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Why Gun Sales are Rising Under Obama

The Washington Times this morning has an article discussing “The Obama Factor” on the gun industry, a term used by gun sellers to describe the growth in business since Obama became president.

Employment is way up in the industry, and requests for background checks to purchase a gun are at record highs.

The article says a big part of the reason is that people are concerned President Obama will tighten gun control laws .

gun rackThis is true, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Either the author was cowed by political correctness, or he didn’t bother to talk to real people about why they are buying guns. If he did, he didn’t quote any.

I can tell you there are other reasons why people are buying guns. My evidence is only anecdotal, but as a blogger I hear from a lot of people, and I do understand some of their concerns.

And many of them are as polite or abstract as a concern about the Second Amendment.

People have a general feeling that the whole house of poker cards, built on mounds debt and a shaky domestic and international economy, could collapse at any time. They want a gun, and perhaps more than one of them, in case we revert to the law of nature.

Some are afraid there will be racial violence if Obama isn’t reelected.

And some are fearful Obama will, especially if reelected, move somehow to limit freedoms and even impose some kind of martial law, perhaps in the event of a crisis.

These are the concerns that I hear. I’m very interested in what you think.

136 thoughts on “Why Gun Sales are Rising Under Obama”

  1. A recent trip to Cabela’s supports your anecdotal information, Keith. Standing in line awaiting my background check to clear, overheard several handgun purchasers expressing they better get their firearms now because:
    a) Obama’s first order of business will be to control/ban handgun sales after the election
    b) If Obama sees the election going south for him, there will be an engineered ‘racial’ incident coordinated through the NBP’s in the cities requiring martial law to be proclaimed… no election, no firearm sales, curfews, military checkpoints, etc.
    c) The laws/Executive Orders have already been passed to enable these events.

  2. Do be aware that you are not a cop, nor a “good Samaritan”. You are an individual with “enhanced self defense”.

    The perp should not know you are armed until his world goes dark.

    Showing your gun as a warning is considered “brandishing” and can be used as an excuse to prevent you from lawfully owning guns, depending on what the political climate is where you live.

    1. Showing your pistol, well, what if he decides he likes it also. It is amazing how quickly some can move, he could own your gun and you also. I don’t think you want to know what all that can entail, ask those folks in Baltimore what they think about it.

  3. The martial law scenario is most prevalent on my mind. But the other is also out there. It is not enough to own a gun, learn to use it. I am about to buy my second one.

    1. If you know how many guns you have you don’t have enough guns….

      Don’t forget ammo, guns are useless with out bullets.

  4. If Omama gets re-elected I think one of the SCOTUS could meet with a accident or any number of things allowing Omama to appoint another justice. Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out WHO it will be. Then a court case on the 2nd amend will just pop-up via Fast & Furious Holder. Guess what? the court will rule that it is only the militia that can even have a firearm let alone OWN one. So guess what is next? that’s right Omama orders all weapons to be turned in to the police or military for destruction. So it begins.

  5. I had a thought recently, the SEAL’s, the Special Forces of all stripe have taken the same oath I have, so has obama, he had his fingers crossed so his does not count.

    Of late he has been messing with the SEAL’s, thought he was cool, when I oversteps his bounds a day to far, he could find some people visiting, not SEAL’s necessarily, but those sworn to defend.

    I have always remembered reading about Demo Dick,s buddies in the coastal areas of Vietnam, they ran at night, in their camo and green face paint, night-mares to the local coastal vietcong, wake up to a green face and if enough light, perhaps happy teeth looking back, their last vision, a nightmare. It is amazing what a SEAL can do-

  6. That’s like saying on the morning 9-11 as the first plane struck the tower and many were exiting the building, that there were some people exiting the building for other reasons. Yes, there were people exiting the building at that time because they wanted to get a coffee and a Danish.

  7. “Some are afraid there will be racial violence if Obama isn’t reelected.”

    Really? More than there is now? Anyone recall the media hiding the many dozens of riots last year in Miami, New Jersey, Chicago, and other places around the country?

    Anyone paying attention to the “do it for Trayvon” violence around the country?

