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Video || Michelle Turns the East Room Into a Gym

Michelle Obama appeared on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” last night, working out with a group of contestants in the East Room.

This doesn’t really seem like the proper use of this exquisite, historic chamber – a national treasure that has hosted events like presidential press conferences, the signing of landmark legislation like the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the funeral of Abraham Lincoln.

Have a look and see what you think.

I mean, they could have at least put some mats down.

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  1. It seems like a proper use if you’ve never been proud of your country before. It seems like a proper use if you have no sense of history or decorum.

    • Oh, Christine, don’t compare apples and oranges. No one is saying that we don’t have health problems in this country; what we’re saying is that working out in the East Room, which is absolutely gorgeous, expensively decorated, and historic, is really not appropriate. Would you want a big group of people working out and sweating on your carpets???

      There had to be a more suitable room in the White House for working out. Surely they have some type of exercise facility.

      Of course, I will take Christie over Obama any day of the week.

    • Christine, I know you’re most likely a product of the lovely public school system, but please take an English class. “Americans” should always be capitalized. Also, way to go with the Chris Christie comment, liberal moron.

      • Christine, millions of people have led happy and long lives while living with carpeting in their homes. Go make your own family miserable with your carpet-hating problem, will you? (Oooo, you’ve already made them miserable, and now you’re here instead? Sorry.)

        Mr. Christie will not “explode”. He knows what his own weight problem is, and if and when he wants to do something about it HIS way (whatever it might be) he will DO it. It’s HIS life – NOT YOURS, so back off. No self-discipline, you say? Then neither did Theodore Roosevelt (an Amercian president), Winston Churchill (you do know who Winston Churchill was, don’t you?), and I know there are even many more contemporary examples of over-weight and brilliant politicians that would BLOW YOUR MIND! No – really!

      • Christine, are you yourself obese?

        A little projectionism to compensate for your own dounut habits, perhaps?

        This isn’t about Chris Christie- it’s about a certain respect for history and what normal Americans regard as their national treasures. Fitting that a woman who just became proud of her country because of the priviledge of office would think nothing of a stunt like this.

        But you turned this into a commentary on obesity and keep coming back to it.

        Now go munch your cream puffs.

      • Christine-Using the East Room of the White House where John F. Kennedy lay in state in 1963 is a major act of disrespect. They could have done their show outside and you, my dear are clueless. You use the liberal method of shifting the conversation to something else when you have no legitimate argument. From the White House Museum: “It is traditionally is used for large gatherings, such as dances, receptions, concerts, weddings, award presentations, press conferences, and bill-signing ceremonies. It is here that presidents are commonly inaugurated in private before proceeding to the Capitol for an official, public inauguration. It is here also that presidents, vice-presidents, and other dignitaries are sometime lain in honor prior to their funerals” and not for an obnoxious group of overweight bodies to roll around.

        • These are things that are clinically lost on Michelle, and they always will be as well. She has not learned the importance of that which she (is said) to represent as the “First Lady” of the U.S. Amazing, isn’t it?

      • And your icon, Michael Moore, isn’t ready to explode? What about Rosie O’Donnel? There are plenty of Democrats that are overweight too. But, of course, you choose to single out Chris Christie, a man that makes Obama look like the child in the room.

      • You seem to be deliberately missing the point. The White House and its historically important and priceless contents belong to the citizens of this country. The Obamas are temporary residents upon whom it is incumbent to treat their temporary residence with the care and respect it so richly deserves. BTW, Mr. Christie can afford his own insurance. I doubt that his weight problem will ever effect your life, so I invite you to settle down and stop hyperventilating over it.

    • Christine—You’re discriminating and trying to squash people’s basic rights. You better hope you never discover that you have a disorder or have an accident, or allergies to foods, because you may just run into lots of people who are disapproving of the way you look or the things you do or don’t do! There’s a bumper sticker out there that says, “Don’t judge me because I have different problems than you!”

    • It’s not about exercise and health. These rooms are historic and should be treated with fragility and cautious. Would yo have a group of people exercise in your living room with glass furniture? They have a gym in the WH. They have a basketball court in the WH. What is wrong with the WH lawn? Can’t they be concerned about high blood pressure outside or on a basketball court?

