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Why Gun Sales are Rising Under Obama

The Washington Times this morning has an article discussing “The Obama Factor” on the gun industry, a term used by gun sellers to describe the growth in business since Obama became president.

Employment is way up in the industry, and requests for background checks to purchase a gun are at record highs.

The article says a big part of the reason is that people are concerned President Obama will tighten gun control laws .

gun rackThis is true, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Either the author was cowed by political correctness, or he didn’t bother to talk to real people about why they are buying guns. If he did, he didn’t quote any.

I can tell you there are other reasons why people are buying guns. My evidence is only anecdotal, but as a blogger I hear from a lot of people, and I do understand some of their concerns.

And many of them are as polite or abstract as a concern about the Second Amendment.

People have a general feeling that the whole house of poker cards, built on mounds debt and a shaky domestic and international economy, could collapse at any time. They want a gun, and perhaps more than one of them, in case we revert to the law of nature.

Some are afraid there will be racial violence if Obama isn’t reelected.

And some are fearful Obama will, especially if reelected, move somehow to limit freedoms and even impose some kind of martial law, perhaps in the event of a crisis.

These are the concerns that I hear. I’m very interested in what you think.

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  1. I don’t own a gun, but most of family own rifles. I would have access to one if I wanted to have one. I will let those who know how to shoot one defend me if necessary.

    1. Deep down, we are afraid of our government. If you’re not sleep walking, and I know that your’e not, Keith, the reasons are myriad, available to anyone with eyes to see. I would offer a suggestion, however, for new gun purchasers. It is not enough simply to OWN a firearm. Practice. Learn to use it well, learn the law where you live, and get your mind around whether you are actually willing to use it to defend yourself or your family in the last resort.

      1. learn the law where you live.
        Really Soljerblue? You were spot on till the comment “learn the laws where you live” this is part of the problem. So if everyone “Buys a Gun” and then live by the laws, will you turn yours in when they come for them? If they “Pass a Law” registering ALL GUNS as in Australiam saying it is to keep guns owners safer, then later come by and “Collect them ALL” You going to ABIDE by the “LAW”?
        The “ILEGEAL LAW” will take your GUNS!

        1. By ‘learn the law’ he meant the laws pertaining to firearm use and self defense; castle doctrine, stand your ground etc. If you are going to resort to a firearm for self defense then you should not risk putting yourself in prison by ASSUMING you are legally justified shooting, or worse, killing someone.
          Once the zombie apocolypse occurs, then all bets are off, the survivors win.

          1. Guns with ammo are just fancy clubs. If a person is going to own have enough ammo to make a difference. The government is now starting to say we can control ammo even if we cant control guns.
            The Founders knew about ammo and went to great lengths to keep and hide their powder and flints.
            Consider also that if the Founders were to revolt today, they would be considered terrorists and not the great people we celebrate. Todays law would have a field day in cornering and removing them form being able to do anyting. We have created such a police state that they would shocked. And all in teh name of Democracy, which we arent. We are a Republic

    2. Counting on others to take care of you is what is killing America. Glad you are not my responsibility.

      I always find it funny that people think people who are armed have some duty or desire to risk death or jail to protect unarmed and unprepared people.

      While the bad guy is shooting the unarmed and unprepared I will use the distraction to escape the situation rather than make myself a target by defending you.

  2. You are spot on Keith! Obama and his policies and liberal ideas scare the living daylights out of me! Our country must vote him and his liberal pals out in November!

    1. RH, I agree….but….I still believe that Obama will get re-elected. Too many Americans are locked into the ‘handout’ lifestyle. 51% do not pay a federal income tax,and could not are less if you have to pay more under Obama to support them. Many whites will vote for Obama because they somehow still feel guilty about slavery 150 years ago,and they believe this will exonerate them. Most blacks will vote for Obama simply because he is black;that said,I will vote for Romney bcause he is white…..I know, i know, that makes me a racist

      1. Bo you are wrong have faith. Refer to the bible. He is not getting in.
        Lets be sure of ourselves. Campaign against him with little jabs to your neighbor. It is 47% that does not matter. That has been going on for a long time if you just have a kid and dependant. Its not about past or color its about charcter. Campaign show people what will happen if he were elected. He will get rid of insurances we will be all goverment
        social medicine. There now regulating farm kids. How about gas inflation NO MORE DICTATOR OBAMA. Stand up and FIGHT! FIGHT

