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Hoodie Appears in the White House

A pastor who attended the Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House today was wearing a hoodie sweater, apparently in support of Trayvon Martin, the black youth who was killed by George Zimmerman.

The pastor, among many clergy in attendance at the annual East Room gathering, is not named in the press pool report from the event.

Martin was wearing a hoodie when he was shot, and the apparel has become a symbol worn by those showing sympathy for him and outrage against Zimmerman.

From the pool report:

One pastor wore a hoodie, the symbol of Trayvon Martin, the young black man shot to death by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

Also on hand is the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has been leading protests demanding the arrest of Zimmerman, who has not be charged with a crime. Zimmerman, who is half Hispanic and half white, says he shot Martin in self-defense.

Obama last month expressed sympathy for Martin’s family, saying if he had a son he would look like Martin.

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  1. Good. While they’re all rounded up in one easy place, send in the US Marshalls to take them all in and then prosecute them for

    (1) Conspiracy to commit a murder
    (2) Conspiracy to commit a kidnapping
    (3) Obstruction of justice involving a case under federal investigation

        • lol you’re saying a pastor that wore a hoodie in order to express his own beliefs on a specific current event, conspired to not only murder and kidnap zimmerfuck but also to obstruct the investigation surrounding him? Seems a tad rash, don’t you think? Stop the ignorance y’all. Read a fucking book, fuck.

          • No, the point here is the New Black Panther party putting out a contract on someone involved in a federal investigation. That would be conspiracy to commit 1) murder 2) kidnapping and 3) Obstruction of Justice in a Federal Felony Investigation. Read a f#$%ing law, f@ck. LOL DPSHT, it’s called the RICO Act, look it up! Stop the ignorance y’all.

            PS. show your true colors and moderate this comment out after the obscenity of @LOL’s comment.

          • You can’t educate a fool LOL – so let them all waller in their own ignorance and see how far that gets ’em. Fools and morons support other fools and morons – is that why GOP voter turnout is lowest in history? Nobody in their correct minds would want a romney president. Only racist bigots will support him – he offers nothing and Obama is turning things around and still you fools demonize Obama and suport the people who ruined this country. Talk about fools…

      • I’m an attorney, and from your comments here you might think about keeping your yap shut when you think you know what you’re talking about, because I’m here to tell you you don’t. Flimsy grasp indeed! At least he knows what laws he’s talking about. You are so over the top clueless that all you can do is attack individuals from behind a screen while you show your true ignorant colors. Try commenting on this all in some way that contributes to the betterment of these hard times instead of tossing matches and gas on an out of control house fire. People like you are who are really responsibal for the loss of a good nation. And if you don’t like it go to ANYWHERE and look at how people live under globalist fascism, then come back and see how you feel. Then maybe you’ll understand that the people here on these comments pages don’t deserve your vitriol. Then maybe you’ll understand what we’ve lost in this nation in theselast 12 years. Then maybe you’ll have something with a point, or better yet something to help rather that creating MORE division and hate. Dirtbag Lolsucker.

        • You’re an attorney and you misspell responsible? Here, have a cup of STFU, you lying sack. And yes, I AM the editor of Internet Tough Guy Magazine.

          • HAHA!!!! I seen that too Roger. Some Bright Attorney he(or she) is huh? Not only misspelling an easy word, and it wasn’t a Typo but an obvious DUMB spelling, but what’s with the grammar….” And if you don’t like it go to ANYWHERE….” HAHA!!! WTF is THAT?!! Hey ANARKHOS, go back to your college and Slap EVERY Professor you ever had, then go to your high school and middle schools and slap your English teachers, and then your Mom, and finally if you know who your Dad is, ask him to Slap You.

    • Excellent points
      The DOJ could probably RICO groups like the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party and the New Black Liberation Militia (or the New Teen Titans or New Avengers or however these same old ‘so-called’ liberation refer to themselves).
      If Eric Holder had any curiousity about them whatsoever, that is.

