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Biden Earned $21,000 Last Year From the Secret Service

No, he’s not moonlighting as an agent.

Vice President Joe Biden last year earned $20,900 in rental income from the Secret Service, which is paying him to host agents on his property so they can protect him.

Most high-profile people in need of protection pay people to keep them safe. Government officials are allowed to have taxpayers pick up the tab. Biden is unique in that he actually gets paid by his bodyguards for the right to protect him.

Biden’s tax records list rental income of $20,900 from a “cottage” on is property, which is reportedly being leased by the Secret Service¬†and paid for at a rate that could earn him even more money next year.

Biden took deductions for mortgage interest and taxes that allowed him to report only $12,653 of the amount on his federal tax return.

Of course, the Bidens badly need the money. They only had an adjusted gross income of $379,035 last year. This probably also explains why they gave less than 1.5 percent of their income to charity.

Among the $5,540 in charitable donations were $1,000 to the UN World Food Program; $1,080 to the Northern Virginia Community College Alumni Scholarship Fund; $1,000 to the Diocese of Wilmington; Delaware; $360 to a breast health initiative launched by Dr. Jill Biden; and $50 to the Wounded Warrior Project.

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  1. Sure was mighty good of Mr. Biden to give the wounded warriors $50. Such generosity should be noted during the campaign.
    What a tightwad.

    1. I was in Palm Beach at The Barrett-Jackson Car Auction and they auctioned-off a fast Cobra for the Wounded Warriors and one man was the high-bid of 500,000.00 for the car that had famous autographs from Stars, Soldiers etc all over it. After the man won the car, he gave it back to be auctioned-off again. After the car was sold the 2nd time (Back to Back) it raised a million dollars. 1,000,200.00. . I gave 100.00 to Wounded Warriors and I have no job and in a wheelchair from a SCI.

      Way to go Joe, your a regular bonus.

      1. Why must any of us support those wounded in body and spirit while fighting for our country when our government spends billions of dollars on phony green-energy cons that only enrich MrObama’s cronys?

        Surely there can’t be one among us who would object to our government spending whatever it costs to provide medical care or on-going support to our wounded warriers and their families.

        1. Excuse me, but you are looking at the issue from a common “liberal” standpoint (I’m not condemning, just explaining…). As a conservative, I gladly give whatever I am able to whatever causes I choose. Doing so, I know the funds are going directly to that cause. By having “the government” (translation: your family and friends) do it, the funds go through a labyrinth of beaurocracy before they reach the intended cause and it’s laden with a host of riduclous restrictions and rules; which leaves only a very small portion of the original amount where it’s needed.

          So, we conservatives are more than happy to dig into our pockets for any charity we choose. Sadly, the liberals are also more than willing to dig into our pockets for the same and route it all through the Fed, so it’s lost or screwed up in the end.

          There endeth the lesson…

          1. Well said, Winston. The “indirect” fees of government largesse are so presumed, they used to require private agencies to operate at a similar level of internal support, when using passed-through government funds…sometimes a good thing, but more often only leading to lost services. It’s also worth noting that as government intervention to “help” increases, private donations decline: almost in direct proportion to an increase in the original problem. Generally, the historic nature of great US philanthropy was always more effective than government aid (some exceptions inlcuded the Great Depression where capital creation literally died in vast sectors)….

          2. “bureaucracy”…I know, picky, picky. But, lessons are lessons, and (conservatives, at least) should edit their comments for spelling and grammar. Your message is great, despite the small errors.

        2. Really are you kidding me. What is wrong with you that you can not see some of these when and woman come home completely broken.
          They don’t have the resources they need. They desperately need our moral, financial and to know how grateful we our for the service to all of us. When was the last time you said thanks to a vet on the street in passing for your freedom.

      2. Matt, God bless you for your generosity and sacrifice that put you in that wheel chair. I just can’t shake the picture of GOOD ‘OL GENEROUS JOE out of my mind as he thoughtfully wrote a check for 50 MISERABLE DOLLARS as the Vice (and I do mean VICE) president of the United States of America! What a “leader”, eh?

        GAH! Can you imagine what kind of man it takes, to slap the wounded vets in the face like that???? Of course, he had to be careful not to appear PATRIOTIC to his loony effing base of dirtbag supporters and miscreants.

        Wait until historical writers and history catch up with him and his Kenyan Comrade boss……And then The Lord gets to have a little “talk” with ‘ol “Joe Bite-me”…….

        Good luck in that “mythical” lake of fire, JOE!