        1. Don’t screw things up this election season, give it all to god, don’t vote, pray and let god take care of it!

          1. Really! So if O wins in November it will be God’s will? If your God is that stupid, capricious or mischievous you can keep him/her/it. How could you say that anything O does subsequently is ‘wrong’? After all it is God, the ultimate arbiter of what is right or wrong or moral or immoral that would have facilitated O’s actions. Stuff your religion and start using your brain.

          2. God forgive you but you are really ignorant. God doesn’t control people, He let’s people control themselves, otherwise we’d all be robots, which we are not. If Obama wins, then it will fall in line with what the Scripture says about the Anti-Christ and the Reign of Anti-Christ, but he may not be the final one. Jesus had to die on a Cross for our sins, but I suppose you think that was an easy task, because your Faith is Dead. God is in control…you are a product of Marxist Philosophy personified. You don’t know it, but you’ve been brainwashed to disbelieve something which is very credible. A God did become man to save you from eternal punishment…you know it in your heart, but it is so dark.

          3. Not voting is a vote for Obama. Voting for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama. Stick with the 2 main candidates. You may not be happy with the choices, but one wants to kill babies and senior citizen and in my book that is murder no matter how you try to spin it. It is sad that conservative black american are not allowed to run because of the media and the liberals. Our liberties are slowly eroding away, we have turn into a give me society. People have been made to depend on the government. Slavery is still alive and well with the federal, state, & local governments been the masters. Keep you children out of public school. Home school them teacher them your values and not the liberals socialism. Freedom comes with a price. Mothers stay home with your children you are their best teacher. I am truly sorry my grandchildren had/are going to public school. I see liberal socialistic views creeping in slowly into their thoughts. God have mercy on us.

  3. Why?
    The POTUS and the DOJ have deemed certain laws not worthy of enforcing and certain groups of people are more equal than the rest of us..
    Our financial future is shaky at best and could collapse into chaos.

    It’s simple really; we’re afraid of our current government, we’re afraid of the people who depend on our government for their very existance, and we don’t trust our elected officals to make any meaningful efforts to make things right.

  4. Agree, agree and agree. We live in a very uncertain time. People are concerned about having enough food, water and electricity and are taking steps to ensure their survival if the worst comes to the worst. The same can be said of weapons.

  5. Kieth,

    As witnessed by the disastrous fast & furious operation, it’s clear that this administration thought that the plethora of American guns in the hands of the Cartel’s would bring about a call for tightening of gun control in the U.S. or an excuse for them to do it. I think that many in this country are afraid of this government. As a reaction to that; they’re arming themselves. As Thomas Jefferson said so well: “when the people are afraid of the government you have tyranny. When the government is afraid of the people you have liberty.”

  6. I got a nice little 9 mil a few years ago from the DH for our anniversary. We have a friend who is in the police and he bought his wife the cutest little tilt up revolver. So of course I wanted a gun too! I now have a 38 revolver and an ammo can full of nice shiny bullets and am looking at buying a shotgun. We have houses near us so it was suggested I get a shotgun as the pellets don’t go through walls to kill your neighbor. :)

    As the news has shown us over and over there are some people who will descend like vultures when a situation shows itself. I think it was Baltimore where they attacked that man and stripped and teabagged him. The video of it is just shocking that human beings would act like that. It was like something from a movie, a really bad movie.

    I remember my grandmother talking about how awful the world was when I was a teen. I thought she was just an old woman wishing for her younger years, but now as an old woman I’m thinking just like her. What has happened to our country, to our world? What will happen in the future? It’s a very scary concept.

    With what has happened to GZ I worry that people will be afraid to Stand Their Ground if need be. I hate to say it, but we seem to be coming to that and I for one plan to be prepared. The last time my DD came to visit I had private shooting lessons for her. She’s a damn good shot, takes after her mom! Too bad she lives in CA, isn’t going to do her much good there. :)

    For those that live in urban areas, get yourself a shotgun and plenty of ammo. Look at what happened in London last year. It’s going to happen here, they’ve been given permission by the highest authority in this land with many other voices adding to the flame.