    Some of us are, not afraid, CERTAIN, of the increase in violence since the kenyan was elected, and we know full well it’s only going to get worse as long as the Attorney General, Holder, has stated he is NOT going to have the justice department prosecute any black on white hate crime.

    Hold on to your butts, folks, and your guns, it’s going to get interesting.

  8. Pretty much the truth. I have always bought guns because it is my right to do so and I like shooting. But the reasons you give above and the end-of-time scenario being postulated, the resulting “preppers” and the television shows promoting this all contribute. I think this is why a nervous government is sending out spy drones in the US. Dont believe me, a drone nearly collided with a Cessna Citation over Denver this week.
    Having said all this let us be happy that one sector of the economy is booming.

  9. John Thompson, MD, CPA

    It is not a political reason I choose to purchase a gun recently along with a concealed weapon license. It is because the political will of both democrats and republicans to fix the enormous financial implosion that is coming our way soon, is being ignored by congress. The repubs wants obama to fail and have done nothing to allow anything to pass congress, and the dems have loss the respect of the progressives for not speaking out against the do-nothing congress. Instead, people power and the right to bear arms has become a necessity as the economic core of this nation implodes and we need to be ready…

    1. John. The house has passed bill after bill to address the fiscal problems. The Dems in the Senate have stopped everything because the only solution they see is to raise taxes.

      The Federal Government is a service not a solution. I am so glad we have a do nothing congress. The reason we are bankrupt is from do something congresses from the past.

      I am 57 and have NEVER cashed a Federal government entitlement check. I hope to die having never received a government benefit. Have no plan to use social security or Medicare even though I have been forced to contribute ever since age 14 ( 43 years of contributions every month).

      I am so thankful that a small group are stoping the compromise that has driven us to fiscal failure. We don’t need compromise we need mature responsible representatives that will stand firm and stop the grotesque waste of citizens money at the Federal Government.

      This is so easy, the government can not GIVE you anything without first taking it from you. Where do the brain dead fools come from that think government can give you something.

  10. Exactly what I’ve been thinking- and why I now have a concealed permit and two handguns as of this year. The number of property thefts is ever increasing with the drug use and promotion of the “gimme for free” lifestyle of the loo.

  11. Let me be clear…
    I own guns to protect me from the government.
    The biggest threat to my freedom are the corrupt, narcissistic, fools in the Federal Government.

  12. I purchased an AR-15 earlier this year. I did not own a firearm before that. I bought that rifle because of concerns that our 2nd Ammendment rights could be quickly eroded AND because our society could collapse any day. I plan to purchase a shotgun next, and then a crossbow.

    I am also stockpiling food/water filters/water/survival gear/survival books.

  13. Call me a pollyanna, I do not fear the American people causing the economy to collapse. Maybe this is due to having rode this pony before doing the 80’s. However, the other two are quite plausible. When you begin to make Jimmy Carter look good, you must realize you are in trouble.

  14. Any American who does not own and know how to use a handgun, rifle and shotgun is unprepared for what is in store for us when the American police state apparatus is final and complete. The criminals who have hijacked our Constitutional Republic will “disappear” you and your entire family with a smile on their face. Those who are unprepared to defend their family from enemies, both foreign and domestic, are irresponsbile.

  15. I can confirm what you have said. I bought my first of several guns last year for the very reasons you mentioned. When Obama brings the country down, I need to have some protection. We saw what happened after Katrina and I have a duty to protect my family.

  16. I think the answer is much simpler. With a bad economy and a lot of ppl unemployed, theft rises a great deal. Even if this is only perceived. People see crime on the news & go get a gun. Guns are also more common, I was surprised to find out how many of my neighbors had a gun for home protection.

  17. To be honest most Americans do not even understand the second amendment. All they know is that it means that they can own a weapon and use it for protection and pleasure. The true meaning of the second amendment is why I am buying my weapons. The second amendment kept Japan from invading the US after bombing Pearl Harbor. if the second amendment is abolished what is to keep our enemies from attacking us especially when we can not even stop illegal emigrants from mexico. To me no true american would ever consider taking the second amendment away from Americans but instead in-brace it and work on something that is much more important and that truly needs to be looked at. like the majority of Americans that our out of work and not able to find a job and do not show up on the unemployment statistics. this country has its priorities all jacked up and until we can get it in order this country is doomed.