    • You want to be in tip top shape? Join the marines. They will motivate you to get in shape and survive. Their legacy goes back much further than either Obama’s and will live on longer.

    • perhaps that’s what you and your friends and family look like, so speak for yourself. She’s the one on a show exploiting these people you speak of as if because she says everyone is. Yea, most everyone in the ghetto is 100lbs overweight, not the rest of us.

      HER azzz is bigger than any 2 men put together I know.

    • me four. how much longer must we endure this? show some respect, are we getting some money from the network that produces this toward our national debt?

      • Christine, if you want to refer to fat-ass ed Nation, you need to start with the MOOCH….her posterior meets your description to a very large T!!!

      • You Christine are one huge idiot, there are many medical reasons that people are big and what she did is disrespectful. We as Americans MUST take control of our own lives and not have the government “show” us, what a moron you are. One question since you are so high and mighty, what foods do you eat? Do you have a garden? I do 30 x 30 feet, do you can? I do and eat really well (all natural) throughout the winter BUT I would never call out people to voice my opinion. So, Christine, tell us what your diet is all about….and before you call me large, big, obese, I will disclose that I am 50 size 8 dress never had to take any medications and am very active. THIS WAS MY CHOICE and I have been living this way MY entire life and so have my children…so my advice back off!

      • Oh Christine—Do you NOT understand????? It’s not about obesity, diabetes, fitness, or carpets for God’s sake! The issue is respect for the White House! Wake up lib lady.

      • What do you think of HRClintons large legs from knees to ankles?

        Is this from walking on carpet?

        Is she herself fat and obese?

        MOOOOOOOchell is your belle!

  2. Considering Obama uses the historic furnishing in the Oval Office as a foot stool, I’m not surprised. I am however offended that they have no respect for The Peoples House. These things all belong to the American people, bought and paid for with blood, sweat and tears. Please show some sense of decorum, mannors and respect.

    • Trying to figure out if Christine’s combative commentaries and unfounded personal insults on this thread are the result of an incredibly low self-esteem or just a bitter personality. Toughie.

    • Christine you have no idea of what I weigh, to call me lazy and gut busting is disgusting, mean spirited and shows a complete lack of respect for others. No mention in my post of weight, I simply gave my opinion of what the use of the peoples House means to me. The history of the rooms, the furnishings should be respected. They have been paid for with the very blood of Americans. There are other rooms and or spaces at the White House more appropriate for the television show.

    • How ever did we poor, benighted, unwashed masses EVER manage our own lives before Christine and the Obamas came along? Thank God we no longer have to rely on our own good sense and restraint to put one foot in front of the other and to deliver our children to adulthood. Whew, we really dodged a bullet this time!

  3. Whats some sweat an priceless rugs? How is that any different than size 12 narrows plopped (in photos) REPEATEDLY on the Resolute Desk? Or the burn marks from the overflowing ashtrays full of Newport butts? A photo op puppy (never properly trained) who goes “wherever.”

    It’s just really sweet Public Housing that they are forced to reside in. If your not “proud of your Country” how can be expected to feign respect for its icons.

    • Christine, Christine, Christine, Your over the top rhetoric and mean spirited words aren’t helping you. The Obama’s have been too wasteful and too in your face for the liking of most Americans. They are all about trying to force people into the Obama categories…and if you don’t feel the same and want to comply, they’ll just cut off your breathing rights. A lot of people are sick of their rhetoric and feel they’re not concentrating on the big problems out there. Michelle seems to be training for a hunger games society, and Barrack is steering the nation into austerity conditions to usher it in. The majority don’t want any part of what their driving toward and aren’t going to listen to Michelle lecturing the nation anymore. Michelle has been toonwasteful with money and never ending trips, but is a tight was with food. She would do well to learn the creed…moderation in ALL things. For so many suffering financially out there…they don’t give a rats tail how tone someones body is or how organic the food is…they’ll eat spam if it will keep them alive. Michelle’s out of touch with how out of work this nation is and the fact that her husband has made no effort to pass a budget in years, which keeps the economy spinning out of control.

    • Hey, Ms. Brainiac otherwise known as Christine,

      How’s your glass house?

      You apparently missed the class and thus don’t know that ellipses are properly expressed as three periods, not arbitrarily oscillating between two and four.

