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Obama Eats Dog: The Serious Part

Many of you may already be aware that Jim Treacher at The Daily Caller pried this little gem out of President Obama’s book, Dreams from my Father, about Obama’s consumption of dog meat while living as a child in Indonesia.

Well, the story has spread like wildfire across the Internets. While not much of an issue, it does have a real effect: It completely negates the story being stoked by Obama’s people about Mitt Romney transporting his dog on top of his car.

The Romney dog story, silly as it is, fit with the narrative being spread by Obama’s people that Romney is uncaring, out of touch, and just plain goofy. Now they’ll have to shut up about it.

The Obama campaign reacted huffily, and therefore ineptly. Spokesman Ben LaBolt tweeted: “What’s the next attack @EricFehrn and the @GOP will surface on a 6-10 year old?”

Politico has some of the best Tweets on the Obama dog eating scandal, which are appearing under the hashtag #obamadogrecipes. Here’s a selection:

 Jennifer @TheNewJenn: Beagles with cream cheese  

 Fox Nation@foxnation:  Eggs rover easy 

 Jodi Stephens @JodiStephens:   Great Danishes 

 Leslie Guzman@Libertarian_ish:  Pup Tarts 

 ‘Jim’ ‘Treacher’@jtLOL:  Chicken Poodle Soup. 

 David L B@dlb703:  : Spaghetti and Mutt Balls

Got any tasty recipes of your own to suggest?

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  1. This two-man campaign is swiftly turning into a Road-Runner cartoon.
    Everything the Dems(WileyCoyote) throw at the Road-Runner (MrRomney) comes right back at them and they fall off of the clif no matter how fast they runf.

    We’re waiting for the “episode” where the Dems set off the Acme dynamite .

    1. Good one Moe. I can’t take credit for these either. Saw them on another site.
      Chicken Chow Chow Mein
      German Shepards Pie

  2. I’m always a day late and dollar short, so these have probably been mentioned somewhere:

    Poodle pudding
    Hush puppies
    Puppy chow

  3. The Obama campaign reacted huffily, and therefore ineptly. Spokesman Ben LaBolt tweeted: “What’s the next attack @EricFehrn and the @GOP will surface on a 6-10 year old?”

    Probably something similar to what you said about Trig Palin. Wait… he wasn’t 6-10; he wasn’t even 1.

  4. If I went to a foreign country when I was 7 and was offered dog meet I would have said HELL NO. I was a much pickier eater then than I am now although I still wouldn’t try dog meat as an adult. If my parents made me eat it as a child I would have been traumatized. Writing a book about it most certainly would have brought those painful memories into print, but Obama didn’t seem to have an issue in the slightest. It was no more taboo than eating a raw chili pepper.

    1. It was probably a figment of Bill Ayer’s imagination. The Dreams ghostwriter was trying to make BHO seem exotic as if that were necessary. Indonesian muslims don’t eat haram dogs. Non-muslim Indonesian tribes did. Lolo was muslim. of course. BHO is stuck. He can’t say his book is mostly fiction.

  5. I lived abroad for a year in my late teens and won’t name the country for now. But suffice to say, pretty sure all the streetside “steak on a stick” wasn’t cow type beef Boo Boo. It did strike me odd that rabbits were kept as pets and dogs were food whilst to many in “the west” dogs are pets and rabbits are food. If you are hungry, anything is food. Anyway, love the humor and any opportunity to stick it to obummer.

    Joke: how many liberals does it take to feed a dog? Oh wait, I got that backwards….

    1. Korea, early 80s. Korean Barbecue was Delish. Except look up Gaegogi. If its their culture then I defer to the locals, but I will never Knowingly eat Buster!!!!! Unless I’m starving. Then I’d even eat Government cheese. With a nice Bordeaux,

  6. Obama explains in his book that Lolo taught him that you can become what you eat. I guess that explains how Obama became a dick.

  7. Following #ObamaDogRecipes on Twitter is so entertaining. Conservatives are so imaginative!

    “Seamus cried, Obama’s dog got fried.”
    “Obama has been putting a lot of heat on Blue Dog Democrats…about 425 degrees for 1 hour.”
    “The Obama Deal: a puppy on every plate, a leash on every citizen.”
    “Obama is now referring to Romney putting the dog on the roof as Meals on Wheels.”
    “Filet of Fido”
    “Obama finally comes clean with America. Ladies and Gentlemen, the dog ate my birth certificate, so I ate him.”
    “What does Barack Obama say when the meal’s over? Dog gone.”

      1. Granny Jan – can we anticipate a new video? Background music could possibly be “Who Let the Dogs Out” or maybe “How Much is that Puppy in the Window” at a butcher shop or ……………

    1. I’m the first LASSIE in the comment section here their are at least 2 of us.

      BTW scan omeone post my “Chicken Snoopy” comment on twitter I don’t have an account.


  8. Doggone it, being an animal lover as I am, this entire episode is going to hound me for days now. It is terrierble when someone abuses an animal, but to make chow out of them makes me sick in the pit of my stomach. Hopefully this entire episode will shepherd in a new era of thinking when it comes to how we treat our pets.

    Hopefully, between Romney tying the dog crate to the woof of his car, and Obama dining on Fido while living with his step-father, it will give people paws to wonder what our companion animals mean to us. I’m sure these tails will go down in the political history books as examples of how not to run a campaign. If both sides aren’t careful, they could very well upset the animal lovers of America, and cost donations, after all you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  9. Hope I am not repeating another post, but there is a v. funny video on Weasel Zippers entitled “Hitler Finds Out Obama Ate His Dog.”
    SNL couldn’t have done it better.

  10. “Bo Knows B-B-Q”
    “Romney put a dog on top of a car, Obama put a dog on top of rice”
    “What do you call a dog wagging his tail in the WH? A happy meal.”

    These made me laugh out loud… I had to share

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