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Biden Earned $21,000 Last Year From the Secret Service

No, he’s not moonlighting as an agent.

Vice President Joe Biden last year earned $20,900 in rental income from the Secret Service, which is paying him to host agents on his property so they can protect him.

Most high-profile people in need of protection pay people to keep them safe. Government officials are allowed to have taxpayers pick up the tab. Biden is unique in that he actually gets paid by his bodyguards for the right to protect him.

Biden’s tax records list rental income of $20,900 from a “cottage” on is property, which is reportedly being leased by the Secret Service and paid for at a rate that could earn him even more money next year.

Biden took deductions for mortgage interest and taxes that allowed him to report only $12,653 of the amount on his federal tax return.

Of course, the Bidens badly need the money. They only had an adjusted gross income of $379,035 last year. This probably also explains why they gave less than 1.5 percent of their income to charity.

Among the $5,540 in charitable donations were $1,000 to the UN World Food Program; $1,080 to the Northern Virginia Community College Alumni Scholarship Fund; $1,000 to the Diocese of Wilmington; Delaware; $360 to a breast health initiative launched by Dr. Jill Biden; and $50 to the Wounded Warrior Project.

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  1. So? The VP of the US gets SS protection 24/7. The agents have to stay somewhere. Would you all be happier if they rented a residence for the agents somewhere else? If it cost even more than what Biden charges them, would you be criticizing him for NOT providing the cottage on his property for what he is charging them now?

  2. I fixed your tag line for you: “Preserving freedom by publishing partial and misleading information that suits my personal agenda.”

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  4. V.P. Biden is so stupid that he has become a non issue….The election of Obama just high lights the level of “dreamers” that the American Voter has become…Do real thinking people have a clue to the direction that the “Pro-gressive Liberal” wants to change this nation?

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  8. what a blowhard scam artist biden is. biden and obama make a perfect pair. after they “retire” from their government jobs they could go to work for NBC.

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  10. Biden is the typical left wing scum bag, robbing the tax payers blind while he screams about getting higher taxes and more votes bought from his welfare queen constituents. He and the rest of the current administration should be hung for treason. They haven’t a patriotic bone in their miserable bodies.

  11. Keep in mind that Joe is a millionaire. He would have to be in order to have that much income even deducting his salary. Now Joe proclaims loudly that he is a practicing Catholic and every Catholic registered in a parish church is given weekly envelopes to support the finances of that local parish. Then there is a second collection for various missions plus Christmas & Easter donations are expected to be much larger. There are also additional yearly collections such as Peter’s Pence and Catholic Charities. Now I would expect a millionaire to place at least a $20.00 in the 2 weekly envelopes plus Christmas & Easter. Total = $2200. at least. Add in Catholic Charities, etc. – Joe is way off. He’s stingy but another reason not to be using those envelopes – maybe Joe is just not attending Mass and not such a great Catholic as he states. (Well, his stance on abortion alone makes him not a good and practicing Catholic.) He also should reimburse the government all monies above the expense of the cottage. Boy what a stingy blowhard and incredible brain dead jerk. By the way how does Delaware manage to keep a toll booth on a federally funded highway – Route 95 and charge a ridiculous high toll for less than 15 miles of road. Joe, probably?

  12. It would be more logical for him to pay them to protect him. If he doesn’t give them free lodging, they could just stay home, and biden could protect himself.

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  14. I love all the high and mighty with their manufactured umbrage that V.P. Biden
    donated only $50.00 to the Wounded Warriors fund.

    How many of you people donate to ANYTHING. Go ahead, all of you chime in
    that you do. I’m willing to bet 92% of you are lying and just using an excuse to
    make your weak, pitiful vitriolic attacks. Grow up already.

    1. We earned close to Biden’s level and contributed almost $25k. Conservatives have always contributed more than liberals on average. People on the Left are generous with other people’s money.

    2. Hey Ken…I threw more than that in the Salvation Army kettles last Christmas and that was not tax deductable…But then thats not the point is it!

      1. Acutally the IRS requires some sort of record, like a cancelled check for donations under $250. For over $250, they require a statement from the charity. So no, change in the salvation army kettle is not tax deductible, unless the bell ringer is writing you a receipt.

    3. Well, I’m not a 1% and I gave $250 to the Wounde Warriors Project, so I guess I’m one of your 8%ers. Now go f yourself.
      Biden is a cheap, bloviating, blowhard, liar and deserves to be called out on it.
      Why don’t you read how he lied about the poor truck driver who was involved in the traffic accident that killed Biden’s first wife and kid. Biden is one piece of shit.

  15. One question Keith. Since the VP and the Mrs. live on government owned property – – why are we taxpayers paying for the Secret Service to rent his beach home at $2250 per month, regardless of whether he’s there or not?

    Another thing. Did Biden cheat on his taxes by only claiming only $20,900 in rental income when SS records show the taxpayers paid them $2,250 per month for a total of $26,400? Where’s the other $5,500? The IRS sure wouldn’t let one of us get away with under-reporting our income. They would confiscate everything we own and leave us with nothing but the clothes on our back.

    1. Susan, I read somewhere that it’s net of the mortgage on it. As a rental property you get to deduct the expenses associated with it.

