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Obama’s Misuse of Power in the Zimmerman Case

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have inappropriately waded into the case against George Zimmerman. While the effects are unclear, the misuse of executive power is unmistakable.

We don’t know if Zimmerman is guilty of a crime, though he may be, and if he is he should be punished. We do know that the Obama administration has sought to influence whether he would be charged, and that it might have succeeded.

Here’s what the Special Prosecutor Angela Corey, who is charging Zimmerman with second degree murder in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, said yesterday.

We don’t prosecute by public pressure or petition. We prosecute cases on the relevant facts of each case and on the laws of the state of Florida.


Now, put yourself in her shoes. You are deciding whether to prosecute. The President of the United States of America has already said that the victim looks like he could be his son. Obama just had Al Sharpton over to the White House to attend the Easter Prayer Breakfast. Sharpton is the chief instigator of the threats of riots and boycotts of the Florida city of Sanford, where the shooting occurred, if charges are not brought against Zimmerman.

Now, tell me the pressure is not going to affect your decision.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Wednesday already inadvertently acknowledged that Obama had been out of line, saying that there would be no further comment because there is an investigation. Said Carney:

I certainly don’t expect you’ll hear from him about an ongoing investigation or — both at the state and federal level.

But there was an “ongoing investigation,” at least at the state level, when Obama expressed sympathy for Martin. Why would in be appropriate for Obama to comment then?

What’s more, the federal investigators who are looking into whether a civil rights crime occurred got their marching orders Wednesday when Attorney General Eric Holder appeared before Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and said:

I know that many of you are greatly — and rightly — concerned about the recent shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a young man whose future has been lost to the ages.

And he said of Sharpton:

(Thank you) for your partnership, your friendship, and your tireless efforts to speak out for the voiceless, to stand up for the powerless, and to shine a light on the problems we must solve, and the promises we must fulfill.

Now, imagine you are a Justice Department civil rights lawyer deciding whether to press federal charges against Zimmerman. What do you think the boss wants you to do?

51 Responses to Obama’s Misuse of Power in the Zimmerman Case

  1. There is a video of a White man being attacked and stripped by a gang of Blacks in Baltimore. It was shocking to watch. What was more frightening was the 3,000+ angry comments following that video.
    Every post on the internet about the Zimmerman/Martin incident have the same angry response, including the last posted here.

    There is a White backlash that trancends a single incident of a Black/White altercation. They angry commenters blame MrObama and DOJHolder for their biased support of Blacks that allows them to commit crimes without fear of arrest. If the Dems were aiming for a “white guilt” pity they missed by a mile.
    They see MrO as the Black President now, not the President of all of us.

    • I saw that, it was horrifying to watch. But do we hear any outrage, just crickets. I’m so sick of being called a racist when THEY are the racists.

      • I think it is so funny how people seriously find EVERYWAY to justify the fact that this 17 year old boy is NO LONGER living and it’s becasue, (as clearly stated in the police report) he was BLACK and wearing a HOODY …. im black …. I wear a hoody about once a month … and I too have family that live in gated communties as do I. Does that mean if someone in my community or my families community feel threatened am I the next target? I mean I fit all the criteria… RIGHT? STOP MAKING IT SEEM LIKE RACIAL PROFILING DOES NOT EXIST BECAUSE IT DOES. But, the race TO ME is not the issue and I WISHHHH everyone rather your white, black, hispanic, chinese, japanese etc.. would realize that. You say “” THEY “” as if we are not all human and a “THEM”. Look at the facts of the case not what color the victoms are. FACT: Zimmerman was SELF APPOINTED neighborhood watch captain meaning he took it upon himself which he shouldnt have FACT: Zimmerman was asked NOT to persue the “suspect” FACT: Zimmerman weighed WAY more then Travon so how could he POSSIBLE have been bashing his head into the ground giving him a broken noise or what ever he said FACT: The cries for help were from Travon (clearly stated in the police calls from 3 of the witnesses) FACT: The police did not speak to the little boy walking his dog until about a week later .. WHY? FACT: Trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend (or a lady friend) and said someone was following him and was walking up on him … Would you not be startled if that was you?
        I could really go on and on to talk about the video and everything else that doesnt add up, but there would be no need. Why Zimmerman REALLY shot this boy NO ONE KNOWS Zimmerman’s word CANT be trusted and noone else was REALLY there but if you look at ALL facts you will CLEARLY see that this man is GUILTY.

