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Obama to Bash GOP Over Head With College Diploma

President Obama today unpacks his newest tool for smacking evil Republicans. It’s called the Stafford Loan.

Currently, students can get this already-subsidized loan at 3.4 percent instead of the usual 6.8 percent. They don’t start paying until they’re six months out of school – or until six months after they get depressed over being dumped by their girlfriend and drop out.

Not a bad deal for a student loan, on which nearly ten percent of of those who take one default within the first two years. And with a Stafford Loan you can even take a holiday from paying for up to three years if you find you’re out of money.

Obama and Georgetown students
Georgetown University students reach out to Obama, hoping he will give them a loan.

Republicans, Obama plans to explain at events today in the presidential swing states of North Carolina and Colorado, oppose continuing the reduced rate not because they think the $6 billion a year it costs taxpayers may not be the best investment of scarce federal funds as the Obama deficits range over $1 trillion. They oppose it because they hate young people, and they don’t want anyone else to have the privileges they and their rich friends have.

But Obama, turns out, hates young people even more, because he MISSED THE TWO VOTES in 2007 that originally cut the loan rate for five years from 6.8 to 3.4 percent.

Mitt Romney, who made noises during the primaries about ending such federal help, has of course preemptively caved and agrees with Obama – despite being severely conservative – putting pressure on House Republicans who oppose extending the rate cut.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney teed up the coming fusillade of nastiness Friday during a White House briefing on the matter:

This is another issue that should enjoy broad bipartisan support, because you really have to have a brick in your head not to understand that education is the cornerstone of our economic future.

OMG, Carney, who is also a famous neurosurgeon, has diagnosed what’s wrong with Republicans: They have bricks in their heads!

I should have known. All this time I thought they had holes in their heads. Maybe some do, and then I would hopefully be able to see the brick and confirm Carney’s diagnosis.

At the risk of finding I do in fact need to have my head examined, I wonder, is it really appropriate that everybody go to college? Does everyone need to be saddled with debt for years paying off loans for a degree they perhaps didn’t need, given what they ended up doing for a living?

And just how hard is it to go to college anyway without a little help from our taxpaying friends?

Obama smokes pot
Obama puts his student loan to use.

According to a CNNMoney report last October, living and studying on campus at a typical private college costs $42,224. Of course, that’s the sticker price. Nobody who can’t afford it pays the sticker price.

If the student aid office doesn’t come through, there’s an alternative. The price to be an on-campus student at the average public university is about $21,447. Still can’t do it? Well then live off campus. The cost for tuition alone at a public university is $8,244.

This last option, and along with financial aid probably the others too, should be achievable IF YOUR PARENTS BOTHERED SAVING FOR YOUR COLLEGE. That is, save to buy the product before you buy it, not after you’ve purchased it. I know it’s a novel idea.

If your parents didn’t do this, tough luck. If you’re disappointed enough, what can I tell you  – disconnect the brakes on their car and collect an early inheritance. Just don’t come badgering taxpayers to make up for their negligence.

But wait. There’s ANOTHER option. Tuition at the average community college is $3,000.

Stop! Don’t murder your parents! Go to a community college!

Is someone going to tell me that the average college student can find no way of making $3,000 over the course of a year? Or perhaps go on the six year plan and pay $2,000 per year?

I know jobs are tight, but you should be able to get something.

HAS ANYBODY EVER HEARD OF WORKING IN A SPORTING GOODS STORE?? It’s not hard. I did it. Here’s what you do. You say:

“Would you like to try this on?”

And then, you say to the next person, “Would you like to try this on?”

Or maybe you will have to learn to say, “This one is for use outside, and this one is for use in a gym.”

And so forth.

I used to knock on doors during the summer and wash peoples’ windows. Nice little income. Got to play with their kids’ toys too.

But really, a college education isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. After all, I obviously still HAVE A BRICK IN MY HEAD.

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  1. Mitt Romney, who made noises during the primaries about ending such federal help, has of course preemptively caved and agrees with Obama – despite being severely conservative – putting pressure on House Republicans who oppose extending the rate cut.</em.