  18. Prior to Obama taking office, I had only shot .22s at BSA camps. I didn’t own a gun, mainly because I didn’t see the need and was concerned about how to secure them from my kids. My wife was more interested than I was.

    However, after Obama started talking about people “clinging to their guns and their religion”, I realized I only had 1/2 of the equation. Now I own a safe, shotgun, 2 rifles and various handguns. My wife and I have concealed carry permits for my state and Utah, and I carry whenever I can, even cross country. We’ve put a lot of money, time and effort into training for all the reasons you’ve listed above.

    I look forward to a day when we’ll have rational carry laws that will allow citizens to carry regardless of state, building (schools), etc.

  19. Since Obama was elected I have begun to purchase many handguns, long guns, and many thousands of rounds of ammunition. My reasons are many:
    1. Obama and the liberal left WILL further restrict the sale and ownership of guns in the future. This could be from new laws, regulations or treaties with other countries.
    2. I enjoy the sport of target shooting and have done so since a child.
    3. Guns and ammo will become a hard comodity, similiar to gold, that can be used as a hedge against Obamas crazy printing of money and resulting inflation.
    4. Only in a small part in fear of riots in the streets, but more so the inevidiable increase in home burglaries to “take” in the spirit of “wealth redistribution.”

  20. Well, I did something I seldom do. I called my senators today and told them a couple of things. I did not want the UN treaty ratified. Furthermore, they could pass all the laws they wanted or roll the tanks up and I still would not give up my guns. It took the assistants aback.

    I have seen several trends roiling around for the last 30 years. Our political class has acted more like they are the masters and we are the slaves.

    Since Nixon floated the dollar it has allowed games by the Fed and the federal government to debase the dollar on a world wide basis.

    The mountain of debt is unsustainable. A country can go broke too.

    That’s just the beginning of the list.


  21. This is a well balanced report; the consummate of fine reporting. I am a registered Democrat, an agnostic, holder of three degrees and working on a PhD. — retired teacher, conductor, newspaper publisher, government executive, and NRA Golden Eagle member and gun owner with the sound belief that dispite what some maintain, the Founding Fathers included the right to bear arms for some very specific reasons. One of the very first actions of a non-democratic government is to gather all the privately-owned weapons of the people, leaving the latter then open for removal of its intelligentsia and any and all leaders. Failure of access to our Second Amendment rights is the protogenerator towards the ultimate right of self-defence and protection; a desolvement of individual and group freedoms. After all, it was perhaps the greatest of politicoes, Niccolo’ Machiavelli (1469-1527), who advised, “Before all else, be armed!” — BEFORE the American Revolution! A pre-evaluation dating nearly two and one-half centuries prior to the American realization. In addition, I find it to be also interesting that the state governments with the farest-left governors and legilators who scream the loudest against private firearms ownership, are also amongst the states that produce the greatest number of guns; Massachusets being a prime example. The US Supreme Court for the first time in our history has TWICE ruled in the early 21st century that every American has the Right to Bear Arms so long as they do not have a felony conviction as part of their record. Why politicians STILL are attempting to alter those judgement decisions is in certain circles remain a matter for debate, but HOW such efforts should now be viewed as no less than planning sessions for acts of INTERNAL TERRORISM. In other words, those promoting actions contrary to supreme decision-making should be treated as the felons they indeed are. It is time now for the adjudicated law of the land to seek out and neutralize those who would promote unconstitutional efforts and legislation. We are far past the position of appearing cudly; rather we should now be seen as the Grizzly Bears for freedom. Or as my maternal grandmother used to put it, “Shit or get off the can!” Thank you for speaking truth; on this issue, it is of short supply via the media. BJG.

