As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Q&A With Newspaper Editors

The event has concluded.

14 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Q&A With Newspaper Editors

  1. I KNOW I heard him say a few days ago that “capitalism doesn’t work” and now I KNOW he just said “he believes in free enterprise”.

    • He did — he said look (always says that), we tried people getting ideas, starting businesses, risking, looking out for themselves–it didn’t work…or something like that…

    • He’s sure been overexposing himself recently. I’m no sports fan but my husband tells me he can’t watch a game without seeing this loser giving some lame sports trivia interview. As far as the flip flop, it really depends on which audience he is pandering to. Last week he was preaching like a demagogue to a bunch of teenage rebels on his campaign road show. Today he took his big capitalist act to a bunch of stodgy old newspaper owners who depend on that evil capitalism to keep their doors open…

    • No, I don’t find it curious. I find it sly and calculating… And his attack on the Supremes and everything else he’s slung out there has distracted from the big scandal with his GSA.

  2. Best thing for us all is this fool stuttering through q and a’s where he cannot function..What a tool, no notes or teleprompter and he sinks like a stone..