    1. I feel your pain Car in. Maybe it will work out if we elect a whole bunch of constitutional conservatives to Congress who can influence him. The government needs to get out of the college loan business…

  2. We are not so far from our immigrant blue-collar, no collar roots that a college education is still the epitome of having met the American dream. There was a time, not too many years ago, where a college diploma meant a well-paid career that would be admired and envied.
    Today, a college diploma means the student starts a career with a massive debt that most likely will never be repaid in their lifetime.

    A diploma used to mean that the holder was a something and was ready to join the work force. But, now with degrees in obscure or politically correct fields that aren’t compatible with the job market, grads are in the same place they were when they graduated from high school; unskilled labor.

    1. My daughter’s high school put on the musical Bye Bye Birdie a couple months ago. It premiered on Broadway in 1960. One of the songs is “An English Teacher” sung by Rosie who is upset that Albert is Conrad Birdie’s manager and not an English teacher. The lyrics illustrate the truth of your statements, SRDEM, and provide anectodal proof of how college was viewed 50-60 years ago, as opposed to the current view that it’s required and something “deserved”, rather than “earned”.

      An English Teacher is really someone
      How proud I’d be if you had become one
      It could have been such a wonderful life
      I could have been Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Albert Perterson
      Mrs. Phi Betta Kappa Peterson
      The English Teacher’s Wife!

      Of course, it also proves that we’ve come a long way with careers and roles for women, too!

      P.S. Darn, now I’ll have that song in my head all day!

      1. Mari: I’d forgotten that song; thanks for jogging my mind. At the time that musical came out, there was also another term used for college education-“College Material.” Now it is one, big “business” charging exhoribant amts.of $ for what has become a mediocre product. “Underwater basketweaving” degrees may be fun to get & VERY self-fulfilling, but there isn’t any demand for them………………& the costs of borrowed money just keeps on haunting you until the 2nd. comming…………& even AFTER!.

        P.S. My mother taught English!

    2. Was listening to this in the news this morning, 50% of those who graduate with a Bachelors can’t find work in their field. Well, if you actually got a degree in a field that is hiring you could, but that English Lit or Geography degree isn’t worth much. Go figure! And I really have no sympathy for those that rack up huge loans so they can party on campus. Live at home, work, that’s what people used to do.

      1. English Lit and Geography are actually useful to some extent – the problem is that a high percentage of the degrees are in x-studies, e.g. women’s studies (where’s the men’s studies?), hispanic studies (big deal they can speak Spanish), environmental studies (minus any hard science), etc., etc. SO with no job available they get a master’s degree in the same or similar subject – so they have borrowed more money and still cannot find a job. California piloted this model more than 30 years ago – why are we doing it now?

    3. If I ruled the world, heh, I would drop the 11th and 12th grades, and give the kids a choice of trade school or community college, then by 18 they will be prepared for an entry level career or better prepared for higher learning. All these AP classes in 11&12 are for college credit anyhow. Think of the local taxes this would save, and may even offset the dropout rate. Ok, back to reality……..

      1. That is a wonderful plan.

        I always wanted to start a sool of the arts that would require art students to learn a trade so they could support themselves and afford to have a family while their art matures and career gets off the ground.

    4. agree, srdem. Key words were “used to mean”

      For all its worth, in hindsight, even though I didn’t go into debt for an MBA at a state University, that was a waste of time, and I think my friend who worked for the city for 20 years and retired, then got another job has me beat by a mile.
      Or, I really admire the tradesmen, those who apprentice after high school for electrical, appliance, or Heating/Air Con work.

      When’s the last time you got off cheap having one of those guys over?

      1. My husband and I are high school Biology teachers in a rural, blue-collar area. Many of our students apprentice in a trade; others start at Community college, live at home, then MAY go on to finish their degree.

        We often get off cheap, as our former students come to do our electricity, appliances, plumbing, or heating/air work. Most thank us for ‘kicking their butts and teaching them how to work hard.’

        Believe me, this isn’t a brag… it’s to point out that in rural areas of the US people still treat each other with respect, live within their means, and value each others’ contributions.

        It is sad that much of ‘normal NY’ would vote out Obama, but the big liberal cities full of ne’er-do-wells and con artists vote for the Messiah. Believe me, he isn’t popular around here!

  3. Keith, I think you did a pretty good idea of explaining the ways around the college loan dilemma – I think even a high school graduate and Obama should be able to understand.

