field with taxpayer money.

    President Bush is the one who signed TARP and initiated the bailout of the auto industry. Believe me, I’ll never forget my president saying “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system”. All you and and the algae king managed to accomplish is overturning a hundred years of bankruptcy law and confidence in the bond market by putting your union buddies ahead of bondholders. Add the government intrusion into private industry, impossible to attain cafe standards, and you two putzes are running the auto business into the ground.

    You and the algae king should take that big stick of yours and take a hike back to wherever you came from – and take your flat earth no growth environazis with you…

  10. I have to chuckle, Biden’s always reminded me of a sweet “special” uncle to Obama’s quirky presidency. When the movie’s made about this administration, I hope the Farrelly brothers direct it.

  11. Put a muzzle on this fool!


    May 4, 2011
    “Since President Barack Obama announced that “a small team of Americans” had killed Osama bin Laden, US government officials have carefully stuck to the line that they will not talk about which units were involved.

    Obama did not say it was the SEALs. In numerous television appearances, Obama’s counter-terrorism chief John Brennan didn’t and his deputy national security adviser Denis McDonough didn’t. Despite the numerous news reports that named the SEALs, none of the anonymous briefers from the CIA and Pentagon would confirm it. ..

    But here’s what the legendarily verbose and loose-lipped Vice President Joe Biden said at a dinner at Washington’s Ritz Carlton Hotel last night to mark the 50th anniversary of the Atlantic Council:

    “Let me briefly acknowledge tonight’s distinguished honorees. Admiral James Stavridis is a, is the real deal. He can tell you more about and understands the incredible, the phenomenal, the just almost unbelievable capacity of his Navy SEALs and what they did last Sunday.”

  12. In another couple years the military won’t be able to pull off what it did OBL, if Obama stays president. Once again he claims credit for that which he had no part of, with those other fingers pointing to anyone he can to blame for that which he does.

  13. Genral Motors is “alive” because the company was illegally taken over by the Govt/autoworker unions without the bondholders being compensated. The best way to describe it is a good ole fashioned “Nationalization.” GM is as alive as a company as a Zombie is to being human.
    Am I glad that Osama is dead. Yes, glad that Panetta made the call.

  14. Cooper nailed it. For the last year, I’ve thought that Obama had no choice other than to let the SEALS go after bin Laden. If he failed to act, he would have been lumped in with Bill Clinton, who failed to act when the opportunity presented itself back in the late 90’s. Amazing that with all the coverage this story got over the last year, this is the first time I’ve seen Cooper’s angle mentioned.

    And yes, my jaw hit the floor when I heard the clip of Biden talking about Obama’s big stick. What a moron. I jsut hope Obama keeps him as his VP pick. That has to help conservatives at least a point.

  15. While I know that Biden is referring to TR’s quote about the “Big Stick” it is unfortunate that most of the proletariat in this country are so ignorant about their own national history that they will not understand the reference.

    I would wager that most will take it as meaning Obama had some big cojones, or some other psycho-sexual reference to Obama’s manhood.

    Then again, Biden might not even realize who and what the “Big Stick” is referring too.

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  17. A tenth grade class was asked what they would do if they had the intel on OBL. Over 90% would have done the same. This was a no brainer JOE!!

  18. Hey Joe,
    Would you be applauding GWB if HE had killed Bin Laden? I don’t think so. All of your screaming (Cindy Sheehans) would have been calling for his impeachment and calling him a War criminal. Especially, if he didn’t give him US citizenship first. Hey, where’s the body? Prove it? Ha Ha!

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