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Gallup || Obama Approval at 50 Percent

President Obama has been at 50 percent approval in the Gallup daily tracking poll for the past two days, a sign that his popularity has genuinely increased since its lows last summer when he had creeped down to 38 percent.

In addition, Gallup finds that Obama leads Romney by seven points, 49-42 percent, with the president’s position improving lately among independents.

David Axelrod fist pump in East Room
Yeah baby, 50 percent! . . . Photo by Keith Koffler

That half the country approves of the job Obama suggests not only that he will be tough to beat. It indicates many people are willing to support Obama no matter what the economic conditions, and that some strategist within the West Wing knows what they’re doing.

Think about this. Unemployment is above 8 percent. The economy is sluggish. Iran is on the verge of a nuclear capability. Gas prices are a $4 per gallon. The president has no plan to fix anything. And yet one out of two people think he’s doing a good job.

The White House in recent weeks has embarked on a policy of touting small, meaningless proposals as if they were the Ten Commandments. Meanwhile, they are savaging the Republicans as if they were Grinches who stole Christmas, Easter, and Passover.

Someone seems to be buying it.

Whether such tactics will hold up in the long run I can’t say. I don’t believe people win the presidency by vilifying others. And the next round of economic data to come out through the spring is likely to show that the economy is crawling back into its hole.

What these poll numbers may signal is that Obama will not defeat himself, and the economy alone will not be his downfall.

Romney will have to win this election, if he is to win it. And the way he won the primary – by remaining on his feet while others collapsed of their own weight around him – will not work in the general election.

Mitt will have to earn the love. Thing is, he’s not really that lovable.

51 thoughts on “Gallup || Obama Approval at 50 Percent”

  1. “…half the country approves”

    No kidding. sarc off.

    Rep. Chaka Fattah, D-Penn., explained last night how unemployment could actually encourage people to vote for President Obama in order to secure welfare benefits such as food stamps.

    “Unemployment continues to drop and those people who are unemployed, they’re not going to be voting for the party who wants to cut their benefits — cut access to food stamps, cut job training,” Fattah, Senior Member of the House Appropriations Committee, told MSNBC’s Al Sharpton last night.

    1. You need to motivate these folks – people who are often motivated to NOT work – to go to the polls. I don’t know. In Detroit, at Ground Zero of the liberal destruction of America – just about everyone who comes into my husband’s shop has nothing but bad things to say about Obama. We have a shop in Ferndale, which is about at liberal as the city gets.

    1. If Mitt keeps giving Reagan-esque speeches like he did last night, (great speech) he will woo those independents, and maybe even some Obama fence-sitters.
      just saying.

  2. Patooey on polls. I give zero credibility to polls and media, other than conservative media and sites like yours Keith. Come on out here to flyover country and do a few man on the street interviews. I don’t know one single person who isn’t chomping at the bit to get to the polls on November 6th so we can end this American nightmare. There is a resolve and a determination out here to save our country. The only way we can do that is by turning every Democrat we can out of office. That includes the usurper in chief and his frequent flyer sidekick Mooch. As Mark Levin always says…If I have to choose between an orange juice can and Obama , I’m voting for the OJ.

    1. Yea, I think there is something wrong with those polls. My liberal friends area about as “meh” as can be about Obama. I’m not saying it won’t be tough for Romney- but I simply don’t think Obama’s support is as strong as Gallup wants us to believe.

      1. That is so true, and I think it is done to demoralize the conservatives.
        Both my parents are sure Oboobo will win, it will not keep them from voting, but it may keep some folks from voting because they think it is a lost cause? Maybe the lamestream media and pollsters aren’t that smart, but I sure haven’t ever been polled, nor any conservative friends I have asked.

    2. I agree. My wife painted the below on the back window of her truck. She’s currently driving from Virginia to Missouri….she just called and said she had 18 wheeler drivers honking and giving her the thumbs up. I’m begining to feel the rising tide against Obama.