    1. Mrs.Compton, YOU GO GIRL!

      As someone who owns more than a few weapons, I find the shotgun the best home defense weapon around. I have one with a pistol grip, and short barrel that I keep loaded with three rounds of bird shot (good at close range, wide pattern, and doesn’t end up in the neighbor’s living room) and then three rounds of double ought just in case they didn’t get the message the first three times.

      Generally though, the sound of a shotgun racking is enough to make most people flee. It is a sound that many, if not all criminals have heard, and know what might be coming next. Make sure you get to the range to practice. Even with a shotgun, you still need to know how to handle it and its recoil.

      I took one of my ex-wive to the range to teach her how to fire the shotgun, ran the target (a silhouette) out about 30 feet, and handed her the weapon. I told her to shoot the target as if it was someone breaking into the house and I wasn’t home. Since it has a pistol grip, she racked it, snugged it into her hip, and pulled the trigger. She blew out the crotch area of the target, handed back the gun to me and smiled, saying, “Will that work?” Every guy on the range nearly doubled over after seeing the shot. My ex was 5-5 if she was lucky and maybe 120 pounds. Needless to say I never worried about her being home alone after that.

      1. Oh I practice hun, trust me. :) I have a wonderful instructor who is helping me get rid of some bad habits. I’m working with a 22 right now to get a cleaner shot. I pull to the left cause I just can’t seem to get that trigger finger to stay out enough!! Would help more if I could feel the tips of my fingers! But no worries, I may pull to the left but I still can shoot in the soft tummy bits!! He’ll be dead, trust me!

      2. Shofar –

        Consider changing your shotgun load out. I agree with having birdshot as your first round as it will not penetrate the drywall of your house (unless fired directly at the wall point blank). Your following loads should all be 04 buck shot. (36 pea sized pellets)

        If you have to pull the rigger once you are in a bad situation. If you have to pull the trigger a second or more, you are in a fight for your and/or your family’s life. Don’t “play nice” with birdshot.

        What you said is very true, most criminals will back off as soon as they hear the sound of you racking a shell into your shotgun. If that sound doesn’t “give him or them the message” then firing several rounds of birdshot won’t either.

        Remember your basic weapons safety rules: NEVER point a weapon (loaded or not) at anyone or anything you don’t plan to shoot, and ALWAYS shoot to kill.

    2. What will happen if America, under Obama, completely abdicates her role as world leader? Unfortunately, starting with the anniversary of 9/11, we have already been getting a preview. Another four years of this Neville Chamberlain, who would like to promise “Peace in our time,” as he strip down our military and ability to defend ourselves, and we could wind up experiencing a series of 9/11’s before we are able to recover from the damage he has and would do.

  7. I recently acquired three guns. Two pistols and a shotgun. As a conservative woman I agree with all of your points! It scares the heck out of us as a family to think of BO getting reelected. Protecting my home and family is my first priority!

  8. There is an old saying, “Better to have a gun and not need it, than need a gun and not have it.” I have carried, both personally and professionally for most of my life. Everything from a S&W Model 36, and the Model 19 357, to the S&W 5906, Glock 22 and the S&W 411.

    Would I give up owning a firearm? No. Why? Because law enforcement is, by its nature, reactionary vs. proactive. To say that a victim should wait until the police to arrive to be saved from an attack is insane. Most departments have a 5-8 minute response time, and in that time you could be dead. It is the responsibility of the citizen to protect himself and his family, the police cannot be everywhere.

    Would I recommend that everyone own a gun? NO! I have had hundreds of hours of weapons training and I know my limitations when it comes to a firearm. The average person’s only training now a days is on some video game. If you are going to purchase a weapon, buy one that fits you. Just because a gun is large, doesn’t mean it will protect you. If you can’t handle the caliber of the weapon, and it knocks you on your ass, what good is that Desert Eagle you bought? Once you find a weapon that fits you and your hand and body, take classes. Lots of classes and go to the range as often as you can to perfect your shooting ability. Don’t use the “bulls-eye” targets, but rather use the human silhouette targets. Research during WWI showed that infantry men trained on bulls-eye target, while able to shoot expert, were unable to shoot at a live person, but those trained with human silhouette targets were able to fire at a person much more readily. The key thing to remember is that in a fire fight, you are going to miss the target more than you are going to hit it, especially if you have not been trained in combat situations. On the range the target does not move. On the street it does. Plus you have to be aware of what is BEHIND the target. Is there a house with little kids standing at the window? How about some senior citizen walking across the street?

