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Little-Known DOJ Cell Watches Trayvon Martin Protests

A largely unknown group of Justice Department officials has inserted itself into the local Florida protest movement surrounding the killing of Trayvon Martin, assisting the protestors and attending their meetings and rallies.

While the officials are tasked with preventing racial violence, it appears that in carrying out their duties, they have provided significant assistance to those protesting the killing of Martin, who black, by George Zimmerman, who is half white and half Hispanic.

The officials are members of the DOJ’s Community Relations Service, also known as “The Peacemakers,” a special unit established under the 1964 Civil Rights Act and empowered to act to mitigate local tensions between ethnic groups.

From the CRS website:

It is the only Federal entity dedicated to assisting state and local government units, private and public organizations, and community groups with preventing and resolving racial and ethnic tensions, incidents, and civil disorders. The CRS works to restore stability and accord.

Under President Obama, the group’s mission has expanded substantially. Officials are permitted to take on a more aggressive role, moving from a “reactionary” to a “preventative” stance, CRS Director Ondray Harris told the website Main Justice. And the categories that can bring in The Peacemakers now include gender, “gender identity,” sexual orientation, religion, and disability.

Martin’s killing set off vocal protests – led by Al Sharpton – demanding the arrest of Zimmerman. Faced with threats of escalating fury from the protestors, Florida officials arrested Zimmerman last week. Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have both suggested sympathy for the protestors or for Martin himself.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, The Peacemakers have ended up offering advice and assistance to the protestors.

When racial tensions flared in Sanford, a league of secretive peacemakers reached out to the city’s spiritual and civic leaders to help cool heated emotions after 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed in February.

When civil-rights organizers wanted to demonstrate, these federal workers taught them how to peacefully manage crowds.

They even arranged a police escort for college students to ensure safe passage for their 40-mile march from Daytona Beach to Sanford to demand justice.

The Peacemakers are viewed by the protestors as a quietly protective, on-the-ground force, the Sentinel story makes clear.

“They were there for us,” said the Rev. Valarie Houston, pastor of Allen Chapel AME Church, a focal point for the community after the unarmed teen’s death. She met the peacekeepers there for the first time during a March 20 town-hall meeting. “We felt protected,” she said.

Houston said the conciliators told her they act as the “eyes and ears of the community” and provided guidance about keeping their message about nonviolence clear.

At every rally, community meeting and march, since the shooting, conciliators were there.

In their Navy blue windbreakers, polo shirts and dark sunglasses, they look like federal agents.

Their caps are embroidered with the Justice Department’s seal. They watch and listen silently. But they say little publicly.

When reporters try to chat them up, they remain stoic, saying simply they cannot talk to the media.

There is a secretive aspect to the group’s activities, although officials assert this is to facilitate participation in The Peacemakers mediation efforts. According to Main Justice, officials are barred from revealing the identity of parties participating in negotiations overseen by the CRS.

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    1. Remember when Obama warned he would create his own police force. Well here you go. The DOJ’s Community Relations Service…coming to a town near you…whether they’ll help or hurt you is apparently up to Obama.

          1. Most Muslim Black Americans are Sunni/traditional Muslims and not members of that inner city cult known as Noi. Seeing that you are ignorant and know nothing about diversity even among Black Americans you need to read a book. Oh I forgot black christians don’t read (demonstrating how stereotyping is wrong).

    1. Excellent reporting Mr. Koffler. Let’s see if I have this right. Federal “Peacemakers” empowered and sent by Obama to assist a group of Obama’s choosing. Yet Obama’s “Peacemakers” ignore laws broken by the group’s Black Panthers. Unbelievable.

  1. They weren’t “protecting” the protesters, they were organizing the protests.
    There was no one threatening the protesters. There were no White mobs wearing t-shirts with the shooter’s face on them calling out for justice that we ever heard about. The MSM didn’t interview the Zimmerman family and try to get sympathy for their son’s plight or to ask that they allow the system to find justice for everyone.

    The lefties needed a perfect crime to foment a racial divide and to fire up the Black community with “proof” that their lives are in danger of being snuffed out by any White man, any time, any where. The MSM, doing their part as shllls for the left, lied, manipulated evidence, and gave so much face time to the race hustlers that their viewers were convinced that MrZimmerman was a White racist who hunted down a young Black boy “like a dog”.