  2. Nice work for the post-racial president. How about the 50 year old white man the was car-jacked and beaten with a hammer the other day near Sanford, Fl. by two black teens. He’s currently on life- support. Hear anything about that case from the MSM or WH? Crickets

      • Lurker, did you know that Zimmerman spent 5 hours in police custody before he was released? That doesn’t sound too “immediate” to me. Seems they did their investigation and didn’t have a reason to hold him. We’re supposed to ignore his civil rights just because someone got killed? Are blacks rights higher than anyone elses? Would it make you feel better to just randomly arrest a white person every time a black died? Would that even the score?

        • Of Course Lurker didn’t know that Robin. He’s a “hear what we want to hear” person, typical leftist Twit. ALL That lurker needed to hear was “black teen shot” and “white-xyz” was the cause(xyz = any other race, it’s the white makes it evil). LURKER and his cohorts screaming injustice don’t have the time to wait on the Justice. And don’t try to tell them ANYTHING but what they already believe, because nothing else matters, even if it’s the truth, for if it conflicts with they agenda then it doesn’t matter. Even the POTUS agitates racism by sticking his punk nose into this, yet WHERE has he been with all the black-on-black killings that happen daily? Left = Biased Idiot

        • It should be a soul searching moment for the black community (if such a thing exists given their internecine blood shed!). The black mayor of Philly has it right. Where is the outrage over the hundreds of black young people killed by other black people? Are their lives worth less than Trayvon Martin’s just because the person who shot them might have been black. Soul searching…yeah.

          • I love it when the only time the issues in the Black Community arise in a discussion on race. Obviously, Michael Nutter, (along with plenty on other Black leaders) is trying to work on the crime issue. There’s no relevance here, save the fact that the Black community is proactively trying to correct it’s issues. Moreover, most of the commenters on here seem to relish, the strife, and long-standing issue of the way Blacks are seen, portrayed, and discussed in the media.

          • They are? What are they doing? As a long time Detroiter, I see a culture that looks upon the police as the enemy. That decries society locking up the youths (you know, after they’ve jacked a car, or broken into a few houses.) Every effort to improve the condition of poor blacks is met with resistance. the idea that women should find a mate before having kids? Veiled racism. Efforts to discourage state dependency, which has fractured FAMILY dependency? Racist. I certainly don’t relish any strive, especially since I lived the majority of my life in Detroit and still own a home there. I’d like to see these problems SOLVED. I’d like to see graduation rates and literacy rates that aren’t in the toilet.

          • “HOw Blacks are Seen”? Really, and you can tell me how I and others SEE blacks? I’m a Caucasian 50yr male. When I see kids do a great job in sports it makes me feel good, no matter their race. When I watch Rondo do wonderful things on a basketball court, it gives me chills a man is that talented. As I watch singers on Idol or Voice do amazing jobs, black or otherwise, I get tears in my eyes from their talent. SO, “HOW DO I SEE BLACKS” Exactly? Is it when I watch the news and see Jacksonville Florida lead the state in Murders!! AMAZING considering it’s not Miami. Jacksonville lead because of the Black on Black killings. Is THAT how I see blacks? I’ll tell you what, it’s how I see black “thugs” yes, a group of their own. I don’t group ALL in the group because of the few idiots. As there are white Thugs, and Hispanic Thugs. But SCORN me for pointing that out, that’s the races little secret apparently, because it’s never talked about like this ONE case. Sharpton and Jackson aren’t talking about that , but they’ll jump on this racist case in a heartbeat.

          • OH, and by the way, as the evidence is trickling out, the whole Racist issue is falling on its face. And have you wondered, why do they keep showing pictures of Treyvon when he was 5-6yrs younger? Hmmmmm.

        • “But shouldn’t it still be a soul searching moment?”

          Yes, it should be. However, the people who need to do the searching are busy buying hoodies to symbolically support the guilty party. I know Sharpton et al are upset that Trayvon’s right to beat the hell out of an almost-white person was taken away from him, and they would much rather take away all guns so the victim ends up dead rather than the perpetrator the next time. I’ve searched my soul (and examined as much evidence as I caould find and listened to all of the 911 calls) and I have decided the side those who believe victims of violent crime should be allowed to defend themselves.