      Time to shape up your life.

  4. Michelle Obama has taken the traditional and ceremonial position of “FirstLady” from a dignified place to one of a classless and careless low.
    Her refusal to follow established protocols , her penchant for dressing like a deranged menopausal clown in public, and her continued disrespect for the historic, and revered, White House only emphasizes her true feelings about America.

    • Maybe it’s the mood I’m in today, but “dressing like a deranged menopausal clown” made me laugh out loud srdem. I can see her in a pair of oversized clown shoes and a big bulbous red nose to go along with her over-defined eyebrows and huge fake eyelashes.

        • Yeppers, because if you can’t laugh at menopause, it will make you bitter, hateful, and unable to understand logic and what others are saying. Oh, I think I just figured out Christine’s problem…

      • You people are frightening, someone makes some ridiculing comment about a persons personal appearance and you applaud them. Try and show some respect, not to the office or the first lady, just to your fellow human beings. Its a sad state we live in when you feel so justified in attacking people.

        • I hope that your pleas for civility extend to both sides of the political aisles and to those who so brutally savaged our former president.

      • As a part-time deranged menopausal clown myself, I take exception to your comments. When you reach that hormonal point in your life, I pray you will have developed a sense of humor and tolerance because you sure as hell will need it.

    • Christine, you might want to refrain from criticizing other posters for their use of the English language when you are going to post such poorly written, spelled, and capitalized notes yourself. Just sayin’…

      • Oh, sure it is – Glenn Beck uses it all the time!

        Stepping back to avoid splatter on my screen as Christine’s head explodes at the thought of Glenn Beck…

      • Christine – “sayin’ ” is a well-known (well, not to you, though) COLLOQUIAL EXPRESSION and is often used in writing. As an example, Mark Twain used it often in his writings (are you familiar with Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens?), as have many other writers throughout history. Just sayin’ .

      • Perhaps you should notify the White House as your president is very fond of dropping his g’s when speaking before the little people. It’s his dubious effort to appear folksy and one of ‘us’.

    • The First lady is obvviously trying to fill a void in her life by acting out as some sort of fitness diva. After all, she has to wake up to “stinky” Barry. That is of course, if Barry hasn’t has a secret sleepover at the William Lewis House….

    • What a hillarious new term! Wow! “Dressing like a deranged menopausal clown in public”, you need to copyright that one. That is why I read these comments, very entrtaining srdem.

  5. Considering that she is classless, tasteless, and desecrating our beautiful White House, is anyone surprised?
    Keith, you are correct about no mats on the floor…just sweating on the beautiful carpets.
    My face is red for America this morning.

    • I am a grown up ..don’t want or need a mama to tell me
      what and when to eat and exercise ..With her huge butt, maybe
      she should look in the mirror.

  6. Disrespect for this country is a constant for Michelle Obama. It is one of this Administration’s biggest hypocrisies that she choose Military Families for show and tell.

  7. I thought the photo at the egg roll of MO sitting legs wide open was awful but seeing her squat and jump like she’s in some type of athletic competition was horrifying. At the end of the video they’re covered with sweat and rolling on the rug. Did NBC pay to have the rug cleaned afterwards? I bet not.

    I’m afraid that our country is the biggest loser with these clowns in the WH. Such a sad time for America.

    • Can you imagine the cost to repair and replace the damage done to
      the WH when they’ve gone? Art restoration to remove cigarette smoke
      damage to paintings cleaning carpets repainting and the repair of the
      poor Resolute Desk? Trillions to get OUR house back in order.

    • No I don’t own a muumuu. I am disabled and bedridden but thanks for
      asking about my attire. I am unable to touch my toes but that’s due to
      being unable to walk much due to debilitating osteoarthritis but again
      thanks for your compassion for your fellow American.

    • ahhhh…’re becoming bitter and nasty with each post. Why don’t you take a rest and have some herbal tea–organic of course! :)

    • Well, we did get a glimpse of the Os having a family party in their upstairs quarters, watching a sporting event on TV.

      MOOch sat there with her big, bare feet hanging out, wide-legged on the chair. The entire family was slopping food all over an upholstered ottoman. Malia had a beverage cup placed right on the antique carpet.