    • You are spot on srdem. It is almost like a white rage has been unleashed. Maybe it is the anonymity of the internet that allows the expression of anger and resentment at the political correctness and affirmative action that has plagued most every person in their educational and work place environment. When we see the double standards in our justice system it is the last straw. In my opinion Obama has outed himself and his DOJ as nothing more than race hustlers in the same vein as the “Revs” Jackson & Sharpton.

      • And dont forget the “rev” wright who is going about his business of
        promoting his unique brand of hatred for any one who is’nt black or muslim..
        Speaking with a close friend recently (who is latino) and he shared how his community is becoming more & more skeptical of barry hussein as his racist/socialist/muslim colors are coming to the surface…

      • Agreed. The goal was to stir things up…on both sides. And they have succeeded.

        It’s going to be a long six months until the election.

        • It will be long, certainly. I just hope it’s not as bloody as I foresee it getting.

          The prosecutor has gone for the whole enchilada on this, murder two, and it’s not going to stick. At all. Never mind Stand Your Ground: if Zimmerman can demonstrate in court that he was in a position where he sincerely believed that it was him or Martin, it could end up being a straight-up self-defense case.

          I didn’t like this movie twenty years ago when it starred Rodney King, and I don’t like it any better today. In King’s case, all the media showed was the most incriminating parts of the tape, over and over and over. But once it got into court–where the jury had to be shown ALL the facts, and not just the convenient facts the media wanted the world to see–none of the officers were convicted.

          The resulting mayhem cost 53 human beings their lives. Thousands more were injured, and the damage to Los Angeles was either near or in ten figures depending on whom you ask.

          Given the history of drive-by media convictions being overturned on appeal to actual courts of law, I would bet right now that Zimmerman walks. And while I pray I’m wrong, I suspect the riots from the acquittal will ultimately be national in scope.

        • yes, stir things up to re-activate the base.
          I believe I heard more than once that the “special prosecutor” is not too shy about hiding ambitions for higher office. Wonder how she will play this, since if that is the case, it will all be political, ala everything Obama does.

  2. If their intent is to start a race war, they”re doing one hell of a job.

    OT: Have you seen the new 1$ coin? They have removed “In God we Trust”…what’s next?

  3. Oh, yes, this is a scrambled CF now–no fairness is obtainable for either side. Way to go, leaders! The most exercise we get in this country is jumping to conclusions–does it burn calories? Would have to ask you know whom. Our no-talent cartoonist had Trayvon’s body in a Pieta-like pose across the lap of Justice. I just shook my head.

    • Just like the photo of him in the hoodie which has been shown ad nauseam…I swear it’s been lightened to make him look almost angelic.

  4. They might as well skip the trial. The racists are out for blood. Obama has revived the days of Rosa Parks and Kent State – erasing 40 years of relative calm.

    There’s an attitude out there that I have never seen before – a certain defiance. I remember the day after the election, I was driving down a quiet residential street when a young black woman suddenly darted in front of my car – from out of nowhere. I jammed on the brakes and waited for her to pass. Instead, she stopped and stood directly in front of my car with her arms folded in anger and yelled at me – “Get out of my way, Honkie”! She laughed and gave me her extended middle finger!

    As I drove on, I thought to myself – ‘we’re in for a heap of trouble’. Little did I know if would originate with the newly inaugurated first black president!

    • I’ve noticed a lot more direct hatred too. Nasty looks, snubbing, ignoring when checking out. But then the nice young man who took my groceries to my car (he insisted he needed to get outside cause I don’t normally have them to do it) was just super chatty and nice.

      I know it’s not all of them, I don’t like being called a racist, but man it’s getting scary out there.