  22. Since I already have a shotgun left to me by my father, a World War II Marine veteran of 12 years service, I am not one who has purchased a gun during president Obama’s term. But many of my neighbors who did not own guns have done so and because they know I sometines shoot skeet, they have asked me for instructions on how to shoot and maintaing their guns. I have asked them why they have bought a gun when they obviously have never owned one before and they all say they are frigntened that the USA is about to slip into anarchy. They fear for their lives. It is remarkable that this strong undercurrent is not being reported in the media because it is everywhere and easy to see and verify. Gun sales are out of the roof. Gunsmiths are so busy, they are 14 months behind and not accepting any new work because they are fixing old guns that have been in closets and attics for half a century now that people understand they may need them. This has never happened before simply because there has never been a reason for it. Now there is. And the people I talk to, both democrats and republicans, are NOT blaming George Bush for their being afraid; they blame President Obama. They say he is incapable of governing the country and that he represents a danger to everyone. I don’t know if all of this can be laid at President Obama’s feet, but most of those who have purchased firearms I talk to do. I think it is going to be of no small amount of interest to see how or IF this has any effect on the November elections.

    Interestingly, many of those I talk to who have recently bought guns are union members. I ask them how can their unions all support the democrats and President Obama in their effort to render the Second Amendment null and void and they say they don’t vote the way the union bosses do. They belong to the union because they have to to get and keep a job. So that tells me that even though the union bosses can take their members money via their dues, and spend it on democrat support, they cannot deliver all of their union members votes for them. Many blue collar people are driving the increase in gun purchases because they know they are going to bare the brunt of any economic disaster and its aftermath and they are fearful of that prospect.

    If you understand the difference between an arithmetic and a geometric progression, then you understand the interest payments on the current debt will eventually be greater than the sum of all the property in the United States, and even if the government takes all of the money from all the citizens, it will not be enough to satisfy the interest payments so great is our debt. There can only be one result and that is complete breakdown of the entire economic system in America and across the globe and anarchy and WAR are always the results of that. Many Americans of all walks of life know this and they are trying to prepare for it as best they can. It is as simple and as frightening as that.

  23. Consider talking to people at gun stores.

    1) We anticipate higher cost, taxation’s and surcharges because of the bloat we call Govt. Stock up.

    2) Reloading has skyrocketed and components became scarce for some calibers (.45) prompting hoarding too.

    3) More people are stockpiling and burying (or stashing) ammo and weapons because of future intentions of the the socialist Prez. to infringe on our inalienable rights.

    4) There’s an innate sense that there will be racial flare ups, mostly from blacks. When that fuse is lit the KKK among others will enter into that fray.

    5) More women in general feel a need for self defense especially within rural and suburban communities.

    6) Increase in rampages have multiplied the weariness.

  24. The following is what I see:
    1. People are scared; of government, Obama, their local leaders. We don’t see progress anywhere, only failure.
    2. We are broke. How will we eat with no money or hyper-inflation?
    3. Violent crime in the minority community has increased dramatically under Obama. Many in minority community, rightly so, believe the government will not enforce certain laws against them (voter intimidation, legalizing illegals, etc.). If the government refuses to enforce the law, who’s left?
    4. Every large city run by Democrats has a major crime problem. The police are no longer police; they are social welfare workers or crooks themselves. Time to clean house and go back to policing where the bad guys are behind bars and citizens can walk the street anywhere, anytime and not worry.

  25. I concur in all of the reasons listed, but will add one more: Shooting is a fun sport and a valuble skill when done well – if you hunt. About half of my co-workers are expressing interest in purchasing their first firearm, and ask me about what types of guns I think they should buy. Most are interested in security for their home, but a few of them want to go the concealed carry route. One thing is for sure: Firearm and ammunition manufacturers are raking it in hand over fist!

  26. Any firearm you buy will also have information on who you are and where you live. You would be safer from Gocvernment intrusion into your life if you bought your firearm through the black market, or from private owners without any Government registration. If Obama sufficintly angers enough people he will fear their retribution and owning a firearm is his worst fear. So he will attempt to bring all private ownership of firearms under his control regardless of what firearm owners may think. You also see mad cow Clinton supporting the U.N.’s gun control proposal. The liberal left will do just about anything to prevent anyone but liberals from having power in the Government. Unfortunately this is quickly becoming a country unlike anything I knew, and loved and said the Pledge of Alegiance to when I was younger.

