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Helen Thomas Gets Award From the Palestinians

Even when she was a mainstream, supposedly unbiased journalist, veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas made clear her sympathies for the Palestinians. She was excused for her bias because she expressed this is in the form of tough questions, not pronouncements, and didn’t go overboard.

Once she left UPI and started doing a column, any effort to hide her sympathies was off. And then she was ousted her position, and therefore from the White House press corps, when it became clear that lurking just below her pro-Palestinian views was anti-semitism.

Sure, she was quite old when she declared on the White House driveway in 2010 that the Jews should leave Israel and head back to Germany and Poland, places where they had been gassed to death and then had their corpses incinerated or thrown in ditches. But my experience with really old people is that they start saying things that they had held in check during their younger, politer years, as opposed to making up new stuff.

Here’s her final moment as the widely revered Helen Thomas:

So it’s little surprise at this point that Helen has received an award of some kind from the Palestinian envoy to the U.S. for the very words that got her booted from her final White House gig.

I felt bad after Helen’s outburst. As a young reporter who suddenly found himself amidst giants of journalism covering the White House, she had been kind to me and gave off no airs that she was some kind of legend, which she was.

And she was one of the toughest questioners in the White House press room, putting to shame those a third her age, as well as the entire group frankly that quizzes Jay Carney today.

I’d say her story is a tragedy, but its really not. Anti-semitism is a tragedy.

24 Responses to Helen Thomas Gets Award From the Palestinians

  1. Now this is a woman who would benefit from wearing a burka – or should I say the general public would benefit from her wearing a burka?

    • Keith, I feel that you respect the woman, but unfortunately, looking at her, which was hard enough to begin with, became impossible after those outbursts.
      Yes, I vote Burka. Or full-hood Klansmen Gear. Anything to cover up that mug, which actually made the witch in the Wizard of Oz look quite foxy..

  2. Rush was talking about some article in WAPO about how too much happiness can make you sick. I listen to this wicked witch of the West and can now understand why the left doesn’t want anybody to be happy. They don’t believe in “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. They have wasted their lives obsessed with hate and resentment for people who are not like them. Yes, Helen Thomas hates Jews, but believe me she hates US just as much. The left wants to have total control over our lives and take away our Happiness so we can all be as ugly and hateful as they are.

  3. The irony of Thomas’s departure cannot be over-stated. For the first time in her long career, she would be reporting on the first anti-Semetic, pro- Palestinean President with Muslim undertones. How tragic for both of them – Obama and Ms, Thomas!

    I agree, Keith…in her heyday, Thomas was the best – going where angels feared to tread! Too bad. Now, if we could only get rid of her ‘soul-mate’ in the Oval Office, life would be good.

  4. when she was “kind” to you Keith, did she not know you were Jewish? or did you not know she wanted you to “go back” to Russia?

  5. Alcohol and age will allow the suppressed demons of one’s soul surface.

    What we guard while sober, we will blurt whilst drunk.

    What we shielded while young we pontificate about in our final years.

    I guess that’s why I always get a good laugh at old drunks.

    • I guess if it wasn’t for “old drunks” you’d be very desperate for a good laugh.. Old drunks are not a joke my fellow imPoster. Alcoholism has claimed and maimed many decent and innocent people. Cool it! It’s not funny!

        • Stephen,
          I grew up in a family of alcoholics, and know from personal and professional experience what booze (or drugs) can do to an individual, a family, and a community. I don’t joke about things that I have no knowledge of, but rather attempt to find some humor in even the most tragic of events lest I loose my sanity and soul.

          If I offended, I apologize, but I hope you understand that due to my background (personally and professionally) I look at life with a “gallows humor.”

  6. Great Article, Keith
    I agree with your theory that the older you get the less care what people think.
    And where the Hell is ‘Palestine’ anyway?

  7. I’d have been more impressed with her “tough questions” if they’d have been directed a bit more even handedly rather than primarily at Republicans. She really went off the deep end with the Bush administration.