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Grassley Wants More on WH Self-Investigation

Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) thinks maybe the White House’s weekend investigation of its staffers’ activities in sunny Cartegena doesn’t quite cover it. At least, he wants some details on the inquiry, something the openness administration is unwilling so far to provide.

In a letter Monday to White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, Grassley asked not only about how the White House conducted its investigation, but appeared to be conducting his own investigation, demanding to know things like, “How many of the White House staff had overnight guests.”

And he deadpanned: “I would appreciate your response by April 26, 2012, as it only took a weekend to conduct this review, it should not take long to respond to these questions.”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said he had not seen the letter and offered no response.

Cartegena, you’ll remember, is the city where a group of Secret Service agents found out recently that prostitution is legal in Colombia but still frowned upon in much of the United States.

20 thoughts on “Grassley Wants More on WH Self-Investigation”

  1. They are definitely hiding something or they would have been more specific about their findings and released information.

  2. Got get em Chuck (only don’t drag your feet on this like you and Mr. Issa have been on Fast & Furious)! Hold their feet to the fire NOW on every single destructive thing this administration has done to our country!

    Grassley/Issa/GOP need to step up like the Tim Misny commercial and say, “I’ll make them pay”!

  3. Grassley brought up Russian spys. Wasn’t that good looking Russian girl spy on the verge of making in roads with someone at the White House? What ever happened with that? We heard about it,but don’t recall anyone getting to the bottom of who in thr White house was involved.
    Keith, any inside dope?

    1. Anna Chapman and friends, per chance. I think there were 10 in total who were deported at the speed of light. Never saw a story disappear as quickly in my life (other than the trial of Nidal Hassan) which I’ve read has been postponed for the third time to October.Betcha, it’s postponed again to after the election.

      1. ah…Anna Chapman :-)
        Some UK papers (who seem to report of lot of interesting stuff one never sees in US “news”) say Anna Chapman was a ‘girlfriend’ of Putin ;-)

        1. UK papers have practice with spies and sex. Are you old enough to remember Mandy Rice-Davies, John Profumo, Chrstine Keeler – ah…the Brits, they really know how to put on a show. ; )

          1. God I am old enough to remember that I’ve been reading British
            papers for years that was a juicy one all played out and it was
            glamor, sex and politics but like you said they really know how
            to get the best bang for their £:)

    2. Yeah, it was someone in Obama’s cabinet who was involved with her. Never heard who he/she was, but their shenanigans spooked the FBI enough to out the whole spy ring.

  4. A Russsian spy? Lol, this one was probably a GIFT from the Russians …in appreciation for Obama’s undying love! It’s not every day that an American President promises to betray his country in front of God and an open mic!

    1. Shortly after Wolf was appointed, UBS admitted to conspiring to defraud the Internal Revenue Service and agreed to pay $780 million to ward off a federal investigation into its activities.

      Neal Wolin,a name that doesn’t fall off the tip of your tongue. He’s Deputy Sec’y of the Treasury. He’s worked for Larry Summers, served in the Clinton *WH and of course, was appointed to current job by none other than BHO.

      *Whore House

  5. The investigation:
    After being sworn to “cross your heart and hope to die” all of the senior staff that was in Columbia denied ever consorting in a carnal manner with anyone who wasn’t a Democrat.

  6. let’s see….roger clemmons lies to congress and is prosecuted.
    jon corzine and eric holder lie to congress and nothing happens. why?

    when will issa/grassley/others stop talking and start taking action against the misfits?

  7. Someone in Boulder got close enough to the o to spill yogurt on him? Even if it wa an accident, what is the world is going on?

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