      • No, LTL, it was because the two black guys got arrested BEFORE they were shot, as–if justice were served–they would have been if they’d been like savvy, CDL carrying Zimmerman. The victim’s family, no doubt wishes so badly that this white victim would have pulled out a gun and shot these two before they pounded him onto life-support. There was no reason for this crime other than these two blacks were low-life cowards, thieves, and hate-filled scum. Anybody who so brutally attacks a person with total disregard for his victim’s life deserves to be stopped with deadly force, and the law agrees. Zimmerman was right. Martin was wrong. End of story for all except the pea-brained.

    • When folks sling these charges about, it would be appreciated if some
      (any??) supporting citations were supplied. I’d like to read any credible
      supporting information – and no, sorry, your unsubstantiated allegation is NOT enough.

    • Or the white, unarmed Mississippi college student murdered in his dorm by 1-3 black suspects? Or the white, elderly Oklahoma couple murdered in their home by a black intruder? Both incidents occurred shortly after Martin/Zimmerman, yet neither has gotten zip national news media coverage. Neither family got a sympathy phone call from Obama.
      What’s up, ABCCBSNBCCNNPBSMSNBC? Surely you can devote at least one story to this!

  3. It’s official. You can now call it The Black Panther White-house. The Obama/Holder race war against Caucasians is working as planned.

      • You got that right! I was not racist until this idiot gave voice to those who expect entitlements. He has always hated whites, has lived it, preached it on school campuses all his life, listened to it in ‘church’, and continued on as his community organizer skills gave him an audience to preach hate against America and those who made it a great country. (Never mind that the breakdown in the black family unit has gone on for decades leaving them NOTHING to look forward to.) Yeah, that’s it! It’s the white man’s fault that black men have a dozen children and take care of NONE of them, which leaves them no other choice than to wear hoodies and rob, steal, rape & kill. Wouldn’t we be better served to begin with parenting classes and demand positive results or suffer consequences for YOUR children? Black women can only do so much to put food on the table. Why aren’t ‘baby daddy’ responsible for their own? Wonder how long ‘they’ think this country will run under the uneducated direction of those who have been on the dole for generations. Look for another Civil War b/c he’s pushing it as hard as he can. Calling all former military who truly love this land to rescue us from the likes of the Kenyan who calls himself the President. I’m sick to death of him plotting race against race. It will come to a head, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

  4. I prefer to associate them with the hundreds and hundreds of criminals, rapists, and murderers who routinely use a hoodie to obscure their features.

    Honestly. Asshats. This has me so mad.

    • I am a 70 year old white female with no criminal record who loves my
      hoodies! They are warm, comfortable, and I enjoy cuddling into them –
      indoors and OUT – in cold weather. Please do not try to stereotype me or any other hoodie aficionado, black, white, or in between. We could be your grandmother, trying to stay warm, sip our tea and nibble on our skittles – if we now dare buy them. Go find a stronger defense for Mr
      Zimmerman’s acts.

        • You probably don’t have to worry about being shot for wearing a hoodie. Unless you punch somebody in the nose, knock them to the ground and then smash their head into the cement. Then you should probably worry.

          • It seems so simple, yet…..

            I am a middle aged white grandma and I wear a nice warm hoodie all the time. Mine has German Shepherds on it. (see avatar) :)

      • I’m walking near my house in Detroit. I see a young man, middle of the day or late at night, pants dragging, hoodie over his head. I’m going to be afraid. That’s just the way it is.

        But I also watch for a few other factors. Does he look me in the eye, and say hello? Honestly, that’s my test.

        I’m not afraid of little old ladies wearing hoodies. Or even some happy-go-lucky kids with their hoodies. up. Its *more than* the hoodie. I suppose you’d have to be a city dweller to know.

    • Incredible! I wish that was in HD so I could read the text. BTW, I don’t think it was a reflection because it was left justified; a reflection would have the ‘jaggies” on the left.

