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Carney Seems to Deny Obama’s Ohio Trips are Political

President Obama was in Ohio again Wednesday for the 437th time of his presidency.

Okay, it’s not that often, but I lost count at 25. He’s also been to Florida 384 times, or something like that.

What a difference a new job makes. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, a former top reporter, seemed to deny – he didn’t quite deny it, but he left the impression he was denying – that Obama goes to places like Ohio and Florida because they are swing states.

It was one of those moments in the White House briefing room, not too terribly uncommon, when the neither the press secretary, his aides, nor any of the journalists present believe what the press secretary is saying. And yet we all sit there and play along and hope for door prizes after the game is over.

Here’s what he said, according to a partial transcript by Politico. I didn’t write the quotes as I was attempting to get my jaw back up off the floor.

Let me be clear, some of the states you’ve declared battleground states had never been won by a Democrat before … But that’s a battleground now … it is impossible for him to appropriately do his job … if he is guided by that kind of narrow view of what is a battleground state or a safe state . . . He’s president of all the people, of all the United States and will travel accordingly.

Narrow view? The only one here with a narrow view is Obama, and it’s directed south to Florida and west to Ohio.

Carney also noted Obama had traveled to Oklahoma and Nebraska. Once, I think.

Probably Jay has to say this, or it would open the White House to potential legal problems with Congress or with someone who cares about taxpayer-funded presidential campaign travel. Carney noted previous presidents did this too, which is true, though not the the extent Obama did, as Jake Tapper of ABC News pointed out today.

And Obama promised . . . change.

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15 Responses to Carney Seems to Deny Obama’s Ohio Trips are Political

  1. If there’s one thing I’ve learned with this particular circus, it’s the fact that complete and certain obfuscation ALWAYS follows every utterance of the phrase “let me be clear” – whether by Carney, Ubama, or any other administration clown they bring to the show. Every. Freaking. Time.

  2. Depending on the definition of “change” I think oBAMa is doing exactly what he intended to do all along. His own definition of change, radical change.

  3. I find it a sad commentary that Obama nor anyone in the WH has seemed to even remember the significance of April 19th through out history.

    On this date in 1775, the “shot heard ’round the world” was fired during the battles of Lexington and Concord, launching the Revolutionary War. Today is also the anniversaries of the Waco Siege, 1993, and the Oklahoma City Bombing, 1995. Today also is Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    Perhaps none of these events have been mentioned because the WH does not want people to recall that all of them were directly due to an out of control government, one that brought tyranny against its own people. I wonder if Obama will remember to mention May 1st, or May Day (AKA – International Workers’ Day) when it rolls around. He probably will.

    • Thank you for reminding us. In a nation whose powerful were proud of being American this date would be a national celebratioin. But so many now are ashamed of our nationality and wish to pretend that they are better than our Founders and those who fought for liberty.

    • The people of Oklahoma will always remember the signifcance of April 19. It marks us with sorrow and pride.

      For Carney to tout the president’s trip here is an insult. It had nothing to do with Oklahoma. He wanted his picture taken at the site of the pipeline. He was in and out in about 12 hours, and the only citizens who saw him were invited and bussed in. Those who wanted to protest weren’t allowed to assemble.

    • I grew up in Concord and Patriot’s Day was an important part of our history and was highly celebrated each year. My father was deputy parade marshall and on the organizing committee for the 1975 celebration. 200 years, our nations bicentennial. We were and are a proud town, proud of our heritage and our forefathers. Patriot’s Day unfortunately is not taught or celebrated in most of the rest of the country. Perhaps if we were more often reminded of what this great country started from and what we are all about it would not be in such a shambles as it is today. God bless America, land that I love.

  4. “And Obama promised . . . change.”

    We keep getting Jay’s two cents worth and I wouldn’t give half of that to Obama to find out what he’s thinking [read: plotting, planning, pontificating].

    Commander in Chief AWOL since day one.

  5. Keith…I am asking this sincerely. How insular is the Press Corps (or Corpse as Barry would call them) that no one CHALLENGES Carney. It’s all kinda like “oh boy another whopper, but isn’t Obama just the coolest? If I stay all HopeyChangey maybe I’ll get to shoot hoops with him someday!?!”

    It’s the blogosphere, the alternative media like WHD, that does the heavy lifting.

  6. Question–why would the President of the United States–the entire United States, come to speak to a gathering of around 300 students (from a local community college)/blue collar workers (probably mostly union) in an economically hard hit area of OH if it wasn’t “political”??? Playing on the fears of the good folks who have been hard hit economically in this part of OH IMO!!!

    Mr. Carney–exactly how does speaking to this “captive” audience benefit the “ENTIRE” country???

  7. It is shameful to watch reporters and so-called journalists become sychophants . One wonders if they have yet realized that their freedom to be reporters is being eroded by this administration. Just consider the new regulation on unemployment reporting. Consider the lack of access to the administration now. O set up his white house press that reports and takes photos of what is approved from on high. Even with all of this, the press are still too intimidated to ask the questions or probe for answers.
    American flags with O’s face? The Black National anthem sung at Sharpton’s National Action Network recent conference and not the real one? No reason for the law against the oil companies except O wants it. Now — he wants several states to pay unemployment at the same time people are working? Talk about double- dipping .

  8. Door prizes – signed pictures of Mooch and her man, BO the First Dog, ipods with all of Baracka’s most scintillating speeches, a signed golf ball, an Obama hoodie?