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Mittens Loves His Missouri Fox Trotter

Saddle up the ponies dahling, we’re going riding!

This is a video provided to Gawker by a Fox “mole,” who has since been outed.

All I can say is, when I go riding, I very much love a horse who’s easy on the rump. But please, not a quarter horse. I want THE WHOLE HORSE, thank you very much.

Yikes. What a crew these Republicans were. One wants to reintroduce child labor and thinks he’s being paid millions of dollars to be a historian, the other is pondering Satan’s role in Congress and vomiting on JFK speeches, and this one tries to look regular-guy in Dockers while secretly pining for his favorite mare.


The class warfare crowd should have fun with this.

I will say, it’s nice to see Romney with his hair down . . . metaphorically. Comes off more natural-like when talking about the horsies.

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  1. Romney comes across much better off camera and Ann Romney rides horses because she found it helped her multiple sclerosis. Isn’t this the video that the now fired Fox mole gave to Gwacker?

    All these attacks on Ann Romney from Hilary Rosen and Obama’s calling the Buffet rule the Reagan rule just unite Republicans against Obama. Fires up our base.

    • Yes, and yes and YES. That attack on Ann needs to be repeated again and again.

      And, I find it totally ironic that the left will attack a SAH mom for being out of touch, etc, whatever that *itch said (sorry Keith) – how about they try that line of attack on women who’ve lived on welfare and never held a job? That THEY don’t understand the issues women face.

      Yea, I think not.

      Many (many, myself included) know how HARD it is when you’ve got one income, and this line of attack is very revealing. For how they feel about women who choose family and home over a career.

      • It certainly contradicts Michelle Obama’s Support Military Families campaign as MOST of us were SAHM’s which was pretty much our choice for marrying a military man.

        MO has never walked in the shoes of a military spouse nor does she know what it feels like when she spouted “sometimes Barack isn’t home for dinner either”. Speak about out of touch, grrrrrrr.

    • Just heard on Fox where Hillary Rosen has visited the WH 35 times as opposed to the 9 visits made by Gen. Petraus. Hmmm….how demonstrative of what Obama considers important to the operation of his administration. Also heard on Rush that this lady works for the Mao enthusiast Anita Dunn in her PR business. They were hired by the DNC to take the edge off Debbie Wasserman-Shultz. Another big fail for the left.

  2. Am I missing something? My sister owns horses as do a couple of ex-girlfriends and none of them are what I would call wealthy. My fiancee is a horse fanatic and we’ll probably have to get her one someday. I prefer Tennessee Walkers and other gaited horses when riding. I really fail to see the problem with this. His wife likes horses and rides them for relaxation. Is that any different from me taking my kayak out for relaxation?

    • I have a relative who owns horses and she is not wealthy, but she loves horses. She also does most of her shopping at thrift stores and cuts coupons.

    • You need to be better informed. You could look at this site:

      This is typical, but not all there is to the torture. I have seen what happens to a show horse with a broken tail, when the brace came off while it was healing, got infected and the horse was left in agony because he was in such pain he was moving around so fast to try to run away from it, which is a natural instinct, and the tail got infected and he had to be put down. That’s just ONE example. No horse would choose to be treated the way these beautiful animals are. If you like animals, you don’t want them to suffer.

  3. This was the best the mole got? Wow. He needs a new line of work. The fact that Ann and Mitt know and ride horses has just brought all of Texas and the West on board.

    And I loved that he didn’t spend a bunch on a hotel and would rather save it for more important things. Darn, now the left has the secret to wealth accumulation.

    • Yep, I noticed that too. Stays at a cheaper hotel! Did Obama ever do that? Or Michelle during all her lavish vacations?
      I say in comparison to the Royal Leaders we’ve had the past three years, this isn’t going to get any traction.

      • I noticed that too. He comes across a responsible, thrifty ,natural man. I think that this leaked video is very much to his advantage.

        • Too bad Keith Koffler totally misrepresented this entire video tape exchange, which was secretly taped. It just shows that Mitt Romney has nothing to hide and he seems like a very approachable man.