      They are SLOBS.

  8. Wonder if we’d ever see Carla Bruni doing sit ups at the Palace Elysse,or Mrs. Cameron at 10 Downing Street? Show some respect for history Mrs. Obama.

    • My guess she uses a gym,which I’m sure there is one in the White House. I don’t think Ms. Bruni is sweating under the portraits of Napolean and Charles DeGaulle.

    • Christine: would you consider it appropriate to exercise in a museum of irreplaceable art? That is the essence of the White House.

  9. As I said before, she should have taken this to a local community center. There was no reason she should be treating OUR historic home like her personal gym, with these guys, Jimmy Fallon or anyone else. Also, 30+ thousand tramping around the historic gardens and lawns for the Easter Egg Roll. Not to mention the heavy filming equipment that must be dragged everywhere…………sigh.

    • That’s only temporary. If the Obamas follow the lead of the Clintons, they won’t leave any furniture or carpets behind when they depart anyway.

  10. Watched the video. Made me gag. Could NBC be any more in the tank for the Obama’s? Ugh. Also, if Michelle Obama was such a fitness guru, why is her butt so big?

    • When you exercise for four hours a day and then take Air Force One down to the burger and ice cream emporium to pig out, the strategies tend to cancel each other out.

      • And for the Christines of the world who are probably not yet convinced of that fact, let’s examine the OTHER Harvard graduate in the Obama family. It takes some doing to graduate from an allegedly first-class educational institution thinking the U.S. has 57 states, that “corpsman” is pronounced “corpse-man,” that people in Austria speak “Austrian,” that Hawaii is part of Asia, etc. etc. etc.

      • Mooch admitted she did not have the SAT scores for admission to Ivy League.

        Ah….but Affirmative Action and her brother’s legacy gained admission for MOOch. Then she was passed along, as evidenced by the sloppy work on her Princeton thesis.

    • Affirmative action.
      She is a dumb as a box of rocks.
      She also had her unearned law license YANKED. I presume because she is a CROOK.

  11. Moochelle is a prime candidate for the biggest loser because she is an extremely large loser. I guess the writer of this article does not know that none of the Obamas or their friends has the slightest bit of respect for the White House. I believe there are areas of the WH suited to exercise activities, so it makes sense that she would turn an elegant room into a gym. We will be lucky if she doesn’t hire a gang of blacks to come in and spray paint graffiti all over the place. After all, look what she did to Jackie’s rose garden.

  12. Didn’t Barry rip out the bowling alley in the basement and install a basketball court? Wouldn’t that be a more appropriate place than the East Room of The White House? If it’s appropriate to film a reality show there to begin with!

  13. I’m all for health and fitness but they could have taken this into the gym.. The WH has a gym doesn’t it? If it doesn’t then they should get one..

      • His wife suffers from MS and I’m sure there are days when it would
        be nice if she is having a bad day. A very thoughtful thing for a man
        to do for his wife. With his own money. True not everyone with a disability is lucky enough to have such help but I wouldn’t begrudge
        a help for Mrs Romney or for that matter the car. Not my money not
        my home not my business. The White House is the people’s house
        not the Obama family home so treat it with care. And we all pay for

      • His wife has MS, you bitch.
        And the lot has no parking available.
        Have some more of that racist, hateful, stupid ass dimbocrat kool aid.

        And hey!! He paid for it himself. Who has been paying for the stupid, racist flea bag to vacation like a queen?

  14. Revolting woman, such disrespectful behavior in the White House. What’s next, Snoop Dog concert on the West Lawn? That people like this could be elected to any national office bodes poorly for America’s future. And yet half of this country probably thinks the first “lady’s” behavior is perfectly dignified and appropriate.

    • Christine, you poor thing! You are obsessed with other people’s physical health but you don’t seem to be aware of your own short comings led by a bitter, judgmental attitude.

    • Bless your little heart Christine. You really ought to apply for some of that free Obamacare to have that cob removed. The DMV may also be able to take care of that acid reflux you seem to be suffering from.

    • Christine,
      A majority of us “alleged patriots” are actually in good physical health. This post-menopausal poster practices 1 1/2 hours of yoga (I prefer Kripalu, in case you’re interested) 3x per week, and at least 30 minutes of cardio 2x per week. Big tubs of goo, however, are oftentimes found sitting at home waiting for the government check to arrive.