    2. Hate to generalize, but Biden just seems to me to come across as a guy who is tighter than the skin on a grape when it comes to money.

      1. Oh yeah,except when it comes to hair plugs. Except he looks like he got the ‘discount’ rate for a ‘discount job.’ Let’s hope he doesn’t opt for a cheap face lift in the future. He would look like Joan Rivers.

        1. So let me understand this. To Joe Biden, a hair plug is worth more than a wounded veteran. Well, at least he is comfortable with his priorities. The problem is, he should not be in publc service. He would be more suited selling pet insurance to the owners of seeing eye dogs.

    3. Cantcha just hear the conversation? “Joe, we should donate something to the Wounded Warrior Project so people will think we support those icky veterans.” “Great idea Jill. 50 smackeroos oughta buy somebody a brand new wooden leg and show what patriots WE are!!” I truly find it impossible to quantify how low my opinion of my boy Joe is.

    4. Hillary gets $10,000 rent a month from the Secret Service for the use of a small house on her NY property. Coincidentally, her monthly mortgage payment is $10,000.

    5. If the Iraq Dinar revalues like they say it will and you happen to have some then we can help out the wounded vets like they should be helped, right now you can buy about a million Dinar for about $1,200, if it revalues to what it was before the war, you would have over $3,000,000 USD, then you can help who you want to help.

  2. Biden should have, at a minimum, donated ALL of the money from the rent from the Secret Service, being that the Secret Service gets their money from the US taxpayer! ($50 to Wounded Warrior) What a cheapskate! But we all should pay our fair share… what a joke!

      1. Why should he donate anything to a church? Not everybody believes in a church’s agenda, and many people donate nothing at all.

        1. Moral relativism – “Moral relativity is a philosophy that states there is no absolute Right or Wrong, and that anyone can freely use his own conscience to decide what is moral. A moral relativist will not say that theft or murder is wrong, because he believes it is up to the murderer or thief to decide whether his behavior is justified.”

          1. Susan,
            Very well said. My adding that moral relavists are narcissistic in nature as well as sociopathic – thus making them very dangerous people as well.

          2. Aside from the fact that moral relativism is irrelevant to the topic, moral relativism is a flawed from a logical perspective. Although all morality is subjective, behaviors that infringe upon the rights and freedoms of others are the only ones that are unacceptable. Murder or theft leads to the victimization of others – therefore, the opinion of the murder or thief is immaterial – because it is offset by the opinion of the affected victim.

          3. So in other words “jerseygirl_jo” is right, $19.23 IS too complicated for a tight wad like JB to get into an envelope each week. Way to Go Joe!

          4. TucsonDean – when you say “all morality is subjective” in your argument, the only flaw in logic is yours. You mount your argument upon your (subjective) conclusion. You will one day learn that there is indeed objective morality.

            And what Biden does with his money – no church cares.

          5. I saw a spot on TV for Wounded Warrior’s and they all make me cry but this one showed a young girl late 20’s early 30’s long red
            curly hair beautiful then you looked down and she had lost both
            legs from above the knee and was wearing prosthetic limbs. Now
            if that can’t wring more than $50 out of a man who is in a position of possibly sending men and women into harms way then I don’t
            understand mankind.

          6. Like Pelosi, et al, he announces himself Catholic only as a political advantage. His party platform violates almost all the religious tenants of the Catholic Church, and almost all other Christian Religions as well. Why would this one tenant be different ?

        2. Yea who needs church’s. Let the vacuum babies run wild. Who needs morals and discipline? Who needs to feed the homeless and offer hope to those in need?

          1. Public school teachers are way more likely to be child molesters according to stats from the DOJ. Are you against being forced to have your tax dollars spent on public schools?

  3. Keep up the good work Keith. The American people deserve to know about this info that they otherwise would not hear reported or have time to research on their own. Kudos!

      1. I have connections in Delaware and I heard about this story about a month ago…
        Biden hangs out in Delaware every few weekends. Ive seen AF2 parked at the Air National Guard base @ New Castle Airport and every once inawhile you see a Presidential helo followed by some other Blackhawks.

  4. Somehow the VP benefiting from protection provided by the secret service doesn’t feel, taste or smell right. I suppose the agents would have to be housed elsewhere at taxpayers expense anyway. The issue is whether the VP could lease the cottage on his property for the same dollar amount he is receiving from the taxpayers to house the agents.

    1. remember these are the people who want to take away the tax credits from the oil companies that were put there to increase production and lower prices. Of course, that would raise prices so they could then complain about the evil rapacious oil companies. As the Bible says… all things work together for good, the good of the party and the administration. Or something like that.

