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Does Obama Eat Horses Too?

While most animal rights activists are likely to excuse President Obama for eating dog as a boy, many may be more perturbed by his move last November to break a campaign promise and sign a bill reviving the slaughter of horses in the United States.

Now, Obama’s decision may be about to revive a practice reviled by many lovers of our equine friends, who are viewed more as pets than livestock.

News has just emerged that as a result of Obama’s action, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has received its first application to begin slaughtering horses in the United States – from a Roswell, New Mexico slaughterhouse.

Obama horse
Will this horse switch its allegiance in 2012?

In signing the Agriculture spending bill, which included the provision that paved the way for renewed killing in the United States of horses for food, Obama appeared to violate at least the spirit of a 2008 campaign promise made to the Humane Society.

Responding to a questionnaire from the group, Obama answered “yes” to the following question:

“Will you support legislation such as the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, S. 311 and H.R. 503, to institute a permanent ban on horse slaughter and exports of horses for human consumption?”

He didn’t get this bill, so technically he didin’t violate his promise, but one could be excused for drawing the conclusion that he would not permit horse slaughter.

PETA supports Obama on this issue, reasoning that in the absence of an export ban, it’s more humane to have horses slaughtered here. But others, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, oppose reopening the U.S. slaughterhouses, believing it will reinstitute a cruel practice that will be hard to get rid of again. They want an export ban instead.

Horse slaughter could be a real political loser for Obama. A poll commissioned by the ASPCA in January found 80 percent of Americans strongly opposed the practice. Mitt Romeny and his wife Ann, who are both avid riders, may be particularly well positioned to take advantage of the issue.

The issue is showing signs it could end up as part of the 2012 political narrative. George Demos, who is seeking to be the Republican candidate for Congress in New York’s First District, is knocking his potential Democratic opponent for supporting the Agriculture bill.

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  1. If Ann and Mitt Romney defend horses because of their love for these beautiful animals, they will be called “elitists”, “out of touch”, and even worse, “The 1%”.

  2. Coming from a large family of game hunters, I’ve eaten Bambi, the EasterBunny, Rocky the Squirrel, Donald Duck and Smokey the Bear, but I’ll be da*ned if I’m going to eat MrEd.

  3. Humane Society’s position:

    BO also duped them into supporting him when Candidate Obama promised to “rescue” a dog for the girls. HSUS posted a page on their site “thank Barack Obama” for bringing awareness to homeless pets, blah, blah, blah.

    Fast forward to after the election, one of the girls just so happens to be allergic to dogs! Can’t rescue just any dog, then along comes Uncle Teddy with a designer dog supposedly, hypoallergenic. Originally, Little Bo was returned to the breeder because his first family wasn’t a “good fit”. How lucky for the Obamas, the breeder was a friend of Teddy’s. So it was deemed a RESCUE dog ! Somehow, it just doesn’t compare to the real homeless dogs that are euthanized everyday. Oh well, kudos to the breeder for taking back an unwanted dog, as they should all be required to do.

    Just a thought, wonder how much the horsemeat industry donated to Obama?

  4. Yesterday was Pup Tarts, German Shepard Pie and Chicken Poodle Soup…today, Triple Crown Rib? Mustangerine? Mister Eggo?

    Bad move.

    In my part of the country, a shale drilling company (Range Resources) runs commercials about the great things shale lease holders do with their royalty checks. There is a lovely one of a woman, a lease holder, who keeps
    Horses a d brings inner city kids to her property for them to learn to ride and be around horses. The woman makes a lovely comment “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man” and the ad shows kids just grinning, petting and riding the horses. That is what I first thought of with this really weird Obama decision.

    • I think that lady who brings kids to her horse ranch is lovely. What a fantastic way to introduce kids to the beautiful horses. So many kids, especially in cities, would never have the opportunity to experience what it is to be around a horse. Good for her! I hope this bill gets shot down. Let the horses run wild.

  5. There was a time, a few years ago, when the remains of animals that were euthanized at shelters were sent to what are referred to as “rendering plants.” The carcasses were then turned into various “products” including “meat by-products” that you see on dog and cat food labels, and on some products made for human consumption.

    If the slaughter of horses is allowed, don’t look to see the words, “horse meat” on the label, but I would wager that you will see a huge increase in the words, “meat by-product” on a lot of what we eat.

  6. I’m really torn by this issue. I love horses, rode them as a kid, and as an adult I would love to own one. But I also see the benefit of using what would normally be thrown away. I don’t want to eat the meat, and I can’t imagine an old horse is very tender, but for use as animal feed or other products I don’t think that’s bad. But I asos understand that what starts out as a plant using waste, if profitable enough, will need more product, and I do see the fear of horses being bred like cattle just for slaughter.

    So, do we allow slaughterhouses but keep them highly regulated or do we just ban them altogether. That seems to be our choices, neither which are really good.

  7. The killing of wild horse herds is always being promoted by cattle people, who pretend the animals compete for grazing with their cows.

    Because they are domestic animals gone wild, these “feral” horses get no protection such as other endangered species receive.

