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Obama Stands His Ground at Latin Summit

President Obama at this weekend’s Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia defied Latin American leftists and the AFL-CIO, which means, all in all, he had a pretty good summit.

The United States insisted that Fidel Castro be excluded from the proceedings, and Obama stuck to his guns.

We have discussed in the OAS the pathway whereby Cuba can fully participate in some of these regional forums.  But the fact of the matter is, is that Cuba, unlike the other countries that are participating, has not yet moved to democracy, has not yet observed basic human rights.

He even got a little prickly, failing to, shall we say, bow to other world leaders.

I am sometimes puzzled by the degree to which countries that themselves have undergone enormous transformations, that have known the oppression of dictatorship, or have found themselves on the wrong side of a ruling elite and have suffered for it — why we would ignore that same principle here.

Obama’s resistance to pressure from other Latin American Americans to lighten up on Castro resulted in vows by some that they would stay away next time if the summit didn’t include Fidel. Leftists like Ecuador President Rafael Correa and Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega made welcome protest moves to avoid this conference.

Meanwhile, Obama determined that Colombia has improved its labor right behavior, allowing the Colombia free trade agreement to take effect next month.

The protectionist AFL-CIO, which says Colombian labor leaders continue to be killed with impunity, strenuously objects.

Obama even, for the time being, broke his habit of prejudging investigations, as he did when he said Trayvon Martin looks like the son he never had.

He declined to comment on the probe into whether his security detail was rolling in the hotel hay with prostitutes prior to his arrival.

I think I’ll wait until the full investigation is completed before I pass final judgment.

Well, not quite, I guess. Notice he’ll wait before passing “final judgment,” which means he’s reached an “initial judgment,” and given that the agents were thrown out of the country, I can guess what it is.

20 Responses to Obama Stands His Ground at Latin Summit

  1. I’m glad he stuck to his guns and expressed that Cuba has to change in order to be included. However, taking a look at Ecuador and Nicaragua, we find these are turning into countries where the press is suppressed and other violations are carried out.

  2. Once again everything he does is political. He needs Florida badly in the Fall. Look what happened to the Marlins coach when he spoke highly of Castro.
    The “final judgment” comment….where was that in the Zimmerman case?

  3. Well, according to the Colombian newspapers this meeting cost Colombians more than 70 million dollars a thing that is a fortune for a country like Colombia and people there are not too happy with what they perceived as an unnecessary waste of money. Another interesting thing is that while in Colombia, Mr. Obama had the Secret Service as his official “King’s food tester” as he was afraid of being poisoned. Obama also imported from the US cooks; waiters and waitress to serve him but barley touch the typical dishes that were offered by the Colombians. His accommodation in Colombia was up to the lavish tastes of drug lords or a sultan from Arabia and almost brought back to the US a donkey that was offered to him by locals. Way to go for the former community organizer expecting different from GSS’s employees.

  4. If my job was to protect owebama, I’d be looking for a moral step up to feel better about myself too, like banging’ prostitutes.

  5. I would like to know why he stayed for an unprecedented 3 days and 2 nights! He ALWAYS has ulterior motives! Was he hiding out or just loafing?

  6. He picks and chooses which “incident” he will involve himself in. He’ll say or do whatever pays him the most in political capital or *wink*wink* campaign donations from the dumbest among us. Heard he gave a Spanish station interview while he was on his Colombian vacation. He promised his illegal alien base he’d pass an amnesty law within the first year after he’s re-elected. He said the only reason he hasn’t been able to do it yet is the Republicans. What a liar. He had two years of Democrat control of both the House and the Senate. He didn’t do anything for the illegals because the jewel of his Marxist utopian dream – Obamacare – was more important to him. Besides, Big Sis has practically opened up the gates of the borders for them, so what difference does passing a law make. King Putt doesn’t pay attention to the laws on the books now, why wait to pass a new one.

  7. I actually am begining to feel sorry for this Administration. What a bunch of fratboys. Secret Service? Jerks. The GSA scandal? One pleading the fifth today. Might as well just rename the GSA the Gamma Sigma Alpha House.

  8. “I am sometimes puzzled by the degree to which countries that themselves have undergone enormous transformations, that have known the oppression of dictatorship, or have found themselves on the wrong side of a ruling elite and have suffered for it — why we would ignore that same principle here.”

    We Americans have undergone quite an oppressive dictatorship since 2008, as evidenced by an administration that only defends laws or ethnic groups it likes or parts of the Constitution it likes. The majority of us have also found ourselves on the wrong side of the ruling elite as evidenced by our deficit and no budget for 3 years, not to mention Obamacare which the majority of America did not want and was forced upon us.

  9. The “sophisticate and worldly” traveler referred to the Falkland Islands as the Maldives (which are off the coast of India). The Malvinas are in S. America. When you speak with a fork tongue that is not bi-lingual (particularly if don’t speak fluent Austrian) the tongue is sure to cause lip-lash. ; )

    • The English Embassy, corpse-man, 57 states, intercontinental railroad, “I see many of the fallen heroes in the audience here today as we celebrate Memorial Day”. The hits just keep on coming…

      Maybe the reason he’s hiding his transcripts is because they’ll show just how stupid he really is.

      • Personally I don’t need to see his transcripts.. The past 4 years have proven the lack of knowledge or just plain common sense needed to be a leader.