      Methinks thou does “project” too much.

  15. You guys are so pathetic, “disrespecting the white house, history or decorum, blah blah blah”. YOU are the pathetic ones. Granted, you probably dissagree with her and her husband on politics, but STFU about her style. This lady has CLASS and style, you’re all too white to notice it. She likes to work out and turning a dinky ass room in the white house into a gym.

    Presidents have installed bowling alleys, pools, and other things at the white house, this is not any different. Get off your uppity asses and look at the positive she exudes.

    • Ed, quit drinking the Obama kool-aid. Actually, there already is a gym inside the WH – she chose to work out instead in the East Wing. Yout “classy” FLOTUS is nothing more than ghetto-trash. Fortunately, on November 6, we will kick her and her worthless husband back to the gutters of Chicago.

    • El Cid—There is no positive! Michelle spent it all and then some! She pushed this nation a lot further into the red negative column! If her husband hadn’t been in the White House, she’d be filing bankruptcy! Michelle makes the huge mistake of not realizing that her trips have wasted EVERYONE’S hard earned money, and there’s a lot of anger toward her over that. She shows no restraint with a blank credit card and cares nothing for who it is that’s paying the bill. Then the nation’s supposed to listen to her about exercise and food…get real, they’ve walked away already. You can put your race card away…nobody’s listening to that lie anymore. We’ll call a spade a spade, and Michelle is a poor example of compassion to the nation.

      • George, the problem is that you’re having to argue with an idiot who has named itself “El Cid.” El Cid shows itself to be benign of (1) interest or general knowledge of the interiors and/or history of the White House, (2) unwillingness to acknowledge that said disinterest and general knowledge could, by extension, cause damage to and a lowering of the common appreciation of the same historical home, and (3) be just plain stupidity in action. Sometimes you just can’t get through to these people. They’ll never get it.

    • El, have you ever been in the White House? I have and this is not a “dinky ass room”. It is one of the state rooms used for various ceremonial occasions, official visits, etc. It’s not a gym and shouldn’t be treated as such. Presidents have installed bowling alleys, pools, etc., in the White House, but they haven’t replaced a public state room with them. This isn’t a matter of disagreeing with their politics, although I do. It’s a matter of class and decorum and using rooms for the appropriate purpose. I’m sorry for you if you are too dense to understand that.

    • Why would you wish to silence the free exchange of opposing points of view? Don’t you believe in free speech or do you reserve that right for those with whom you agree?

  16. I am not a big fan or Mrs Obama but the obesity problem in this country is on the level of importance that does need to be addressed in this manner and in this important a room.

    If you have been to a sporting event, a mall, any restaurant, and you see just how big everyone is, you start to wonder just how bad it will get before it gets better. I think we are headed to the movie WALL -E sooner than later.

    • Rather than appealing to the public to change what they eat and do the exercise thing while doing so in the confines of the White House and using the East Room to do sit-ups and jumping jacks, it would be refreshing to see actual evidence of what the current administration is doing to heal the economy and create JOBS.

      I know, I know, that’s not important when you’ve got “The Biggest Loser” production filming where President Kennedy laid in state after his assassination, but who cares? That was then and this now and this is TELEVISION, after all! And she’s the queen….. (with apologies to Queen Elizabeth….)

      • Have others on this thread remembered that is it only DEMOCRATS – LIBERALS – PROGRESSIVES who do stupid things like this in the White House? Never Republicans. Never. Remember how the Clintons – that other President and his wifey – rented out the Lincoln bedroom for their Hollywood friends as long as they got a big donation? Remember that picture of some Hollywood couple jumping up and down on top of the Lincoln bed? Man, are they all like this? What a bunch of losers. The Biggest Losers.

  17. Another example of how obscenely shameful this woman abuses OUR house! She and her husband have proclaimed themselves to be king and queen of the U.S. – spending our tax dollars on their lavish trips while so many Americans are living on food stamps and paying outrageous gas prices.
    Can’t wait to get rid of them by November…

    • Yep. As with all the vacations, the staggered flights on Air Force One, the humongous parties, and the often classless attire, it’s all about shoving it in our faces.

