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Obama Schedule || Monday, April 16, 2012

29 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, April 16, 2012”

          1. Did you see our own “barry hussein” on the stage in columbia with two others showing their countries flags in the backdrop?
            So embarrassed to see our faux president dressed like a bum
            tourist on holiday… barry obambo has no inkling of being presidential … I think its a reflection of how little he values the Office & the Exceptional Country he is supposed to represent.. Hang on America ! Our great national nightmare will hopefully end come November !

  1. Perhaps a word to those who suffered the 100 tornados 97 in Kansas sadly
    5 deaths in Oklahoma. I doubt it he forgot them last time pathetic.

      1. Sad to listen to people standing in front of rubble that was their home
        and be so strong. I have such compassion for these brave souls. I think if anyone deserves a call or visit these people deserve it far more
        than a poor little girl who can’t get $9 Birth Control pills free. Doubt they
        will get one. Very sad:(

      1. Could work against as much as they try to protray us as stupid that we are not. We will remember all those two have done believe me and vote
        accordingly. He won’t have to even think about red states just whatever
        state he retires to probably Hawaii most costly.

    1. Why would he comment this time? The last time there was devastation from tornados/floods/etc in the midwest, he made no comments that I can recall.

  2. PRICELESS – (From the joint Presser with Santos and Obama today)

    Caracol Televisión.

    Q ” President Obama, good afternoon. President Santos, good afternoon, sir. President Obama, you are the first U.S. President who comes to Colombia and stays three days, two nights in this beautiful city of Cartagena. How should Colombia and the world interpret this gesture? Is it an acknowledgment of the levels of security that we have here? Is it a gesture of trust in what President Santos has done? Or can we interpret it as a new phase beginning in the relations between the two countries?”

    If the truth be known – the putz is hiding out!

  3. Yea, Obama needs a day OFF after his busy busy days in Columbia?

    WTF. My husband has worked 6 days a week since this putz came into office. And, we’ve taken ONE vacation. Camping (cheap).

    Yea, but Obama should really run on how out of touch Romney is. yes. Please. It’s a WINNAH.

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    1. Back to Ohio this week. With all the frequent flyer miles he’s racking up to Ohio, he must be really worried about his poll numbers there. Wonder if Biden will be with him to greet the Wounded Warriors on Friday? Maybe he’ll slip them another $50.

      1. Don’t count on any more $$ coming from “joe the schmo”…
        I bet you a shrimp that his liquor bill far exceeds $50 in one week alone.
        He and his wife ( along with other members of the ruling political class) display the same greed which is ruining our country…

    2. Oh gag me! “Continuing the efforts of Obama to recognize sports teams…” It gives him a reason to party and show what a jock wannabe he is.

  5. What day did Miles McPherson interview John McCain and Senator Obama in October of 2008 it was early in the month on a Saturday evening at Saddleback Church of Lake Forrest, Calif. in front of an audience of around 6500 ? televised on The Christian Broadcast Network Worldwide it was the night Miles rejected John McCain and anointed Obama the most important single piece of information ever hidden by the church.

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