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  6. Instead of making noise about how they should change the tax laws so “people like me” would pay more…how about just not charging the men who protect you tens of thousands of dollars in RENT for the spot they sit on while risking their lives for him? What’s that line liberals like to quote from the McCarthy hearings? “Have you no shame?”


      1. How.Smart — that is one heckuva dumb statement. First of all, McCarthy and the Red Scare are a prominent part of American history, and a high-school freshman ought to be at least somewhat “in the know” on the subject.

        Secondly, if a person is old, what of it? Good for them. Maybe they know something you don’t (and it’s a sure bet that anybody you care to mention does). What makes you discount our elders so readily?

        1. RoccoRollo, Take it easy on poor little “How Smart”! LOL! They don’t get into American history until AFTER 3rd grade, so it’s easy to understand how the poor little generation Z occupier could be wowed by a reference to the NINETEEN FIFTIES! LOL!

    1. What, shame??? Hey this is Joe Biden we’re talking about. He doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. The BIGGEST FOOL in Washington!

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  8. lol@ giving $1000 at Church… The Bidens are what are called “Devine Tippers” and I’ll bet if asked the Almighty would say “Keep your chump change Joe”.

  9. For some reason I don’t have a problem with this. I agree with Mike N. that it would be far less hypocritical of the VP to have donated all of the proceeds to charity, but prorated over the course of a year the $20,900 figure works out to $1,741.00 per month, which doesn’t sound unreasonable. Besides, as a capitalist, I believe that he has a right to earn money.

    As for only donating $50.00 to the Wounded Warrior Project, I believe it is the height of hypocrisy given that he is always going on about how Republicans don’t care about our veterans. But let’s face it, politicians on both sides of the isle are hypocrites, and “we, the people,” keep voting for them.

    1. It is $1,741 per month for a cottage in the back of HIS house for HIS protection. While the amount is not alot for D.C., you can get a huge place for that price in Delaware. VP Biden will probably charge the Secret Service breathing fee if he could. No wonder there are discipline issues in the Secret Service and GSA (and god knows how many other agencies), our top bosses are scamming our tax dollars.

      1. That’s $4 less than my Social Security payment per month. Truth be known, I am probably much happier than Joe Biden Time til he’s kicking cans down the road.

      2. Er, I thought the VP was provided government housing at the Naval Observatory in D.C. …. so was this rent for secret service “housing” there, or is it for “housing” at his home in Delaware? If it is for his pesonal home in Delaware, then the daily cost is actually much greater than your analysis as he does not actually reside there for much of the year. What a freaking ingrate!

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  11. You all sure are quick to judge. He SHOULD do this. He SHOULD do that. If he’s making THAT much, he SHOULD give this or that.

    Are you all a bunch of liberals or something? The guy is an American citizen, and is entitled to give or not give to any cause he chooses. As the Vice President, he is entitled to protection by the Secret Service, and if they set up a deal where the US Government is using his property, I don’t see why he shouldn’t be entitled to rent regardless of the purpose of the rental use.

    Political differences aside, be reasonable folks. If you aren’t going to respect the man, at least respect the office.

    1. Hey Jonny…He and that entire socialist rats-nest (from pelosi on up) forced the disaster called national healthcare down our throats. Believe me, most Americans do not respect that fool. Unfortunately he holds the office right now.

    2. The difference is his taxes are going to be made public so they are a PR statement as well as a federal return. He shouldn’t put his discover cash back charity donations on his 1040, it just makes him look cheap. And really so does anything under 5%. Particularly for a member of the 1%.

    3. John D, it is the hypocrisy to which we object. True, I wouldn’t care two wits if he gave zero except he runs around the country sneering at us calling us greedy and other nasty things. But the left is always like that. Do as I force not as do.

  12. These two “great Americans” gave 20% more in donations to the UN than they did to the Wounded Warrior Project? That is truly sad. Our charitable donations were considerably lower too, but living on a fixed income there isn’t much left after the bills are paid. Food and energy inflation has eaten away what was once our disposable income.

    I, for one, can hardly wait for the nightmare of the last four years to end. Bush was no piker when it came to deficit spending on his watch, but this totalitarian has managed to spend more than all of our US presidents combined. If the next president doesn’t make drastic changes to the role of government in our lives, I don’t see us surviving as a free nation much longer.

    1. YOUR personal opinion regarding the relative value of the UN vs. wounded veterans is noted. And your comment that the president has spent more than all other prior presidents combined is just wrong, by the way. The ten trillion in debt that existed before he was even elected is, in fact, MORE than the 6 trillion he has spent.