  27. There seems to be no doubt that whoever wins the election there will be violence in the streets. Those who support Obama will either be celebrating the greatness of the Messiah or bringing on charges of corruption for the Romney party and their followers who voted for America and not for the commies

  28. Ob wants to put his stamp on America before he leaves office or maybe he doesn’t think he will have to leave office. Anyway he wants to do everything he can to drag us down like Hitler did with Germany. Socialism just doesn’t work and he doesn’t believe that. We may have to riot before we get him out of here.

  29. I purchased weapons and ammo for several reasons. One, sport shooting is fun. Two, having the ability to protect my family is important. Three, domestic agencies like the National Weather Service and Social Security have been purchasing large caliber jacked hollow point rounds. JHP pistol rounds serve one purpose … kill people. Between these agencies and homeland security they will have enough JHP rounds to put four in every American citizen. That is well over 1.2 Billion hollow point rounds! As a citizen well trained in the use of my weapons, respectful of the laws controlling the use of deadly force, and aware of my rights under the Constitution I would be a hard target should the Brown Shirts be unleashed.

  30. I have never owned any type of gun. I do live in a small city in California, so I am not very concerned about riots as opposed to people in bigger urban areas. I have heard the same comment somewhere else about what will happen if Obama is not reelected or decide to do something to provoke people in order to stay on. I don’t know but these are trying times and hope to God nothing as such happens in this country.
    My fear is once he’s reelected the changes that he will bring about to this country even more to the left. I agree with Phil’s comment below that many folks who depend on the government for handouts will vote for Obama.

  31. I agree with the reasons you mentioned. I feel there will be violence should Romney win the Electoral vote while Obama wins the meaningless national vote. For the record I feel the creation Electoral College was divinely inspired and FORCES a candidate for POTUS to be a national candidate.

    Obama is already on record about being more “flexible” in a 2nd term and I beleive this could mean an assault on the 2nd Amendment.

    On a personal note my wife, a friend and her husband had a flat tire/fender bending during the evening hours in our capital city last winter. Five youths occupied the other car involved. The three of them ( I couldn’t make the trip) were threatened in various ways and ended up calling 911 and locking themselves in the car until police arrive. When seconds count police are minutes away. Next time they/she won’t be defenseless.

  32. I own a Rifle Shotgun, Junior Size, because I’m a small woman. The lady who said she had family who owned a gun and she could access one if she wanted one, wasn’t thinking about the possible break-in in her own residence, and that there will be NO TIME TO GO ASK BROTHER OR SISTER FOR A GUN. You should own one, keep the safety on, out of the reach of children, and ammunition either in the gun or in the same drawer. These are not usual times. As for gun sales going up because of Obama…I noted, as I drove by a local Gun Shop on Saturday, the parking lot was full of cars…mind you…all they sell is guns. YOU CAN’T SAY OBAMA DIDN’T HELP ANY INDUSTRY…HE HELPED THE GUN INDUSTRY GET BIGGER.

  33. Here in Idaho, most households have at least one gun, and for basically the same reasons – hunting, defense against predators, personal protection, all the standard fare. But why are we buying more guns and ammo and reloading supplies… There’s another reason for that altogether. It’s the fear of losing our Second Amendment rights, concerns about possible lawlessness due to further economic decline, the threat of a declaration of martial law, our desire to maintain our individual liberty, on and on. And the common denominator here is Obama, who has his fingers in each of those pies, and frankly we don’t trust him.

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  35. It’s simple and at least for me, less specific and more generalized. Trust is nothing more than a series of promises which are kept. Go watch Obamas campaign speeches prior to both elections, his blatant lies in the debate or his comments about his healthcare plan which are obviously false. The American people don’t trust him. Every one of his laws is a Trojan horse. So the better question has less to do with asking us, and more like asking the media when they will ever hold him accountable for his double speak. It’s amazing that liberals equate it to race because they operate in their own world where lying is justified if it furthers the cause. No wonder you have no concept of why he has no credibility with anyone who actually follows politics. He is a divisive wing nut. America can heal only after his reign of manufactured wedge issues is back in Hawaii. I pray he has any dignity and will just keep his mouth shut like Bush after 2016.

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