    Owning a weapon is a very serious matter, and as my old firearms instructor used to tell classes, “If you pull your weapon, be ready to use it. If you use your weapon, be ready to kill.”

    1. Right on! Well said and good info! We’re used to thinking that law enforcement was there to protect us – it’s not! The criminals are overwhelming the system. With enforcement/judicial/prison budget dollars dropping at every level, so is any $$ spent for actual enforcement of law. We can a gazillion laws on the books but with no enforcement, we’ve got nothing – zip, zero, nada – to protect us when TSHTF. Obama is just the guy with the smirk on his face on TV letting criminals know it’s ok to rob – from the top office in the country right on down to the streets! Ammo up and get trained! Think self-reliance!

  9. Nothing wrong with being prepared for a disaster. Disaster preparedness not only involves self-defense, but storage of necessities like food, water, power generation, and medical supplies that may not be available during times of trouble.

    For the first time in my life, I don’t trust my government. A lot of us see it as out of control and there isn’t anyone in charge of the asylum. Obama can’t run on his record so he is going down the divide and conquer path. That he remains silent when members of his base wish ill will on their fellow Americans doesn’t help much either.

    “Let me tell you, the things that’s about to happen, to these honkeys, these crackers, these pigs, these pink people, these — people. It has been long overdue.” ~Michelle Williams, Chief of Staff, New Black Panther Party

    1. The not trusting anymore is my big wake up call. I don’t believe a word that comes out of them any more. I will protect myself, thank you very much. I will feed myself as well. I use to live in earthquake territory and we had to have a disaster kit. Well, G_d only knows what’s coming, we need to prepare for it.

  10. I have added several weapons to my inventory and I have stepped up my range time over the last 6 months. While I don’t see society turning into a lawless free-for-all where I live, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

    Weapons aren’t the only preparation I have taken. Some basic survival gear, food stores, extra supplies of our medications, fuel for the generator, propane, etc. have been packed. All of our camping gear is ready to go.

  11. Be VERY afraid of this government. We are being taken over by the same type of thing that happened in Europe with one exception. Americans will fight oprecession from within. 670,000 people died in the civil war. More than all the other wars put together. The next civil war could be much worse.

  12. My concerns are pretty much as Keith mentioned. i have a real fear of Obama and his government, if relected what would stop him? He has already shown his readiness to circumvent Congress and do as much as he thinks he can get away with. I don’t trust this rat bastard and his slimy administration,and now, neither should his dog. A total POS.

  13. Obama administration is all about lawlessness. He lets the NBPP threaten people with impunity. Obama uses racial code in speeches to let his violent brothers (blacks AND muslims) know they can harm others and obama and holder wont put a stop to it. Also obama doesnt give a rats ass that the murderous cartels are crossing over and causing havoc in the USA. If our laws,and our ‘so called president’ wont protect us, then we have to protect ourselves. If this guy is elected again, you can kiss our country good bye.

    1. Yes, if he is elected again, I think instead of the tea bagggers as they like to call us, it may be more appropriate to call us the ‘pitchforkers’ or the ‘torchers’

  14. While I don’t have a burning desire to own a weapon, I do feel it may be necessary to acquire one simply because our Second Amendment rights may disappear at any moment. Obama has been doing his damndest to whip the country up into a racial frenzy for the past 3.5 years and I cannot defend myself with a fly swatter should violence break out.

    The Boy Scouts have it right – Be Prepared!

  15. You are ABSOLUTELY correct.

    I and my family have owned guns all our lives, but yes, Obwana has made it IMPERATIVE to arm as far as we are concerned.

    I have NO DOUBT that there is a race war coming, whether or not Obwana is reelected. If it’s not his dismissal, it’ll be Trayvon. If it’s not Trayvon, it’ll be some other manufactured incident. But it’s coming.

