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Obama Has Been to Ohio or Florida 36 Times

President Obama has traveled to Ohio or Florida 36 times since being elected, hitting one or the other of the presidential battleground states on average about once a month since taking office just over three years ago.

According to figures compiled by Mark Knoller of CBS News and reported by the New York Times, Obama has also been to other swing states numerous times, including 15 trips to Pennsylvania, 11 to Michigan, and 10 to North Carolina.

Of the swing states, Ohio is Obama’s top destination, having hosted the president 20 times, according to Knoller, who is recognized as the best chronicler of important presidential activities. Obama has been to Florida 16 times.

The White House has been under fire in recent days for Obama’s incessant campaigning and use of government resources to take him to places which – though he comes bearing a policy announcement – are critical for his reelection.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Friday offered up a straw man in defense of the practice, telling reporters:

So you’re saying he cannot make official event — make official trips to a significant portion of the country because you guys have declared them battleground states.

Of course, no one is saying he can’t go to those states. What has drawn concern is that throughout his presidency, Obama has effectively been campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime by visiting a few states repeatedly.

Other presidents have engaged in similar practices, but not to the extent Obama has.

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  1. How many times has he visited the other 55 states in his Presidency? Or, to put it another way, how many domestic frequent flyer miles would he have earned so far?

  2. There should be a law against Presidential panhandling. Before the mid-terms, he took up residency in New Jersey with Jon Corzine. That should tell you something! Corzine is still bundling for him – hopefully they will both be sharing a jail cell soon!

  3. One simple way to make these trips become less: Every state he visits must have the Govenor and other state officials get a “special briefing” by the president himself before he deplanes off the Tarmac. Everytime. No exceptions. What he will say, where he will go will need to be preapproved by the Governor. You know, the TSA treatment, without the total body patdown.

  4. O/T…. but my jaw is still laying on the floor! The grifters have outdone themselves this time! They’re going to parade the Prince around town for all the swooning young girls (and boys) to gaze upon! Photo ops galore!

    Last month, it was David Cameron who was unwittingly set up for a campaign stunt – and now it’s the Prince! I thought the Brits were smarter than this!

  5. Here is our concern with how OH votes:

    This past March, OH held it’s primary for the GOP nominee–looking at the following map ( it’s clear that the majority of OH’s counties voted for Santorum–but, Romney won the state because he received the majority of his votes in the highly populous urban areas around Cleveland (a Dem stronghold); Columbus and Cincy.

    This is how BHO just might take OH (if Ohioan’s don’t wake up and turn out en-mass to vote for the GOP candidate). Unless the urban areas vote GOP (we can only speak for NE OH, but many of the folks here are recipients of BHO’s/Dems redistributive/depend on the government for your life ways–why else do you think someone like Dennis Kucinich keeps getting voted into office–because for every one suburban home who votes GOP/against him/BHO; there are 2 homes within a same size Cleveland neighborhood that votes Dem to keep receiving taxpayer provided benefits), BHO could win Ohio simply because the number of voters in these 3 cities outnumber the rest of the counties in the state of Ohio.

    NE OH is/has been under Dem corruption, oops, we meant influence for quite sometime (hence our economic downturn)–very heavy union influence supported by a local paper (Plain Dealer) who doesn’t even try to conceal their blatant support for Dems anymore and who (as the only local newspaper) has too many “sheeple” subscribers!

    With new leadership in Ohio’s Republican party (thank goodness), the GOP must also make many visits to OH if they are going to persuade city dwelling OH voters that they can do a better job of overseeing our country than BHO/Dems have.

  6. When are the reporters going to push back ? BO’s “official” leg of these journeys have him giving campaign speeches as well.

    Whenever he blames Bush, Congress or Republicans, DNC needs to pay for his trips! His speeches don’t inspire, they threaten and fear monger.