      Winner’s take responsibility, losers blame others
      a b
      r a
      a m
      k a

    3. But that’s the problem – you don’t know anyone who wants to vote for him, but you’re in flyover country. Come to Baltimore, DC, New York City, etc. and similar cities on the left coast and you’ll find a much different electorate. You can’t go by just who you know…

      On the other hand, check out the poll itself and the polling method on the Gallup website. They state, in part, :

      Interviews are conducted with respondents on landline telephones and cellular phones, with interviews conducted in Spanish for respondents who are primarily Spanish-speaking. Each sample includes a minimum quota of 400 cell phone respondents and 600 landline respondents per 1,000 national adults, with additional minimum quotas among landline respondents by region. Landline telephone numbers are chosen at random among listed telephone numbers. Cell phone numbers are selected using random-digit-dial methods. Landline respondents are chosen at random within each household on the basis of which member had the most recent birthday.

      Samples are weighted by gender, age, race, Hispanic ethnicity, education, region, adults in the household, and phone status (cell phone only/landline only/both, cell phone mostly, and having an unlisted landline number). Demographic weighting targets are based on the March 2011 Current Population Survey figures for the aged 18 and older non-institutionalized population living in U.S. telephone households. All reported margins of sampling error include the computed design effects for weighting and sample design.

      The questions reported here were asked of a random half-sample of respondents each night on the Gallup Daily tracking survey.

      In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls.

      *** end of quote ***

      Maybe I’m just whistling in the graveyard because I really do not want Obama elected, but I have some questions:

      First, they surveyed registered voters, not likely voters. I have always been told that likely voters are more reliable.

      Second, who answers their landline phones? This is a serious question because I really don’t know. I rarely do – as in I have to be standing in the kitchen next to it because I’m not going out of my way. Anyone who knows me and wants to reach me knows to use my cell number, including doctors, school, people with whom I do business, etc. I think the elderly answer the phone and maybe the poor, although they can get free cell phones, so maybe not.

      The approval number checks only adults, not voters (registered or likely) and I presume that’s how they have alwasy done it, but I give it less credibility if it’s just people 18 and over.

      All that said, it’s still going to be a tough campaign and who knows what will happen between now and November to affect it – a terrorist attack, a falling stock market (or one propped up by Soros to get Obama elected again), energy prices that start to rise again or food prices that continue to rise, riots over the Martin/Zimmerman thing or something else, some Black Swan event, etc.

      I think the mid-October and later polls are the ones that will count.

    4. I think you have a good point Susan about the passion being against Obama, not for him. But I still think the numbers are important, even if not an exact reflection. And don’t forget all the dead people who are planning to to vote, the people who are planning to vote twice, those who might get paid to vote – just saying – and the caravans of buses the Obama campaign will be hiring to make sure everyone gets to the polls.

      1. Anyone who wants to help make certain that “dead” people don’t vote in their area can go to the following link to sign up to help in a variety of ways:
        Absentee Ballots
        Election Worker
        Research Team
        Team Leader
        Voter Registration
        Verify the Recall

        About “True The Vote”:

        America needs more and more conservative folks to get involved on a local level to ensure that we can have fair elections (I know–keep dreaming right).

    5. Polls are like statistics, you can skew them any way you want to. Rasmussen poll asked LIKELY VOTERS who they would vote for and Romney was ahead 48 – 43.

  3. You can make a poll say anything you want, especially if you have some nice big union thug standing behind them whispering, “nice little poll ya got there, shame if something should happen to it.”

    I believe nothing anymore.

  4. After linking on the Gallup site I learn that the price of gasoline has dropped and Americans believe the economy is improving which accounts for MrO’s rise in the poll.
    Where do these voters live? Mexico? because it sure isn’t happening anywhere I live.

    1. A whole nickle less in S. E. Pa. but it’s still doubled plus since 2008.

      In a 15 gallon tank +/- what are we talking about…75 cents. BFD!
      It’s more than eaten up by the price of groceries, which are trucked to your local supermarket.

