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Carney: No Indication of WH Misconduct in Cartegena

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today said the White House Counsel’s office had conducted a review of White House advance officials’ actions on the ground in Cartegena and found no suggestion any had engaged in inappropriate activities.

“There is no indication of any misconduct,” Carney said.

But the review may be of limited value. Carney refused to release details of the investigation or say how thorough it was or even how it was conducted – including whether those who were in Cartegena were interviewed. Carney indicated the review lasted no more than three days, saying it had begun Friday.

Carney also used a relatively weak formulation in exonerating White House staff, saying there is “no indication” of misconduct.

Carney explained the lack of further detail by saying there had not been any specific allegations lodged against White House officials. Specific charges have been made that Secret Service and military service members brought prostitutes back to their rooms, and several Secret Service members have lost their jobs.

“If someone comes to us with some credible allegations that anyone at the White House was involved in any inappropriate conduct,” the White House would consider them, he said.

Indeed, there does not appear to be any credible evidence produced in the public arena that White House officials engaged in misconduct. But the potential jeopardy to national security if they did is so grave that some, including Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Homeland Security Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) have called for investigations.

Grassley, the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, wrote a letter Friday suggesting he wants the Secret Service or the Department of Homeland Security to look into the activities in Cartegena of White House staffers.

Carney lashed out at what he said were “rumors” about White House misconduct published on the Web.

“There have been rumors published on the Internet by people with no editors and no conscience,” Carney said.

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  1. Reminds me of the time my Dear Mother asked me to find out which one of my older brothers ate all the cookies; my report…none of them, must have been the dog.

  2. Hmm, let’s see. If my wife asks me if I cheated on her, I’ll investigate myself and report back to her with my findings that I engaged in no inappropriate behavior. She’s gonna believe me, right!!!

  3. I look forward to reading your reports. Always informative. There has never been anything this fool has said except spot the talking points. He better hope there’s no Nurenberg! He would be the one training the children to defend Berlin!!!!

  4. Could one also surmise that there have been no “specific, credible allegations” in the Trayvon Martin shooting, since we do not know the precise make of the gun, bullet, designers of each person’s clothing, internal damage to Trayvon, precise angle of the bullet wound, or exactly where each of the parties were situated during the entire incident?

    Ask Carney to define “specific” and “credible”. Then see Eric Holder……

  5. “By people with no conscience,” Carney and the rest of the White House inclusive certainly should know about not having a conscience. Zero @ 1600
    What a bunch of wimpy little phonies.

  6. “There have been rumors published on the Internet by people with no editors and no conscience,” Carney said.

    Why would the truth of what ACTUALLY HAPPENED need editing? It is what it is. Now a concocted story to discredit a Federal entity that could possibly either verify hinky doings or stifle the ability to behave badly…on that case, the story would HAVE to be heavily edited.

    I guess because I see it that way, I have a

  7. “There is no indication of any misconduct,” Carney said.

    Carney then refused to answer further questions from reporters, stating he was on his way to an audition for the title role in a community theater production of “Pinocchio”. Eric Holder and David Axelrod are believed to be auditioning for the parts of the Fox and the Cat.

    • They don’t want to elongate or embellish or otherwise extend ANY answer to this story. They want it dropped. They want it to go away forever. They will stonewall every chance they get. The only way to stop this story from getting legs is to say “What problem?” And then move on – which is what they really really really want to do.

  8. Shame on all of you for requesting “details”. None are forthcoming. The Whitehouse investigated itself and told you, no wrongdoing. Shame on you for questioning that and asking for any thing more……

    In other related news, the whitehouse has investigated Fast and Furious, Solyndra, the black pansies intimidation case and suspected misuse of campaign funds and tax dollars. No wrongdoing was reported.

    Now get crackin’….. And send in those tax dollars. “Holder’s people” are depending on you….

