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Jon Lovitz Politely Objects to Obama’s Class Warfare

I think we have a Romney supporter here.

20 thoughts on “Jon Lovitz Politely Objects to Obama’s Class Warfare”

  1. Sounds more like a lover’s spat to me…..don’t think he is the ‘Romney type’. That’s the problem with Liberals – it’s a mental disease – they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and over.

      1. If he votes at all, Girly. I am thinking some of those ultra-rich Hollywood people may have a day of dawning where they ask their accountants or business managers about the “tax thing”
        I mean, those poor folks already have to pay agents, managers, publicists, stylists, makeup people, hair stylists, assistants and dog walkers. Oh my, the overhead.

    1. And, why exactly would any of us care about that Todd including this blog’s fine proprietor?

      I thought it was great to hear.

  2. I always thought he was a deeper thinker than what he portrayed on Sat Nite Live. So now there is a new “schtick” in town:Beleaguered and put upon overtaxed zany comic who suddenly realizes he’s getting screwed by the guys he helped elect. That’s pathetic but somehow Lovitz pulls it off as funny. Lovitz will be signing up for a 57 state tour very soon.

  3. Conservative is the new chic.


    Most public school teacher; and almost all college professors
    (exceptions being this who teach hard sciences) are flaming libs…as are a lot of Gen Y’s parental units. So how to rebel? Go right! Think Alex P. Keaton
    “right.” My next to youngest (just turned 18) voted for the first time today. When he registered and received his card he (like most of his buds) registered R and the brought the cards in to school to show their union teachers.

    Fun times! Thats the ticket!

    1. I loved Alex! I have friends who are flaming 60’s liberal children. Their son is joining the army. They are so not happy about it. He he.

      We talk politics in the house, but I try not to preach to the kids. My son came home with an assignment to complete. Basically a bunch of statements and whether you agree, disagree or are somwhere in the middle. I was shocked at how conservative he is. It was wonderful! My daughter, on the other hand, is a typical emotional teen girl. Wants to save all the puppies and deer. Her saving grace is, she LOVES meat. There’s hope for her.

  4. I heard the un-bleeped version on Breitbart – I’m not one to advocate f-bombs but it’s refreshing to hear the visceral response of a disgruntled liberal. Lovitz has no one to blame but himself – if he was paying any attention at all, he would have KNOWN that some retreaded class warfare was just around the corner once Ubama took office.

  5. Todd – I think the point of posting this was to show that even those that live in the rarefied air of Hollywierd are starting to stand up and notice what the O Team is doing to society.

    I would love to see another dozen or so of Obama’s 2008 supporters go off on a tirade the way Lovitz did. The masses get their thinking points from people like this, mostly because they can’t think for themselves, and it is this type of speaking out that will actually educate some of the O drones. Lord knows they won’t listen to any reasonable, educated debate.

    1. Agree and free speech and all. But, we could have some truth in advertising with a warning. I suspect that may be why the vid is not available right now.

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