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Live Stream || Obama on Oil Market Manipulation

The event has concluded.

14 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama on Oil Market Manipulation”

    1. Explain your self jackass, oil speculation is a huge problem, sure everyone knows we’re dependent on foreign oil but we can stop trading barrel price on the open market, if you don’t live under a rock you should know how shorting oil works

    2. That idiot knows about as much about free markets as I know about astro-physics. (nothing.)
      I would like to hear a business analyst ask some questions off the cuff without the teleprompter.

  1. Doubt if any rats will be running by the podium today (as in the past because the “Lord of the Rats” will be standing behind the podium and heaven forbid if any of his furry little friends try and steal his spotlight!

    And hopefully no flies will be harmed in the filming of this sham–beware to any insect who might be inclined to land on his face (again)–that forked tongue of his will snatch you up for lunch quicker than you can say Barack Hussein Obama, hmm, hmm, hmm!

  2. Why is he stumbling all over his words….and why does he always sound like a rabid, barking dog? He thinks he’s Mr. Tough Guy – but he’s just plain creepy.

  3. Obama said:

    . . .”it is “critically important” to make sure that “illegal manipulation, fraud and market rigging” are not contributing to current high gas prices in the U.S.”

    WTH–he’s a fine one to talk about “illegal manipulation” and fraud”!!! Everything his administration does is “illegal manipulation” and “fraud”.

    He’s a hypocrite for saying that about the oil industry, when in fact, his own administration in in contempt (of court) over their imposed Gulf oil drill ban.

    BHO–when your administration stops illegally manipulating and committing fraud against the United States, then you’ll have a leg to stand on–until then–no one wants to see you give another blatant campaign speech under the guise of domestic policy!!!

    What a wind bag!!!

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