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Michelle’s Schedule || Week of April 30, 2012

From the White House:

Monday, April 30, 2012

Colorado Springs, CO

1:20 PM MDT  Speaks to Obama campaign volunteers and supporters.

3:00 PM MDT  Delivers remarks during the Opening Ceremony for the 2012 Warrior Games. More than 200 wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans will compete in the third annual Warrior Games.

Tucson, AZ

5:40 PM MST  Arrives at Tucson International Airport where she will be greeted by youth volunteers at Tucson Village Farm, a working urban farm built by and for the young people of Tucson.

 6:10 PM MST Delivers remarks at a fundraiser.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Las Vegas, NV

9:00 AM PDT  Delivers remarks at a fundraiser in Las Vegas covered by a print pooler.

10:30 AM PDT  Speaks to Obama campaign volunteers and supporters.

Albuquerque, NM  

2:00 PM MDT  Arrives in Albuquerque International Airport where she will be greeted by servicemembers and their families from New Mexico’s Kirtland Air Force Base.

2:30 PM MDT  Delivers remarks at a fundraiser.

36 thoughts on “Michelle’s Schedule || Week of April 30, 2012”

  1. She’s wasting her time and OUR money! Ann Romney will soon restore grace, dignity and beauty to the WH! Nov. can’t come soon enough! Good riddance to bad garbage!

  2. Nice, safe crowds. Butt, didn’t the labor dept just ban certain farm jobs for the youth ? That might be the rough crowd ;)

  3. The Obama’s only do good deeds when the camera is rolling. Michelle has to be SEEN with veterans to make it look like she cares. Laura and George Bush give endless hours of time to our wounded warriors and never once ask for publicity. There’s the difference between class and vulgarity.

    1. And he still goes to visit the wounded, but he doesn’t have to have a flock of reporters with him. Imagine that! Doing it cause you want to, not cause you should! God, I miss him.

      1. George W. Bush also keeps involved by attending fundraising bike rides with our veterans as well. Not too many outside of Texas heard about the last one unfortunately. Can’t you just see _resident Urkel on his girls bike with the helmet on backwards doing something like that after we kick him to the curb? Hardly. Our military will not see the face of either of these grifters after he leaves office.

        1. I’m in NJ and I heard about it, but then again I read all of these blogs not the MSM trash. That’s the difference between them, Obama only does what he’s “supposed” to do when someone’s looking. That’s why these last few years have seen huge increases in his charitable giving. That will all disappear as soon as he’s out of office. I hope they can do without Biden’s $50.

          1. Just read her page what a wonderful example for the Bush’s they
            both continue to do good works not for fame, ego or money. It’s
            done with dignity for them and those they help. They are truly
            American Patriots. God Bless them for their work and humility in
            doing so an example to be followed.

  4. Isn’t that special. She gets around paying for the campaign trip by getting a few Obama drones to greet her flight for a few minutes before she speeds off in her motorcade. Trying to think of any other unelected member of the first family who pulled this trick before the Mooch, and I just can’t recall them. Her and her husband’s abuse of the good will of the American people will end on 6 November 2012.

  5. at least when she comes here she’s staying at the airport and not tying up rush hour traffic like Joe did. wonder how many local Mexican food restaurants are lined up to send her to-go containers. oops, fundraiser, crap, gonna tie up the Big-I.

  6. We need to time our FLOTUS on the Tarmac in albuquerque–she did the same thing in Pittsburgh. Less than five minutes of meet and greet of service members and their families, then off to mooch some cash.

    Is she commendeering AF1 again?

    1. I feel sick. Guess they are about to turn birth control girl on us again.
      If she was lucky enough to get a freebie to Georgetown Law should she
      be studying instead of campaigning? I feel sure she’ll get a passing
      grade one way or another.

    2. So where does she think that the money for this comes from? The moon?

      Why not free physical therapy? Free chemotherapy? Why is birth control so much more important than these treatments for real diseases?

      1. Birth control pills are inexpensive compared to chemotherapy or other cancer treatments. In their desire to provide one group with freebies they discriminate against all the others. There is no fairness in distributing the wealth. It’s like a pyramid scheme. Somebody always loses.

  7. Honestly, can’t anyone call bullshit (from the media or the government) for having being GREETED at the airport qualify it for some “official visit”? Cripes.

    That is the lamest thing ever.

  8. I suspect there are many happy people in Obama’s administration whose joy comes from having a formula of celebrity-style activity for FLOTUS that supplys the novelty, adulation, and self-importance that keeps dear Michelle happy, busy, and making only brief appearances in the White House.

  9. I am one of the three 1st place winners in the 2011 American Spirit in the Heritage of Batik design competition that was put on last year by the Indonesian Embassy in DC. My winning design, titled Divine Unity, is one that I feel strongly compelled and anxious to give to President and First Lady Obama, as my gut feeling is that the energies it embodies will assist them in winning the election this year. As it is next to impossible to get contact with the President, I am following leads to Michelle. For the record, I LIVE in Northern Arizona and could travel to Tuscon on Monday if it would be possible to meet with Michelle.
    Beth Urabe

  10. “5:40 PM MST Arrives at Tucson International Airport where she will be greeted by youth volunteers at Tucson Village Farm, a working urban farm built by and for the young people of Tucson.”

    Of course under the Agriculture Departments 85 pages of new farm regulations, this couldn’t have been built nor could “young people” do anything on this farm.

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