  4. Part II: I heard on some news station this morning that there are 2,000,000 high paying jobs open in the US and no one, NO ONE, has the skills to fill the positions – and that is why a college education is so important today. (P.S. Don’t tell all the unemployed engineers and IT managers this highly kept secret…)

    1. Hey, I saw on 60 minutes or some such thing about sheet metal companies that cannot even find any welders. Good pay, benefits, they are training their own to do it. Hmmm.

  5. Too bad Romney doesn’t have the balls to explain it that way! Must have a brick in *his* head. No degree here yet I’m at least a 4% -er!
    Lots of youngsters could use trade school…

  6. I read a teen’s book once that was written in the 1950s. A dramatic part of the story was when the young marrieds borrowed several hundred dollars so that the husband could finish his career. This was treated as an important step and all sorts of assurances were checked out to prove that they would be able to rapidly pay off the loan. In other words, it was a desperate measure to borrow money and the idea was to shed the debt as quickly as possible.

    Higher education used to mean evidence of higher intellectual ability. Having been a graduate teaching assistant at an Ivy League university, let me assure you that this is no longer the case.

    Businesses use college degrees as a gate-keeping mechanism, a largely meaningless way to sort through applicants. They must stop this practice.

    But the real villains in this situation are colleges and universities, who did not trim their indulgences when prices began to rise. Instead they relied on th existence of federal loans to lure students in so they would be able to continue to jack up costs. Now campuses are littered with useless degrees, tenured socio-political departments and appointments, and so forth — while they also maintain an underclass of non-tenure track teachers and employees who are supposed to be thrilled by the perks of working for a college (I’ve been there, too).

    Let’s see the colleges and universities bite the bullet or the brick of whatever it is that they have for brains.

    1. Darn — all that typing and I got it wrong.

      Couple borrowed money so that husband could finish his DEGREE.

      Can’t claim post-op haze anymore — I guess it’s just the brick in my brain.

    2. AGREED! I never borrowed a penny for my education (and did the BA in England). I babysat, cleaned houses, sewed, worked as a waitress and as a doctoral student discovered work as a ‘care giver’ so I could work nights and spend my time studying, interrupted by assisting the ill or elderly to the john or reminding them to take their meds. It wasn’t easy – but I got the degrees with NO loans. It was frankly easier than figuring out all those forms to get government money – plus no one knew (esp. Uncle Sam) what I had earned.

      I’m proud of my degrees (and I made the honor societies as well), I actually know something, but alas I’m often job hunting because today most employers are looking for style over substance. This is especially true in the universities where you are suppose to be friens with your students who grade the faculty (after the mid-terms) and that determines who keeps their job. There is also the element of political correctness – and if you are politically and/or religiously conservative the powers that be want you out of there.

  7. This just illustrates the “give me” generation. My Dad paid for my first year of college….where I made him proud by making the all-pro team (social probation, acedemic probation, etc.). At which point he pulled funding. I worked full-time in a liquor store through the next four years to earn my degree….three semesters of which were at the local community college. When I graduated, it was paid in full. That was in 1971….times have changed and not for the better.

    1. One of my best friends worked thru pre-med playing in a band at nite
      with us… it was decent $ and we worked hard at it.
      Now days kids are so rewarded for doing nothing.. lots of parents are
      “rewarding” their daughters with boob job $$ at the ripe age of 17 (or younger) along with other surgeries to “prepare” them for life…
      No wonder our youth culture is looked upon by the world as a misguided & damaging influence at best ..

  8. The escalating college education expenses are a symptom of our big fat bloated government that has its tentacles in every aspect of our lives. Uncle Sam stuck his nose in the housing market where he created a gigantic bubble that eventually exploded. He ran around pointing fingers at everybody but himself before he handed the bar tab to the taxpayers. Now Uncle Sam is in charge of distributing college loans, which he stole from us at the same time he stole our health care. The educational financing system will be the next bubble to burst and Uncle Sam will once again hand the bar tab to US.

  9. One of the major reasons that college costs have risen is because people can borrow money to pay for it and they don’t pay attention to how much it costs to repay those loans or how long it will take. If students had to pay cash upfront for their education, it wouldn’t cost nearly as much. Being able to borrow to pay for something doesn’t make it “affordable”; it simply means you can get it today by promising to pay an exorbitant amount for it in the future.