      1. OK, point taken. He has “ONLY spent 60% of what all the previous presidents have spent. He’s so thrifty he must be a Scottish

      2. There you go with that moral relativism again. Okay so he inherited $10 Trillion in debt and only spent $6 Trillion more? In less than 4 years? Bush is responsible for $4 Trillion in debt over his 8 years in office. Your hero has indeed spent more than any other president in history, with the exception of Bush who I did point out was no piker when it came to spending.

        1. Additionally, Bush was fighting two major wars, it cost more money to fight a war than withdrawal, the Defense Budget needed more money to protect the service members for those eight years.

          Not to mention major Natural disasters that the government spent saving lives under Bush. Obama only had one natural disaster, Gulf oil spill, which they are charging BP for the cost.

  13. Isn’t Biden living at a government owned property? I drove by it a couple of years ago, and I understood that it was not his personal property.

  14. Keith, why don’t you just tell it the way it really is? Biden did NOT earn $21K from the Secret Service. The Secret Service does not earn money to spend on anything, including Biden. Biden TOOK the TAXPAYERS for $21K!
    It should be put in huge block letters that Biden, taking $21K from the taxpayers via the Secret Service, gave to charity a measley 1.5% which included a whopping $50 to the Wounded Warrior Project. He thinks nothing of sending young men and women to get killed and maimed for political aims and can only support them with the grand total of $50. The Wounded Warrior Project should send it back and say “Thanks but no thanks.”

  15. Extremely unimportant “news.” I won’t bother to read the article, just the headline. His Secret Service earnings have been reported before. Nothing wrong with it: a non-story. He doesn’t deserve a break, but this is beating a dead horse.

    Joe Biden is undoubtedly the dumbest, most self-absorbed VP in my lifetime — even worse than Dan Quayle was presumed to be. Probably the cheapest, too. I have spare e-mail addresses that make fun of him: Plugs Biden, Hairplugs Joe, etc. His income from the Secret Service is totally legitimate.

    Yes, it would be nice if Biden donated more of his earnings to charity. But I refuse to be the pot calling the kettle black.

      1. My one-liner was intended to be a throwaway gag. After an attack, I feel forced to clarify.

        You have trouble with reading comprehension, don’t you, Dave? I made it perfectly clear that I hadn’t read Koffler’s article. (I hadn’t, but I have now.) I was unaware when I commented just how much Biden gives to charity. From the headline, it was clear that that the focus of the article would be on what Biden received from renting his property to the Secret Service. No harm, no foul, no issue. It’s been reported before; it was, as I said, beating a dead horse. That’s just the sort of thing capitalists do.

        As for Biden’s charitable donations, I recalled from past criticisms of him that he’s a real cheapskate. I seem to remember that his donations one year were only about $300 to $400, but I might be wrong. (“An average of $369 a year to charity during the past decade.”)

        I didn’t say how much I give to charity, but it’s considerably less than a 10% tithe to my church: I give much, much less than I did before I retired, back when I was employed and getting a regular paycheck. I don’t feel the least bit guilty about what we give to charity these days: we gave plenty when we could. On balance, between what we gave in cash and time, I’d say our contributions to charity and public service are greater than those of 80% of the population — maybe even 90% or more.

        So, Dave, o critical one, impress us with how generous YOU are? Serving food at a shelter on Thanksgiving Day isn’t much to crow about.

  16. He keeps babbling about jacking everyone else’s taxes through the roof, and he is claiming deductions? Shouldn’t he be sending in EXTRA?

    1. That “extra” applies to us not them. And what about obama? Where’s his extra? And look at Buffett…(the Buffett rule) LOL! He owes the IRS back taxes!

      1. The president just released his tax returns. Between taxes and charitable doinations of arounf $170,000, he gave away 42% of his income. How much did you contribute?

        1. Thanks to the President’s obsession with redistribution of income via taxes and grants we ALL pay 42% of our income. Nice trick combining taxes and charitable donations to spin your point.

          1. That is adjusted income. How much was he about to deduct before the adjusted income? $48,000 tax shelter from their daughters? His 2010 income was over $5 mil, either he is finding many tax loop holes or no one else is buying his “I dream of my father” the Islamist and whatever his second book was.

    1. Joe must think his income (taxpayers money) was dividend income (cause he is not doing a whole lot and getting paid from his “effort” during the campaign), so it is not subject to the higher 10% tithing rate. If they were good christian, they might come up with the Jesus rule too.