    Obwana can “declare” martial law all he wants; there will be no one to enforce it. Remember, police have families too, and in the end, they will come first — not Obwana’s desire to become emperor.

  16. Eric Holder’s statements and actions have made it quite clear that there is no justice from this government if you aren’t one of “his people.” Therefore, since we cannot look for protection and justice from this government, we must seek it for ourselves and that includes defending ourselves and our families if necessary.

  17. I feel the same way. We do have to be able to protect our self’s. And with Obama in office many of the people I know are fearful that Obama will impose marshal law. And disarm the american people so that he can take over america the free and make it america the imprisoned. I hope the military will take over and remove Obama from office before seeing their america taken over like that.

  18. It’s not about race, unless you mean the human race – it’s all about Agenda 21. While we were all side-lined with Anthony Weiner’s body parts ……..

    On June 9, 2011, an Executive Order(#86) established the White House Rural Council (EO 13575) with 25 executive branch departments including Defense, Justice, Homeland Security, National Drug Control, Environmental Quality, Labor, Commerce, Interior, EPA, Housing, Health, Education to name just a few.

    The order covers 16% of the American population who lives in rural counties because they “supply our food, fiber, and energy, safeguard our natural resources, and are essential in the development of science and innovation.”

    Yes, people are worried and those that are not are clueless about the future.

    1. I so agree. No one even seemed to care when that Executive Order was established. We bought two MORE guns after that. I am afraid the five we have now is still not enough.

      1. Good to know that I am not the only one crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. If you haven’t read the article below, I suggest that you and everyone else puts it on their reading list.

        Read “The Purposeful Flooding of America’s Heartland” at
        [June 22, 2011]

  19. This President was ushered into office on a cushion of so much good will and hope. How quickly he has squandered it is surely one of the great tales of American history.
    As for Holder:well, he’s made it very clear who his ‘people” are. His bigoted “justice” and the new black panthers frighten the wits out of ordinary people, as well they should.
    What is left to us, except self-reliance? It’s a fine old American tradition.
    Don’t ever elect a non-American again. Whatever he is, American he isn’t.

  20. About a month or so ago, the Cabella’s by us had a gun/ammo sale. I went there to get some cheap .223 and the line for filling out the federal forms must have been 20 deep. Everyone has their personal reasons for buying a gun but one thing is for SURE…the ONLY industry OBUMMER has added jobs to is the gun/ammo industry.

  21. We have always owned guns. Our grandparents did. Our parents did. The men all hunt.
    We have now purchased more and the ammo to go with.
    Many reasons: Obama wants to take them away and our own self-protection are at the top of the list. We live in a safe area now but how long will that last? I fear violence this summer and at election time.
    Keep your powder dry.

  22. Here is my take.
    For some, at least, we expect things can get so bad if this clown is re-elected that we may have to actually fight for our liberties which many take for granted.
    As it was said, liberty is no more than a generation away from extinction.
    So, the choice is to roll over and give in, or do the honorable thing for our childrem – 2 in my case – and fight for their future. After all, don’t we owe it to them as our founders owed it to us?

  23. Being married to a retired LEO we have multiple weapons and ammo in our home. When we both worked at the pd we used the range frequently and still do. @ Mrs Compton, if your pulling the trigger left or right or just anticipating the pull, place a penny on the end and practice dry firing with a mirror, when the penny no longer falls off you have corrected the problem.
    Keith great points. I’m worried about this adm, don’t trust them as far as I can throw them. Don’t see things getting better before the election and if he wins, were screwed.
    Agree about the caliber of weapon to match your ability, if you are not willing to shoot someone, then you don’t need a gun. A, moments hesitation will get you killed. They will use your weapon on you. The racking of a shotgun is a distinctive sound :)

  24. You’re exactly right! I just had a conversation with my Dad yesterday, who, although conservative, has never been a gun person. He is now considering purchasing guns because he is very concerned about the racial tensions being whipped up by this administration.

  25. My thinking is the O team will cause a crisis and impose martial law prior to the election or, if not elected will try to find a way to retain power. Perhaps that is why FF Holder is still around.