  5. Maybe they should don a granny gown in support of the 83-year old White Woman in Florida raped and murdered by a Black Man. Where is the news media on that? Shaprton? Obamama????

      • Lurker, did you know that Zimmerman spent 5 hours in police custody before he was released? That doesn’t sound too “immediate” to me. Seems they did their investigation and didn’t have a reason to hold him. We’re supposed to ignore his civil rights just because someone got killed? Are blacks rights higher than anyone elses? Would it make you feel better to just randomly arrest a white person every time a black died? Would that even the score?

      • I know Lurker. Can you believe they let that that African American educating and befriending racist go? Unbelievable.

        You read about that right? Zimmerman and his wife tutored underprivileged black kids and was good friends with a black ex-CNN (?) anchor. There are interviews with both available on the nets.

    • Or they could get rolled into the room in a barrel to “support” the white woman who was raped repeatedly, held where many people knew she was a prisoner, beaten, and finally stuffed into a barrel where she suffocated. I believe the name of one of the victims was Christian Newsome.

        • Oh, yeah, that’s right. They’ve been dead five years. Of course we should forget all about it. I’m sure the families of the victims have forgotten their loved ones.

          Of course, those perps haven’t been sentenced yet. They just got new trials — wonder how the Trayvon Justice community would react if the victims had been black and the accused white?

        • Zeuster, doesn’t have to be new, since they were white victims, they just weren’t newsworthy. So, why not bring it up again? Answer won’t change, because it isn’t racist enough to deprive someone of all their civil rights and ultimately their life, if they aren’t BLACK or Mexican. Wake up and smell the coffee, people like you are the first to go when the shooting starts. Better start listening to your very own Rev. Manning, he knows which side the bread is buttered on…’cause you love to be out there rabble-rousing on the front lines…keep up your crap, fool, and taste the medicine.

  6. I bet that he didn’t have a British flag in memory of James Cooper and James Kouzaris killed by Shawn Tyson in Miami last year. Two white English students here on vacation murdered in cold blood by a black thug.

    Where was this guy when Tyson committed these murders? He was probably standing next to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton keeping his mouth shut.

  7. So an unnamed Pastor “kept it real” (via heavy acrylic sportswear) and Rev-Rund Al “Escalate!” Sharpton was there too….quite the Holy Week gathering. By the way, did the pool reporter notice any hammer carrying members of the Ministry? You know to “show solidarity” for the 50 year old man attacked (now on life aupport) by two hammer weilding (or wilding) “teens” last week for
    (using Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson’s meme) “WWBW (walking while being white.)

    Look for seismic activity in Georgia as Martin Luther King rolls over in his grave for what the Civil Rights Movement has become.

  8. For the Revs Sharpton & Jackson & Wright ~ the ones profiting over making this a case of racist intent…

    Zimmerman is as White as President Obama.


  9. Was it a “team Obama” hoodie???

    Although, the backlash to the BHO campaign about the hoodies has paid off, so to speak–they are no longer selling them:

    . . .The Obama campaign announced via Twitter on Monday that the sweatshirts would be discounted to $40 from its regular $50 listing. As of Tuesday evening, the sale had been cancelled. . .

    Interesting how they had to discount them first before they came to their senses and cancelled the product altogether! Nitwits!!!

      • When you think about who guys like Long Time Lunkhead really are, you just know they’re ******** in person.
        He/she’s probably someone’s friggin’ lawyer or something and that poor bastard is going to have to stand next to LTL tomorrow in court.

      • …and he/she knows they’re over-matched with their little guerilla nips that read like someone texting while driving a race car.

        (I’ll not multi-metaphor again unless the situation calls for it)

    • You seemed to have missed the fact that Zimmerman was questioned for FOUR hours. He was not released immediately.

      This was conveniently not reported by those that doctored the 911 call.

      Of course, people like LongTimeLurker don’t want to be confused by the facts.

    • And maybe Zimmerman was released after the investigating officers determined he acted in self-defence. Within his rights. Within the law.