  10. “But Obama, turns out, hates young people even more, because he MISSED THE TWO VOTES in 2007 that originally cut the loan rate for five years from 6.8 to 3.4 percent.”

    Which proves the adage that people in glass (White) Houses shouldn’t throw bricks.

  11. My Dad came home from WW2 and borrowed $150 from his dad to start college. He worked in bars, restaurants, and even dealing cards in a casino to make it through. Never had a student loan.

    On my 16th birthday (no kidding, that very day) my Dad kicked me out the door and told me not to come home until I had a job. I held that same job, after school, weekends,holidays and summers, until I went to college. The same week I got to the college town I got a job. I waited tables, delivered pizza, worked in a pool hall, janitor in the school gym, but I never had a student loan. Then off to law school, worked almost full time for three years, wife worked out of the home while caring for two kids. No student loans. I graduated from law school without any debt, but knowing what it means to work.

    It can be done. Just get off your butt and work.

    1. I am so jealous of you. I’ve been working since high school and currently in law school with over $140,000 in debt anyways thanks to high gas prices, spending over $1,000 in books each semester, and other stuff. How much did law school cost back then?

      1. See my post above to learn a big reason that law school costs more nowadays. It’s not just inflation, it’s selfish indifference to costs on the part of colleges, professional schools, etc.

        I also was in the loan trap for much less than you and looking for work in the film industry. I wish now that I had moved to the cheapest location possible and paid off that debt. What happened instead is the personal watershed of my life.

        Neo, I wish you the best.

      2. Neo, I call BS on your post.
        You didn’t explore the cost of obtaining a legal degree prior to enrollment in law school? How many years have you been enrolled in law school?
        How have you spent the proceeds of your student loans? What percentage goes to the “other stuff” you mentioned?
        What difference will the cost of law school in prior decades make in your current, sorry financial state?
        Are you a jealous troll for the occupiers?

      3. The cost of gas played no role in my education. I had no car. I rode a bicycle to the subway station, and then rode to the law school from there. We lived in a very old apartment. We ate the cheapest food (I have fond memories of buying bacon in the “Bits and Pieces” boxes.) We used cloth diapers instead of disposables. We never went out, we never had cable TV, we never went on vacation. We bought only used clothes for the kids, and mostly for us. I owned one suit. I built our kitchen table out of scrap wood one Saturday. I built our bed over another weekend. Our selves were cinder blocks and planks. We bought ours kids’ bunkbeds at Goodwill.

        The point is: No one “needs” to get a student loan to get a good education. Not then, not now.

        1. Many parents don’t stop their children from selecting an out-of-state or private college instead of living at home while attending a local college. Most 17- and 18-year-olds don’t have any business making such an expensive and life-altering decision, but parents allow them to do so. Sometimes I sense they want to live vicariously through their kids.

  12. Obama shouldn’t be honking about college loan costs til we learn how he financed his education. Columbia and Harvard ain’t cheap and we all know he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth ;)

    The left makes fun of Sarah Palin for taking 6 years (?) to earn her degree, but they leave out she worked her way through school.

    1. I want too know if he accepted money as a foreign student.
      Long have I suspected that what is being hidden is not his b.c., but something about his college years.

  13. It’s Primary Day here in PA, so pleas indulge me.

    Melba back when Rick Santorum was on the campaign trail and said (insert audible gasps!!!) that “college isn’t for everyone”? Remember the reaction THAT got? Why it was RAAACIST, classist, misogynistic and even caused bad breath…but it was the truth.

    A college degree in Philosphy, (place name of special interest group here) Studies, or Journalism (I invoke Rupert Murdoch!) won’t get you a job that pays. But learn to operate heavy equipment; become a Master carpenter, electrician; plumber or brick mason in a trade school and you will make 6 figures as the demand for your talent goes up. Same with auto mechanics (who go onto precise specialities). But vo-tech is frowned at.

    Community colleges are also a great source to kick off a medical career–a two year LPN degree can get you into a hospital
    setting and a lot of those places then offer tuition assistance to achieve RN and higher degrees. Its a matter of working hard and being patient…neither sadly being cultural norms today.