  26. I became a gun owner three and a half years ago because the government began talking once again about limiting that freedom guaranteed to the people under the Constitution. I am not a gun enthusiasts, but I’ll be damned if the Democrats are going to tell me I can’t have a gun. I bought an AR-10 rifle and a Ruger 9mm semi-automatic. I have a concealed carry permit. Since buying the guns, I have watched this president demonize patriotic Americans while stoking the hatred of the left towards those on the right. Unconstitutional executive orders, NDAA, drones flying American skies, a “civilian defense force” and numerous other actions that collectively constitute a HUGE and UNPRECEDENTED power grab by Obama makes it absolutely clear that my safety and security here in the US is most threatened by my own government than by any conceivable foreign threat. You want to know why I own a gun. His name is OBAMA.

    1. I am concerned for the security of our great nation, not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.” General Douglas McArthur

      That pretty much summarizes it.

  27. My husband and I were never gun people. We didn’t care if others owned them but we never saw a need for us to have one. Now we own 5 and I don’t know if we are done yet. I agree 150% with this article. I feel bad things are going to happen after this electioon no matter who wins. It is so unfortunate that we must now hoard guns, ammunition, food, water, etc to get ready for whatever bad happens. I’m scared but ready….

  28. I have a Benelli M4 (12-gauge semi-auto), A Mossberg Silver Reserve (20-gauge over/under) a Czech-made Mauser knock-off, and a Springfield Armory 1911 (.45 ACP). I haven’t bought any new firearms, but I have been buying ammo. Lots and lots of ammo. You can have 1,000 rifles, but you can only shoot one at a time so it doesn’t make much sense. It’s better to have a few with a lot of ammo. However, I am planning to pick up a rifle in a smaller caliber such as 30-30.

    My reason for stocking up is because of my worries that the dollar is going to collapse. If the dollar collapses it will be anarchy. Not the easy transition to dictatorship like in the Weimar Republic. It will be something far more violent. When that happens, I want to be able to take my family away from the cities and live off the land.

  29. I hope we never have to challenge the taunting words of Eric Holder: “We are a Nation of Cowards”! But, if push comes to shove, we better be prepared! I have no doubt that Obama and Holder would run for the nearest exit if we decided to exercise our Constitutional rights – cowards that they are!

  30. Just in case you’d forgotten what freedom we once had here in the USA, hubby used to take his shotgun to school with him and leave it in his locker for storage until he went hunting after school.


  31. Here are the reasons my husband and I are discussing buying a gun:

    “And many of them are as polite or abstract as a concern about the Second Amendment.

    People have a general feeling that the whole house of poker cards, built on mounds debt and a shaky domestic and international economy, could collapse at any time. They want a gun, and perhaps more than one of them, in case we revert to the law of nature.

    Some are afraid there will be racial violence if Obama isn’t reelected.

    And some are fearful Obama will, especially if reelected, move somehow to limit freedoms and even impose some kind of martial law, perhaps in the event of a crisis.”

  32. I recommend a shotgun. You only have to point to aim it and the ammo is easier to reload than rifle ammo. And yes, I fear that it will be much harder to purchase firearms if Barry is re-elected.

    1. A portion of my home defense is a 12 gauge loaded up with hollow point slugs. Fire one of those thru a gallon milk jug loaded with water and observe the result.

  33. racial violence if Obama isn’t reelected? heck, there will be racial violence if George Zimmerman isn’t sent to jail for life!

    I don’t own a gun yet, but I started shooting several years ago at a local range. (I plan to buy one of my own as soon as I can scrape together the roughly $700 it costs for the gun, the ammo, the state-mandated concealed carry/gun safety class, the license, etc.)

    what might Obama try to do with gun laws in a second term? fast and furious was allegedly a plot to pass stricter gun regulations, so who knows what these guys might try to pull?

    I think we need to remember Obama cozying up to Medvedev and explaining how much more flexible he’d be after the election. I believe Obama’s sending the same message to the greens, the gays, the unions, the Islamists, and the anti-gun people.

  34. My father-in-law is a gunsmith, and he hears all of the reasons you’ve pointed out all the time now. They have been busier over the past two years than they’ve been in a while.

