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Obama and Biden BOTH Go Golfing

President Obama grabbed his vice president this morning and motorcaded out to Andrews Air Force Base for a round of golf.

The decision of the presumed Democratic presidential ticket to head to the golf course ensemble is a sure sign that Obama is not concerned with criticism that he is constantly engaging in a sport out of reach to many Americans and symbolic of elitism – even while he preaches class warfare.

Obama himself shows no sign of letting up on the golf. This is the third time he has gone this year and the 95th outing of his presidency.

Also along for the excursion to the links are White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson and White House staffer Mike Brush.

78 thoughts on “Obama and Biden BOTH Go Golfing”

  1. Well, it is a nice day outside, and it would be a shame to waste it with having to do chores like using your laser beam focus to stimulate the economy, or your greater brain-mass to solve the energy problem.

  2. Well, you just have a good ol’ time today while the little people mow their own lawns and dream about golfing on their own private golf course.
    Some underling has washed and cleaned the special limo that took you to your private golf course and the little people will be washing their own cars in the driveway of their underwater homes wondering how long they can keep foreclosure away,

    Later, while you’re enjoying a cold one at the 19th hole, the little people will be sifting through their bills wondering who needs to be paid and who will wait a little longer.

    But, hey, you have a nice relaxing day out there.

    1. And don’t forget about all the Secret Service agents who are having to miss out on their vodka and escorts because they have to work today.

    2. Wouldn’t it be sweet if he ends up in a Federal Lockup and part of his sentence was to be groundskeeper at a high end golf course.
      Think ‘Caddy Shack’, think Bill Murray.
      Hey, one can always dream.

  3. I do notice a lack of quality family time with the Obamas. I thought family was the most important thing to them both? Yeah, right, only when they “talk” about it.

    Most dads with young kids have pretty full weekend schedules. Not to mention how he’s screwing up the tee times for those veterans, retired and active military at Andrews.

    Notice he never plays at the exclusive DC area country clubs? I don’t think the members would tolerate BO upsetting their routine.

    1. A Texas saying is “all hat and no cattle”.
      That is the Obama’s.
      Grandma takes care of the girls,…. or is in the authority of those that do take care of the girls.
      Quality family time for those girls does not exist. IMO.
      I would be surprised to hear them say that they really know their parents.
      That is, on a normal basis.

      1. Who says those are his real kids-Obama?
        Who says that’s his real wife-Obama?
        Who says Stanley Ann Dunham was his real mother-Obama?
        Who says Barack Hussein Obama was his real father-Obama?
        Who says he’s really Barack Hussein Obama II-Obama?

    2. Good point Denise. I just got back from my son’s baseball game where many parents have two kids playing and some coach two teams. This fairytale family never eat dinner together, either. They are both at parties or fundraisers every freakin night.

  4. Yeah, enjoy yourselves big spenders. We’ll be handing you both your walking papers in another 199 days, so live it up while you can!

  5. Question?
    Wouldnt it be a hoot if someone in the “media” DARE asked Obama about his golf game…? Like whats his “score”…?

    Why dosent ANYONE mention how much Obama golfs? A real President like IKE golfed and everyone knew… why is Obama’s golfing so “off the record”?

    1. Nobody counted Ike’s golf outtings because he actually worked hard during the week and earned that downtime. Now if only BO would do the same … :D

    2. Obama’s a hacker on the course. Duffer is the golf term. he has no form and probably never breaks 100. As much as he has played (95 times approx.), if he was doing well, you, we for sure would be hearing of his praises on the Obama Networks.

  6. I’m sure never had a golf club in his hand before he hit the lottery at the WH! I honestly think he was thinking along the lines of turning Pro after his interlude as the first black President who never was. He so wants to challenge Tiger! Too bad!!!

  7. So, if The O Team and his sidekick are both out there playing at golf, who the heck is running the country? Maybe if they are kept out on the course and can’t screw things up anymore, the economy will improve.

  8. so wrong to view his golf game as not caring. just maybe he’s discussing with biden, how they can get harry reid to come up with a budget. or maybe they are discussing how the keystone pipeline veto can be reversed. or maybe they are discussing how to tackle the debt.
    (wonder why they don’t invite piglos/harry the spineless to compliment the foursome….4 of the most despicable, pieces of raw sewage around desecrating the game of golf).

  9. 95th game of golf? Well, isn’t that just peachy! No wonder his Friday schedule was so light, he had to rest up for today!

  10. I bet he tells Michelle he walks the course to stay fit as a fiddle. Actually walking the course is a good way to really learn how to play the game. It gives you time to think, which Mr. Big has little off.

    1. He doesn’t walk the course. He rides around in a golf cart…and Michelle could care less if he exercises. He still smokes! Michael Berry mentioned on his show that the city of Ft. Worth wants to institute a ban on hiring smokers as public employees. Obama couldn’t even get a job collecting garbage in Ft. Worth.

      1. Heard that also at same source. From where I sit Cow-town is getting a little to big for their britches. Smokers help subsidize Health Care with the taxes paid per pack. Hey if smokers want to smoke let ’em, it’s legal and it’s their right. Or it used to be.

  11. Just yesterday Biden was in Santa Barbara!! It was only reported because some birds hit the plane’s engine. Biden was probably invited out to tea with Oprah. What do you suppose a fly-in-fly-out to California/back cost us?

    Keith, maybe it’s worth adding the VP schedule of the day here. We all need more laffs.