  5. I don’t recall in past history that any president inserted himself into the middle of ongoing investigations like Obama has done. It just isn’t professional and certainly not Presidential.

    • Right on, Granny. I’m in my 70’s and I don’t EVER remember a president commenting on an-ongoing case in any state or federal case. Just another reason for someone (Are you listening Congress and Senate?) to let Obama know that he is NOT a dictator and he should keep his comments to himself, otherwise he needs to be charged with obstructing justice. AND, JUSTICE IS WHAT THE JURY OR JUDGE SAYS IT IS!
      THE ZIMMERMAN JURY HAS SPOKEN, LIKE IT OR NOT. And, to charge Zimmerman with a Federal crime now would be total double jeopardy (not allowed by our constitution, even if the empty heads in Washington have managed to do this from time to time and get away with it).

  6. Trayvon’s parents said last night that “all they wanted was an arrest.” Let’s see how that narrative changes when Zimmerman is acquitted.

  7. Florida 275 electoral votes.

    The rhetoric, the rage, the intrusion into a crime (?) in a state has never been about either Martin or Zimmerman – it’s always been about the election.

    New York 314 electoral votes.

    Why would Bloomberg the bloomin’ idiot comment about gun control/stand your ground laws?

    See the pattern? Stay tuned, election season Chicago style has begun and remember, Obama said “we need a citizen army”. Betcha ya you didn’t know he meant the Black Panthers.

    • Sadly you are absolutely right Sadie. Had a hint it was the Black Panthers when Holder dismissed the slam dunk case against two of them who were intimidating voters in Philly during the 2008 election. Then there was the time Black Panther leader, Malik Shabazz, showed up on the WH visitor log. Yep, they are trying to bring their race war to fruition. Not so sure it’s gonna work because Americans are on to them…

  8. “And we thought voting w/o proper ID was our big problem.” It is even a bigger problem now. I was an active, lifelong, now fallen away faithful Dem. My ’08 Dem caucus was packed with people I had never seen before, who took over the meeting as Big ‘O’, and all his issues, supporters. Unless legitimate voters control the election, we will have 4 more of the same. They plan to “stuff the ballot boxes”, have no doubts, they do not support a “democratic” process.

  9. I’m getting so tired of the Obama, Holder, crew. I read about the Holder/Sharpton get together over Easter but missed the Obama tie in. Great article examining how the JD might feel considering the 2 events. I never thought in a million years we’d have a racist president even though the fact were apparent before the election. Too bad the media ignored the Rev. Wright association and even his own excerpts from his books. I’ll be glad when this whole thing is over, hopefully this November…

  10. Welcome to the dog and pony show. ALL EVIDENCE should be allowed to show the character of both. Sorry trevon was the glorified young man all want to see. He has a closet full of skeletons which are relavent to the case. No we don’t want everyone to hear both sides just perpetuate the stereotypical White racist mentality. Frankly I’m tired of hearing, you want racism gone the shine the real light on crime and make everyone see the real truths not just what you want them to see.

  11. I’ve been trying to figure out something good to say about the Black Panthers but after 30 years I still have nothing.

    Hate is a powerful emotion. Hate filled people, regardless of color, race, or gender are just feeding hate. Think about that for a moment. Haters breed haters until the end of time.

    People like Sharpton and his ilk are an example of the worst among us. I personally will ignore their ignorant statements. What you do is your business. YMMV.

    • You stupid, not all of us is like that we all are god people and have you ever was spray with water hose on the side of the street. was u ever was told to get back of the bus. white was kill for helping black and people like you are the reason why some black is like this.GET A LIFE.god bless you and you hated for blacks you are no different.

  12. Obama and the dept of justice needs to stay out of the judicial process. there was no profiling here and it was clearly an act of self defense. If anyone questions that why didn’t TM run home in those 4 min instead of confronting GZ. Case over move on with life. I feel bad for the TM family but bad things do happen in this world. Its called life.

  13. Your questionnaire on whether Obama is the worse president every or whether or not he should be impeached leave a LOT out. Your questions (or lack of good questions) push people into the narrow slot you want them to go through; but, not where they should go or where the truth lies.

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