As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Happy Passover!

May everyone who is celebrating Pesach enjoy their Seder. And  my best wishes also to all who are observing Good Friday.

May God’s blessings be with everyone on this holiday weekend.

Well, I have just a couple of hours to have my last sandwich for eight days, so I’ve got to run. See you tomorrow!


19 Responses to Happy Passover!

  1. May God bless you and yours Keith. My prayers to the Santorum family, and daughter Bella who was admitted to the hospital today. Thoughts and best wishes for her speedy recovery.

  2. Keith– And the same to you! Glad you threw political correctness to the winds and actually used the words Passover and Good Friday. Our city sent out a publication that referred to today as “Trash Collection Holiday” to designate no trash pick up today. Needless to say, they have heard from many of the locals including those who will be eating unleavened bread in celebration of Passover today. America works when righteous people to the right thing.

  3. Happy Pesach to the Koffler House!
    And Shabbat Shalom!
    (Y’know, we opened the door this year and I half-expected someone to be standing there)

  4. Sometimes the differences between Jews and Christians don’t seem so far apart when sacred observances coincide. I wish all a weekend of peace and prayer.

    The remark about the “last” sandwich reminded me of a time when Catholics were forbidden to eat meat on Fridays. In the community I lived in at the time, people of all religions thought that was a good idea so fish or mac and cheese were standard dinner fare in all households on Fridays.

  5. Keith, a Happy Passover to you and your family and thank you for your blog. There are not many journalists out there like you.
    I also wish you all here a Happy Passover/Good Easter. I delight in your comments every time I go here. It´s morning here and I will soon start preparing the Easterbrunch which includes a lot of eggs painted in various pastelcolours. And of course I will make köttbullar, Swedish meatballs.

  6. I wish everyone a Happy Passover and Easter. It hasn’t been been very happy for me with our country and Israel’s political situation….just scary and sad actually. I pray a year from now things will be better.

  7. Thank you, Keith, and Happy Passover to you and your family! While Jews and Christians are celebrating their respective religious holy days, our racist President will appear tonight on USA cable television with a special introduction to the film, To Kill a Mockingbird. He never stops – racist to the core!

  8. Thank you for your kind words Keith. Happy Passover to you to! I just love your blog and visit your site every day, several times a day. I really enjoy your posts, and love reading the comments, especially those of your “regulars”. Happy Passover and Happy Easter to everyone! And Best Wishes to you for continued success on your blog.

    • I miss my church in DC so much–the beautiful Easter services with the Kennedy Center orchestra and so on–but out here the churches seem so intent on moralizing about homosexuality and so on, it alienates me. Still, even in the desert, there is a few hours of green shoots, springiness, even a whiff of hope, before the BIG HOT. So yes–Happy Easter or Passover or just Spring!

        • Thank you. Am peering out the window every hour to see if any leaves popped out of the dead-looking sticks of Mexican petunias I got from eBay. So I am an optimist, despite what people say!! My mother, who suffers from dementia, might have called it, though. She looked at my poor little sticks and remarked pleasantly–“Dead.”