  18. Won’t be long for a trailor appears on the WH grounds and a rusting 96 Cadiilac – abandoned – will grace the nation’s capital.

    • It is lost on you, and that’s a shame. You would do the very same thing were you given the opportunity to do so, wouldn’t you? No problem for you. But you don’t get it. This isn’t a joke, you know.

      Previous First Ladies such as either of the two Mrs. Bush’s, Mrs. Nixon, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Reagan, for examples – pick one – CHERISHED the history and beauty of the White House and strove to continue to create a home of beauty for the world to see and treated it with RESPECT. Mrs. Obama doesn’t do that. To her, it’s a make-shift gym in the East Room. Maybe she means well, but whoever is “advising” her (and I use that word loosely, in her case) clearly doesn’t appreciate what OUR White House is all about. Have it filmed in the White House GYM if you want to – not the East Room. There is clearly a difference in her style (or lack of it), and it hasn’t been lost on many on this blog.

        • Thanks, George, and if I didn’t see the comment/response indentations properly, I offer my apology (but not to Christine….) – and to “J”, and I meant no disrespect to “J”. Sometimes it’s hard to see who is responding to what further down the thread. : ) If I misinterpreted, it’s my mistake. Truly. Thanks again.

  19. Get that woman out of the White House! Can’t wait till that family is back in Chicago with Oprah where they belong! They are so disrespectful of where they are, and it shows that she has no regard for history or national treasure…she just thinks it’s all hers, wherever she goes! People can work out in appropriate places if they want…but they have a right to be over weight, eat what they want, not exercise, and think what they want…and I will defend their right to live how they want everyday! The health nuts can do that too, but they don’t have any right to slam it down the throats of others, or to punish others. Thank goodness Romney understands that and will be a much much better president. I want November to come so badly…I dream of that month!!! Romney 2012-2020!

    • Mooch and the kids can go back to Chicago with Doprah; but Barry needs to do a long stint of hard time with his old homeboy Blagoevich in Colorado.

  20. You can tell how successful her efforts at weight control have been, she is slimmer, better toned, probably lost a dress size or two——-NOT! All this BS is for PR purposes only…she will soon be off on another vacation, stuffing her face at the taxpayer expense! Barry, kids, Mother-in-Law, MOOCH and the Pooch all need to be put to the curb in 2012!!!

  21. Disgusting bunch of no-respect, third-world, tin-horn grifters! When the Obama trash is finally swept up and taken to the curb, they need to be made to pay to restore the white house to what it was before they dishonored it.

  22. I am embarrassed to see ANOTHER example of Mrs. Obama’s lack of understanding and/or appreciation for the true history encompassed within our great White House. Yet, after three years of watching this woman, I am not at all surprised. Only that she and her staff can keep coming up with new and fresh ideas of using the White House in new and creative ways. It just makes me CRINGE inside, that’s all. That’s okay there, Michelle – scratch up the floors, use one of the famous rooms of the finest, most important home in the entire nation (while simultaneously lowering its gravitas) to a work out room/gym for a T.V. show. You GO, girl!

  23. Mooch and company trashing the White House? Not much different than many black families trashing their Section 8 apartments in the projects.

  24. Doesn’t the white house have a gym in the downstairs portion or could it be that no one wants to ask the first lady to have some decorum and honor the house we gave her to occupy for its history and show some class and actually walk down to the gym. What a classless bunch of ingrates, but then what would you expect from someone who hates America and all it stand for. Beyond that, the b@lless POS running the show won’t sat anything about it because Michelle has his wrapped up and hidden away in her closet.

    • There IS supposed to be a full gym in the basement. The same gym where Reggie Love would hold his private, one-on-one “personal training” sessions with Barry.

  25. Is there any reason why the GYM in the WH or outside would not had worked better. All those lovely Rugs being subjected to the abuse. All the countries and people that have donated to the WH their treasures. Its the peoples house not theirs to shit on it.

  26. Moochelle is definitely a big loser. Her disrespect for our country is well known. Her disrespect for the People’s house comes as no surprise.

  27. I now realize why I saw a pop-up cardboard display of The Biggest Loser TV show on the counter of the U.S.Post Office where I live.
    Talk about your biggest loser(s). What next? I fear.