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Carney: No More From Obama on Trayvon Martin

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today said President Obama will make no further comments on the Trayvon Martin case.

“I certainly don’t think you’ll hear from him,” Carney said, noting that there is an “ongoing investigation” in the case.

Carney suggested the White House is now imposing a wall of silence on the matter. “He and I and others will refrain from commenting on it,” he said.

Carney did not say that Obama had erred in addressing the case last month when the president suggested sympathy for Martin and remarked that if he had a son, he would look like him. The case was also under investigation then.

Martin, who is black, was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, who is half white and half Hispanic, during an altercation February 26 in Sanford, Florida. Zimmerman has said he was acting in self defense, but many African Americans and black leaders charge he was the victim of a racially motivated attack.

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  1. I guess having a “son” who called himself “No Limit Ni$$a” and was suspended from school numerous times for drugs, grafiiti, burglary tools, stolen jewelry, who had tats, gold teeth, etc didn’t work out so well for Barry.

    Perhaps a Pizza Summit will help.

      1. Why do We; followers of “” have EXCELLENT “questions” like that to ask that dope ‘propaganda sec.’ Carney…
        YET? the “White House Press Corps” CAN NOT/WILL NOT “ask” the same question? (or even simple questions about Obama…?)

      2. I’d love to see Zimmerman’s lawyer, during the trial, ask these type of questions, to prove that there is no possible way for his client to get a fair and constitutionally guaranteed trial.

    1. Nothing you just wrote here makes any sense. Besides, the POTUS has other issues to discuss, he already said what he had to say. Get a clue.

      1. This is the problem with Liberals, you never want to stay on point. Everything “beedogs” wrote makes sense. Perhaps you only chose to hear about Trayvon what you wanted to. BTW isn’t convenient that all the president “had to say” ended up stirring up the frenzy even more? Apparently he “had to say” that his son would have looked like Trayvon, but he didn’t “have to say” anything about bounties being put out on people’s heads.

      2. AnnoyedByYou – Just what doesn’t make sense? Obama made a comment before the information came out that Martin was not such a “sweet, innocent” and now he’s trying to make it go away. There was an investigation going on and he should not have said anything, period.

        And yes, he has other issues to discuss. He did when he made the original comment also. And yes, he already said what he had to say. And now I bet he wishes he hadn’t.

        You get a clue

      3. Yeah… because having “other issues to discuss” is the reason his handlers told him to stop talking about it. It had nothing whatsoever with realizing that risks alienating certain voting blocks, at the very least; and possibly ending up with public commentary that is on the wrong side of a federal investigation, at the very worst. I’m thinking it’s you that needs to get a clue.

        1. He also knows the fact that black voters overwhelmingly vote along color lines. Therefore proving to be the most racist voting block in our land. For him to make the stand for a “son” is pure pandering and once more displays HIS radical/racist views.

          Twenty years with the “rev” wright (the king of maniacal racism)
          has taught barry hussein well….

      4. Yes- the POTUS stired the pot up just enough to get things boiling and then he walks away. What else is he discussing- how to lower fuel prices- creating jobs, tension in the Mid east- NKoreas nukes- Iran– what is he actually doing about anything except playing golf traveling on vacation or bad mouthing Americans

      5. yeah, he could talk some more about the history of SCOTUS, the booming economy, or how great his green jobs programs are going. if he gets bored with those topics, he could talk about the 70k documents he refuses to release on fast & furious, how wonderful the failed stimulus worked, the lack of diviersity in his misogynisitc administration, his budget that got zero votes in the house, or the bipartisan manner in which obamacare was passed.

        you’re right about him having other issues to discuss, unfortunately, he doesn’t want to talk about those either.

      6. If the POTUS can make derogatory remarks about Republicans while he is in office then I can speak anything I wish. He’s in it for himself and his band of THUGS and he could care less about you or any of his rabid dumba$$ followers.

      1. I wrote Little Caesars about this and their comment “in 52 years they have never endorsed any party” and” I doubt if pizza is being served” What I doubt is I will ever eat a Little Caesars pizza again.

    2. Obama has many “sons” who would look like him if he had sons:
      6 of them jumped a 76 year old white man in Sanford last week.

      2 of them attacked an elderly white man in Florida last week.

      A countless number of them committed 43 homicied in Chicago 2 weeks ago.

      Twitter @TheMissesHelp

    3. Carney what about the 5 Black men in Tenn that tortured and killed the white couple? Was this one of Obamas future sons as well. Get your act together!

  2. Whats left to say? He has done his damage with his stupid, thoughtless, inflammatory rhetoric. Now Holder can get in on the act. Where are all these a-holes when there is black on black or black on white violence?

    1. funny, how the “media” will not go back over their own reports/footage of Obama “commenting” on Trayvon… (re: “my son…”)

    2. Eric “Snake in the Grass” Holder is worthless and probably a member of the “old” Black Panther Party.
      By the way, aren’t Black Panthers endangered?

