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White House B-Balls Adorned With The One’s Image

As part of its Easter Egg Roll festivities, the White House is conducting a basketball clinic for kids featuring pro players. Have a look the ball being used, as Tweeted by ABC White House Correspondent Jake Tapper.

Apparently, the basketball lesson doesn’t include instruction in humility.

679 thoughts on “White House B-Balls Adorned With The One’s Image”

      1. You don’t have to be a conservative to see what a narcissistic move this is. You’re just mad because it makes Obama look like a jerk. It’s like the CEO our company had who put his face on all the company mugs. Really?

        1. It’s not that this makes me mad. It’s more like I find this incredibly hilarious. The metaphors practically write themselves!

        2. The TRUE IRONY is that the Institutional Left and the MSM portrays Mitt Romney as narcissist, when in fact, it’s acts of vanity by President Narcissus himself that tells us who is the true egomaniac.

          Romney is actually rather humble compared to this egotistical tyrant.

          1. Bingo! Finally someone is paying attention to history. The history that is about to repeat itself. I wish I had a prize to give out, but in this economy….

          2. Don’t forget Saddam Hussein! Next thing ya know, the taxpayers will be funding a pair of giant, cheap looking sword sculptures to grace Pennyslvania Ave….

          1. wow, thats a lot of sarcasm coming from a leftist Steeler fan! where do you get all the energy you lost rooting for your shitty go nowhere afc team?

        1. Every morning and every night, it’s you Drudge. Can’t take the falsification liberal news media for one second. Please don’t call them main stream, because “they’re far from it”. They are now known as the “falsification news media”, corruption all day long.

      2. Thanks to drudge for pointing this stupid move out ! Wow, this guy is the biggest loser of all time. Truth in advertising says he at least color the ball red and place a hammer and sickle on it…


  1. That SOB wants to be KING so bad, that he can’t even pretend to hide it.

    My greatest concern about this nation is that there are so many imbeciles that have no problem with that SOB becoming a King.

    1. “My greatest concern about this nation is that there are so many imbeciles that have no problem with that SOB becoming a King.”

      That really bothers me too.

    1. yep – just another insatnce of runnign his campaign out of the Whitehouse because the Left never holds their own accountable. How many of those do you suppose went home with people as “souvenirs”. I wodner if each egg had his picture too. What a blatant abuse but again as always the Left deliberately sees no wrong in it.

  2. How is this legal? The egg hunt is a government sponsored affair and basketballs emblazoned with the One’s image are a campaign prop. It’s pathetic that after wasting an education at Harvard Law this president not only doesn’t understand the function of the Supreme Court but also cheats the taxpayers on tacky Chicago (South side) political geegaws.

          1. Wow, you guys have so little to stand on that you are attacking his jeans? I know this country has a reality TV (ie Kim K, etc) fetish but come on, let’s at least try to SOUND intelligent here…

    1. Just another demonstration that “an education at Harvard Law” is worthless when the student is an unqualified beneficiary of an affirmative action program.

      1. Who says he got an education ? All he really did was hang out with those who shared his same twisted marxist/socialist perversions of how our Country should be..
        And its easy to see how he spent countless hours before the mirror
        honing his dictator persona.

        1. My Island - Its Mine!

          He never actually made “Professor” (no tenure) at all. He was simpy “a lecturer.” Not the Genius he is worshipped as… just old radical coke-smoking Barry, the sweet young foreign student, educated by the Marxist Ayers Family.

    2. Did he actually GO there? I’ve read some articles where some students who attended Columbia & had the same classes the O supposedly had don’t ever recall seeing him there.

      1. As the parent of a public school educated ,Summa cum laude and PHI BETA KAPPA honors college grad. (who by the way worked full time While taking 18+ credit hrs per semester), Ireally would like to see the released college grades (if they even exist)of the POS I mean POTUS. National security aside, (he doesn’t care about that anyway!) He is the Plastic, Teflon and Laugh it all off man ! P.S He shots the basketball more like a girl than my (I coached) daughter does.

    3. It was a faux Easter egg deal to cover for free coverage for a big ass
      party for the freeloaders. Fundraiser but those dolts who vote for me
      will think I’m so great with the biggest Easter egg roll yet (wink wink).
      Watch this hand not the one holding an illegal function in the front yard.

    4. The souvenir eggs with the picture of Bo the dog are a campaign prop too. It may be illegal to mix and match campaigning with official events but who is going to tell Obama he can’t do this? All I hear from the GOP is crickets…

      As for Obama and the Supreme Court, I think he understands their function. He just can’t help but reveal himself, a Chicago bully/thug that thinks he’s above the law and has utter disregard for anyone or anything but himself.

      1. Perhaps the balls should be donated to the GOP who can let things like
        this go by time after time. Why? Do they want him to win or afraid of
        the MSM.

    5. “after wasting an education at Harvard Law” Dan how do we know he ever atteded school there….he has buried all his records and no one seems to come forth and admit to attending school with him. Seems a little strange to me. The only three words I ever want to hear him say is “guilty,your Honor”. 24 Karet phoney.If he is reelected we are done.

  3. This is cool. I would love to have one so I can just stand around smashing his dusgusting face into the pavement while praticing my basket ball dribble. :)

      1. Sorry his face brings my blood pressure up to a scary level. The mute button is nearly worn down on our remote as well.

