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Under Obama, No Major U.S. Terror Attacks

Updated 7:53 pm ET

It’s been more than three years since Obama was sworn into office, and since then there hasn’t been a single major terrorist attack within the United States. Just as Obama by now must take credit for the sagging economy, even though he inherited a recession from George W. Bush, he can also claim credit for preventing mass casualties on U.S. soil, even though he is building on the success of his predecessor.

Obama has succeeded in part maintaining Bush policies, keeping a strong focus on al Qaeda and letting law enforcement and counterterrorism agencies do their jobs.

But he has updated the Bush strategy in important ways.

Obama with soldiers
Photo by Keith Koffler

First, Obama has directed more resources toward tracking and combating home-grown terrorists, an increasing threat as al Qaeda is stamped out overseas and our ability to prevent its penetration of the United States has grown. While it’s troubling that Obama fails to pinpoint Islamism as the chief culprit behind homegrown terrorism, it’s pretty clear that despite the political correctness, this is where the focus will be.

Obama has also stepped up the use of drones overseas, decimating bad guys in their havens in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

And while I don’t agree that it was the “gutsiest call” in modern presidential history, the killing of Osama Bin Laden was a success for Obama, who put his presidency on the line and moved in without waiting for absolute proof that Bin Laden was at the hideout. Less decisive action could have allowed Bin Laden to slip away.

While Obama’s record on preventing major attacks against the country is good, there are problems on the horizon.

Obama’s decision to signal our retreat from Afghanistan allows the Taliban to wait us out and may well result in the reconstitution of al Qaeda’s base of operations in the very place where we went to war to drive them out.

And ironically, Obama’s relentless efforts to kill terrorists and his resistance to taking prisoners who would then have to be messily interrogated is likely leading to a gap in our knowledge about al Qaeda and plans for future attacks.

It may well be planting season for the seeds of future disaster. But for more than three years, Obama has led an effort that has kept us safe.

UPDATE: By a “major attack” I meant mass casualties. I thought that was clear, but perhaps not. Attacks that have occurred under Obama are all tragedies, and some involve significant injury and loss of life, but there’s been nothing on the order of a repeat of 9/11, and for that Obama deserves some credit.

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  1. Is this true? What about those recruiters…the murderous shrink….some half-vast plots…all the bombings on our bases in the war countries… I never feel safe anymore…he is too equivocal–I never feel anyone fears consequences…

    1. Star, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking! Seriously, I can’t believe someone even put in writing about terrorism under obama’s watch. Seems like the entire country is on edge more than ever and the majority don’t feel safe with this guy at the helm. I’m scratching my head how anyone could have written this up when it is absolutely not true. No we haven’t had any 9/11 attacks – thank God – because of the policies put into place by President Bush – however we have been attacked more than any other time in recent memory. People really need to get over their love fest for their b.o. and wake up and see the truth that is right in front of them. I’ve never seen such spin doctoring in my life.

  2. His ROE stink to high heaven. How much more could have been done if our military didn’t have their hands tied and how many less would be dead or maimed.

  3. It could just be that Obama’s anti-Israel/pro-Palestinean policies have pacified the anti-American sentiment…for now. It’s kinda hard for a radical Islamic terrorist to attack a ‘blood brother’!

  4. If we are “safe”, then why don’t we feel “safe? Millions of guns are bought by Americans every year, so many that the firearm industry can’t keep up with the demand. Millions of Americans are stockpiling food and supplies in their homes.

    It’s the Job One of the federal government to keep us safe from our enemies, foreign and domestic. MrObama can take credit for doing his job, nothing else.

  5. This very subject was a topic on a segment of Fox and Friends this morning, Dana Perino talking with the hosts. Her take, that Obama is talking national security this week as one of the many building blocks for his re-election. Since he dares not discuss Obamacare or the economy, he (Obama) must find other things to put in his plus column. Perino went on to say that by speaking to the average joe about national security and stressing the “no terror attacks”, Obama gets voters to sit back and say, that’s a good thing. It’s a deeply calculated march to November, just as his stroll to church was yesterday. The Hollywoodization of his re-election is coming to a theater near you. Just wait until you see the price of a ticket!! :-)

    1. You may want to read Chuck Norris’s column posted at
      He does a good job of putting things in perspective.

      The Obama administration is adept at standing behind a fan and throwing confetti threw it, thereby, creating distractions.
      We must remain focused on the important issues.
      The obvious is right in front of our eyes if we would just open them.

  6. Ok, I’ll see your “kept us safe” and raise you a “dismal economy” and a “poor jobs report”. Which is probably why we’re safe because our foreign and domestic enemies want to destroy capitalism. :D

  7. Granted, we have not had an act of terrorism on the scale of 9/11, but we do consider the Ft. Hood murders to be an act of terrorism; we consider all BHO’s divisive remarks (i.e., if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon) to be acts of terrorism; we consider his policies/agenda/legislation rammed down the throats of Americans even though the majority of citizens do not support it to be acts of terrorism.