    1. When do you suppose we’ll start seeing the blacks cross the street cause they’re afraid of whitey?

      November can’t some enough. Good find Keith. Wonder how many more of these little tidbits there are that we know nothing about.

    2. And so, after clearly stating how the MSM, who lets face it they exist primarily and dependently on television, is audaciously lying, misleading and instigating violence, unrest and division……have you called your cable company or satellite provider and cancelled your service?

      Until Americans start fighting back and defunding these social cancers by putting their money where their mouths are, NOTHING is going to change. You can count on it.

      I cancelled my TV service over 3 years ago. Took a month or so to adjust to the new living habits, and the thought hasn’t even crossed my mind to go back. I read more. I am learning my 2nd foreign language, and my mind isn’t being marinated in pure garbage anymore.

      I invite any of you who claim to be fed up with the MSM to do the same. You’ll feel silly for not having done so earlier.

      1. Do you listen to the ratio or read the newspaper? How do you get the news?

        I say . . . just be discerning how you use a TV. I never listen to MSNBC or CNN. I don’t listen to naitonal news on TV. I do depend on the news from Fox and my local news.

        Just shutting off the TV isn’t going to help much. Standing up to the people who are spreading the lies is how we can help.

        1. I did the same thing, and it will be three years this summer.. I don’t read the papers. I listen to talk radio now and then, but most of my news comes from the internet….imagine that. Drudge, Alex Jones, NRA, WND, Breitbart.
          What people call ‘alternative’ news is far and above what you get on the tube. I listened to news of Fast and Furious for THREE MONTHS on NRA before CBS did the interview with the ATF whistleblower.

      2. Paul,
        I have to respectfully disagree. In the 6th century BCE, a Chinese general named Sun Tzu wrote, “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.” We are in a battle for the life of this country, and the principles on which it was founded.

        If we simply turn off the media, we will not be able to know what the enemy is saying. Yes, use your dollars wisely, and do not patronize businesses that advertise on the radical left’s outlets. BUT, we must, if we are going to win the battle of conviction and consciousness know what the opposition is doing and thinking. We cannot rely solely on conservative media to report what the left is doing, because by its very nature, things will be filtered. Yes, there are many outlets that will provide you with direct quotes, audio and video, but I would much rather sift through the dross that is WaPo, HuffPo, and The Beast, and the Kos myself. This way I can make the choice to say this is a load of crap, and I can then use their own words to pillory, vilify, and ridicule them.

        WHD is a great example of a new media outlet that works hard to keep its readers informed. But Keith cannot read all that is out there, nor can Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Levin et al. WE need to know what is being said, and we need to know ourselves and what we stand for. If all we can say is “I heard it on (fill in the blank’s) show” we sound as if we are just vomiting up talking points, and leave ourselves open to ridicule. But if we know the enemy, we can defeat him with his own words and actions.

        1. Go to and this site shows sponsors of MSNBC. Read about the owner of Progressive insurance, another George Soros. Went to GEICO after reading that info.

          1. I was with Progressive for 5 yrs, they just gave me a very low rate and a Happy Letter!! After learning about Peter Lewis, I had my independent agent find me another insurer. I gladly pay about 20% more now, but at least I’m not paying into an organization that works in opposition to my beliefs.

          2. I use USAA, 2nd generation insurer. Got it from my Father who was with Chalie Med, 5th Marine Battalion, Da Nang 1965-1967. Great insuranace company, sponsor of the great Army-Navy Game last year.

    3. Yes,,, the initial story had Z hunting him down and shooting him. And all the world whined and cried,,,”WHY didn’t he just turn and LEAVE??”…

      THEN, when the facts began to come out that HE DID turn around to leave and that the little angel attacked HIM,,,,,did they ask the very same question? NO! They JUSTIFIED it, claiming “he be scared”…..

      The hypocrisy of these morons is just incredible. They will not stop their threats of rioting until Z is tried, found guilty and given the maximum sentence. The white population outnumbers them by a factor of 10 and is just as guilty for NOT standing up and speaking out against this hijacking and manipulation of the justice system.