        1. I play this game kind of like a drinking game. If I am having a meal and Obama comes on TV I get dessert. Only trouble is I’ve gained 200 lbs since he assumed the throne . LOL

    1. I actually SAW toilet paper with the Marxist pigs picture on it when I was on vacation last summer. It was being sold in a tourist type store on the boardwalk. I almost bought it, however I thought my behind deserved better.

      1. Yeah I saw the same toilet paper. It said “if you want to wipe out hate, this roll will start you one your way” Priceless!

  4. After 3 plus years of Obama idol worship in all facets of the American culture from the Main stream media to the elementary schools and from Hollywood and the music industry, I’m surprised we aren’t seeing giant posters emblazoned with his image in every town square across AmeriKa. If he is reelected I fully expect to see him someday standing in a fake military costume in a review stand observing our troops doing the goose step past him with outstretched arms . This Marxist pig is suffering from delusions of grandeur. He is dangerous and November is our last chance to stop him.

    1. . . .and heaven forbid if those were “chicken” eggs they were hunting for on the WH lawn (akin to MJ Blige/Burger King).

    2. No, it would be racism if they had an Oblamer mugshot eblazoned on a watermelon.

      Oh the vanity! President Narcissus.

    1. Toilet paper is the most appropriate place for his face. But then again, how would you know when you “got it all”?

    1. Wake up yourself. ABC’s Jake Tapper reported later that the NBA/WNBA players present provided the basketballs. Please do some research next time, you will find that your middle class dollars are going to rich people.

  5. Typical dictator stuff. Next thing he’ll want to replace George Washington on the dollar bill…or be pictured on all bills!

  6. Whoa ! It is a campaign rally. Will there be an FOIA into the cost ?

    The National Parks Service has seen huge cuts to their budget and staff, and if you’ve been to the National Mall lately, it shows. How do you explain the over-the-top Obama circus taking much needed cash and man hours away from more important projects? Don’t forget the NPS tends the First Lady’s vegetable garden too.

  7. Reminds me of Saddam Hussein who ordered every newspaper to publish a picture of him on the front page every day, and plastered the cities with posters and murals of his triumphs.
    Every dictator develops a cult of personality to keep himself continually in the public eye.

  8. obama is awesome
    he says so
    he has a peace prize – and goes to war –
    he’s so cool – he smokes – in private

    this man is the new MAO and if you don’t want ‘dear leader’ to own you
    your going to put every damn politician in their place – once and for all
    vote everyone out – no one is untouchable…

  9. Good Lord! What the hell is wrong with these people? The jackass-in-chief and his minions are doing all the same things as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Marcus Areillius. Whether it is basketballs or flags, they put his queer, cocaine sniffing ass on everything. And, yet there are still more than enough idiots that will vote for him in November. This is absolute insanity.

    The cult of personality and insanity is alive and well. I just never imagined that it would be flourishing so well here in the USA.

    Lord, have mercy. We have truly passed through the looking-glass.


  10. Nothing to see here–it’s just what would-be tyrants do to contribute to the demoralization of those over whom they wish to rule/own.

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  12. Gotta get one of those–then gonna give it a good swift kick!

    Also, don’t forget last week when MO was lecturing kids/their families out in SF that they can change the minds of their parents/grandparents who are “wrong” if they don’t vote for BHO.

    Propaganda pure and simple!

    1. It cost you nothing. ABC’s Jake Tapper reported later that the basketballs were supplied by NBA/WNBA players. You can’t get the truth by relying on right-wing sites, so please do some research next time.

  13. Narcissists must have their image everywhere along with thinking that all humanity hangs on their every word. That is Barry Soetoro aka Barak Obama. Hope to God he is voted back to Kenya come November.

  14. what BS and we are so stupid we do not see the arrogance in all this.
    First the Flag with his picture, not BALLS, he sure has a pair.

    1. No. ABC’s Jake Tapper reported later that the basketballs were supplied by NBA/WNBA players. You can’t get the truth by relying on right-wing sites, so please do some research next time.

        1. Sure, but “Unbelievable” asked if the taxpayers paid for it. The answer to that is no, but this website does not run a correction. This non-correction leds to people getting all bent out of shape about how their tax dollars being spent on basketballs instead of their preferred item, war in Iraq.

      1. About our Flag: The flag should never be used for advertising purposes. It should not be embroidered, printed or otherwise impressed on such articles as cushions, handkerchiefs, paper napkins, boxes, or anything that is designed for temporary use. Advertising signs should not be fastened to a flag’s staff or halyard.

        flag distressThe flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. Bunting of blue, white, and red can be used for covering a speaker’s desk, draping the front of a platform, or for decoration in general.

        No part of the flag should be used as an element of a costume or athletic uniform.

        But since the potus does not know our laws, customs and does not pledge allegiance to our Flag, I see how he would allow our Nations symbol to be misrepresented.

  15. What else would a narcissist’s basketball look like? I love me, I am great, I can do no wrong, I am the best-looking, I am the most brilliant, I am the best husband, I am the best father, I am the best political leader – ever, I will stop the oceans from rising, I am ABOVE the law, it’s all about me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me………..

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