    America may have been spared attacks from foreign enemies, but we are under an all out assault from a domestic enemy–the BHO administration and this attack is, IMO, much more devastating to our country with longer lasting repercussions.

  8. What about the Fort Hood massacre? That wasn’t domestic terrorism? Right, that was “workplace violence.”

    Obama lost all bragging rights for getting Bin Laden when OBL was given an Islamic burial.

    1. Two and a half years later and counting. It’s very obvious that they do not want this SOB to come to trial untl the election is over.

      FORT HOOD (April 9, 2012) — The military judge in the case again accused Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan has scheduled an additional administrative hearing.

      The hearing is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. April 10 in the Lawrence J. Williams Judicial Center at Fort Hood.

      At the hearing, the prosecution and defense will go on record to discuss several pending motions brought by the defense.

      The judge may rule on another continuance in the trial date. The defense has asked the judge to set the trial off until October.

  9. Whew…that was close. But, don’t count the chickens before they’re hatched…his presidency ain’t over yet. As a matter of concern, I would say Obama should have just kept his mouth shut about that one and counted his blessings. Terrorist love to wait for optimum impact, right?!

    1. Wouldn’t put it past this administration to manufacture and “October surprise” to get re-elected–Heaven help us and God protect us–from our own government!!!!

      1. With all the diversions we’ve seen the past few months (the Occupy movement, “War on Women”, Trayvon, etc.), I can’t even imagine what this administration has in store for October.

  10. This is BS…other than the Fort Hood killer, there were two terrorist attacks that readily come to mind where the bombers were not caught until after their bombs malfunctioned.

  11. Terror takes several forms.

    Attacks on capitalism count.
    Saying No to the XL pipeline count.
    Feeding money to solar projects and bundlers count.
    Ignoring unemployment counts.

    …you all know the longer list by now.

  12. While he has kept the attacks down, he has bribed Af-Pak with around 8 billion, Egypt with 3 billion, and about a billion to the Pals.. all in the last 3 months.. and he had the Brotherhood at the white house for meetings and is letting Iran build up for the biggest terror attack the worlds ever seen..He gets zero credit from me

  13. Nidal Malik Hasan – November 5, 2009 – Worst shooting ever on US military base.

    Faisal Shahzad – May 1, 2010 – Bomb set to go off in Times Square was discovered by local police. Even though a massive manhunt for Shahzad was launched, Obama’s Department of Homeland Security allowed Shahzad to board an international flight to Dubai from an airport that was only 16 miles distance from Times Square. It was only after US Customs agents noticed his name on the manifest that the jet was ordered to return to the gate.

  14. Truth Number One: Terrorist want to destroy the USA’s “way of life”.
    Truth Number Two: Obama IS destroying the USA’s “way of life”.
    Conclusion: Why would terrorist waste resources and manpower to accomplish a goal that Obama is all to happy to accomplish for them?

  15. What was the Ft. Hood Massacre…”workplace violence”? What was the Christmas Night Underwear Bomber…an unsatisfied passenger? The only reason why Umar Abdulmutallab, or Faisal Shazad(The Times Square Bomber) didn’t kill hundreds….or thousands between their two attacks is order of detonation. If either device had exploded with a high order of detonation hundreds, if not thousands would have died.

  16. I’m just curious; how many bodies need pile up before an attack is considered major? So, only 3 or 5 or 30 died or were wounded while some militant jihadist was screaming Allahu Ackbar and firing a weapon at them, that doesn’t diminish the severity of the attack.

  17. It’s been more than three years since Obama was sworn into office, and since then there hasn’t been a single major terrorist attack within the United States.

    Ummm….I beg to differ with you on that.

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1 June 2009, Carlos Bledsoe, aka Abdulhakim Mujahid, killed one military member and wounded another as they stood outside a military recruiting center.

    Ft. Hood Texas, 5 November 2009, Maj Nidal Hasan murdered 14 people (one in the womb). He jumped up on a table at a military processing center and shouted allah ahkbar as he sprayed fellow soldiers and civilians with gunfire. That’s a bit more than workplace violence.

    On board an American Airlines flight to Detroit, 25 December 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to blow up the airline by igniting a bomb in his underwear. If not for the bravery of fellow passengers he may have been successful.

    Times Square, New York, 1 May 2010, Faisal Shahzad attempted to set off a bomb. Just because some alert street vendor notified the authorities before he was successful doesn’t make it any less deadly.

    Portland, Oregon, 26 November 2010, Mohamed Osman Mohamud attempted to explode a device at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Just because he didn’t know the bomb was fake didn’t make the act any less sinister.

    There are probably more, but off the top of my head, that is all I can remember…

  18. By a “major attack” I meant mass casualties. I thought that was clear, but perhaps not. These attacks that some of you have mentioned are all tragedies, and some involve significant injury and loss of life, but there’s been nothing on the order of a repeat of 9/11, and for that Obama deserves some credit.

    1. 911 was a direct result of Bill Clinton’s policies of appeasement and ignorance of terrorism.

      The CIA, FBI and U. S. Military get the credit for no “major” attacks.