  16. What a frugal and generous man Biden is! A thousand clams to his church and fifty clams to Wounded Warriors. How nice of him. How he must struggle in that 1% …so much so that the Occupy Deleware people have him on their free food list. Until recently, the biggest donation he ever gave was a used drum set collecting dust in his basement, left behind by his son. He claimed $600 for that so at least he is trending positive on his giving. By the way, he earned less than half of Obama, but paid a higher percentage of his earnings. Obama used a tax shelter to pull that off. Another example of why we need a new tax code.

    1. He is definitely the Avis of embarrassment in this corrupt and inept administration, so he has to try harder. The Hertz in embarrassment is his pathetic boss. Reminds one of Major Bowles Amateur Hour – not a single competent person in the whole bunch.

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  18. I always find it interesting that people posting on the Internet feel the need to tell others how to spend their own money. Weather it be donating it or buying things.
    Take care of your own money and lets others do the same. It really is not any of our business who and how much he donates to anyone.

    1. It most certainly is our business. You can tell a lot about a man’s or woman’s character by the way they help others and not just help themselves.

      1. When the clown tries to tell all of us how to spend our money and how to live our lives, it damned sure becomes our business. Now go on down to the welfare office an get your check.

    2. It is our business especially with his wife and Mrs. O flying around the country telling us how much they love and support the military. Now we know it’s nothing but photo ops with no substance behind it.

    3. Hey Lee, Bite Me Biden is the one who told us all that it’s patriotic to give more. Bite Me is real generous when it comes to giving out advice so maybe he could practice what he preaches

  19. The $50 to the Wounded Warrior is his attempt to ease his conscious for being a draft dodger. Tightwad yes, and buffoon to boot !

  20. I’m an old woman now so I remember what Biden was known for back in our college days; to me he always will be first a plagiarist, then a cheapskate, liar, bilker of the taxpayer, etc.!

  21. I have an idea.. Why not let Joe Biteme do without? After all he is as dumb as a box of rocks and any enemy would love to see that tool/fool at the helm. Attempt on his person 0%. Ok Sorry I guess a mall rent a cop could be provided, at Biteme’s dime though.

  22. What a bunch of f’ing hypocrites the Liberals are.

    It’s not out of the norm though. Al Bore and his wife Zippy and prominent Libs before the loser Al and multiple Liberal Liers also gave zippo to charities while being a multimillionaires.

    Liberals are a breed that like to tell us peons what to do wit our money while they hoard theirs. They’re all a despicable bunch of sickening humans and not the caring bunch they claim to

  23. 10% of his gross, is over $37,000 and he gives $1000 to the Dicosese. No donations to his church at all?

    People can knock Gov. Romney all the want for him being a wealthy man, but look at what he gives to charity and his church.

        1. Boy, now there is a sure fire way to lose money. However, I think a lot of us would pay them NOT to service us rather than the other way around.

    1. Any house he and O’Blamer are in is a whore house. It’s jut that they are political whores rather than the standard kind.

    2. Smitty, great idea. I’m sure that would be the source of a whole bunch of JOBS and probably the only ones created by the Obama Admin.

  24. Right! And zionist jew bastard traitor scum Drudge loves to push this!

    Biden is renting them a house. He ought to make them find their own accommodations. Personally I’d never rent to a pig – you have to burn the place afterwards to get rid of the smell…

    1. Some people hate Jews even more than they hate Obama. Big Bob, you should have called yourself “Big Boob.” Get a life sh@@ thead. Or maybe you are one of those sharia law believers who would like to see all Jews and Chritians be just like you…stupid and ugly.

      1. You must be just another insignificant liberal. So full of hate. You are in the minority and your days are numbered. Believe me.

  25. “Vice President Joe Biden last year earned $20,900 in rental income from the Secret Service, which is paying him to host agents on his property so they can protect him” LOL I love Democrats! I needed a laugh today, thanks!

    1. So what? Like the government worries about spending money? At least our tax dollars would go to someone who can use them. Like a hotel owner. I’m sure the Biden’s don’t feed them so they have to go out for food anyway.

      1. I’ll assure you that Mrs Dummy doesn’t take them blankets when its cold or ever speak a kind word to them like both Bush First Ladies.

  26. The Republican Party in general and whoever the VP nominee is in particular need to make a TV ad about this and run the crap out of it during the upcoming election cycle.

    They also need to do an ad about the Mooch and the cost of all her vacations, going to Hawaii without O, their lavish parties, his golf, ad nauseum. And run the ads over and over and over.

    1. They could do a video of DB crapping on the police car and have Barry and Mooch voice overs telling how DB is one of their people.

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  29. WOW…$50 to the Wounded Warriors Project. Could you spare it? What a freaking sleaze ball you are Biden! You should be rotting in a cell with that criminal boss of yours. I gave $125 and I don’t make anywhere near you. But I served my country you stupid, rotten cretin and I know how these men and women have suffered for our freedom which you and King Kong would gladly give away. You truly are a gigantic POS.

  30. Secret service is paid by taxpayers. Secret Service gets tax payer money for lodging. Biden pockets it on the side. If Biden had any honor, he wouldn’t charge them a dime to protect his ass. Low class, Low rent and really just criminal, but consistent with this administration.

  31. Does the Secret Service pay airfare to fly on Air Force 2 also? Good grief, you’d think Biden would be grateful enough to taxpayers for the job he’s got and the protection taxpayers provide that he would charge 1$/yr for rent; but no, he’s milking us for everything we have. Out of touch, Joe, out of touch.

  32. Isn’t there a conflict of interest? Should not be having an income from the taxpayers having to pay for his protection and then get another income along side. It may be ok but there is something just ethically wrong

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