    And FWIW, my HS Senior son, high honor roll, AP classes was chastised for electing to major in Petroleum
    and Natural Gas engineering by his guidance counselor at the time he requested his transcripts be sent. Why? “Oil and gas are bad for the environment–fossil fuels are antiquated.”. I guess he would have got a handshake if he choose Political Science.

    1. Yes, Santorum was upholding the dignity of people who do not go to college. His remarks were repeated without the context that made clear what he meant.

      A person can become well educated without a college degree. There used to be many such homespun intellectuals — they did not need four years on campus to learn about what interested them.

      As I said above, employers have used a college degree to gatekeep access to hiring, and that is wrong because they never give many good people a chance. I hope they stop doing this meaningless discrimination among applicants.

    2. MT for re-redistribution

      On one hand, Mary, I would like to punch the guidance counselor for pushing his agenda on someone else’s kids, but on the other hand, it’s a parent’s job to teach the kid how to detect leftist communist bs.

  14. Funny… my daughters have to pay the full 6.8% today on their stafford loans and the interest is not deferred, it accrues while they are school. This must only effect the “subsidized” loans. However, I knew this expense was coming so I saved so that I could pay their tuition. I told both of them they could live at home for free, if they wanted to live on campus, they would have to pay for their own living expenses. They chose to live on campus and are borrowing the money to pay for it. My question is why are the terms that they get any different from ANYONE else! These are loans for “students” – NOT PARENTS. Her cousins all get the cheap loans with no interest accrued while in school.

    1. Mike you must be rich! The govt has decided you could afford to pay for it but since you are a meanie they are going to make your kids pay what you should have. After all, they should be afforded ALL the fun and perks of college life and you should be happy to pay for it… Only poor people deserve those things for less.

  15. It would just be so much easier to keep track of if the WH could come up with a numbering system. Like Giveaway of the Day #1, or Obama Re-Election Entitlement #2. Perhaps these could be in the form of press releases which Jay Carney could read from the podium. Obama could pre record the speeches, most of which are recycled anyway, and they could play on a Jumbotron behind Jay. Since campaigning and “governing” are one and the same, this would simplify matters. And then,in the interest of sound financial management, Michelle and Barack and their friends and family, could simply re allocate the funds for vacations. School is out soon. I think Michelle and Valerie would sign off on this. Eric Holder could continue reinforcing the new edicts in Obama’s absence. In the event of a “glitch” aka “crisis” Obama has a Blackberry. One and done.

  16. When elected, student loans were removed from the private sector and placed into the hands of the government. Just as numerous car dealerships are going to be created in china — —-
    we can expect that the number of foreign students given Government grants will rise accordingly. Special visa have been increased to allow foreign workers to come here while Americans are out of work. This one site shows where the jobs are —- —- IF you are not an American. The government has also included exceptions to quotas for those foreigners with higher degrees from American colleges. It is NO wonder our college graduates cannot find work or the cost is too high. it is all going to foreign students and workers. There is a secondfold reason for this hoopla. This is not an attempt to help students, this is an attempt to have the loans “forgiven” ; thereby wiping the monies off the books. Do you recall the people at “occupy” camps calling for forgiveness of their student loans? Here you go.

    1. It’s already happening–if you are a white male–could be top of your high school class–you’re still the low man on the ladder when it comes to college admissions/scholarships, etc. We are experiencing it first hand!

    2. I just read that there was/is a program in the Phillipines teaching locals English so they can come here and get jobs in the U.S.

      When did we begin to hate our own citizens?

      1. When we brought in hope and change, when we were “proud of our country for the first time in my life”, when we decided to “fundamentally transform America”… It’s all been there, but everyone has been to mesmerized to see it.

      2. Not all of us did. There were millions of us who did our own vetting and chose to vote no to Obama. This was not based on race but lack of facts and too many hidden ones.

  17. I know of parents who bought bigger boats and they let kids borrow money to go to college. I have no sympathy for those, who now complain about higher tax rates on these student loans.