      ZIMMERMAN didn’t release Zimmerman. The STATE did. And if these clowns had a problem with THAT, they should have followed the system and filed a complaint with the STATE. But THAT wouldn’t have accomplished their goal so they use mob justice instead. They’re alreading promising “this will be a very public trial”…. We all know what that means. Constant pictures of the 10 year old little darling, lots of TV coverage showing angry mobs….”No justice, no peace”…..

      It is despicable. Even more so that so many don’t seem to be the least bit bothered by this total miscarriage of justice of having mobs manipulate the legal system to obtain what THEY see as justice rather than following the law.

    4. I have a ton of pictures of tens of people protesting Obama when he came to Chicago last Thursday. There was no mention of it in any media, yet Trayvon Martin gets front page news.

      1. Paul,

        Close, but not exactly…. you should have attributed this quote to Aldous Huxley… I am quoting from Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death.

        “Orwell warns that we will be overcome by an externally imposed oppression. But in Huxley’s vision, no Big Brother is required to deprive people of their autonomy, maturity and history. As he saw it, people will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think.”

        Postman’s book really opened my eyes… to bad I wasn’t armed with this perspective 25 years ago when it was first published.

    1. *Rubs forehead*

      Do you even know what the word social mean, Susan? Why do you assign a negative connotation to it?

      You’re absolutely right, they could rename it the DoSJ, because that is who the department serves: our society, us, the people of the United States.

      Why must you people who have absolutely no idea of what socialism, communism, and fascism keep spouting your ignorant rhetoric. To most of you all three of those are completely interchangeable, when in fact, they are significantly different and very — and violently — opposed to the other in many aspects.

      I suggest you pick up Stanley Payne’s “Civil War in Europe, 1905-1949.” It’s not leftist or anything like that, and will give you great insight on what socialism, communism, and fascism really stand for.

      1. “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant: It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

          1. This is and always will be a center-right country. And we dont need any kind of community organizer coming in to change it. If you dont like it, you can always leave.

          2. “You people” are smart enough to know better. The answers can’t be found by reading some tome on Europe’s civil war. The answers can be found by reading Saul Alinsky’s writings on Marxist revolution, James Cone’s writings on Black Liberation Theology, and Derrick Bell’s writings on Critical Race Theory, but then you probably already knew that.

          3. Susan,
            The answers found in your reading selection will enlighten as the where this mob administration is going, but the real answers to saving this nation are found in Smith’s “Wealth of Nations”, anything by Hayek or von Mises, the Federalist Papers and the wonderful but forgotten document, the Constitution of the United States.

          4. Excellent suggestions Shofar. Another would be Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny” and “Ameritopia”. He has an amazing talent for paralleling the philosophies of the past into what is happening in America today.

          5. That’s because to the student of history, there truly is “nothing new under the Sun”.
            Obama thinks he’s the Sun King. He should beware, because he (along with Marie…I mean Moochelle)resembles Louis XVI, more each day.

          6. The fact that you said “Europe’s Civil War” is what I’m talking about. You make it sound like Europe had a civil war… like Europe is one entity, and it had a civil war, like the United States did in 1776 and again in 1861.

            All I’m saying is communism, socialism, fascism, and Marxism are far more intricate than you are observing, presently. The book I recommended is more empirical-minded and objectively written than it is interdisciplinary and subjective.

            And tome? The book is 231 pages long, and was published in 2011. It’s worth a look, just like the books you recommended are worth a look, and I appreciate your advice to read those.

          7. J, Susan doesn’t owe you an answer and I’ll tell you why!
            Communism, Socialism, Fascism are Un-American forms of governments.

            I don’t need to know the textbook definition in this instance, nor does any American, a true American finds each as abhorrent as the next.

            Perhaps you should be more concerned with the reality of what is happening today instead of recommending reading lists.

          8. J, spoken like a true lefty; putting the responsibility of something onto someone else. Take some responsibility and educate yourself.

          9. I am, freedom, are you?

            And Troy, I am worried about what’s going in, but I’m not close minded and refusing to learn what those forms of government truly represent, and what they have represented for a very long time. I was a conservative for a long period of my life, and I gave Hannity his “Just three hours a day” for a long time, as well as Rush and O’Reilly (never cared for Beck).

            I truly feel now that I am torn; I’m no liberal, but I’m sure as crap not associating myself with the Republican party that consistently says some really scary stuff.

