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WH Tries To Squelch Prostitution Scandal Probe Talk

The White House is seeking to belittle suggestions that White House officials should be probed to discover whether they brought prostitutes to their rooms or participated in any way in the prostitution scandal enveloping Secret Service agents and military service members who did advance work for President Obama’s trip to Cartegena, Colombia.

White House officials were part of the advance team that scouted out Obama’s travel to the Colombian city.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Friday pushed back hard against the idea of an internal investigation, saying he had “no reason to believe” White House aides did anything wrong. Asked if there was any double-checking to make sure, Carney bristled at what he repeatedly called “rumors,” saying:

What I’m not going to do, as I said yesterday, is give a play-by-play or speculate about every rumor that you may have heard from either anonymous sources or just the Internet.

Carney did not rule out, though, that there had been “discussion” between the White House and the Secret Service about White House officials, saying, “I’m sure the discussion and the briefing covers a variety of subjects, a variety of both facts and rumors.”

But two senior senators have now called for an investigation into whether White House officials were involved.

Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) Friday sent a letter to Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan and Homeland Security Department Inspector General Charles Edwards demanding to know if the hotel records of White House employees who were on the ground in Cartegena are being reviewed.

And Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) Sunday called on the White House to conduct its own “review of all White House personnel, advance teams and the rest” who were in Cartegena.

Growing calls for an investigation of whether White House personnel were involved could put the spotlight on one of President Obama’s closest aides, White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson.

There is no public evidence Nicholson or any White House aides did anything wrong or made any mistakes.

But it is unclear why the White House would not take an intense interest in whether White House officials either participated in the illicit activity or whether they knew that Secret Service members were misbehaving but failed to report it to their White House superiors. The possibility that a White House employee or information they possess could be compromised by a prostitute or a foreign agent posing as a prostitute would be a grave matter.

Nicholson is personally close to the president, regularly playing golf with him – most recently on Saturday as part of a group that included Vice President Biden and another White House staffer. Obama likes Nicholson so much he has even invited his brother Walter along to play on several occasions.

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    • It is hard to believe that nobody on the President’s staff had some knowledge of what was going on or perhaps even had a female guest at the hotel.

  1. So this is the same Marvin Nicholson who went golfing with the algae king and his court jester this weekend. Maybe they were plotting their next move while the dog-eating diva made divots in the putting green.

    The men who participated in the party atmosphere in Colombia were negligent in their duties and deserve to be removed from service, but I wouldn’t put it past these connivers to set up a Secret Service sting so the guys in the bow ties can take over management.

  2. There is just “something” WRONG about the timing and optics of THIS scandal.

    It occurred in Columbia, first red flag; at a supposedly four star hotel that we find “allows” concierge and desk/bar personnel to act as pimps, second red flag; the SS advance team had supposed “language issues” with said working girls, really–SS not fluent or at least familiar with local dialect, flag three. Add in Dear Leader’s recent signing of the “Zoning of the Seas”‘treaty and the abysmal performance of Barry and Hillary at said conference (and she had her own “bad girl”‘photos released) flag four.

    Now we find that one agent posted in 2009 a PHOTO of himself checking out Gov. Palin on FaceBook–and it was JUST discovered now? Putting on my aluminum bonnet here this is just wonky all around.

    At best is this alittle Chicago style payback for the release of info on the Obama daughter’s Mexican school trip? Or something more nefarious? Could the National Enquirer scooped LSM again with their story on Michelle having a special friend in her security detail? Or possibly entree for more of Barry’s minions to step back into his security detail–never forget that candidate Obama had a mixture of Nation of Islam and New Black Panthers as security prior to receiving Secret Service protection.

    There is something off about this whole sordid tale.

    • Tin foil hat tip for that one Maryosc. One sure way is to discredit the organizations that won’t fall in line; I.e., secret service, military, congress. Discrediting the secret service and then bringing in the brownshirts would not surprise me.

  3. Why would they squelch the investigation if there is nothing to hide?
    I guess the same as all investigations where they are covering up something.
    It was the cover-up that brought down Richard Nixon.
    Nixon and his band of folks were angel compared to this bunch!

  4. This whole thing is distasteful and disturbing. Exposing the men of the SecretService as sleazy, sex crazed Neanderthals without any concern for their jobs, their families or even their own futures is stunning and unprecedented.

  5. There is a foul odor emitting from the White House. It’s the smell of deceit, corruption and pure un-adulterated arrogance.
    Fumigation will be required for the next occupant in 2013.

  6. Why doesn’t Congress investigate this? It seems that Obama’s regular golfing partners are Bobby Titcomb (in Hawaii) and ex-bartender Marvin Nicholson – both neer-do-wells with dubious backgrounds.

    It’s unheard of for any POTUS to be associating with such low-lifes! Nothing about him is mainstream – going all the way back to his college days. Who was the Pakistani guy he traveled with?

    Everything about Obama reeks of sleaze!

  7. More of the same with this administration, they refuse to hand over documents all the time, thisnk Fast and Furious ect. Issa needs to go after Holder ASAP, too much funny stuff going on.

  8. First reports placed all incidents at the hotel Caribe but now CBS reports that an agent took a woman back to the Hilton, the hotel where Obama stayed. That increases my concern about safety. It’s now up to 22 or 23 agents/military involved. I don’t ever recall the SS having such a scandal. What has changed, why did the advance team feel they could slack off?

    If I were President, I’d be cleaning house. Big time. Yet Obama hasn’t even made a public statement about this. Now they’re pushing back against any kind of internal investigation? Curious and curiouser.

  9. The way you people go on its almost as if you think this President doesn’t have the best interests of the country at heart————– Oh, NOW i get it!!!!

  10. Obama’s silenece is deafening! He’s shaking in his boots – one leak from one disgruntled agent and it’s all over for the grifters! One brave agent could put the country ahead of the faux POTUS – the ultimate act of bravery!

    • “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”

      I learned that phrase in typing class many years ago. It would be a good time for a brave American to put their country ahead of their own personal concerns. Unfortunately, there may be no patriots among them.

    • Oh I pray someone in the SS step forward with the truth about barry hussein and his slithery ways… an investigation now would probably carry on thru the summer and into the heat of the campaign… just in time to tip the scales and poop all over his efforts to steal the WH again!

  11. I have complete confidence in the head of the Secret Service because this has neeeeever happen before and he acted immediately, after it became public. Trust me, this is an isolated instance and Obama knew nothing of it.

    Have you ever heard the expression, the fish rots from the head down?

    Draw your own conclusions.

  12. Blarney Carney, “Nothing to see here folks — shoo shoo, go away.”

    But God help you if you dare to expose the corruption inside Obama’s Agencies. Obama, Hillary and their goons are going gangbusters persecuting, firing and prosecuting career Federal employees who have come forward exposing the waste and corruption they have witnessed. Judicial Watch is currently representing a GSA whistleblower. Hillary has pilloried and is firing Peter Van Buren for writing about what he witnessed in Iraq.