  4. I live in an area of Michigan where lots of people have horses – it’s not a rich thing, it’s a country thing. People who are not RICH by any standard, and many of them are hurting as well. Horses have been abandoned – and you can get them for a song because because can’t pay for their food anymore. These leftests in NY, etc, need to get our more and see what folks in the fly-over states are like. They like their guns, their horses, their ATV … duh.

    I say this is a mole FAIL.

    • My sister blames a lot of the problem of horse abandonment on the federal government banning the use of horses for animal food. It used to be that old horses could be sold and slaughtered for dog and cat food, but since the ban they’re now just abandoned. And which is ultimately worse and less humane?

  5. Keith, do you really think he looks bad in this video ?
    On the contrary, I think. He is charming. And I like that hobby, horseriding. Is it really considered snobbish in the US ? I thought Obamas hobby, golf, was more on that side. My daughter was very much into horseriding when she grew up so I have seen what a great, wholesome and wonderful hobby it is. You learn discipline and responsibility and to care about an animal. So, when I hear that a person is involved in horses I presume that he/she has learned valuable lessons in life.

    • SO disappointing that Keith Koffler would play the class warfare card with this story. And Mitt even explained why he is staying at a cheaper hotel! That statement gives me assurance that if I donate to Mitt Romney’s campaign, my money will be used wisely.

  6. Watching that video actually makes me like the guy. He is a lot more personable than I thought he was. There are a lot of ranches here in Central Texas and most all of them have horses. If that video is supposed to make people like me think the Romney’s are rich snobs, it was a big fail.

      • What about the Obama’s sweet land deal with Tony Rezko? What about Michelle’s 300K-plus-a-year hospital administration job that was seemingly created just for her? What about the money made from Obama’s book that he did not entirely write (google Jack Cashill)? Did you know that brisk book sales lifted President Obama’s income to $5.5 million in his first year in office? And because Romney rides “horsies” it is considered a snobbish “NIGHTmare” by the author of this blog?

    • Just because I like the guy personally doesn’t mean I’ve converted to a Romney devotee. I still want him to break down that 50-something point plan he came up with and tell me what he has planned for my family’s future. Still have a trust issue with him.

  7. Whoa! Horses still have the right-of-way out here in fly-over Arizona.
    We like horses here.

    Ordinary people own horses, not just the wealthy.

  8. If you saw the interview Ann Romney did with fellow MS victim, Neil Cavuto, you might understand why she is an avid rider. MS is a debilitating disease and, according to Ann, horseback ridiing is the only thing that revives her physically and spiritually. She mentioned that she sometimes brings the horses with her on the campaign trail when she is away for weeks at a time.

    Compare and contrast the lifestyle of the current occuants of the WH,.,.and I will take the clean living of the Romney’s any day!

    • Keith Koffler has issues, today…very disappointing. I think my time with this web site has been a waste. You think you know someone well, and then Keith launches an unwarranted attack on a man who likes to ride a horse? Hello? Obama likes to ride Air Force One and his fortified limos and his armored bus. Horses get a lot more miles to the gallon.

  9. “Ordinary people own horses, not just the wealthy.” srdem65

    Yes, I can vouch for that! We have owned quarterhorses since our kids were in first grade – it kept them out of trouble and taught them invaluable lessons about responsibility. For me, It all started with Elizabeth Taylor and National Velvet, lol!

  10. My family was not wealthy and we owned multiple horses. That really is kind of funny that it is used as a wealth barometer.

    Sounds like the lefties are stretching for anything they can find.

    • It’s not a strting of polo ponies…and even if it were, so what–it’s his money. And now if women don’t work, it’s somehow bad? My mother worked six months as a teacher–so what… My sister had a 15-yr break in service for the kids. Jeez, get a problem.

  11. Giddy-up, Keith Koffler…Keith, Keith, Keith – and I had such hopes that you were an “in-touch” reporter, but your blog on the Romney-Hannity invasion of privacy tape (no mention of spying by you) shows a side of Romney that I really like. Are you just one more of these disgruntled conservatives who doesn’t get your political way so you throw a hissy-fit? Why did you write the Politico article on Romney, then? Who are you, Keith Koffler? You are disappointing today. Man…I had such high hopes for you, but now you are exposed…how dare you refer to Mitt Romney as “Mittens.” Please tell us why, Keith. Do you want 4 more years of Obama to keep your web site popular?

