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White House B-Balls Adorned With The One’s Image

As part of its Easter Egg Roll festivities, the White House is conducting a basketball clinic for kids featuring pro players. Have a look the ball being used, as Tweeted by ABC White House Correspondent Jake Tapper.

Apparently, the basketball lesson doesn’t include instruction in humility.

679 thoughts on “White House B-Balls Adorned With The One’s Image”

  1. I swear, if Obama thought he could get away with wearing a cheezy general’s uniform and a bunch of phony medals, he would.

      1. I watched Air Force One with Harrison Ford then I pictured if it was
        the Obama groupies funny with very different outcome:)

          1. What does it cost to have one’s face splatted all over a basketball? Narcissus is my fave flower. It thinks it is just SO cute! This basketball blooper is embarrassing. I can hear it now. Europe all talking- “…did you hear he has his face on sports balls? I hear he’s planning a statue of himself for every state’s capitol and will sign into law soon that every classroom have a bust of his head and neck on every teacher’s desk- -oh, and if they are caught without one, he will send in gangs from Mexico or Chicago to take care of it- after all they are his base, now. -OH! And if they are found with one in their house, they are automatically exempt from Obamacare!!” Humble he is not. Hmmm… oddly enough, I cannot find anything warm to say about the man. -guess I will have to ask his family someday- maybe cousins, or hidden sibs- I am certain they will know him enough to say something warm about him. Hope I get to meet them soon, before my opinion of him becomes permanent. To me, its sad when there isn’t something nice to say about someone.

  2. Narcissism. Complete and utter narcissism. Obama and his elves will soon start posting his face on billboards and electronic signs along freeways much like the dictators abroad do. And the worst part is, most of the US will sleep right thru it. Someone put Americans in a coma. It’s time to wake up, folks. You CAN change this course.

  3. Give it a couple weeks and you’ll see these Chinese made basketball’s…along with his Chinese made jerseys and other propagandized merchandise in dollar stores, thrift stores, and pawn shops across the country…pending they haven’t been burned in a sacrificial OMG ritual.

  4. Oh, come on everyone….don’t you see the obvious connection between Easter and NBA players?

    Just one more campaign ploy for those simple enough to fall for it. Read the news and learn what’s REALLY happening out here.

  5. I kind of like the idea of having his face on the ball, and watching kids drop it in dog poop, or having his face pounded in the pavement.

    Sort of projection of what people may like to do to him in person.

    But the ego is huge. And how many want a memory of this piece of history that will be labeled, shortly as the worst president in the history of this country.

    1. I was thinking that, but I was afraid to say it. I figured the FBI would be on my doorstep within the next few days. I would take a short vacation if I were you.

  6. Is it considered a threat to the president if you bounce the ball on his face? Will the FBI come to investigate the threat to the president?

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  8. Now yours for the low low price of a campaign donation the Obama Basket Ball…

    Regal in the image of the former guest lecturer and community organizer who became the 4th greatest President in the nation’s history as it graces this timeless classic which you’ll treasure everyday, Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm.

    A treasured heirloom to share with future generations like the mounting national debt.

    Imagine yourself twirling the leader of the free world on one finger just like Putin.

    You’ll be sure to ‘Punch Above Your Weight’ when the ‘hood sees you show up with the mack daddy of ‘pills’.

    With the low cost of a campaign donation you too can take Barry to the hole!

    Call Now Campaign Workers are ready to take your order, err money!

    1. Great work kmbog. That would be a fantastic pitch for the Sham wow guy.
      Wonder if those tokens of his demagoguery are selling for less than the $3 dinner raffle tickets he’s been hawking.

  9. Test Marketing. If Obama is re-elected this will be the official NBA basketball. And move over Titleist! Perhaps we are getting a glimpse of some of that flexibility Obama told Dimmy he would have.

  10. On order: Massive hanging banners with the image of the Dear Leader, just like in North Korea. Defacing one is a federal crime.

    Wanted: Macro-sculptors, to design and execute a modification to Mt. Rushmore, based on the visage of President-for-Life Obama. The submission must NOT resemble the butt of a donkey!

  11. I can think of a picture would be far more appropo than the Whiner-in-Chief’s picture. Of course if I state what I believe ought to be on the basketballs, then my comment would be inappropriate for young viewers. Otherwise the picture would absolutely fit.

  12. When I worked for two WH’s (Dem and Rep) everything that was Presidential carried the seal I never saw the President’s photo on it. I’m sure we just don’t understand … he’s a Constitutional “Professor” and an attorney … it just must be above us?

  13. I remember back during Desert Storm, when they had Saddam Hussein novelty toilet paper with his face emblazoned on every sheet of the roll, with funny sayings below. Hmmmm….any thoughts?

  14. I would love to have one. No matter what anyone thinks of the dude, these balls will be collector’s items in 20 years. And that would be true no matter how history looks back on his presidency; as a great president, or one of the biggest dweebs to ever hold the office.

    1. NBA/WNBA players paid for these basketballs, not the taxpayer. ABC’s Jake Tapper reported that later but this site did not choose to include that fact because it refuses to include facts. Please do some research next time on sites that do not have a right-wing bias.

  15. 0bama is a very sick man,no individual uses the term ( I ) 96 in one speech without some sort of problem. Then to add to that he can’t come to term’s with doing wrong,again this comes from a “very sick” complex man. The History that hasn’t been written must be the wh0re his mother was s ex with a bl@ck man @ 16-17 year old girl which was followed up with s ex with how many other many while 0bama was just a small child!

  16. Too bad we still dozent gotz “Midnight Bassit Bow.” Sho ’nuff wuld beez mo fun to beez bouncin hiz haid on da flo.

    1. Mt. Rushmore will have just one face, Susan. The 4 “p***y-a** crackers” will be blasted off quicker than the Taliban blasted Buddha at Bamiyan.

    1. The correct guess would have been $0. ABC’s Jake Tapper later reported that the NBA/WNBA players present paid for the basketballs. Please do some research next time before posting.

  17. Makes perfect sense. Under the current lack of voter ID laws enforced by the Department of Justice, children below voting age, illegal aliens, pets, dead people and Disney characters will be voting multiple times for the president.

  18. The theft of W H BBalls will be quite low.

    Really good thinking on the part of Michelle and the kids.

    Wouldn’t want to see those balls get stolen.

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    1. War mostly and tax cuts for people who already have enough money. But in this case your tax dollar didn’t pay for anything. The basketballs were provided by the NBA/WNBA players present, as reported by ABC’s Jake Tapper. Please do some unbiased research next time before posting.

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