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Obama, For Three . . . No!

Look, I’ll give him credit, he hit the rim every time, which is not something I would necessarily do. Or you – you know who you are!

But, you know, I’m sure he just figured he’d walk up and sink one, because there’s no way he’d have given this golden gift to his enemies otherwise.

18 thoughts on “Obama, For Three . . . No!”

  1. Okay . . . he needs to straighten out his shooting arm and point it at the basket. He is shooting lazily, but that shouldn’t surprise any of us.

  2. What was it 1 of 5, that’s 20% , plus a fumbled pass, I’d bench or cut him.
    By the way, we know his golf game sucks but, how is his bowling game nowadays?

  3. sportswise, he’s pathetic.

    but always pretends to be so cool.

    This shows the character of a man as much as anything…

    His narcissism knows no bounds.

  4. I bet Bush would win a basketball game against him. Maybe instead of debates we can have the candidates shoot hoops. What a dweeb. At least he wasn’t wearing his mom jeans.

  5. You could call him the ‘twenty-percenter’ President….but that is too kind. Actually, he spends around 5% of his time doing the job he was elected to do. From the looks of things, it would be better if he spent ZERO time on the job – we need to toss him and his ‘face-balls’ out on their royal posterior!

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