    A lot of the horses killed under this law will be wild horses, not old horses, unuseable horses, unwanted horses, but horses who live independently and whose only “wrongdoing” is to eat grass that wealthy cattle owners want all for their cows even if the herds don’t need it.

    • Hollywood ought to remake “The Misfits”. No thinking feeling person could walk away from that movie and still support the rounding up of those freedom-loving mustangs for slaughter, except for maybe the D.C. bureaucrats and Obama of course.

  8. The Republicans can’t use this as a campaign issue. A bipartisan conference committee on spending bill H2112 removed the language banning the practice of horse slaughter for human consumption and Obama signed it into law on November 18th, 2011, right around the time he pardoned the Thanksgiving turkey. The elites are probably just trying to adjust our tastes for things to come. Soylent Green anyone?

    I don’t really think there’s a whole lot of difference between the Democrats and the establishment Republicans serving in congress right now. The establishment Republicans aren’t communists, but they sure are statists. If the Republicans manage to win the WH and take control of the Senate and the House, it will all be for naught if the same establishment Republicans remain in leadership. Boehner and McConnell backstab the conservatives every chance they get. Just happened in the Senate where McConnell pulled out all the stops to help one of his go along to get along Republicans defeat Ron Johnson for a leadership position.

  9. As a former member (many years ago) of a Mustang rescue team in CA, I am appalled! Slaughtering is NOT an option! The skyrocketing cost of hay is a huge deterent for prospective horse owners, but there are options. South Dakota, for instance, has 6000 acres of pristine leased grazing land available at a cost of $40/per horse, significantly cheaper than the cost for rescuers to feed. train and maintain the horses. The cost of hauling from CA is around $700 per horse.

    Obama is now charging $1000 to shake his hand….maybe these fools should consider spending their hard earned $$$ on rescuing a horse!

    • hey, that’s good to know! i want to rescue as many horses as i can. i got a great 9 year old palomino foxtrotter and he’s now boarded at oak tree farms in penn valley, ca. he’s in a pasture with a beautiful chestnut filly who’s 5 years old and got abandoned by her owner after he stopped making the board payments. where is this 6000 acres of $40/horse? what are the other costs? thanks for the info in advance!

  10. Until “The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers” was elected, this was considered by many horse-people to be the best time in history to be born a horse. Consider this: Since man’s Real best friend is no longer vital to his survival and as transportation etc, the only people who now own horses…are those who really and truly like, and want them. I personally adopted/rescued an off-the-track-thoroughbred gelding who wound up being a fine riding horse and basically the “mayor” of my neighborhood (kisses babies etc), who now would have been sold for meat. The thought that any American president would sign off on sending the most noble animal in creation to the slaughter houses chlls my blood. They say “the back of a horse is the throne of kings”, and I can only think of two leaders in my memory who showed a distaste for them. Obama and Hitler…I’m just saying.

  11. None of us prefer the sentencing to death or slaughter of any animal, regardless of the species; but, the reality of it all is, that we need horse slaughter houses as a practical alternative and solution to govern the horse population. Public Laws forbid burying a horse on your own property these days because of possible contamination of water sources and supplies; so, what’s the practical alternative or solution? I agree that the need of unnecessary suffering needs to be resolved in all slaughter houses, regardless of species . . . cow, pig, chicken, etc. As for horse meat for human consumption, if it is untainted and USDA inspected, it is an excellent source of meat protein and an alternative to beef, pork, poultry, and other human-grade meat sources. If that is too hard for the U.S. human meat industry to consider, use horse meat for carnivorous animal food diets, just as other animal sources are used. The horse industry has crashed since the close of horse slaughter houses, and reopening of the horse slaughter houses is the only resolution to the over population of horses in the U.S. Do you really think that hunter’s get the shot exactly right for an instant kill every time, or slashing the throats of cows and pigs is a quick death, or wringing the necks or cutting-off the heads of chickens is instantaneous demise? Sit-back and give serious thought to all animal slaughter solutions, not just that of horses; if you’re going to sympathize with one species of animal, sympathize with them all; but the end result and reality-check has been the same for thousands of years of animal slaughter for human and animal consumption. Citizens within the U.S. need to ban together and offer better solutions to the overall humane slaughter of animals for whatever the meat by-product use is and not the concentration of one species.

  12. I am animal rights,,, I do not forget nor forgive.
    The problem is we are having to choose the lesser of two evils.
    I still want Dennis Kucinich for my president

  13. Just because Mitt Romney rides horse, does NOT mean he wouldn’t eat one or sell one to slaughter. The treatment of his dog is a prime example of his humanity toward animals.

  14. I am praying that Mr. & Mrs. Romney will reverse that horrible decision to brutually kill our horses and am sure they are intelligent enough to come up with a better plan to help them and their owners, not murder them and charge the tax payers for slaughter houses; promote violence; promote illegals; and lets not forget, eating an animal that is NOT food or safe as food. Obviously these poor horses have been thrown into yet another one of this administration’s dumn decisions that only destroys. BTW, my husband and I are registered as Independent Voters – voted for Mr. Obama last time – have already sent in our mail in votes for Mr. Romney this time. Good luck to America and their pets!