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Carney Declines Comment on Secret Service Scandal

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today declined to comment on the scandal embroiling the Secret Service, seeking to maintain the focus of the White House Press corps on President Obama’s trip to Colombia and the Summit of the Americas being held there.

From Carney’s briefing today:

And I would, as I did on issues related to Secret Service personnel, I’d refer you to the Secret Service; for Department of Defense personnel, I would refer you to the Department of Defense.

I think our focus here, the President’s focus continues to be on the meetings he’s having, the tremendous potential that the integration of the economies in the Americas has for expanding American exports, building American businesses and helping create American jobs.  And that has been his principal focus, his sole focus in his meetings here.

The President has had — does have confidence in the Secret Service.  And I think, as Service has said — and I would point you to those reports — that this incident had no impact on the President’s security.

Secret Service members doing advance work for the president’s trip are suspected of cavorting with prostitutes. Eleven of them were sent back to the United States.

50 thoughts on “Carney Declines Comment on Secret Service Scandal”

    1. Carney’s only job seems to be to smack down the press if they ask hard questions. Otherwise, he’s the most clueless, unprepared Press Secretary I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. Makes me miss Baghdad Bob Gibbs ;)

      1. Whats worse is the so-called, elite “WH Press Corps” that allows this dope Carney to ‘not answer’ any ‘real questions’…
        (Mr. Koffler excluded :-)

  1. Just a measure of demoralization due to a lack of leadership in the Oval Office. I’m sure we will see many more instances of this in the upcoming months.

    1. This ties in with the attitudes of government employees, enhanced by that lack of leadership. They are members of the court, though more of the “lowly” court members, not like Congress.
      That GSA situation is only an EXAMPLE of how the gov’t workers have contempt for the taxpayers. If the Repubs had any stones, they would find it in just about every dept., I am sure.

  2. My question is how hard Obama has pressed for excellence in the Secret Service…this is no the first slip-up for them.

  3. What a trip. MrO is getting some whoop-a*s from the other leaders, the S.S. guys were so bored that they planned a hook-up party with some working women and now everybody knows about it.

  4. “…the tremendous potential that the integration of the economies in the Americas…”

    “in·te·gra·tion: 1. the act of combining or adding parts to make a unified whole.”

    Hate to break it to you Skippy, but your boss doesn’t have the constitutional authority to integrate the U.S. economy with any other country.

  5. Prostitution is legal in Columbia. So the SS screwed a few pros, Obama has screwed the entire nation. Which is worse?

    Think drug dogs or US customs search AF One for cocaine? Have you noticed how thin Obama is getting, and the angry outbursts?

  6. Guglielmo 007 Boogliodemus

    What is the problem? I’m sure this has been happening since long before 1776. This falls under the ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ rule.

    This is ginned up to distract from Obama’s abysmal NoKo foreign policy failure. Next phony news story please.

  7. It’s very obvious that “El Presidente” is trying to persuade our South American “partners” to loan him some more deniro to pay off his Union buddies, so he can raise that BILLION dollars for his re-election.

    Hey Jay;
    When overpaid UNION workers quit demanding $60 a hour (example) to perform the same task as people who earn $2 per, then maybe just maybe progress can be made.

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  9. What happens in Vegas (GSA) doesn’t stay in Vegas.
    What happens in Fast and Furious ….
    What happens in Columbia …

    It’s been years (1974) …anyone remember Wilber Mills (D) and Fanne Fox (stripper) naked in the Tidal Basin.

    Remember, what happens in November doesn’t stay in November.

  10. What is there to say? The SS guys were just doing their part to stimulate the economy of our drug dealing neighbors to the South. And, judging from his appearance of late, I bet Obama is also doing his share!

  11. The White House travel staff was staying at the same hotel, hmmmmm?

    Taxpayers are paying the travel, room and meal expenses for all involved, so of course it’s a story. I read that prostitutes are legal, but only at certain hotels/areas ? Why would we be putting Obama’s people in that hotel then?

    Coming after the GSA, this just looks like Obama’s only leading a giant frat house, not a nation.

  12. The administration declined comment because this event does not support or strengthen his agenda. This item of news :

    should also be addressed, but it won’t. Rush Limbaugh was hammered repeatedly but O supporters were let off the hook. Rosen and the head of NOW lambasted Ann Romney who not only raised 6 children but also dealt with cancer and is dealing with MS with style and grace and a smile. This admin wants to dust it off as O did at one of his speeches, flicking imaginary dust off his shoulder.