  12. Yeah, Ann stayed home and raised five great kids while, at the same time, half of Obama’s constituency in ChiTown stay home and collect welfare while their kids are out killing each other!

  13. Keith, how would you like to now have the nickname, “Keith Kerfuffle?” You call Romney “Mittens” and do not even address the fact that his private conversation (which was very normal and revealed a sweet side of Romney) was secretly taped? Seriously, Keith, are you okay today? Are you on vacation and your intern is posting under your name? What is going on?
    Kerfuffle – commotion; disorder; agitation

    • If you survive breast cancer and are afflicted with multiple sclerosis AND you are an intelligent, successful and attractive CONSERVATIVE female, well then your accomplishments (including living with diseases) is irrelevant.

  14. Our love affair is over, Keith. You were there for me 24/7 and I kept breathlessly logging in to view your latest writings. I love my country more than you and, therefore, I must end our relationship. No matter who the Republican nominee (yes, that even means…ugh…Gingrich), I will vote for that person. Dividing conservatives with a stupid “Mittens” blog just to get some comment traffic is such a betrayal to our relationship. Four more years of Obama and his subsequent Supreme Court appointments are too disturbing to me. I want our children to live in a free America and criticizing an honorable man because he owns “horsies” is the breaking point for me. Obama or Romney? I choose Romney. Keith or Romney? I choose Romney. You are not the first man to break my heart and you will not be the last…but, oh, I thought you were so different from the rest…tear drops.

    • Now you have ME misting up…Come on, don’t go, any man can, you know…do a dumb thing…you’re a woman, you know that…don’t leave. Me, I just tell Keith he’s all wet if I think he is…it’s that kind of place.

          • Perhaps he realizes he stepped in it and is trying to figure out how to clean his shoes? Giddy-up, Keith! (Oh, good…I think I have moved on from the sadness phase of my break-up with Keith to my anger phase). Thanks for helping me work through this painful experience, ladies.

          • Just coming out of denial and moving into sadness/anger trying to cut down the time hoping we
            will here from Keith unless he’s become one of the pod
            people. Just got the grand faux apology from Rosen
            sorry to Ann an any other man or child or horse I may
            have offended. Sure you are I hate fake ‘sorry’ things.

          • Lizzy…strange – there is no reply link to your latest post…maybe Keith is monitoring us? You made me think that sometimes an apology makes a person feel worse…my heart is broken already…can Keith make me feel even worse with an insincere apology? An insincere apology is worse than no apology…meanwhile, Keith is still trying to figure out how to best clean his shoes from the horse krapp he stepped in.

          • Aw, come on, ladies–this is our Keithie–anyone can have a bad day. But I admit that if it’s a DC-special apology (if it comes), he should assume someone was “offended” and go on from there. Ah, the plight of the hapless blogger…

          • Star…When your online love blows his cover, any apology is too late…his “Mittens” and “horsie” and “NIGHTmare” opinions stay etched in the mind forever…more tear drops.

          • Online love–Keith or the horses?–yeah, he may have outed himself a little–do you think that means he is now for The One, though? Anyhow, Keith’s wife does not let him date.

          • What? He has a wife? He never told me about her!

            Disclaimer: I am just kidding about the online affair…I am NOT kidding about my disappointment in Keith’s “Mittens” blog entry. And, yes, Keith, you did break my heart. You turned out to be like most of the rest of the reporters out there…I really thought you were different.

  15. Since horseback riding is predominately a ‘girl thing’, Romney should benefit tremendously from the womens” vote. It certainly didn’t hurt Reagan to be photographed riding with his wife! Hopefully, the Romney campaign will start capitalizing on this and publish photos. It humanizes him. As Bush Sr. once said – we need to return to a kinder, gentler nation! And this was long before the Obama tribe invaded the WH!