      The voters live in lala-land.

    2. Senator Schmucky Shumer was begging the Saudi’s to increase their production of oil. Maybe they got what they wanted out of us and stepped up production. The price of gas has gone down a few pennies a gallon here in Central Texas. Unfortunately, the price hasn’t dropped enough to affect food and energy costs that have “necessarily skyrocketed” as a results of Obama’s energy policy.

  5. It’s going to be a long and interesting few months up to the election, and then probably after, as well. The problem is, so many people are spoon fed now, without the need to use critical thinking or basic “think through” processes, that they can’t see the truth staring at them. Regardless of why this is (we all have our ideas of why), the rest of us have to deal with the fall out.

    Am I a high school squealing, rockstar-poster-on-my-wall Romney fan? No. But I’ve lived the alternative, and it has been miserable. The fact is, America can no longer afford the arrogant and destructive attitude of two-faced leaders. We can’t afford to be brainwashed into thinking the earth comes first, our survival second. We can’t afford to continue to be led by the nose by organizations that are determined to take down “elitist” companies which dare to make a profit. We can’t afford the President overstepping his bounds and dictating laws from his Oval Office pulpit. The President doesn’t, and shouldn’t, have that sort of dictator like power. Right now, the biggest thing we can not afford is to have a President who will continue his distraction acts – “Hey, guys, quick, look at my left hand! No, don’t look at my right!” – so he can push his handlers’ agendas and live off the taxpayer, while America and her citizens crumble. We simply can’t afford to allow the government to spread it’s fingers into any more of our American Dream Pie.

    Better to have a President who at least understands Economics 101 – and probably 102 through 220 – than someone who thinks Air Force One is his own personal Jet Blue. Who do you seriously think would be better at growing an economy: a multimillion dollar businessman, or a lawyer? Exactly. It’s just too bad the general public is having trouble understanding that one, simple fact.

  6. Two of our children voted for Obama in ’08 and I told them if they wanted to see a dime in inheritance when we kick, they darn well better vote for Romney. And oh yes, I told them to be prepared for us to move in with them when SS and Medicare dry up!! Let’s hope scare our tactics work :-)

    1. You’re not the only couple who has “wayweird” off-spring. I assume some responsibility since I was a “D” until 1990. They both assume they’ll never see a dime of SS/Medicare. In the meantime, they’re working to keep the coiffers filled for their parents.

        1. Our other two vote Republican, one serving in Afghanistan now, the other a small business owner, or trying to be one, but with all the taxes and regulations, it’s almost impossible. The four have quite the political debates when we gather for family occasions!

  7. Jimmy Carter gave us “malaise” and Ronald Reagan.

    Barry Soetaro has given us “manic depression, bipolar tendencies, and increasing schizophrenia.” Sadly there is no Ronald Reagan. So I don’t think we get all the way better…fingers crossed that Romney can lead us to “meh.”

    I think the meme has to be “ANYONE BUT OBAMA.”

  8. Americans “liked” and “like” Obama. Okay, so be it.

    Ask these questions:

    Are you better off now than you were in 2008? Is this country better off now? Is America’s standing in the world better? Is America safer now? What are your children’s prospects in the next 4 years? If re-elected, will Americans be freer or under more oppression? Will America’s Constitution and both civil and personal liberty withstand another four years of O?

    The answers to these lead any rational, logical patriotic American to cry for :


    1. I was so excited to hear Romney say that the other night. If all he does is go around the country asking that question, “Are you better off now than 4 years ago?” he’ll win. That’s exactly what Reagan did. I’m not saying Romney is another Reagan, but it’s an easy way to get the voters to think. Nobody votes based on the interests of the country ahead of their own personal life. But if more people are on food stamps, unemployment and welfare, they can’t possibly be better off now.

  9. Obama barely squeaked through with 52.7% of the vote in ’08 at the peak of his popularity. I don’t believe the polls! Most of my liberal friends here on the left Coast are furious with Obama and will be voting for Romney. I’m not saying Romney could sweep CA, but I doubt that it will be a landslide for Obama.

