As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Exclusive! Obama, Hillary on Flight Home from Cartegena

This is an outrage. I mean, didn’t they party enough while they were there?

H/T to The Looking Spoon.

18 Responses to Exclusive! Obama, Hillary on Flight Home from Cartegena

  1. It appears that the President has removed his wedding ring. Guess that makes him look more “unattached and available” when he’s on the road. And it appears to be working. Score!

  2. This is an excellent spoof. Notice that Obama’s thumbs up hand covers over the guys face behind him. Just like his official summit picture!

  3. Please, please, pretty please…let this photo be really real!!!

    I fear it’s a photo shop though…I mean Barry, knocking back a Guiness? He is more a MillerLite Touch o’Lime kinda drinker…

    • Lets face it, barry hussein is one Foxy Chick Magnet !!

      Bumper stickers seen on WH limo:
      Women love me – Republicans fear me…

      Honk if you love higher taxes !

      When Guns are outlawed,only outlaws like me will have Guns

      Keep working, Millions on Welfare/Healthcare counting on you !

      Obama is not a four letter word !

      So many Czars – so little time !

      101 ways to Wok your Dog !

      Roast Dog – tastes great, less filling !

  4. Evidence of the quid pro quo that Bill Clinton required in return for lending his support for the President’s re-election effort. When he said “take care of my wife” at the start of the trip, most assumed he was referring to safety while travelling in Colombia. The President knew exactly what he was talking about.