    • If Keith dumps his number one poster, he is a fool. Lizzy – you can take much credit for Keith’s success…you and Matt Drudge. I am serious, too!

      • Wow thank you but it’s the exchanges on this blog that make my day.
        I wear my one eye out reading and enjoying all the people as I never go
        out I don’t feel so alone it’s like getting a bunch of friends over for coffee. We all have bad days and this is Keith’s blog just a bit taken
        back. Perhaps I overreacted but it was a jolt. Thanks for the compliment I am humbled.

  16. Did Keith forget the satire tag? This is so unlike him. Anyhow, I liked the video of Romney. If the mole thought it would make everyone hate Romney, then the joke’s on him. I see nothing wrong with owning horses. There are horse trails all over here where we live. I see nothing wrong with someone playing golf – when it’s on their dime -and not in lieu of working as President. I see absolutely nothing wrong with a woman choosing to stay home and raise their children. It doesn’t mean she has no value or intelligence. If the Dems think they’re going to gain voters by attacking Romney like this, they’re going to get a very rude wake up call.

  17. White House Dossier is fairly conservative, but the main point here is providing accountability other places don’t provide, and it will be applied to Mitt Romney as well. The idea is not simply to attack Obama, and I don’t have an agenda to defeat him. I do have an agenda to hold him responsible and to counter some of his leftist arguments.

    There are plenty of agenda-driven places to get 24-7 Obama bashing. That is not what I do here. I stick to the principles of journalism in order to credibly take on Obama’s inconsistencies, hypocrisies, attempts to mislead, and adventures in misguided policies. But it also means agreeing with him when I think he is right, and taking on his opponents when I think they are exhibiting the same flaws I just mentioned.

    Romney in the video showed a side of himself he attempts to hide, or at least minimize. This isn’t an average guy with a horse in the Midwest or even Reagan on his ranch. Reagan never pretended to be something he is not. Romney does regular guy schtick and here tries to boast about staying at the Renaissance while discussing dressage. He even has the nerve to go after Obama about his golf while riding ponies and quadrupling the size of his La Jolla beach house.

    Maybe I’m wrong, I encourage disagreement. But there will be accountability for Romney too when I think he merits it.

    I’m looking for honesty from politicians. As politicians, it’s the tendency of Mittens and others to pull one over on us. I think even conservatives should be aware of the nonsense pulled by those who claim to represent them. I really don’t have much respect for any of them, though occasionally a great man comes along. Not this year.

    • Romney does not pretend not to have money–he could buy and sell Obama a thousand times over–and Obama is the one who always tries to sound rich (“Someone like me should have to pay more…”). They are both way more well off than the average American–but I contend that people don’t really care that much–it’s not like taking away their money would get us any more money. Romney has been criticized by O’Reilly, for one, for building a big house now when it will be scrutinized–but I say why wait–waiting would be phony. I also don’t think people come to this site for Obama bashing I don’t think Romney is doing his “job” of putting one over on us. I could be wrong–we will see how it plays out…but I think most of us here are pretty skeptical going in… It’s my personal decision not to use that silly nickname to try to disdain him. I save my disdaining for the other one. At least as it stands now. I have never been so deliberately, fully, and cynically deceived as a voter as I have by Obama.

      • Just to be clear, I did not say that most people come here for Obama bashing, though they certainly can find plenty of criticism and lampooning. I just suggested that anyone who might be looking for full time, unwavering criticism of Obama no matter the topic will not find it here.

        • But why the heck pick on Romney for just some casual back-an-forth which, to many of us women, was endearing? I am not adverse to constructive criticism, but your use of “Mittens,” “horsies” and “NIGHTmare” and criticizing Romney’s Dockers is personal and unwarranted. If this is the best you can do to make yourself look like a “balanced” reporter, then your skills are pitiful. Besides, the point of this story was lost…Romney and Hannity were being recorded by a spy-employee of Fox News! And that is okay with you?

          Mitt has worked hard to earn his money – so what does it matter which types of cars he drives, how many houses he owns, etc., etc. You are inciting the class warfare card. This man deserves what he earns, he gives a lot to charity, lives a clean life, has stuck by and supported his wife through breast cancer and multiple sclerosis, is a devoted family man, and yet you attack his love of horses and his clothes and his hair and his name?

