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American Crossroads Locks and Loads

Karl Rove’s GOP Super Pac American Crossroads is launching its ad campaign against President Obama, kicking off with a commercial on drilling. Thought you might want to get a look.

I’m willing to bet we’ll be hearing from David Gregory about his unhappiness at being used in a GOP ad. Too bad, it’s a free country.

According to Politico, the ad goes up Wednesday in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia.

11 Responses to American Crossroads Locks and Loads

  1. Opinion:
    14% lower isn’t a heck of a lot.
    “tell Obama”…how?
    a phone number at the end of the bit- are we to call that number to talk to Obama? whose number?.

    My vote 1-10

  2. The best defense is a good offense. This administration has been on the attack since the swearing in ceremony, regardless if substantiated. The opponents must now take control of the ball. The administration and its supporters are keeping everyone on the defensive. O does not want to discuss his history? Daily list them all — the devisiveness, the race baiting, the lies, the back door policies, the “chicago-style” thuggery, the losses of our freedoms, the “true” state of unemployment, The real way our allies are treated and the special deals to those opposed to America. Everything must be laid open to the light of day.
    It is past time for constant explanations and apologies to come from anyone opposed to this adminsitration. It is way past time for this adminsitration to answer.
    If the media is unwilling and unable to do their jobs, then the supporters of America must. Use the web, the phone, the TV, newspapers, whatever it takes to spread the word , “We want America back!”

  3. David Gregory? Who the heck is he to be offended by someone using his own words. There’s a number for Gregory to call and complain : 1-800-CRY-BABY or on the web :

  4. Now that Obama’s folks are calling for Romney’s older tax returns, the R’s should say, as soon as Obama releases his university records…. everytime and other items he won’t disclose.

  5. If I were in another room listening to the ad the first thing I’d hear is that under President Obama oil production is the highest it’s been in 8 years. I’m not so sure that’s the best opening for the ad. If someone hears only the first part they’ll think Obama’s doing a great job. :(

  6. Now, that is more like it. I want more of this kind of attack . . . and I would love something new coming from somewhere everyday.