    Also, in this high tech age, he can Skype his speeches in.and save mucho dollars on motorcades, overtime local security for the cities and towns he visits and other travelling snake oil salesman expenses :D

  7. He has been to my state I think one time since he was elected, but this state is kind of sewed up for him. The only hope is that we might be getting a GOP governor in November. He is leading by double digits over his Dem opponent.

  8. Using Keith’s numbers and allowing one hour per flight, the cost of flying Obama to these states is $13,104,000, when using an average of $182,000 per hour for AF-1. This is just a rough estimate of cost. I think he’s taken 60 trips since starting his re-election campaign. The cost to taxpayers is staggering. Absolutely appalling that this man can’t stop spending…

    • AZG – By my counting he has flown YTD miles = 47954.5/550 mph(for AF1 air speed) * $181,757 p/hr flight cost for A1= $15,847,392,83

      This is total travel so far for 2012.

      That is JUST AF1, not including any support aircraft etc.

      • Thank you, Shofar! Taxpayers need to know how much King Putz is costing us. Your totals should be broadcast on all the nightly news shows, in every newspaper and website in America. Just think how much more $$ is spent with MO’s and Biden’s trips plus all the vacations!

        • Exactly Keith, the total cost is probably closer to double the AF1 costs. I understand that for security reasons they can’t disclose details regarding all that travels with POTUS, but the cost do need to be discussed by the GOP and Congress. It’s getting out of control.

          • When Obama was in AZ last January, I saw AF-1, cargo jet and two other planes (press overflow and secret service is what someone in the crowd said). Farther down the tarmac it looked like there may have been a 5th plane. I took photos but they’re blurry – I snapped them on the run while chasing after my toddler grandson. LOL The motorcade that returned to the airport consisted of 28 motorcycle cops and 24 vehicles. Not only is there cost for aircraft, but don’t they reimburse local agencies for their police service?

          • Granny,
            They are supposed to reimburse the locals for any L/E expenditures that a city or state makes. However, it is something that takes forever to get, and then they only pay a portion back to many of the localities.
            This is not just an O Team issue, the feds have been remiss in paying for expenses the locals incur for years. Most of the time the local LEOs that are on a detail are working on their days off, and therefore getting O/T for working. You can’t pull officers that are on their normal shift to babysit overpasses, off ramps and the like due to the fact that the criminals don’t give a crap that POTUS is in town, so off-duty officers get the details. And truthfully, these details are boring as hell.

          • Thanks, I thought they were supposed to reimburse for expenses. It sounds like the overtime pay doesn’t really compensate for the boring overtime duty. :)

    • Who in the H E double hockey sticks do these Libidiots think they are. They waste more money in ONE hour than many Americans earn in an entire year of hard work. Okay, if I’m a Black American I’m gonna vote for an incumbent who can continue an obvious lavish lifestyle, plus witness the destruction of personal freedom by Mr. Obama, while still living in neighborhoods overrun by CRIMINALS…. Really, I know one thing folks. I am not sitting here and letting a man, black, white, or gray to ruin my grandchildren’s future.. OUST OBAMA/BIDEN 2012 – Donate to ABO 2012…… End of Rant…

      • Shofar posted one hour flight time for AF-1 is $181,757.00. Keeping that figure in mind, one hour flight time would be the equivalent of wages for 3.6 people earning $50,000 per year.

        The $15,847,392,83 spent on AF-1 for 2012, would pay wages of $50,000 per year for 31,697 people. Just think how much they’ve spent the past 3.5 yrs flying cross country to campaign, vacations, date night and so forth.

  9. Keith-

    It would be interesting (if the data is available) to compare the number of trips the President has made to each state in the Union to the population of each of those states to get a “presidential visits per million citizens” figure for each state. THAT would be a very telling number that would be hard to explain away. I can just see it: “Jay, can you tell us why FL and OH are getting inundated with visits, while most states never see the President?”

  10. One can only hope the old bromide about familiarity breeding contempt still has some validity in this case. Now, THAT’S a “hope” I can agree with.