          Something tells me someone with political clout has gotten to you and you are trying to prove yourself to someone other than your loyal readers. Why can’t an American citizen speak fondly of his horse without you implying that he is an elitist? You have not answered any of my questions with your “explanation.”

    • Keith – If you call Romney “Mittens,” then what is your comparable name for Obama? Surely Obama is not beneath or above your derogatory name-calling, is he? Fair is fair, reporter Keith.

      • One more question, Keith – would you rather Mitt Romney and his wife flaunt their wealth as John Kerry and his wife did? Just how should Mr. and Mrs. Romney handle discussing their wealth to satisfy you? Do you think that a President and Mrs. Romney will use Air Force One as their private Fun Jet for vacations spanning the globe? Do you think that a President Romney will regularly travel to Hollywood stars’ homes for private $40,000.00 per plate fund raisers and disguise the trip as “official business” by making a quick stop at a community college or a solar panel company to deliver a masked campaign speech to justify the tax payers’ funding of the travel and security expenses?

      • Annatee, I’ll take endless disagreement with me here, and a certain amount of ad hominen nastiness and mocking like I’ve been getting from you all day, but at a certain point I’ll put an end to it. Your attacks seem to me very odd and personal.

        • If you are basically saying you will cut off my comments you need not worry…I am through wasting my time here. My posts have not been anymore disrespectful than your post on “Mittens.”

          Your attack on “Mittens” was unwarranted and you accuse me of “odd and personal” attacks? I tried to use a sense of humor early on today to make my point, but each time I reread your “Mittens” posting, I became more upset that you would personally attack a fellow citizen because of his lifestyle and looks. I am a Romney supporter by default, so please do not assume that I am a campaign insider. I am an American who fears for her country and your “Mittens”- type blogs are only going to distract from the dire state of this country. If Drudge ever links to you again, my brief visit will only occur because I did not realize where his link was directing me.

          Lizzy and Star and the rest, good luck and be strong.

    • And what cute nickname have you used for Obama (and other politicians)? Referring to Mitt Romney as “Mittens” is revealing on your part. I think there is some agenda, you just won’t admit it or are unaware of it.

  18. Keith,

    I’ve been reading your site daily for months, and I like it very much.
    I do enjoy your take on things, and I believe you try to be fair.

    I’ve never commented on your blog.

    But I have to disagree with you on your characterization of this video.
    I think Romney comes off looking, well, pretty normal. Surprised by your characterization to the contrary.

  19. On Pierce Morgan tonight with Josh Romney: Romney personally washes and irons his own shirts once a week while on the campaign trail!! If there is no washing machine, he uses the sink!

    I’m really beginning to love this guy! Can anyone imagine Obama doing his shirts in the sink?

  20. Ah, the great irrelevant Keith Koffler the kerfluffler. I should not say irrelvant, however, because, this story attests to your great influence — 90 comments, what a power player! To certain other commentators, you complained about ad hominem attacks. This, of course, is fine in the highest levels of discourse, for who would entertain such shallow and populist intrusions into what I’m sure you can confirm is the arena of the most elite, the most exclusive, only the invited — that of the veteran White House reporter? But let us assume, for a brief moment, that I take your complaints about “ad hominem” attacks seriously, that you are not trying to make some faceitious point. Assuming, again, I take you seriously, do you care to explain, your insightful outing of Romney as “Mittens?” I was going to quote the other ad hominems in your post to finish this point but because, since your post honestly consists of not much else, I feel citing your entire post will suffice. Because your simple insults betray a simple mind, let me sum it up for you. This post reveals your biases. Dismissing and (assumedly) censoring commentors does even moreso. When you, on your death bed, are the only soul who remembers this blog, I wish you now and into your final, forever moments, the best of luck. Cheers from Britain!

  21. i live out in the woods in atrailerand have awarmblood and a mft.
    what class does that make me?
    horseman in the whitehouse
    Oh yea:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)