As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope everyone has a very happy Easter. By warmest wishes to all who are celebrating the holiday.



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  1. Thank you. And may I add my best wishes for a peaceful day of rest for those of all faiths.
    My plan for this afternoon is dinner with family and to learn if my grandchildren will eat the ears of the chocolate bunny first, and will they make faces at the marshmallow peeps and then shake the jelly beans to the bottom of the basket.

  2. Thanks, Keith. Happy Passover to you and your family. I love your site and I have to tell you this – my mother is also very into politics, but not into computers. I actually read her most of your posts over the telephone every day. They’re just that good, not to be missed! It’s gotten to the point that when we’re discussing some political news on the phone, she’ll say, “Well, did you check White House Dossier? What does Keith have to say about that?” LOL. Thanks for all your great work, Keith!

  3. Thank you Keith ! I did double duty today, Easter Sunday AND my husband’s 70th birthday. Whew.

    Now let’s take on those crazies in the M.S.M. There are no mistakes allowed, I’m looking at you NBC. ABC. CBS.

  4. Thanks, Keith. Just got home from spending the weekend with my daughters and your site is the first I checked when I got home.

  5. On this wonderful southern Easter Sunday, I look back, remembering my visit with the children,and grandchildren. I remember how we gathered in the back, and laughed, as the young ones search for hidden treasures. And then afterwards, sitting in the dining room, enjoying our baked ham, with all the fixings, how we all bowed our heads and gave praise to our Lord, Our Savior. Thank you Lord for all the gifts that you have bestrode upon my family.
    I’ve never been a church going man, but I’ve always known their was someone looking over me. No! I’m wrong, not just me, but us, Us as a nation.

    Never, EVER, fall for the Secularist’s lies when they claim they know the way. We, the people, are the one’s who really know the way. It’s the way of Christ, our Savior.

    • oops….so sorry, my above comment was meant for the Obama basketball story and was NOT meant to be posted on this thread.
      “White House B-Balls Adorned With The One’s Image”