  17. I say if the sob wants Secret Service protection, he ought to be paying them, otherwise, they ought to camp out a few miles away.

  18. Typical liberal hypocrite. Where are all the donations to first responders? My recollection is that he was quite concerned with them being underfunded when he spoke to the unions. First class D-bag.

  19. This guy is ripping off the tax payer, but you can bet he thinks YOU should pay more taxes. Typical democrat politician.

  20. I wonder if he could afford the $50.00 to Wounded Warriors. Biden seems to be anti-military (to my thinking) and so I can understand this pittance he threw at the Warriors. Biden actually is a nut case who should be over on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake growing potatoes or whatever they grow over there and certainly not VP.

  21. Apropos of nothing, I’m personally wondering what Obama, an admitted crack smoker, is doing in Cartagena, Columbia today. Do they give out free samples?

  22. It is always the Democrats. Anything mad, sad, or bad. This is outrageous, but should we be surprised?

    Biden gets away with all sorts of unbelievable activity.

    Carter refused to let the Secret Service stay in a trailer on his property outside of Plains. They had to stay in town, ten miles away. And so disdainful of our safety was he, that they had to keep the “nuclear umbrella” with them – the means to respond immediately to an attack on us.

    So an emergency, drive ten miles to Plains.

    LIttle known: Just like the Clintons, the Carters trashed the White House when they moved out. The Reagans arrived to find a mess. Overturned desks, trash everywhere, files dumped. However, unlike the Clintons, the Carters did not steal artifacts belonging the the American people.

    Both the Carters and the Clintons were disdainful toward the people who protected them, including both the F.B.I. and the Secret Service. Even the beloved Chjelsea, a mere child, was allowed to be rude and unpleasant, according to a book wqritten by a former F.B.I. agent.
    Unlike Clinton, however, Carter did not sneak out of the WH in the night, without his SS agents, to scurry off to have sex with his latest bimbo.

    I cannot wait to see what the Chicago thugs do when they move out of the WH.

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  24. $50 to the wounded warrior project. I donated 4X that amount, and I make one quarter of his income, and don’t get public assistance housing like he does either. Biden is a joke, buffoon, and…

  25. Biden and his ilk play by a different set of rules; i.e, Kerry stores his boat in another State to avoid taxes. Hilliary Clinton and Barney Frank are notoriously cheap tippers. Hundreds of other examples I will not bother to mention here. “Do as I say, not as I do” is their mantra.

  26. This is why the Secret Service doesn’t have enough money to pay their Columbian prostitutes — they paid the money to Biden for “rent” !

  27. Maybe it’s this “little cottage” of Biden’s that the Secret Service is taking the prostitutes that the world is just now learning about.

    Yeah, now we know just what type of “service” is really “secret”…

    1. Joseph Hooker is going to be very happy, maybe now people will no longer call prostitutes “Hooker”, they can call them “Bamas”.

  28. Re Edy Faylor’s comment:

    Yes, the Vice-President has an official government-owned residence. It’s a mansion on the grounds of the Naval Observatory on Massachusetts Avenue (at 34th St.) in D.C. This has been the case since 1974. Before then, Veeps had fend for themselves for their housing.

  29. So everyone demanded Romney’s tax filing to show how rich he is. Then they discovered that unlike the Dems who talk big about tax me more so I can pay my fair share yet, give nothing to charity, that Romney gave $8 MILLION to charity last year. Tell me again Joe & Barack why we should all be subject to the “Buffet Tax”. Start walking the walk before trying to tell us how to live.

  30. Biden is obviously “rich” per Obama and even himself. Stunning hypocrisy when they “protect” their own income with deductions and shelters. To HeLL with them both.

    1. I googled Biden’s house in Delaware. Zillow says its worth about 1.3 million. Not that theres anything wrong with that, after all this is America. But for those people to condemn the rich the way they do is beyond hypocrisy. Its sickening! Can’t wait until this entire administration is history.

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  32. Biden is a real POS. What a loser. Biden has blown every dime he’sever made… on himself.

    Loser Joe, if you could make money sticking your foot in your mouth you would make your boss’ boss, Soros, look like a panhandler.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. You leave a bad waiter a penny just so they know you didn’t forget and they know their service sucked.

      $50 to WWP is saying I didn’t forget, I’m just spitting in your face.

      Note: On Bidens tax returns the year of 9/11 and the year after. Biden did’t give a cent to any 9/11 charity or rebuilding effort. When most every American gave something, even if it was a few dollars.

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