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Catholic Leaders Take the Fight to Obama

The Catholic church shows no sign of backing down in its struggle with President Obama over Obamacare’s requirement that Catholic institutions cover birth control, casting the issue in broader terms as a matter of religious freedom.

Obama is sure to suffer politically from the fallout in key swing states with large Catholic voting populations, like Pennsylvania, Ohio and other areas of the Midwest. Most Catholics use birth control, but many may recoil at any perceived attack by Obama on the church.

On Meet the Press, Bishop William Lori, archbishop-designate of Baltimore, said:

What we’ve seen is an erosion of religious liberty. Our teachings had been accommodated, but now they are not being accommodated.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York said the church would continue the fight, brushing aside the White House “compromise” that allows Catholic institutions to avoid paying for contraception but still forces them to offer coverage for it.

The issue may be mooted if the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare. But the perception that Obama was bullying the church and threatening religious freedom may linger right through Election Day.

25 thoughts on “Catholic Leaders Take the Fight to Obama”

  1. I just wonder what this administration hoped to gain by taking on the Catholic Church?

    This is an issue Obama can not win. Build large jails.

  2. You are right, many Catholics do use birth control, and that is the choice they make in defiance to the church’s doctrine. But, as any good Catholic will tell you, it is their choice, and the government has no right to demand that the church violate its doctrinal precepts. That would be tantamount to demanding that temples or mosques provide ham to people if they are running a food pantry. Even though there are plenty of Jews and Muslims that eat pork, it is a private choice, and to have the government demand that they provide or do something in violation of their basic beliefs is unconscionable.

    Dolan is correct, this entire birth control debate is an attack on religious freedom and the right of the church (or temple, mosque, what have you) to follow its doctrinal beliefs.

  3. That’s what happens when you don’t understand America on a fundamental level. The vast majority of people in the US use birth control, as do I. Yet we are deeply opposed to the government placing conscience-violating mandates on any group of people. Even if the Supreme Court overturns Obamacare, the church should press forward with its suit. This is an extreme overreach by the government and this administration in particular and it cannot be allowed to just fade.

  4. This is one of many issues that MUST linger through election day in November.

    Does anyone have a link to a list of all of BHO’s “issues” that can be passed along to anyone/everyone who still don’t see/comprehend the truth about BHO? Thanks!

    1. Yes, I hope we can see an entire list of reasons to not vote for BO, but reasons why we should actively work and donate as much as possible against him! I started saving good articles and commentaries that I could link to friends, on Facebook, etc., as the election got closer, but there are too many!!!!!!!!!!

      And “Amen” to the other readers who’ve commented here.

    2. You must still be under the delusion that Obama supporters care about any of that stuff… After brainwashing, the truth, facts, or the actual result of his policies means nothing. It is all Bush and those damn Republicans fault why his grand vision for America has not succeeded. If the would get out of the way and stop obstructing him, everything would be Utopia, just ask any of them, they will tell you. And there is no way they are going to get bogged down with reality.

      1. I don’t bother, either. I have sort of lost many friends who know I have changed sides…but they just refuse to get it, read up on it, look into it, listen, or anything. So I just don’t get into it. I try not to have less respect, but I guess I do.

  5. Obama to the Catholic Church: “GO TO HELL”!

    Obama should be frog-marched out of the WH for this eggregious stunt of overuling religious precepts for the sole purpose of garnering the womens’ vote! Why are 60% of these women still supporting him? Do they not understand that he is a one-man wrecking crew destroying the Constitution and our freedoms contained therein?

    We need to tell Obama where to go in November!

  6. The basic question is this; does the federal government have the constitutional right to order any religion to violate their basic tenents and if they do, can this same govenment order any individual to violate their faith with any action. If the government can force a religious group to do something against their prinicples, then it can also force a doctor to violate his oath and force him perform abortions, or it can prevent a doctor from performing a medical act that would prolong a patients life. If the government can force an individual to violate their faith, then the government can force a woman to have an abortion.

    Contraception and it’s availablity isn’t a political issue among women, just as the availability of products like Viagra isn’t a concern among men. The Obama team’s efforts to charm and confuse women with their concern about “women’s” issues by attacking the Catholic Church and the Repubs with a ridiculous charge of “war against women” is a red herring and a devious political ploy.

  7. Obama has struck a near-lethal body blow to the Catholic Church.His aim is to destroy it as a power in our society. Think I am exaggerating?

    Either the Catholic Church must submit to violating its own teachings.

    Or it must cease to employ people.

    Those are the choices that the Obama administration has given it — they have as usual found a way to social engineer and set up success in two ways, either of which will cut the Church’s throat.

    And I am convinced that this also is somehow meant to advance muslim goals in our society — perhaps arguing that multiple wives is a charity action (since every woman needs a man to rule over her and some marriages are made to provide widows with such a “protector”).

    I admit this part of the Obots’ agenda is not as clear as its action to decimiate the Catholic Church, but I feel instinctively that it lurks somewhere, waiting for the outcome that will further its ends. If things work out alongthe correct lines, it will be brought forward.

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  9. “And I am convinced that this also is somehow meant to advance muslim goals in our society —”

    ….while trying to convince us that he is a Christian! He fools no one! Give him anouther 4 years and we will have Sharia. Americans will only tolerate so much before they rise up against this apostate!

    1. I think that Obama is not attached to any religion by ties of belief, but he has a blind sentimental fondness for islam because of his childhood years in a muslim country. He likes feeling that he has more insight than other Americans because he’s so international and diverse and all.

      To be fair, Bush was hand-holding close to the Saudis and even let some of the bin Ladens fly out of the nation right after 911.

      Not to say, “It’s Bush’s fault, ” but to compare the last two Presidents.

  10. Is anyone surprised that religious liberty is being attacked on every front by atheistic secular socialist entities like Barack Obama and the Democratic Party of America? They have been quite open about their disdain for the religious for decades and their intent to force religious entities to participate, fund and support theideals of abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, infanticide, forced sterilizations, population control and healthcare rationing. This president fought for three years to keep the killing of born infants legal, because he was afraid it would set legal precidence that the children being killed would be considered human person and therefore protected. 53% of so-called Catholics voted for this death culture politician…think these bishops have any skin in that game?

  11. Picking a fight with Cardinal Dolan is definitely not wise. Let’s remember that His Eminence, Cardinal Dolan has been elevated to the College of Cardinals by Pope Benedict. He is now a member of the Consistory and sits on several Pontifical councils. As important, he is also the President of the Council of Bishops for the US. Cardinal Dolan is a Prince of the Church and could very well one day become Pope. His blog is read by many and he is at ease with the media.

    In other words….the President’s advisors really picked an adversary they should worry about.

  12. This will be good for the GOP if they can figure out how to frame it as a religious liberty issue and not “the men are trying to take away our birth control!” which is what too many well-intentioned but ill-informed people believe.

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