  10. Yes, that makes sense!! Show up at a prayer breakfast in a hoodie, did he have baggy pants, too. There are ways to remember this incident without the hoodie!! This is just fuel for the fire, so to speak!! And, I CANNOT BELIEVE that OBAMA has Al Sharpton, ambulance chaser, hate monger and race baiter extrodianaire! at an Easter Prayer breakfast, Jesus would be so proud!!! Where is the media on this, oh, I guess they will get there orders on what to say and how to play after the meeting!!! Disgusting!!! But, if hewants to be re- elected, race may be your only chance!! It sure won’t be due to his wonderful policies!!!

  11. It’s over,and they know it’s over. It doesn’t take 2 months to investigate a case of self-defense or the FBI’s involvement to oversee a local and state investigation.

    The MSM touted the “injustice”, lied about the evidence, flamed the Black community until they believed that the White man murdered an innocent “child” in cold blood, all to pump up their ratings and follow the President’s not-so-subtle lead.
    The story is over. It fizzled when the truth was finally exposed and the wearing of the “hoodie” only reminds America that Black people are still slicing themselves with racial victimhood..

    • “they know it’s over” that’s why they keep pushing it! they don’t want it to go on the back burner, god forbid americans start looking into issues that matter in this country. instead of taking the race bait. Amen srdem65

  12. I never was much of a racist or profiler. I’ve enjoyed a number of minority jokes, but I also enjoy a number at my family’s (Caucasion) expense. I wanted to post that this entire matter of Trayvon Martin needs to end, and soon. All that it has done for me is to polarize myself against young black men. The reason is simple. When I first read about Zimmerman possibly racially ‘profiling’, I wondered not whether that was right or wrong, but whether it was necessary. And as I read figure after figure of just how violent (how much more violent, I should say) that the younger black population is compared to either white or hispanic, all I can think of is getting a weapon before some ‘hoodlum’ gets me. Combined with a significant lack of respect for our current president due to his entirely and unequivocally unsound policies, I find myself racially profiling out of racial fear. Sadly, I cannot see the injustice of this world view in light of the published facts.

  13. Those people represent as Christians but are nothing but “community organizers” – all community organizers are “reverends” in one way or another and it means nothing. Using religion as a front for hate-mongering is nothing more than a black KKK.

    I hope the community organizer in chief is proud of the blacists he courts. It’s like if David Duke was president having the Grand Wizard over for breakfast.

  14. Almost one in two murder victims in America is a black male, and more than likely, a young male. And nine out of ten of those young black men were killed by other young back men. Just sayn’

  15. Could someone please tell me where Sharpton falls:”heads of major denominations, non-profit leaders and prominent mainline, Evangelical, Orthodox and Catholic leaders from across the spectrum” (WH aides quoted at Weekly Standard)

    • Last nite on O’Reilly, there was a dweeby-seeming black professor saying he had been mugged at gunpoint and handed over his stuff and that instead, Zimmerman had shot Trayvon in cold blood. Good grief–this contains so many assumptions and ridiculous posturing I almost cried. Then Bill said if he had had a gun, he would have shot the guy. Neither has the slightest idea who did what or would or COULD do what. I was in such a situation–I know about this. You have no idea what you will do. But I do think handing over his stuff was a good idea. And probably why he lived to write some unfounded drivel for the Times.

  16. As one of our radio talkers said this morning: Obama’s comments to and about the Supreme Court are very telling when you consider how the Obama Administration has been trying to defeat the Arizona Immigration Law.

  17. I am surprised the secret service, much less White House dress code, allows anyone in wearing a hoodie. There’s a time and place for making a statement. The WH Prayer breakfast isn’t one of them and the staff should have required the pastor to remove it, or not be allowed in. Of course, that would not look good for Obama, refusing entrance of a hoodie-wearing pastor. Interesting story.

  18. I wear a hoodie when I go out in the back yard in the morning with my dogs. My head gets cold without it. It only symbolizes my desire to keep warm.