  3. Of course, now that he has inserted himself into the issue and caused The Race Hustlers and the NBPP to lose their minds and threaten to kill white people, he has achieved his goal of diverting attention from the stinking job he is doing as POTUS.
    He has also succeeded in destroying 50 years of work regarding race relations so he can be sure black voters vote for him instead of staying home. Way to go Baracka, this is the one thing you are good at.

  4. Too late Jay-baby. Your boss can’t take back his stupid uninformed and ill advised words. Stir up the race baiting, divide and concur.

  5. That is what he does best. Light the fuse to the powder keg then walk away. That way his hands are clean if any violence just might happen as a result. First he got his lying complicit buddies at ABC, NBC, and CNN to doctor physical evidence, then the rest of the LSM joins in to carry his water on “white” Hispanic George Zimmerman to create an racial incident out of whole cloth. Then he strikes a match with his “if I had a son” line. This lying sack of sheep sheet wants a race war to break out. Listen to his black nationalist buddies and hear what they are saying. They want a revolution against the white man’s world. Who was it who said “white folk’s greed runs a world in need”?

  6. when did everyone become so loony? 9/10 comments to any news story is something idiotic, hateful, or intolerant. no one can momentarily stop and consider another perspective. no wonder this country is such a pile of dook: it’s populated with idiots.

      1. exactly. if you have anything of interest to say, “Travis,” why don’t you say it? since you only want to complain about others, I’m guessing you don’t.

      2. My point is that his words “if i had a son he would look like Trayvon” have been blown out of proportion to such an extent that comments about his words no longer reflect either the comment or the meaning of the comment.

        1. Point is the President is for all the people, not bias, of course our leader could not possibly keep his over-sized mouth shut on any issue. Very un-Presidential behavior, I suppose no one ever corrected him on that. Like shut up til you know the facts.

        2. That IS the point. Exactly what did Obama mean when he made that obfuscatory comment? Why did he find it necessary to make it? In other words, we wonder what his motive was?

  7. “I certainly don’t think you’ll hear from him,” Carney said, noting that there is an “ongoing investigation” in the case.

    Especially if Zimmerman is arrested, the case goes to trial and the New Black Panthers are permitted to ring the courthouse with giant JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON, NO JUSTICE NO PEACE and THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING placards while Spike Lee, Roseanne Barr and most of the Congressional Black Caucus tweet and re-tweet the identities of the jurors as well as the locations of the schools their children attend.

  8. He would like to be finished because he now wishes he didn’t start in the first place.

    We – the People – will TELL YOU when you’re finished discussing something. Got it?

  9. Sure! The passive aggressive race agitator lit the fuse, and is now backing away. Typical Obama “MO”. What a putz!!!!!!!!!

  10. It’s very shocking and alarming what is going on with race nowadays. The NBPP putting out a BOUNTY on another American and NOBODY (in power) says or does anything? A bounty before even a tenth of the information available had been compiled. How sad, how alarming.

    The AG of the country praises Sharpton for his wonderful community action for Martin? And now I’ve learned that I’m “PINK and going to get what’s coming to me”? Wow, that’s such a smart statement. Wonder if any of these statements will be examined.

    So sad. When integration was enforced, I was young, and somewhat glad to see this being enforced because I was hopeful and I had rose-colored glasses. I thought, boy, this is going to be a good move. Give this country 20 years, time for the new generation to go to school together, get married together (or separately, whatever), and in 40 years we will have a total ‘mixed pot’ of citizens, working, living and mixing together.

    What a dreamer! I blame my youth, and my race-blind parents for such a view.

    It seems as if race relations are a cauldron of anger that will never be solved, which is so sad and never-ending. What a waste of energy.

    1. True, that cauldron of anger will never go away because that is how the so called black “leaders” retain their power over their people. They are never to blame for anything, it is always the fault of the whites, or I guess as we are now known, the pinks. It is, after all, much easier to lay on your butt and blame someone else for all your problems than to amount to something yourself. That is too hard for them I guess. Just look at the names they call any of the blacks who have achieved something, oh, except the basketball players.

    2. It can never be solved because of Black Liberation Theology and Critical Race Theory. Obama lived this ideology for more than 20 years. Problem is nobody would listen to Sean Hannity back in 2008 when he uncovered Rev. Wright’s connection to James Cone…

      Now if the powerful in our society, the white people, if they want to become Christians, they have to give up that power. You just don’t say please forgive me now. The only way in which yo repentance, yo forgiveness can be authentic, yo reception of it can be authentic, yo repentance can be authentic is that you give back what you took. And white people took a lot from black people. ~James Cone

      1. I am not a nobody. I listened and I heeded the message from “the Great American” . The first time I had the misfortune of hearing Obama speak, his arrogance overshadowed his intelligence.