            And what am I asking for that is so radical? To get a broader definition of what socialism, communism, fascism and Marxism are? Is that SO radical, and are you SO fragile that just reading up on those forms of government would potentially turn you liberal… wtf, like you had been bitten by a zombie and you just turn into one, totally against your will.

            And if you really think this country is not founded on socialist ideals, you are severely mistaken. Both the Constitution of the U.S and its Bill of Rights are bathed in “socialist” ideals, such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to assemble, just to throw 3 out there. After you read Smith’s “Wealth of Nations,” read Rousseau’s “Social Contract.” Thomas Jefferson was inspired by Rousseau, not just Locke.

      2. While socialism, communism and facism all have their relatively subtle differences the primary reason they get lumped together is because they are all in direct conflict with freedom and liberty. Each is an antithesis to a free republic.

      3. From “Introduction to Socialism” 1968
        What is the difference between socialism and communism?

        Socialism and communism are alike in that both are systems of production for use based on public ownership of the means of production and centralized planning. Socialism grows directly out of capitalism; it is the first form of the new society. Communism is a further development or “higher stage” of socialism.

        From each according to his ability, to each according to his deeds (socialism). From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs (communism).

        The socialist principle of distribution according to deeds— that is, for quality and quantity of work performed, is immediately possible and practical. On the other hand, the communist principle of distribution according to needs is not immediately possible and practical—it is an ultimate goal.

        Obviously, before it can be achieved, production must reach undreamed of heights—to satisfy everyone’s needs there must be the greatest of plenty of everything. In addition, there must have developed a change in the attitude of people toward work—instead of working because they have to, people will work because they want to, both out of a sense of responsibility to society and because work satisfies a felt need in their own lives.

        Socialism is the first step in the process of developing the productive forces to achieve abundance and changing the mental and spiritual outlook of the people. It is the necessary transition stage from capitalism to communism.

        It must not be assumed, from the distinction between socialism and communism, that the political parties all over the world which call themselves Socialist advocate socialism, while those which call themselves Communist advocate communism. That is not the case. Since the immediate successor to capitalism can only be socialism, the Communist parties,-like the Socialist parties, have as their goal the establishment of socialism.

        Are there, then, no differences between the Socialist and Communist parties? Yes, there are.

        The Communists believe that as soon as the working class and its allies are in a position to do so they must make a basic change in the character of the state; they must replace capitalist dictatorship over the working class with workers’ dictatorship over the capitalist class as the first step in the process by which the existence of capitalists as a class (but not as individuals) is ended and a classless society is eventually ushered in. Socialism cannot be built merely by taking over and using the old capitalist machinery of government; the workers must destroy the old and set up their own new state apparatus. The workers’ state must give the old ruling class no opportunity to organize a counter-revolution; it must use its armed strength to crush capitalist resistance when it arises.

        The Socialists, on the other hand, believe that it is possible to make the transition from capitalism to socialism without a basic change in the character of the state. They hold this view because they do not think of the capitalist state as essentially an institution for the dictatorship of the capitalist class, but rather as a perfectly good piece of machinery which can be used in the interest of whichever class gets command of it. No need, then, for the working class in power to smash the old capitalist state apparatus and set up its own—the march to socialism can be made step by step within the framework of the democratic forms of the capitalist state.

        The attitude of both parties toward the Soviet Union grows directly out of their approach to this problem. Generally speaking, Communist parties praise the Soviet Union; Socialist parties denounce it in varying degrees. For the Communists, the Soviet Union merits the applause of all true believers in socialism because it has transformed the socialist dream into a reality; for the Socialists, the Soviet Union deserves only condemnation because it has not built socialism at all—at least not the socialism they dreamed of.

        Instead of wanting to take away people’s private property, socialists want more people to have more private property than ever before.

        There are two kinds of private property. There is property which is personal in nature, consumer’s goods, used for private enjoyment. Then there is the kind of private property which is not personal in nature, property in the means of production. This kind of property is not used for private enjoyment, but to produce the consumer’s goods which are.

        Socialism does not mean taking away the first kind of private property, e.g. your suit of clothes; it does mean taking away the second kind of private property, e.g. your factory for making suits of clothes. It means taking away private property in the means of production from the few so that there will be much more private property in the means of consumption for the many. That part of the wealth which is produced by workers and taken from them in the form of profits would be theirs, under socialism, to buy more private property, more suits of clothes, more furniture, more food, more tickets to the movies.