  18. When my student loans reached $1,500 I was afraid to go deeper in debt so I quit school and got a job. My employer encouraged me to take classes at night and paid for them. Granted, that was back in the late 60s and early 70s when things were less expensive (and I had a scholarship that covered tuition). However, I ended up a lot better off than some of my class mates who got their degrees, made lower salaries, and had higher debts. I breathed a sigh of relief when I made that last student loan payment.

    1. Good for you Lindy–you thought for yourself and didn’t allow the govt to lead you around by your nose with the enticement of a free education–you worked hard and you should be proud of yourself!

  19. Hey, Barack Hussein Obama–you can beat the GOP over the head with a college diploma when you:

    1–show us your diplomas/school records from every single school you ever attended
    2–show us the records of who paid for your education from grade school on up
    3–ditto for Moochelle too!

    If “education is the cornerstone of our economic future”–why won’t Barack Hussein Obama disclose his school records so that students can follow in his “illustrious” (NOT) footsteps! If there’s nothing to hide (like maybe poor grades/foreign sources paying for his education/helping him get into a school) then you would think Barack Hussein Obama would be bragging about his good fortune/experience in our education system–using himself as an example–his ego’s big enough!

  20. Yes, Barack, tell us all about your study loan horror stories. We’d love to hear them…For the first time. Care to explain why you never deducted the interest you supposedly paid for the “student loans” on your 2000 tax year returns? Mooch complained about it but alas no record exists. What a shame. I guess the Press will be too busy checking to see if the Romney Stableboy is an illegal.

    1. You got it. It would be more than interesting to have this man not born with a silver spoon in his mouth produce the documentation that shows how he managed to afford an education at the Claremont colleges, Columbia and Harvard Law.

  21. I think it’s time for the GOP to start bashing Obama over the head for prosthelytizing! Here he is in Chapel Hill today acting like a cross between Jeremiah Wright and Jim Jones! He has denigrated the office of the Presidency and should not be allowed to continue! He’s nothing more than a political child predator! Where are the parents of these kids? Get a petition to keep him off of school campuses for Pete’s sake!!!!


    1. That is just too pitiful for words. A 50-year-old man prancing around the country in AF1, while the Mooch takes airplane #2. They don’t have to worry about high gas prices because we’re paying for their jet fuel. Neither one of them have a care in the world. He’s on the road several times a week, spouting his propaganda to an audience of impressionable children and behaving like a cross between a stand up comic and a revival preacher. This man is supposed to be the leader of the free world. Turns out he’s nothing more than another Elmer Gantry. Lord deliver us from this false prophet. Can I get an amen?

  22. Reading on the Weekly Standard that while indoctrinating students he actually
    ask for an ‘Amen’ and got it this is wrong on so many levels. He must not get 4
    more years.

  23. I started drafting this very lengthy comment – too much to ponder. We can argue and debate all we want about Gov. Romney – I still believe he is electable and he is a far better choice than Mr. Obama. A strict constitutional conservative is not electable at this time – The states where you must start getting some movement toward the middle from the left (i.e. California – my homestate), simply will not elect a strict constitutional conservative – the support simply isn’t there. Baby steps! What a difference California would be if we had a governor who truly was a moderate to conservative. It’s about the Electoral College – like it or not.

  24. Gary Shapiro wrote about this in the Daily Caller. I particularly like his statement, “Expand access to, and create more, community colleges. Community colleges are the unsung heroes of higher education: they are more focused, offer better interaction with professors and are much cheaper than universities.”

    We have gotten so hung up as a nation on what constitutes a “quality education” “He went to Harvard, so he MUST be smart.” Well, we are reaping the rewards of all the damned smart people we have in Washington DC. Failed policies, a stuck economy, malaise, you name and it seems to come from the hallowed halls of the Ivy League.

    I think I’d rather have someone with a degree from some no name college that can actually think, vs. someone who only knows how to parrot what their professors have to say. One of the greatest achievements I had in college was having a professor talk about me to other classes because I constantly argued with him. I failed the class (go figure), and had to take it over, but I did show the other 40 some mush for brains that, if you are willing to take the consequences, you can speak out when a prof. is wrong.

  25. “Education is the cornerstone of our economic future” — well, yeah. But what exactly does obtaining the typical college diploma have to do with education? And all the while Obama caters to the privileged youth who can get to the big colleges his administration wages war on the for-profit career colleges that strive to give young people actual, marketable skills. The hypocrisy of this administration is beyond comprehension.