    3. the obvious reason for not speaking out is that to do so would be to give a marginal, fringe political group more attention that they simply do not merit.

      sort of like when the media covers those idiotic minute men in AZ, where there are more reporters than minutemen at the event.

      1. Mr Fitch, you sound like one of those young, immature WH staffers with a little time to kill and stirring things up the way your boss/idol does..

        Hoping for change in November.. 2012-the end of an error

  11. No idea what Zimmerman’s motives might have been. However, it does appear that the following verbal attacks on him were definitely racist. I wonder if the people had taken a look at a photo of him , or whether they were just reacting to his name , which would probably be attached to a white, possibly Jewish male

  12. OK, don’t talk about Trayvon….How about commenting on the bounty offered by the Black Panther Party for Zimmerman’s head! We all realize that what they did is a crime but the fact that you haven’t done anything to put a stop to it kind of leaves the impression that you support what they’re doing.

    How about some clarifying your position there Failbama?

  13. George Zimmerman was ADOPTED FROM PERU

    Zimmerman is not white. He’s not even technically “hispanic”.

    He is 100% Peruvian. He was ADOPTED by a white Jewish father.

    1. Where are you getting your info? According to the Week On Line, the family is Catholic, and George was an alter boy at one time. He is the third of four children, adopted or not, and grew up in Manassa, VA before the family moved to Florida.

      Yes, his mother was Peruvian, and the U.S. Census Bureau uses the term Hispanic to describe any person, regardless of race, creed, or color, whose origins are Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, or of some other Hispanic origin. In fact, areas conquered by the Spaniards were considered part of a region originally called Hispania. (

      Nor does the fact that his last name is “Zimmerman” automatically make him Jewish. You might want to check your facts, and curb your Jew-baiting comments. All it does is show ignorance, and Lord knows we have had way to much of that already regarding this case.

  14. See what happens when Obama is forced to talk of the top of his head. He says something stupid. Now that the heat has been turned up, he’s decided to be quiet. Great leader, chime in when you don’t know the facts, create additional tension, then keep quiet.

  15. Ya know, I live in a West Texas town with a pretty good sized population. Lots of latinos, lot’s of whites, lot’s of middle easterners, lot’s of asians etc. We don’t have this problem. Or we haven’t had but we probably will now because of all this. We were getting along great, now I worry about it because I like living here. Guess the dream had to end sometime. Might as well be under Obama I guess.

  16. Obama won’t comment anymore because he’s already gotten the political mileage he was looking for off the suffering of this poor family. There’s nothing in it for him anymore.

  17. It’s amazing to me that Barack Hussein Obama has had time to golf more in 3 years than Bush had in 8, fill out a NCAA bracket with ESPN on TV, talk about Augusta National Golf Course admission policy, say that Trayvon looks like his would-be son, talk about women’s dry cleaning bills (not sexist at all)… but he can’t denounce bounties placed on Zimmerman’s head or the violent talk coming from black “leaders”.

  18. Barry may have clammed up but his puppet Eric Holder is in FL helping Al Sharpton & the New Black Panthers community organize a riots & issue bounties.

  19. No need for Obama to speak up now. Case handed over to Holder and Sharpton who stand side by side. Because after all this is the most important crime evah’ —

  20. Barackavon Traybama must have seen the one current picture of his coulda- been-son-look-alike and unclaimed the 17 year old gold-toothed gangsta signer.

  21. If George is “half white and half Hispanic” I guess that makes the BOGUS POTUS half white and half African. Puts him closer to his REAL birthplace.

  22. Keith:

    I wholeheartedly agree ONE THOUSAND PER CENT with the last line of your article:
    “Zimmerman has said he was acting in self defense, but many African Americans and black leaders charge he was the victim of a racially motivated attack.”

  23. Well, Jay baby – the ‘on-going’ investigation didn’t seem to bother the race baiter-in-chief when he lit the match! And where was he when the Black Panthers put out a $10M bounty on Zimmerman’s head – dead or alive? Lots of crickets chirping at the Obama WH…

    Regardless of the outcome of Obama’a latest attempt to divide and conquer…we have a new racial component in the cross-hairs – ‘white-Hispanics’! ‘Ya gotta love it!

  24. I imagine that the reports back told his reelection folks that his speaking out about the issue previously wasn’t a good idea.

    Too late; he already said too much.

  25. What a piece of craap. I hope you people see what you got in this White House. If you reelect this piece of garbage, you deserve what is coming. You got blacks threatening to KILL someone publicly and Holder is doing nothing about it. Neither is Obozo. Open your eyes people, this will get worse as we go on. You need to get rid of Obozo, Democraps and unions before this country is ruined completely.

  26. He doesn’t need to say any thing else. The chief street agitator’s statement had its desired effect. Ya know, come to think about it, if Obama had a twin brother he would probably be just like Robert Mugabe!

  27. He should NEVER have opened his ignorant and racist mouth in the first place. He has a bad habit of spewing his hate and ignorance long before ANY facts are given.

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