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Solicitor General Fail

23 thoughts on “Solicitor General Fail”

    1. Just noticed your comment before posting mine. I am slippin’ in my old age.

      Well… we’re certainly a pair that beats three-of-a-kind. : )

  1. Ooooohhh! The administration isn’t going to like this. That should be a solar-powered, high-speed train rather than an evil hydrocarbon-powered steam engine. Everyone knows that!

  2. LMAO!
    There’s a typo in the second paragraph of Eric Holder’s written Official DOJ position on Judicial Review to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals
    “…judicial review of the constitutionality offederallegislation has not changed” – courtesy of Fox Nation which has the entire letter


    That is SO Choice

        1. That is horrific. I can only hope that those errors are the result of a cut and paste to the Fox website which caused them to appear and that they’re not in the source document. If they are, then the 5th Circuit should send it back as unintelligible and demand a corrected document.

    1. Must be an abundance of intellectual illiterates in the DOJ. Heard the other day that some journalism school in North Carolina dropped the spelling test required for graduation. The school said computers have spell checkers now, so it’s not necessary. This country is being dumbed down on purpose. Makes us more compliant you know.

      1. Yeah… just one apostrophe out of place
        Sorry for the Misinformation (unintentional); it was not Disinformation (intentional)

        Damn, that could have been like the Reset Button

      2. Fox should have linked to the pdf rather than run the letter through the document reader. The pdf gives a whole different perception on their literacy. Not being well versed in legalese, I still don’t know what the DOJ is telling the court. I’m sure Mark Levin will interpret it tonight.

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