    I don’t wear it in public because it makes me look like a hood, a miscreant, a social deviant up to no good. I’ve always thought that way, and more so lately due to all the gang members that have made it their official look.

  19. While Mr. Zimmerman is most likely guilty of causing the death of Mr. Martin, I think it’s still a bit premature to use language such as “the young black man shot to death by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.”

    Whatever happened to using “allegedly” or “accused of” until someone is proven guilty in a court of law?

    • That’s not how Barry wished to have this particular incident reported. The first and foremost question is why did Barry even throw this air ball up in the first place. I just figured he had to get the summer fun started in some subtle way. Barry’s in for keeps in case you couldn’t tell. The SCOTUS beat down opens the gates for “anything goes” now. All part of his buying more time for his muslim friends in Iran and their technology build. When will we all wake up?

  20. Unfortunately, we have more than one hoodie mobster in the white House.

    Never, ever vote for a Democrat again. Hoodie mobsters do not belong in our White House or in America.

  21. This is so ghetto low-class it’s not even funny. The reverend in question must be the black Kenny Powers, except not even a fraction as awesome.

  22. Dadgum it! It is cold here today but I can’t wear a hoodie without making the wrong statement! Do the Progs have to infect everything with their symbolism!

  23. Did you really think the WH press corp would release Rev Hoody’s name after Barry told them how he wants all events reported?
    They will, however, be forced to report Barry’s landslide loss on November 6.
    Until then, wait until you see what Barry and Eric have in store for all of US this last hurrah summer…..

  24. The relationship between church and state may best be understood by this quote from Chesterton: “Coziness between church and state is good for the state and bad for the church.”

  25. Fact, far more murderers wear hoodies than victims… so these uneducated fools (in positions of leadership) are sympathizing with murederers by donning hoodies… more proof we cannot reason with the left… they have no concept of the big picture… only their myopic view matters to them and it changes from moment to moment…

  26. I thought that Obama was President of all Americans and not just those who looked like him. Would I have any expectation of “justice” if I didn’t look like Obama? He is the most divisive, dishonest, and destructive President in American history.

    • It’s like when McVeigh ordered mint chocolate chip ice cream for his last meal. I haven’t eaten it since. Why not brussels sprouts?

  27. Keith Koffler – you have to be kidding me. A hoodie is the symbol for Trayvon Martin? A hoodie is also a symbol for gan’ster. A hoodie is also something worn by robbers and criminals hoping to hide their faces from survalence cameras. Why didn’t you mention that Trayvon Martin had been suspended from school for carying a buglary tool (a screw driver) and woman’s jewlery?
    Al Sharpton in the White House? That race baiter. He doesn’t pay his taxes and HE is eating in the White House? I’ve paid my taxes faithfully for 37 years and have never stepped foot in the White House. This country is fairling before our eyes.

      • Isn’t *there* a bridge you are supposed to be lying under, Troll? Or, am I supposed to spell it as, “their”…or “they’re”…? Please help me, Troll, as you seem to be ever so smart and enlightened? Theeeenks!

  28. if you refer to Zimmerman as half Hispanic and half White, I guess you should use the same sort of description whenever you mention Obama. Such as “Obama, the half Black and half White President…” Right, fair and makes sense…can you explain why you DO NOT describe the President similarly?

    The Main Stream Media Presstitutes are the racist bastards on this occasion.

    • why do you need to refer to a human being as half of anything?
      Didn’t your precious Jesus tell you to love everyone no matter what – ye who are without sin and all that – how conveniently you Christians forget that and pick and chose what’s in the Bible….You are all a bunch of racist hypocrites and we will all laugh at you when Obama wins this election by a landslide and you all know he will.

  29. Side story here – I cannot get over the “lack” of a ‘Daily Schedule’ for Obama as I check this site regularly (see right column). What does this president do all day besides fund-raise?

    • You mean “white hispanic”.

      Do you think we could bring back the term “high yellow”? I mean, since we’re obviously trying to be so accurate in our descriptions of people.