        More private property for use and enjoyment. No private property for oppression and exploitation. That’s socialism.

        1. The creeping change toward socialism is well underway and is beginning to look more like the change to communism. We all need to oppose this.

        2. And the issue is that more than half of this country doesn’t contribute to the ‘good’ they just take and socialism or communism only works if everyone works. I see it every day in corporate too – the ones that are lazy and refuse to do their jobs so others have to work overtime to make up for them. And thanks to BIG government, we can’t fire them. Sorry but I am sick and tired of working myself to death to carry third generation lazy, waste cases on my back.

      4. *Rolls eyes*

        Obama’s “Peacemakers” allows HIM to use the Federal Government to support HIS favored group (The Black Pantloads). This is a clear example of Obama’s fascist tendencies.

      5. Dear Comrad J, All three, Socialism, communism and fascism are all left wing ideologies. Communism is radical internationali socialism, while fascism and Nazi ideologies are national SOCIALISM. Socialism has never worked anywhere in the world, while capitalism has produced the highest standard of living in history.

      6. You are picking at straws…
        This usually happens when a lib is stumped for a common sense answer, they resort to questioning the intelligence and understanding of those with whom they disagree.
        I think at this point EVERYONE is fed up with liberal elitists, know-it-alls and liberal ideologues.

  2. I never knew we had a government sub-agency whose employees cannot/will not talk to reporters (and are not law enforcement or the information is considered secret) whose sole function is to assists black protesters of alleged injustices, Just who do they answer to? What is their annual budget? Where else have they been and who specifically did they counsel? Who appointed Haaris the head of CRS? They must file reports, lets have a FOIA request.

    1. Who gave them the legal permission to go from “reactionary” to “preventative”? By the way, “Preventative” in legal terms means restraint before it has occurred. Prior Restraint, arresting a person before a crime, are Unconstitutional in this country. Where do they get their “Preventative” legal standing from?

    2. MT for re-redistribution

      …and they work FULL TIME? What are their day-to-day responsibilities when there is not a racial crisis to encourage? We are borrowing money from China to pay these people. Fuck!!

  3. I’m trying to find the specifically enumerated power granted to the federal government in the US Constitution that calls for this nonsense.

    1. Remember that Obummer was a great “community organizer”. I”m sure he’s written in the power somewhere. Oh yeah in his “I’m in charge, I can do whatever I want” diary.

  4. Conveniently inserted so that, should anyone take any action against these mobs, they’ll wind up getting charged with attacking federal workers….

    No doubt, O’Bozo and Holder are providing just as much “care and comfort” to Zimmerman and HIS family. Considering the fact that Zimmerman couldn’t even continue to work, due to O’Bozo, Holder, Jackson, the black panthers, etc, conspiring to commit murder, conspiring to kidnap and putting an illegal bounty on him. Surely someone will be charged for THOSE offenses soon….

    Then they continued a planned effort to obstruct justice in a case under federal investigation and continue to do so to the present. Those charges are also no doubt forth-coming..

    Just despicable…..

    1. And Zimmerman was forced to leave his college by his college because of their concerns for other students’ safety. Couldn’t some of these peacemakers have shown up there and advised the college on how to handle protests and individual acts?

  5. Where was this noble band when elderly white people were threatened by a bunch of chimps at polling places? Simply put there is a war by blacks on whites in this country and no one in The Liar’s white house or in congress is doing a freakin’ thing about it. That’s okay…. we know how to protect ourselves. They can’t “Zimmerman” all of us. Fight’s On!

    1. “Where was this noble band when elderly white people were threatened by a bunch of chimps at polling places?” Great question, and where will they be when this happens again this year?

  6. …and no doubt they are ALL black. Does the so-called “justice” department have a comparable agency group for put-upon and murdered-by-blacks group for whites?

    Holder is black. Who is supporting Whites hit by black crime?

      1. MT for re-redistribution

        That’s what you want? Power? You can’t have it at the cost of my freedom. Go away. To Venezuela or Cuba. Protest there for your power.