  35. One radio pundit recently said that Romney must defeat Obama by a big margin because if its a small margin the Left will be screaming voter fraud, and all the other crap we’d expect from them, and he added that “there will be blood in the streets”. Perhaps that’s a damn good reason to invest in a firearm.

  36. I’m in Tn, have been attending gun shows for decades, and in the gun business over that many years you quickly learn the gun community extremely well. I’ve never, or even known any gun dealer that has seen better business than what has been noticed in the last few years. It’s not just a individual maybe buying a gun, or maybe 2 guns, and target ammunition. It’s people buying multiple guns, ammunition in bulk, and lots of hardware for the guns incase they have a malfunction and can’t get parts for them. Loading supplies, components, and maintnance supplies for firearms has been absolutely incredible. However, I along with multiple people that have been around since the invention of the wheel have always noticed when it comes to firearms it always backfires on the left and gun sells go straight through the roof. Ruger has had to postponed new orders just to keep up with demand. That’s saying everything considering how popular, and expansive Ruger firearms is. I’m sure that’s the case with every other firearms manufacturer as well. Friends have actually recieved their FFL when years ago they said they would never have one.

  37. As a retired Marine, who spent 6 years in combat, I feel naked witout at least a handgun at my disposal. The government that for 24 years kept me armed and efficient in the use of arms, now wants to take away my right to own a weapon. To this i say B*** S****. if you want my gun then dont send a fool to get it.

  38. There are many reasons why gun sales are up. The current administration is just one of them.

    Their desire to make guns nearly unobtainable is there and growing. Just look at what happened with their botched “Fast and Furious” program.

    The people in this administration are radicals in every sense and only wish to create class and racial warfare. Too bad most did not listen to the warnings of others. Now they are trying to portray themselves as religious people in the speeches they give to crowds.

    The sheep are plenty and will follow the herd to the slaughter house.

    Learn to defend yourself and your family. Don’t leave it up to others to protect you in a time of crisis.

  39. As a woman who was never quite comfortable with the idea of firing a .357 in a defense situation, my husband insisted that I take a gun safety course. We bought a Ruger LCR, which fit my hand. After that, when I was practicing aiming, we found out that I was always aiming too high. Not good. So we invested in a laser called Crimson Trace. It will sight 250 feet down our yard. I think anyone who sees a red dot on his chest will think twice about advancing further. Women, ladies, girls: get a laser if you own a gun. In a defense/panic situation, you will will know where your target point is.

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  41. I am a Vietnam vet, and for years swore I would never pick up another firearm. In the past three years that has changed. I now have a CCW, and never leave home without my .40 cal Glock. I also have an AR15. Additionally, I have taken defensive handgun and rifle courses.

    Although I live in a rural area, violent crime in even the smallest of towns is increasing. Our local bank and convenience stores have been victims of armed robberies. There also has been at least two drive by shootings.

    My neighbors all have house alarms. The last time one went off, it took 40 minutes for the police to respond (false alarm). Had this been a home invasion, all that could have been done is an investigation of the crime. It brought to mind the adage, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

    This country is supposed to be a nation of laws. This administration has little regard for the Constitution and has openly declared they will not, or will selectively enforce laws. If the rule of law disintegrates, it will be survival of the fittest.

  42. I have always had weapons even as a kid to hunt small game. The most common things I have heard is that “the people fear the government” The country is collapsing, The NWO they fear, and they fear a second civil war over the constitution and our bill of rights.
    Many if not all of these reasons a valid this administration seems to be hell bent on allowing the powers that be destroy our constitution and our bill of rights. The administration is a monster that invades every facet of our lives now and they have been quoted making statements such as the second amendment is no longer valid ,they continue to give away billions to our enemys and continue to weaken our country even past the point of no return. Personally I am pretty damned sure we have passed that point. and it’s just a matter of time before we collapse and are forced into the NWO with freedom for none but the most wealthy, no justice and so on. Most feel that a weapon is a matter of survival in the future they are probably right. We have been betrayed from within. I have no wish to see a civil war, an invasion, or any other form of violence however I swore an oath to protect and defend the CONSTITUTION of our country and I refuse to live on my knees as a “subject” I am a free man .

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