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Obama Golfing Again

The 2012 Obama golf season is off to a late start, but President Obama is picking up the pace, heading out for the second weekend in a row.

Like last week, the president is at Andrews Air Force base, where he is golfing with an as yet undisclosed crew. Will update when I have the info.

This is golf outing No. 2 for the year and No. 94 since Inauguration Day.

40 thoughts on “Obama Golfing Again”

  1. Keith – please let us know how many female golfers are in the crew. Must be lots available since they can’t play at Augusta this weekend.

  2. Ha, I predicted he’d be golfing today!

    Btw, I would so love to know how many people were invited to the White House Easter Egg Roll in previous administrations, and just how elaborate the festivities were. I just don’t remember the egg roll ever being such a huge all day event like the Obamas have made it (all tied to “Let’s Move!”, of course).

    Last year was the largest ever with 30,000 invited guests. This year will top that at 35,000 guests on Monday.

    Eight celebrity chefs have been invited to do cooking demonstrations in a special fully equipped kitchen pavilion near the WH garden, (the “Kids Pavilion”).

    Julianne Moore (a reward for her portrayal of Palin?) and Forrest Whittaker have been invited to read to the little kids in the “Story time Garden”.

    No less than 50 kids’ TV characters have been invited. The Harlem Globetrotters will also be there. There will be sports activities, games, and musical entertainment.

    Programs will be printed up (35,000 or more?) with cover art by the kid contest winner chosen by MO. There’s also a poster designed by a kid.

    ** Is this a WH Easter Egg Roll OR is it just a huge carnival on the WH lawn?? **

    All of the above info (plus more) can be found in these posts:

    1. If I recall correctly, one had to be a member of Facebook to be invited to the whatever it is now. It used to be an “egg-roll” , now it’s a “Cecil B. DeMille”type production with a cast of thousands.

    2. One thing I can say for these grifters is they sure know how to party. They’ve turned the traditional egg roll into a circus.

      1. So true, it’s all just a circus. The ONLY positive that comes to mind is that this is the LAST time they will be doing this. Only 30 weeks left to the election. I can’t wait.

  3. Whenever I hear he’s golfing, Steve Martin’s song, King Tut, starts playing in my head.
    Apologies to Steve Martin for tweaking a few words.

    King Putt (King Putt)
    Now when he was a young man,
    He never thought he’d see
    People stand in line to see the boinking.

    (King Putt) Now, if I’d known
    they’d line up just to see him,
    I’d trade in all my money
    And bought me a museum (and called it ad nauseum King Putt).

    1. We are at war no time for golf:). Women don’t golf during war very
      improper. Still hsven’t figured outbwhatbthis war on women is but it
      must be very important to the puts-in-chief:)

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  5. Golf outing #94! People are struggling to find jobs, pay bills, losing their houses, our country’s credit rating was downgraded again and all this man can do is play golf.

    As for this “war on women” it starts right with the top man in the White House. Remember Christina Romer telling how they wouldn’t listen to her, wouldn’t take her advice, excluded her? Remember Obama golfed from January to October 2009 and was criticized before he invited one woman to join his golf game? How many have played since?

  6. 98 days of golf in 1166 days of office means that he has golfed away about 8% oh his presidency. The other 92% has been spent on campaigning for another term.

    1. [Sad headshake] True…and as I posted elsewhere, a friend of mine, college grad, no longer gets a paper or has cable and only watches the Daily Show and says as a woman, she could never vote Republican. Like Republicans are not women, do not have mothers and wives and sisters who are also Republicans, like Republicans do not have to live in this country and have their own planet. This is kind of shocking, really. Have I mentioned more than a dozen times that our editorial cartoonist Steve Benson is a lib who can’t draw? Well, this morning he unlimbered his Sarah Palin Michelle Bachmann Drawing School diploma to show a crazy-eyed Romney disrepecting women. Some days I want to hang up the old shingle here…but we must press on, the AP willing

  7. Well the whole happy hand holding Obama bunch managed to go to church
    today. Wait till you see the pictures and MO’s outfit.

    1. Her cardigan either shrank in the dryer or looks like it belongs to a kid. I imagine we’ll see them going to church a lot more now that he’s desperate for votes.

      1. She thinks she’s a fashion icon so in her head she’s a size 0:). I’ve
        looked up some of her designer concoctions and they must be special
        made cause the largest size they come in is a 10 she is no size ten.
        Yes that might be a record for tiny sweaters. Hand holding overdone gag.

          1. Someone who is in no way going to church for any other reason
            than a photo op and to get another 4 years of freebies. There was a picture of her with a look like she’d rather be lunching with
            Sarah Palin. Those mini me sweaters are around $600 not getting much of a bang for our buck plus they are ugly on a
            woman of a certain age size and not appropriate for church.

  8. “Gas would have to approach $8 a gallon before many of the [green/ fuel efficient] cars could be expected to pay off in the six years an average person owns a car. ”

    Now you know the target for gasoline from Mr Chu and Mr Obama.

  9. Keith,I am seriously curious. He golf frequently, true. What is his handicap? I’ll imagine he’s probably has a decent one. Just askin’

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