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Quote of the Day || April 3, 2012

“The Mexican president was in town yesterday and he’s like, ‘Hey, can I have an apology for all of my people who were killed by the guns smuggled in under Fast and Furious,’ and I told him, ‘Listen compadre, take it easy, it’s not like you were insulted by Rush Limbaugh.'”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

13 Responses to Quote of the Day || April 3, 2012

  1. Keith, thank you for your article on Obamas intimidation of The Supreme Court. It´s excellent, and I feel that you wrote it with a boiling temper. I just wonder about other journalists standing around, watching the Creepy Obama show. Don´t they react with anger too ? I always thought that Obama never really studied any law, now I am certain. He is an actor. A very creepy actor.

    • Please. President Obama was MILD. The REST of NORMAL America is thinking, Let’s see, Chief “Justice” John Roberts is just fine when a LAW leads to clapping a little girl in irons for just eating a french fry! But if the LAW tries to get her health insurance, Roberts, and wacko Clarence Thomas just HAVE to stick their noses in? BALDERDASH!

    • President Barack Obama did MORE than just “study” law, He graduated MAGNA CUM LAUDE from HARVARD Law School, and he TAUGHT Constitutional Law at a prestigious Law School for YEARS! President Obama KNOWS the Health Care Law IS Constitutional — just as “Justice” Clarence Thomas, “Justice” Roberts, and the rest of the Court know that it IS! Whether the conservatives can overcome their own political bigotry and do the right thing for the country is another question!

      • Oh please dear Jenny you can’t be so deluded and in love with this poser as to believe all that hog wash. First of all, have you seen his college records to prove all those legal accolades you credit him with? Neither have we. What happened with the legal scholar’s law license? We don’t know either. You are either one of his paid hacks or you have been snookered by one of the best con artists in history.

  2. Good one, Keith!

    How about the one where Senor Calderon tells Americans that Mexico has Universal H/C for 106M out of 112M Mexicans…and the U.S. ‘could follow our example in achieving this because it was a great thing”!

    If it is such a ‘great thing’, why are millions of Mexicans fleeing to the U.S.for free medical care in our emergency rooms? And why are U.S. taxpayers footing the bill for 20M illegals while Americans are forced to pay cash if they seek treatment in a Mexican hospital.

    I never thought I would live to see the day when an American president would allow Mexican president to stand on our soil and ridicule us to our face! And I never thought I would see the day when job creation and currency evaluation is higher in Mexico and Canada than the U.S!

  3. Fast and Furious is just a continuation of a similar program under Bush. Just as SOLYNDRA started under Bush. And just as The Patriot Act started under Bush! Can we let our govt. leaders actually work on IMPROVING things in this country, instead of distractedly pointing fingers that SHOULD be pointing at the POINTERS!? LOL Shaking my head!

  4. Clarence Thomas should recuse himself from the Health Care decision! Clarence Thomas’ WIFE received SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS to work against the Health Care Law! He tried to HIDE that fact at first! If Crazy Clarence sides against the Health Care LAW that was just passed, this Supreme Court may NEVER recover its already tarnished reputation ( from having a sexual harrasser on the Court and from having the scourge of little girls eating french fries on it)!

  5. Fast and Furious is just an extension of a similar program started under Bush. Just as SOLYNDRA dealings started under Bush. Do conservatives have any IDEA how they look to normal people? LOL Do you honestly expect the rest of us to just get “convenient” amnesia right along WITH you? Give it up! It’s NOT happening!

    • Jenny,
      Thank you for your delusional and incoherent rantings. Either you are truly ignorant and clueless or you honestly believe that socialism is the best thing since sliced bread. Much of America disagrees with your views, ask yourself why.