      Obama gets the blame for all the minor attacks due to his appeasement poliices.

      As for Murder–See

  19. There haven’t been any yet, but his policies are setting up the next President for it to happen. Not unlike Clinton’s policies were the basis for 9/11.

    I have no doubt that another huge attempt is coming. Just hope they will discover it before it happens.

  20. So the Ft. Hood killings by a US solder who fancied himself as a jihadist and “Soldier of Islam” were not the acts of a terrorist? Really?

  21. Obama has succeeded in part maintaining Bush policies, keeping a strong focus on al Qaeda and letting law enforcement and counterterrorism agencies do their jobs.

    But he has updated the Bush strategy in important ways.

    Too lazy to change them. He kills American citizens by UAV and fast and furious….OK…common!

    Keith, you are wong on this one. Wake up.

  22. While your balance is laudable, America is under even worse attack than 9/11. On 9/11 the enemies to America were clearly defined and America united. Since this administration took power, America’s security has eroded piece by piece. The feeling of unrest and uncertainty, of alienation and desperation has increased thousandfold. Americans, rich, poor, middle class have no stability anymore. Threats of riots,, dissention, recession, loss of national security are rampig up every day. Every day there is a new disclosure that our government is cheating us, ignoring us, belittling us, or selling us out. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I say America is under a far worseUS terror attack than ever before.
    We cannot trust our elected officials or those they appoint to enforce the vows they took. So far, no one with the courage to address these issues has stepped up.

  23. I give credit where credit is due. We have not been attacked since President Obama took office. He did order the death of Bin Laden. Beyond that, he has been a total failure. Failed to control federal spending, failed to keep the real unemployment down, failed to make us energy (oil) independent, refused the Keystone pipeline, the highest deficit and debt in history, overregulation in all aspects of our lives, forced health care, deteriorating education, failure to be transparent, failed in reconciling race relations, failed to address illegal aliens, failure to reform runaway welfare and entitlements,
    poor investments in multiple solar companies, failure of Chevy Volt program, failed to address medicare and social security funding (the only true entitlements), failure to recognize that the two main reasons for jobs going overseas are union wages and retirement benefits and regulations, failure to produce a budget that even the democratic senate would approve in three years. I would not critize him unless I had solutions for all these areas, but who will listen to me, an average American?

    1. According to official reports, O was on the golf course when the decision was made by Panetta & Clinton. O was called to say it had been set in motion. Jarrett still had O wavering about having it done.

  24. Ohhhh how people play with words. I like how the word “Major” was slipped in there. That gives the out to counter anything with, “Well, that wasn’t ‘Major'”

    Remember the Muslim at Fort Hood that yelled “Allahu Akbar” before opening fire on our soldiers? A terrorist battle cry prior to killing us soldiers in Texas is not a “Major” Terror Attack?

    Besides, have we not learned anything from 9/11. The attack was in the works years before 2001. There was financing, planning, logistics, dry runs, alterations…all before the day they attacked. So it was under the Clinton Administration and Bush administration when the planning was taking place (maybe even further back). Who is to say that they have not planed something else and are simply going through the motions of testing under this administration.

    I am not an alarmist, just a realist. We must never forget the attack. We as citizens are tasks with keeping our liberty and not allowing the government to take it away under the guise of “protection” (ehem, T.S.A.). We must also realize that there are people out there who want to kill us just for being born between the Pacific, Atlantic, Mexico and Canada (plus Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. military base, Naturalized… ;) )

    This sounds like a piece written to provide cover for Obama.

  25. It’s Articles like this that make us all pause, and do some soul searching. If Obama had a fluff piece written to trump up his failing military and foreign policies, it would look like this one.

  26. I guess 13 people dead at an Army base is not a major terrorist act? I guess the death oof an army recriuter in Arkansa is not a terrorist attack. I guess the guy with explosive underwear wasn’t tring to blow up a plane that was stppoed by passengers was not a major terrorist attack. I must be seeing things! I guess there hasn’t been 12 terror attacks on US soil.I guess 1000 terror attacks worlwide are not terror attacks esppecially in afganahstan against oour brother, sisters, father, mother, friends in the military. I guess I must be seeing things!!!!!!!

  27. 13 dead fort hood. 1 dead 2 wounded in arkansa recruiting office. Oh I guess its not a MAJOR ATTACK. Did I say Terrorisam! Hush that! No such thing you must mean………an isolated domestiv violence.

  28. If the civilians on the airplanes did not act against the terrorist on the airplane there would have been mass casualties. I think the people on the plane that stopped them deserve the “no major” attack credit. One death resulting from a terrorist act is a MAJOR act! As to say imply that one to 13 deaths are insignificant would be irresponsible journalisam. Again the media making terror attacks into a nusance.

  29. Really – Di we forget the Fort Hood shooter that left 13 dead, in direct communication with Al-Akawi? I think that would count as “successful” in their book.

  30. Did we forget the Fort Hood shooter? 13 dead, while in direct communication with Al-Akawi…I think they consider that successful.

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