  9. So, the White House investigated itself and did not find itself wanting. Great. I feel so much better now. It’s entirely possible there was no involvement by anyone in the White House, yet again – the appearance of even possible impropriety is not helpful to Obama. But he doesn’t care. These are people well-schooled in the art of deflection. All Obama cares about is one more term. One More Term.

  10. Yeah it reminds me of the excellent job the justice department did investigating voter intimation or any voter irregularities where the victim is white! All kidding aside, this is the first time in my life where I feel like there is no executive judicial recourse if your politics aren’t left of Mao. :(

  11. Shades of JFK who was serviced in secret by this Praetorian Guard, e.g,, escorting Marilyn Monroe from MSG to hotel after birthday party?

  12. Note the carefully selected words: “no indication, no specific, credible allegations”

    It would be nice to have a straight forward answer for a change.

    Specially to a question like…

    ‘How many White House staff members were on this trip when the incident occurred?”

    • No kidding this whole bunch runs like a fraternity house and with the
      added free unlimited amounts of money this is just the tip of a very large

  13. Keith,

    Did I miss something? This morning you reported that “White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Friday pushed back hard against the idea of an internal investigation….” So if I read this right, Carney said today, or maybe yesterday (it’s not clear) that there was no need for an investigation.

    Then today “Carney indicated the review lasted no more than three days, saying it had begun Friday.”

    Why was Carney “pushing back” against the very idea of an investigation, when one was supposedly already ongoing as of last Friday? Did he not know there was an “investigation” occurring? Or did they just suddenly make up the “investigation” in response to people suggesting that it might be a reasonable thing to do?

  14. Carney is a total unbelievable joke. Look at this stooge he is even worse than the last one Gibbs. That is saying allot, because Gibbs the giggling half-wit was the laughing stock of the Obama administration. Carney as the name implies is a circus leader. Just looking at him demands laughter because of his childish appearance. Listening to him is even more comical and his look of non-understanding is priceless. Reminds me of the deer in the head light look. One would think that the bumbling Obama administration would want a more intelligent representative than this clown named Carney. Maybe that is BO’s way of always making a stupid joke of serious business.

    • Carney could not qualify as Circus leader, ringmaster, carnival barker or even as Tom Thumb’s genetic twin. He is the person that follows the elephants and scoops the poop up for disposal.

  15. A “review” is a weasel word. A review falls far short on an investigation or an “enquiry” under Anglo-American jurisprudence. The House Committtes chaired by Reps. King (NY) and Issa (CA) should subpoena the White House personnel who purportedly conducted the review, as well as the travel itinerates of all WH personnel and expense reports of all Executive branch personnel who traveled to Columbia. This guy Carney is obviously covering up somethings. The only way to get to the bottom of his “Spring Break” junket is to use subpoena power.

  16. Nothing to see here, step away, it’s for the good of the children!
    Who, what and wherins.
    what’s those allegations and who are the alligators?

  17. Keith, thanks for keeping us updated about this. Carney’s refusal to release any details causes me further suspicion that they’re hiding something.

    • Oh they are and anyone who believes a word Skippy the Twerp says is
      been turned I to a pod person. Never seen anyone less believable or
      unbelieveablely stupid not even Baghdad Bob.

  18. “There is no indication of any misconduct,” Carney said.

    This whole Obama Regime from the Obama Depression to Fast & Furious and Solyndragate is nothing but one giant, steaming pile of Obamagate.

  19. Find it interesting that as O is heavily advocating women as equals, the investigator and creator of this investigation is —- wait for it — a woman !!! And another surprise — not — the NAACP assisted her in becoming an SS agent. Another surprise — she is AA. Am not condoning what happened, not condemning it either — without all the facts. Just find it interesting that at this particular time — these are the circumstances.

    While the SS and military can, will, and are being investigated based on a whistleblower – (the aforementioned woman) — the wh will not be. Also interesting the number of “leaks” that this extremely close mouthed administration is allowing.

    The United States of America is rapidly becoming the United States of everybody but white Americans.

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