    To this administration, Americans are merely fleas to be dealt with and done with until they get their way.
    Inept ambassadors, an out of control GSA, TARP misuse, rising unemployment, declining economy, loss of hope, etc are merely annoyances to those in the wh. These things interfere with their campaigning, fundraising, partying, vacationing, jet set, world tour lifestyle.

    here’s a question —– if the O’s made as little as their tax return states — how have they afforded all these luxury vacations?

  13. It was a well known fact in the law enforcement community that when Bill Clinton occupied the Oral Office, he and Hillary treated the Secret Service as their personal servants. They were known to talk down to and abuse agents, acting as though these men and women were nothing more than lackeys.

    Fast forward to Obama and this First Family, and you have much the same mentality. Many of the men and women who serve to protect the Obamas have advance degrees, and have chosen a career of service to their nation. There once was a generation that believed in what JFK said on January 20, 1961, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” To work in the service of this nation was once considered an honor, and was done not for the financial gain that exists today.

    Having done executive protection myself, I know that when your principle is disrespectful or dismissive of you as a person, you have a tendency to bend rules when not on the clock. It’s not an excuse, but a reality. You focus on the job when you are working, no one wants to be known as the person who allowed the principle to get hurt, but off the clock you feel justified in doing whatever you want due to the abuse you get while working.

    While Obama may not be in charge of the SS directly, he is, by his position as POTUS, the de facto leader of the organization. Anyone who has been in the military or law enforcement knows that, if the rank and file do not respect their leaders, there will be problems. I see this entire “prostitution” issue as an example of how the structure of the SS, and the pride the agents have in their job, has begun to crumble and collapse. My only question is: Will Obama decide that the SS agents need to be replaced with military personnel? And if something like that were to happen, how would that bode for the image and future of the office of POTUS?

  14. At first I didn’t think too much of the SS breaking news. But then I saw a pix and article of our Secretary of State Hillary (2 LLs) knocking back a beer and cutting loose on the dance floor in Cartagena. This is the US delegation at an international meeting — prostitution and clubbing. When in Cartagena I guess. And back on the ranch, you have the WH “galas” with the Obama friends, donors and the occasional State visitor to justify expense in attendance, the luxury vacations for the hardworking Michelle Obama, the GSA crowd, and now the SS and the SOS. Party Central from top down. The only thing I cannot figure out is why the potential SS “scandal” is being covered by the mainstream media. Surely this would have been relatively easy to bury for Obama’s Chicago crew.

    1. I first read it on the WaPo Facebook feed. I had to double check the source…lol.

      I hope this is a good sign with our media and Obama will really get his vetting this time around !

  15. It really does come down to respect. The WH has become a Southside ghetto replete with drunken parties, skateboarders, potato sack races, and sweaty workouts in the East room. Obama can’t even control his out-of-control wife – how can he be expected to lead the country! I can’t imagine any Secret Service personnel would lay down their life for one of the Obamas – sheesh!

    As for Hillary, she is the crudest woman in politics. Everyone raves about what a great SOS she is, but name one thing she has accomplished! You have to feel sorry for Bill!

    1. I so agree. The President doesn’t seem to respect the office,so why would the people under him?
      I hope that at least one of these guys to spill the beans on this administration’s dirty little secrets. What do they have to lose at this point?

  16. Secret Service transgressions may have occurred under past presidents but today, the buck stops with Obama. He and his bride have set a sophomoric, low-rent tone for his administration with Barack’s incessant snide and smug, wink-wink comments about the opposition and his wife using the People’s House for her own sweaty-ridden workout space. The entire crowd with which they surround themselves lack the dignity and gravitas of previous administrations. Why is it any surprise that their Secret Service members would relax their standards?

  17. You know, the way Carney keeps redirecting the reporters questions to other groups, could we just replace him with a signpost? It would save a lot of time and we wouldn’t have to listen to him whine.

  18. This is only a fraction as to what has been going on with the Secret Service and their “old boy” network. You should do some digging into the agencies treatment of former employees after their transition into Homelad Security, when there was no oversight of the agency. This agency fired, pulled clearances, and punished agents who they “didnt” like or were legacy’s of former agents that they didnt like. Start peaking under the skirt.. its not pretty and you will find this type of behavior, prostitution, security violations, illegal terminations, abuses of civil rights.. and the list goes on…

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