  26. talk to ceos everyday. It’s apparent that a degree is not synonymous with “education” or even common sense. So goes the same with the people they delegate authority to.

  27. College Tuition is so high because of the lack of regulation in public universities. As a professor, I see where the money goes and it’s primarily into administrators, more administrators, and administrators for the administrators assistance with administrating. True intellectuals and academics, your professors, rarely see any of this money coming to us. We whore ourselves out for grant money to pop sci and useless technology so we can back-fund actual research we’re doing on our own time. The research field is shrinking and I now have more foreign students than US students because they’re too busy pursuing worthless liberal arts degrees like poli sci, lit, graphic design, and marketing/communications. It’s gotten worse since the dipshit(bush) bastardized are schools with NCLB.

    Private Institutions are free to have the pricetag and over-administration, but unfortunately the ignorant republicans did not advocate for government oversight of public universities and the democrats are too scared to be seen as the draconic “Orwellian” protectorates. It’s unfortunate they allow undereducated nuisances in public office, from the white house down there are few who can shine the shoes of most professors.

  28. I too have a brick in my head, never went to college until I was laid off. Community College as well and I have graduated as a RN at 45 years old.
    You still make me laugh.
    Keep it up

  29. You make it sound like it is a parents obligation to pay for their kids college! Why is that? I paid my own way thru school. I got a job lived in dumpy old houses off campus and of course didn’t have much of anything. But I graduated in 4 years with no debt. Why can’t everyone do that instead of expecting someone else to pay for their education?

  30. Technically, Obama should have all of his college degrees rescinded for having lied on his application forms for entrance. He is amongst the least qualified to speak about college diplomas.
    Further, how do his college-age supporters feel now that Obama has let thousands of illegal immigrants compete with what few jobs there are left?
    Don’t worry, a certain Pakistani doctor supported one of Obama’s efforts too and is now facing 30 years of unspeakable horrors in a Pakistani prison. Never mind what his family is facing.
    Can any Obama supporters recognize when they’ve been exploited? That’s okay, the entire nation has been exploited by the guy. Vote him out.

    1. I don’t agree with voting Obama out. He isn’t legal so he doesn’t deserve a vote. If Congress allows him to run again we will have 565 counts of treason….again; this to add to the treason Congress committed the first time he got in; and don’t tell me Congress didn’t know he was an illegal candidate the first time….so the treason continues without change.
      I suggest everyone write their Congressman giving two choices; resignation or suicide.
      No one currently in Washington cares about the U.S. Constitution. Revolution should be very close but America doesn’t have the guts to follow through.

  31. Is it true that Obama got admitted to college and Harvard on the basis that he was from Kenya? How can we find out? Would the NY Times have a file on this subject?

  32. Mr. Koeffler,
    Re: Your point about Stafford Loans and college educations needing “help from our taxpaying friends” –
    You shouldn’t say anybody’s taxes pays for my Stafford Loan (even if I can get one). You should be pleased to know that not a dime of your taxes goes into paying for the Stafford Loans. It is entirely covered by sales of Treasury bonds!! Have a good day.

  33. Keith, when I taught h.s., the principal emphasized that all students needed to go to college. If you raised your hand and said something about not all students should be going to college, she’d dismiss you.
    Then I see the crop of h.s. graduates from the area I live and wonder why the majority learn a trade or get a certificate to work and make a decent living. They were poor students in h.s. and will need remedial courses at the state university or local community colleges.
    It’s abominable to see the waste of money and the default rate on these loans. Meanwhile, the amount of money owed by these students keeps going up. When this house of cards collapses, there will be lots of finger-pointing.

  34. I paid my way thru college by waiting tables and later by bartending…better money than minimum wage. Public university, BA and then MBA. One little catch: Minimum wage is about 3 times what it was in 1980, but college tuition has increased by 10 times…do you think all the free money and plentiful loans have anything to do with that?

    There are lots more murmurings about whether or not a college education is really worth the money. I’m thinking they’ve priced themselves out of the market…any why would we raise our children to have our values, then turn them over to a bunch of liberal professors? And pay for it, to boot? Talk about having a brick in your head!

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