      2. J is s drone who spouts cultural Marxist / Crypto-Fascist doctrine. Answer me this J: Why did secular socialist governments murder more people in the 20th century (140+ million) than the body count from all wars in recorded history? (And yes, the Nazis were socialists just like you.) J and his/her/its fellow travelers have too much blood on their hands to be believed as trusted sources of information. The socialists are murderers, nothing more, nothing less. First they murder you incrementally by stealing your property then, when empowered, they murder all who differ from their views.

      3. Minor correction, J: 2000 years of near-absolute power over the majority of the civilized planet.

        And how does that justify racism and discrimination today?

    1. Key phrase here: “Obama is HALF WHITE”………You never, ever hear that talked about in the liberal media or amongst the self-loathing, hand-wringing apologist liberals.

      But, because he’s a democrat, it’s conveniently overlooked. If he were a Republican, he wouldn’t be “black” enough…….

      1. He’s “half white” when he does something that they don’t like. Like Zimmerman being a “White Hispanic” in the press. Obama is Black when he is doing things they like. Zimmerman would have been just Hispanic if they liked him.

  7. A taxpayer funded federal agency is involved in race-baiting and bigotry? Sounds like par for the course for the Obama administration. I wouldn’t be surprised if Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson end up on the federal payroll before too long.

  8. Based upon the esteemed DOI’s (Dept on Injustice formerly known as DOJ) record this comes as no great surprise. New Black Panthers, Fast & Furious, Immigration, Voter ID, etc, there is a pattern here that only a Democrat could love. Justice for them but not for thee.

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  10. Well, someone has to keep fanning the flames for heaven’s sake! Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and the Panthers can’t do it without their ACORN army!

  11. lets get all these subversive revolutionaries identified now, so in January we don’t let any slip back into society. Anybody else like to come out before November? we have been waiting and watching too

      1. We know what socialists like you do when empowered. Socialists commit genocide and murder on an industrial scale. That is what you and your fellow travelers do, when sufficiently emboldened with power, with those who differ from your views. Evil brood!

    1. That’s easy enough, just look for their bumper stickers, can’t miss the big “O” in their stickers stating “I’m a dOpe”

  12. Things like this can only happen to a nation of weak, gullible, sheep. America is being transformed into Venezuela right before the eyes of the totally brain-dead people who are far more interested in “reality” TV. The American people are committing national suicide and are too stupid to even realize it.

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        1. You can say that again jmtlaw! J is like that annoying cousin that comes over on holidays and chimes in with his ridiculous liberal bs that is destroying this great country! J…you clearly don’t love it…so you might as well leave it.

      1. Marxism, like fascism has 3 components:

        1. Existential personal ethic
        2. Utilitarian social ethic
        3. Imminance which declares ther is nothing but the issues of the now.

        Fascism is a form of nationalistic socialism while Marxism is internationalist socialism. The main difference is Marxists attempt to disolve the state while Fascists seek to master it.

      2. The bottom line is that socialists, whether Fascist or Marxist, do more than kick your teeth in, they murder all who differ from their views once they consolidate power. Empowered socialists are murderous socialists. 140+ million victims of socialist genocide cannot be wrong.

        1. No, the “bottom-line” is that it doesn’t matter one squirt of pee how it ends up after being massaged and prodded into a neat description of what it is. It only matters that it be defeated at the election box; and, to such a degree that it is forever humilated and driven off our shores. It is diametrically opposite to every founding principal of this nation.

  14. Last week I commented on the youth march help over the preceding weekend. The march ended at Marco Rubio’s office because of his position on the “stand your ground” law in Florida. I stated that these bereaved children were being used by some democrat/statist group in an attempt to re-popularize the concept of civilian disarmament (aka “gun control” for the ignorant folks) but I was unsure of the source. Thank you Mr. Koffler for finding out exactly what group was behind this shameless PR stunt.

    “They even arranged a police escort for college students to ensure safe passage for their 40-mile march from Daytona Beach to Sanford to demand justice.”

    They did more than arrange police escort. They designed this PR stunt in a obvious ploy to advance “gun control”. Well, at least the outcome of this ploy was less violent than their most famous gun control PR stunt in Waco Texas on Patriot’s Day, 1993.

    1. Good post George! We need more peole smoking this guy out. Obama is using the white house to community organize the country based on race and progressive/marxist ideology. I feel he is our first anti-american president. I remain less concerned about him and his ilk than I am about the number of americans who naivly voted for this guy and may again.