    The fact that Obama appointed the worst mayor in the country, Antonio Villa-grossa, to chair the DEM convention is not going down well here in SoCal. It only emphasizes the ineptness of the Obama administration. Hispanics here in SoCal are NOT happy with Obama or the mayor…they have the worst unemployment rate this side of Nevada.

    Looking at Obama these days, I see nothing but desperation! I think the internal polling is saying something entirely opposite!

    1. I am sick about hearing how all Hispanics are democrats.
      The hard working LEGAL folks I know are concerned about everything I am, and tend to be conservative.
      I hope Rubio takes the job, not just for the cosmetics, but because he is a very very smart guy. If it helps with Hispanics, they are more shallow than I thought.
      Watch the tolerant Dems tear the hell out of him, though. Like they do with minority judges and congressmen who are conservative.

  10. I don’t believe the polls either. People say what they think the questioner wants to hear. Here’s how I find the pulse of whats really happening. Read the comments in news articles. Lately even in the liberal articles the comment section is mostly against Obama. Only the diehard liberals seem to be for him.Or maybe those for him just don’t read and therefore,no comments?

  11. One comment and one question:
    I don’t love Mitt but I can hardly wait to vote against his opponent.
    Where is the commenter “Star?”

    1. Star and I rarely agree on much more than the importance of voting out the psychotic narcissist, but I do miss her comments. Hope all is well with her and her family.

  12. Only a masochist would want of 4 more years of listening to the ghetto talk from this gangsta-rapper! What happened to his ‘white’ half??? He belongs on BET television – not in the WH! If Romney wins the WH, the country is going to experience ‘culture shock’!!! He actually pronounces his ‘g;s’!!!

  13. Keith writes:

    “Think about this. Unemployment is above 8 percent. The economy is sluggish. Iran is on the verge of a nuclear capability. Gas prices are a $4 per gallon. The president has no plan to fix anything. And yet one out of two people think he’s doing a good job.”

    That’s because one out of two people (in America) depend on the governent for their support. Do the math. We’re at the tipping point where the “takers” outnumber the “givers”. Sad.

    1. Thats whats scary Scott,the takers will vote for him so they can continue to take. Eventually there will be no more to hand out,then what happens?

    2. I know some families who have been forced to accept food stamps or government assistance and they don’t like it. They are just as determined as I am to oust this tyrant, so America can start recovering. They want jobs and the ability to provide for their family without depending on the government. I say this so you know not everyone who is on assistance wants to contribute to the demise of this country.

  14. “Think about this. Unemployment is above 8 percent. The economy is sluggish. Iran is on the verge of a nuclear capability. Gas prices are a $4 per gallon. The president has no plan to fix anything. And yet one out of two people think he’s doing a good job.”

    You can add a 4th consecutive trillion dollar annual deficit to the list of things that apparently don’t matter.

  15. The day after Mr. Romney gave an uplifting, inspirational speech, it’s disheartening seeing these polls today. Some of the Fox folks appear dispirited as well…Cavuto saying Barry’s in great shape and will be tough to beat…AB Stoddard on Special Report talking down the prospective VP candidates (they’ve all got some kind of baggage, she claims…guess we should just throw in the towel and not even bother picking someone!)

    Fortunately, Dick Morris gave some perspective on the polls and what they really mean, pointing out that Carter had a double-digit lead over Reagan at this point in 1980, and most incumbents end up losing the undecided vote by a wide margin.

    With the hang-dog attitude I see from certain Republicans sometimes, it seems like they’d rather lose this year and look ahead to 2016 instead.

    I’m not standing for that.

  16. One thing not considered here is the looming prospect of violence come May 1 and beyond. As the regime supports the OWS movement, the unions, the communists, the anarchists and the NBPP and related racists, the violence will turn off voters for Comrade Hussein.

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