  12. It wouldn’t bother me if he golfed because he was relaxing from a hard week at work,but what work has he done that was so taxing?
    Good observation on the lack of family time. Except for an occasional photo op,and vacation,what do they do as a family?

  13. I live next to a golf course and have never been golfing! After working 0600-1500 on my feet all day, it never crosses my mind. It’s fun to watch the shankers, though.

  14. Do you think we’re getting to the point where the o is a laughingstock?

    And didja see today where Bloomberg (he’s got a news service, fer God’s sake) didn’t know that the new black kitties had set a bounty on Zimmerman’s head?

    1. These leftists always use the excuse that they didn’t know about something that challenges their ideology. Remember Charlie Gibson didn’t report the ACORN scandal on ABC evening news because he hadn’t heard about it. Then there was the time Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation” asked Holder softball questions about the Soviet spy ring, failing to even mention J. Christian Adam’s whistleblowing on the New Black Panther case. His excuse? He was on vacation the week before. None of these leftists and their cohorts in the sycophant press are trustworthy. They lie like rugs.

        1. I didn’t intend any criticism of you sportinlife10. Just really chaps my hide that these people think they are pulling the wool over our eyes with their convenient lapses in consciousness.

          1. It was a good reminder for me. It’s what my FOO (family of origin) all say, when I say, “But what about the ______?”

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  17. These people are not a family. Spends no time with the girls except for
    photo ops Granny is in effect the Mother and while we pay her board and lodging and trips I bet he somehowGranny gets a salary of some type. She’s always there did she have a home before? I feel another church visit coming
    as MO is about to make her faux pilgrimage to the Bible Belt.
    You are right about the disruption to the military when he golfs. My Uncle was
    a retired B-17 pilot and every Sat he would meet up at the base with his other
    old pals they’d start at the barber keep in mind together they may have had half a head of hair. But then lunch and golf or whatever he would not have been pleased I can tell you.

    1. I am very curious to know if Grandma gets a salary for anything — can you find out, Keith? I wouldn’t know how to look for such information, but I assume it would be publicly available somehow.

      What could she possibly receive a salary for? Grandmotherly love?

      1. She would be paid as if they hired a Nanny/Babysitter 24/7 so it wouldn’t
        be cheap. You can’t tell me she does it for free unless we pay for her
        too clothes and she must have bills to pay insurance etc I doubt her SS
        would cover it so who would be likely to pay? If they can use the girls
        as staff or whatever they called them I bet Granny gets a free ride plus a salary. We should know….transparency and all.

        1. Wow. It never occurred to me that Grandma wasn’t living in the White House and caring for the girls out of the love of her heart for them.

          I guess I still haven’t learned the Chicago Way, which seems to be to squeeze money out WHENEVER possible.

          I am going to write to the White House and ask if Grandma gets paid.

  18. A fellow attorney at my old firm belongs to the the same country club as Chief Justice Roberts, and the word from there is that Barky will never step foot on the grounds … even as a caddy or towel boy … likewise for all the other private courses in DC … seems Barky’s ticked off leading members at each club… hence, he’s relegated to playing on military courses — can’t turn down the “Commander and Chief,” ya’ know? And, if/when the military decides to disown him, Barky’s going to end up playing at Hayne’s Point, our public course … or, God willing, practicing his stroke in the yard at the Marion supermax…

      1. Spike: I believe you. This gives some legs to my theory that his well-heeled fundraiser patrons are not of this country. If I thought this prez was such a great guy and I handed a check to him for something north of 50k, I wouldn’t be secretive. My other theory is that these fundraisers are promising access or special treatment by his Czars.

  19. Just could never figure out why bambo decided to take up golf. Because the countries he was raised in, soccer was the sport. I believe his athletic abilities are slim and none. He really should do something more in line with his abilities, like stamp collecting and enjoying a nice bowl, which I have no doubt he does the latter on a regular basis;)

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  22. He does not care but he should.
    I read that one of the reasons Sarkozy may fall in France is his Bling, Bling lifestyle.

  23. You all got it wrong. The more golfing he does the less time he has to screw us. Where is Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan? Are they embarrassed to be seen with Obama?

  24. I’m curious about Granny, too! There were rumors that she ‘chaperoned’ Malia on the Mexico trip. Where else does she travel? Is she using military aircraft to visit her friends on the South Side…or her son in Oregon? How many gambling trips to Vegas? Is she sneaking out for exotic trips to Africa or other parts of the world? Does she have an entourage? Arre we paying for her traveling companions and the ‘godmother’ who travels everywhere with them and is now on the Obama payroll?

    All sorts of things come to mind! i doubt very much is Granny is sitting in her private suite at the Wh knitting sweaters for her son-in-law! How much is she costing us???

    1. Stunning and true. Very well done. The Obama-Biden Bromance continues. Sunday was forcasted to rain, so it was good that the O-man got to the links. Saves time for church on Sunday?

  25. Interesting: Spike notes that no private golf courses will allow him on the premises, so the Military must.
    It looks also as if he has no friends to golf with: staffers (and Biden) is all he has. They don’t have a choice, but NO ONE invites him. Generally speaking, you’d think it would be an honor to be invited to golf with POTUS.
    It takes a real genius to so alienate so many really experienced pols. I mean, these (generally) guys have seen a lot of POTI (2nd declension, masc. pl) come and go. What in the world did he do this fast?

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