  15. So Holder, Obama’s AG, stands with the race-baiters, haters, and community agitators while another DOJ department called “peacekeepers” are supposedly trying to quell the violence? I truely believe that if our white-african american president wasn’t in the white house he’d be camping agitating and organizing with the wall street protestors…or maybe he already is behind the scenes. Be ready to fire this incompetent devisive community organizer come the November.

  16. Obama’s administration has set race relations in this country back many decades. It seems that between our own government and the race zealots screaming “KILL WHITEY” we are not moving toward a good ending to this chapter.

  17. Anyone read about the black guy in Chicago that beat his girlfriend’s 2 year old daughter to death? Oh that’s black on black violence so the mainstream media doesn’t care. They only care when its a 17 year old 160 lb aspiring punk portrayed as an innocent 12 year old with tea and skittles by using older pictures of him despite having a previous vendetta for the person by portray as a white hispanic that shot them in self defense after injuring them to the point of brain damage after smashing their head into the concrete multiple times.

  18. I have seen this bunch in action before; they always side with the radical, racists. In my case, they came to us and asked how many people we had, what weapons we carried, what tactics we planned to use. When I asked them for the same data from the armed radical group they traveled with, they got huffy and left without telling me.

  19. Assisting DOJ protesters? Come on folks isn’t it plainly obvious from the time the incident occurred to when it was first report the fact that already known facts surrounding the case that the entire matter was a DOJ, White House media sham?

    I’d bet anything just base on when and how events went down and how they were covered that the DOJ was monitoring crime reports looking for a case that could be exploited and they handed it off to Obama’s friends in the media complete with the false narrative already written for them.

  20. What really ticks me off here is the Black Panthers had put a bounty on Zimmerman’s head, and put up Wanted Dead or Alive posters. No one was arrested, even though the DOJ was there? Something is wrong…very wrong.

  21. Holder and the Obama DOJ hand in hand with Sharpton and the New Black Panther Party. I am shocked! Shocked I say! (Please note the sarcasm)

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  23. With liberals, they always do the opposite of what they claim. Holder’s DOJ thugs are STIRRING UP RACIAL ANIMOSITY. The Obummer admin WANTS a race war, they WANT a class war, they WANT a sex war.

    Divide and conquer is the only thing liberals know, because they CANNOT CONTROL THE ECONOMY WITHOUT CONTROLLING PEOPLE.


  24. The DOJ group…”provided significant assistance to those protesting the killing of Martin, who black, by George Zimmerman, who is half white and half Hispanic.”

    If Zimmerman, who is half white and half Hispanic is referred to as a “white Hispanic”, should Obama, who is half white and half African American be referred to as a “white African American”? Curious…

    1. Sorry Phocus but adding the word “White” before a Hispanic or Black is only for when someone does something wrong. Wrong being something they can make look bad.

    2. No, he should be referred to as half-white and half-black just the same as Treyvon is referred to as black. Why isn’t Trevon referred to as African American? Oh yeah, because “black” v.s “white” is more racially dividing.

  25. It would seem that that would be using the government and its resources for campaign purposes…isn’t that illegal? Of course, this is the Obama DOJ.

  26. You have got to be kidding me!!! Well, that explains a lot…Obama’s expanded use of aiding and abetting those not on the side of due process and the Constitution. I just didn’t know that it was so blatant! I am totally disgusted and no longer have illusions about justice (due process) in the US anymore! Now I am even more afraid for our future under Obama. He is consolidating his power very quickly now.

    *He can kill/detain us without warrant or trial now.
    *He can confiscate passports of unpaid debt over $50,000…and that is ALL of us because we bear at least $75,000 of the governments debt.
    *TSA has enough bullets now to kill us all…twice.
    I will no go on with the list this time…

    There may not be much time left to “watch what Obama does not what he says”…our Constitutional rights are disappearing at WARP speed…just like our tax dollars and the growing debt. I hope we are free citizens in November! I know who I will NOT vote for…

  27. This doesn’t surprise me. The DOJ helps states cover themselves legally while doing as little as possible for absentee military voting.

  28. MT for re-redistribution

    The good news for me is that by the time the bloody racial war finds my house, there will be so many dead that nobody will notice that I busted out my .44 mag and .06 and protected my freedom.

    The bad news is that there are going to be a lot of dead people thanks to Obama’s race war.

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