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Obama Schedule || Friday, April 6, 2012

10:20 || Delivers remarks at White House Forum on Women and the Economy; South Court Auditorium
6:30 pm || Hosts a Seder; Old Family Dining Room

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31 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, April 6, 2012

  1. Forum on Women and the Economy.

    Perfect for his lies…

    Can hear the President now. “The Republicans want women to be barefoot and pregnant, but when women are forced to sleep their way into management, Republicans insist they must be paid only half a white man’s salary.”

    “I, and only I, can protect women from Paul Ryan and his attack on women.”

    “Mitt Romney hates women, too. Notice he has 4 sons? And not one of them is gay. This man is totally out of the mainstream.”

    • I wonder if any women there will ask about the visit from the Muslim Brotherhood and the return of sharia law to egypt. From what I know about sharia law, it is VERY favorable for women. (sarcasm)

  2. Pharaoh is hosting a Seder again. Oy, what would Moses say?

    This year he has big plans for the “Afikoman” – he’s vacillating between calling it the Susan B. Koman or Africa-American-koman.

    חג שמח

  3. Whoopsie got our religious pandering for votes dates out of order again. Don’t
    you hate when that happens. Sitting on pins and needles to see what Sunday
    turns out to be the holiday formerly known as Ash Wednesday? He forgot that so might as well roll it in in with the generic spring egg roll are these regular eggs or phony ones like him and his continuing insults to Christians. Guess
    we will have Christmas in July.

    • I read what I wrote and it sounded mean I only meant not to insult the
      Jewish holiday but his abuse of Christians and Easter is very disrespectful.

  4. The latest polling indicates that a whopping 62% of Jews will be voting for Obama. I find this shocking! It reminds me of a battered wife returning to an abusive husband. Say it isn’t so!

    • Nope…it’s all show. If they raise Tricare costs like they’re proposing in the DoD buget, I’m screwed….all of us retirees (who were promised health care for life when we enlisted) are screwed. You won’t hear her majesty speak about that.

    • The panderer in chief and Big Sis are working on the sly to institute their own amnesty program for illegal aliens, promising them free health care and a free ride in return for their vote. To pay for the invaders votes, he voids the contract America made with our military to provide lifetime benefits in return for putting their lives on the line defending their country. How far this country has fallen under this Marxist despot and his anti-American wife.

  5. I wonder if the seder will be “kosher-style” again, since it’s ok to be close enough when it comes to those hard to deal with Jews.

    • That war on women thing is starting to make my good eye twitch never
      a good sign. Pick any woman on this blog and she would be smarter
      than that child in the WH!

        • Jarrett is a Romulan (just look at her…and coming from Obama’s “background” in Chicago WE all know she is Evil…)

          BTW: does ANYONE have any “proof” of Barack Hussein Obama; some Columbia & Harvard punk, coming from Chicago as a “community organizer”? (re: whatever-the-f*ck that “job” is?)

  6. What no time for a call to Augusta National Golf Club Chairman ‘s to re-enforce their need to allow Women members.
    Oops maybe he isn’t as powerful as he thinks?