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Michelle Obama to Appear on Colbert Report

Michelle Obama will appear next Wednesday on the Colbert Report, the White House said today. The appearance will be part of a two-day she is taking with Dr. Jill Biden to celebrate the first anniversary of their “Joining Forces” initiative to benefit military families.

Following an event Wednesday at the White House that will feature remarks by Tom Brokaw, Michelle and Dr. Biden will travel to Philadelphia to appear at the University of Pennsylvania, and then Michelle will be in New York City to appear on Colbert.

Thursday the first lady and Dr. Biden will be in Shreveport, Louisiana for an event and them move on to Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida for the last appearance of the tour.

23 Responses to Michelle Obama to Appear on Colbert Report

  1. “Colbert”
    (tapping chin)
    Can’t really place the name but an image of some ridiculous bull**** does come to mind…

  2. Good,good. Colbert, TomBrokaw.
    Philadelphia, NewYork. Good, good.
    Shreveport, Jacksonville. Letterman, Nickelodeon, Big Fat Losers, Leno. SanFrancisco, LosAngeles, LasVegas, SouthDakota. Good, good.
    un huh. All good.

  3. What’s this I hear about the First Lady appearing in Court?
    In my day, First Ladies were expected to be solid citizens!
    This is outrageous!

    • Yes the more we see of her literally the more she makes a fool of herself and the American people see what a poor excuse for a first lady
      she is and it ain’t pretty. They know it’s fake and cost taxpayers money
      so keep Mo out there sacrificin and struggling:). Sure at a five star hotel.

      • As far as I can tell she was proud of our country once. I served 21 years in the US Navy and am proud of our country almost every day. Those off days are when I’m subjected to the obama’s drivel.

        • She’s only proud of herself for getting her reward and sticking it to
          we American’s to get what she deserves. Thanks for your service. I’m appalled she uses the military as a prop I am deeply offended as I’m sure you and your fellow band of brothers are she reminds me of
          Hanoi Jane.

  4. In the meanwhile she’s mandating that children be served vegetables and fruit at school, whether they want them or not. What a racket. The old busybody ought to get her own house in order before she tries to mandate what parents must or must not feed their children. I don’t know one mother with half a functioning brain cell who would allow her 13-year-old daughter to take a solo vacation to a country in the midst of a dangerous narco-terrorist war. What an irresponsible parent, and such a flagrant abuse of the American people.

    While I’m at it. Leave our military families alone. They don’t need you or this phony “initiative” that won’t help anybody but the bureaucrats you hire to run it. It won’t help military families any more than the mortgage relief program helped underwater homeowners. Just get out of our lives, and stop picking our pockets to finance your utopian boondoggles.

  5. Good, good, the more she opens her rather large mouth, the more ammo (uncivil word, but can’t backspace, so there) for the True Conservatives in this country.

  6. As a 21yr Navy Veteran, it makes me sick to hear M.O. talk about military families as if she has even the slightest clue. And when she compares herself to us, it’s the biggest joke any First Lady has EVER spoken. She has NO IDEA..NONE!! Many times for many months I was separated from my family. She would just be better off saying Thank You and shut up.

  7. She was there to benefit the families of our heroes. Does your hatred of the President really extend to our military? really? How disgusting.