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Mitt Would be a Conservative President

I want to let you know about a piece I have running in Politico today, “Mitt Romney Would Govern as a Conservative.”

Here’s a taste of it to give you an idea of the argument.

Conservatives shouldn’t fret about the politics of their nearly-presumptive nominee. Mitt Romney will most certainly govern as one of them. He’s guaranteed to — for the exact reason they think he won’t.

If Romney really is the political animal his detractors on the right suspect him to be, he’ll shape his presidency with a single goal: Winning a second term. To do that, he will need to make sure there is no running room on his right for someone to launch a primary challenge.

That means governing as a conservative and preempting the 2016 Rick Santorum “I Told You So Tour” or the “Ron Paul Revival.”

Because there is no worse sound for a president than the pitter-patter of a fratricide-minded opponent from the same party creeping up behind him.

But I think Romney’s instincts, whatever compromises he made to run The People’s Democratic Republic of Massachusetts are basically conservative.

I hope you’ll get a chance to take a look.

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17 Responses to Mitt Would be a Conservative President

  1. Read it. Liked it.
    It’s a well thought out evaluation of what MrRomney must do if elected President.

    The comments: wow. Romney is a draft dodger? and hates Jesus.
    The Obots are really touchy nowadays.

    • Reading that article, it clearly states that the czar was “among” a group of advisers.when seeking advice, many people from all different stripes and opinions offer it. The biggest difference is that O actually made the man a czar with possible serious consequences to America. Romney, on the other hand, had him in a group where the advice could be used or dismissed..

      • You have made very valid points. Unfortunately, when a group is bound and determined to paint Romney with the “liberal” brush, they don’t look any farther than they want to look. They only look for what they want to find.

        • I agree wholeheartedly…Our paper printed some Gerson slop about how he lacked humanity–he gives more than 10% of his money to the poor, helped his wife through three horrible illnesses, his kids are not juvenile delinquents, he put his Bain co on hold to help an employee whose kid was kidnapped and he has actually helped AMERICA–the Olympics, hiring people, stabilizing companies and jobs that could be saved, etc. His worst vice is choc milk.

  2. Good article Keith, thanks. MarchHare made some relevant observations and came to the same conclusion. The “draft dodger” comments were disconcerting. Mitt went on his missionary to France in 1969….was that draft dodging? I think not. At least he had a legitimate draft card!

    • I remember those days. It was not a negative to find a legitimate way to avoid the draft back then. And Mormons of a certain age are obliged to do a mission. It is a part of their faith. Not sure that is “draft dodging”. Those missions only last 2 years. He certainly could have been drafted, if necessary, after he returned.

  3. It makes too much sense . . . except for the people who are just bound and determined to believe the lies that the left wants us to believe about Romney. They are falling hook, line and sinker.

  4. By no stretch of the imagination am I a Romney fan, but you are totally correct that he would govern far more conservatively than most give him credit for. And does anyone really think he’d govern near or to the left of the current president? Hardly!

  5. There are some good points there. Let me just ask, though, why is it that if Romney breaks his promises, he will lose his backing and yet, Obama has done the most miserable job of any one. He is a bigger flip flopper than Kerry ever was. If one is going to be held to the task, then make both. Otherwise, you succumb to LSM standards.

    • The MSM are not holding Obama to ANY standard. They have turned a blind eye to all of his negativities. They haven’t even made one demand for him to release his personal records. We know more about Romney than we do about Obama and Obama is in the White House. That is frightening.

  6. The establishment Republicans are dancing in the streets today. Yesterday Rove’s face was all over Fox reveling in his victory. Sorry Keith…Romney isn’t a conservative and no amount of lipstick is going to make him one. He has one strong factor working for him – he isn’t a Marxist. I’ll vote for him, but won’t wrap myself into a pretzel to defend his flip flopping ways so I’ll remain silent on that part of the presidential debate. My advice to the establishment is to choose a conservative running mate (please not the bloviating Christie) who will help heal the wounds inflicted by Romney’s cut throat advisers. If they attack Obama as ruthlessly as they have savaged conservatives they might just win this election. I’ll be changing my focus on getting Ted Cruz elected to the Senate and keep telling my friends and family ABO…ABO…ABO…

    • I believe that if Romney has a very conservative congress to deal with, he’ll go along with them. That may be the best way to push him to the right. i don’t think he’d go against a Republican congress.

  7. Thank you Keith.
    As a Romney supporter since Rick Perry dropped out, I have come to the same conclusion.
    He will govern as a conservative.
    Your approval is important to me.

    • I am still waiting for the names of the people Romney will be kowtowing to–that has come up on this list. WHO ARE THE ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS!? It seems to be he won’t be kowtowing and THAT is why they wanted someone else…