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Biden: GOP Shields Rich, Lets Firefighters and Police Die

Vice President Biden Monday suggested Republicans favored low taxes for the wealthy over policies that would save the lives of police officers and firefighters.

Biden spoke at a dinnertime gathering at his official Washington residence, where he hosted more than 100 federal, state and local police officers and firefighters.

According to the press pool report from the event, Biden tied cuts in federal funding for local fire and police departments to a resistance to paying for the spending by raising taxes for the wealthy. The vice president was clearly referring to Republicans, who are regularly accused by the White House of unjustly supporting tax breaks for the well off.

From the pool report:

“You’re stuck in a God-awful mess, and so It doesn’t make sense to us that that would be happening at a time when the need for y’all actually would be increasing,” Biden said, adding that was why the administration pushed for added public safety spending in the first recovery act.

Biden referred to lawmakers who always vote against funding for local law enforcement. “At least they’re consistent,” he said, rapping those who stopped supporting the funding in tight fiscal times.

“They walked away because they didn’t like the way we were paying for it,” Biden said, referring to tax increases on the rich.

Biden suggested that the resulting decrease in hiring gets police officers and firefighters killed.

Biden said it’s a question of public safety, but also of first responder safety.

“There’s one thing we know: the more cops on the street, the fewer cops get killed. The more firefighters responding to a fire, the fewer injuries to the firefighters, because you have each other’s backs,” Biden said.

Biden also launched into a gratuitous attack on the rich, mocking them and saying they would suffer even more than others for what he regards as short-sighted Republican policies.

“The first guy who’s going to have a problem is the guy whose $3 million home is on fire and you can’t get a truck out there. The first guy that’s going to have a problem is the person who has real assets and finds their house burglarized or robbed, or their Porsche is stolen,” Biden said. “I’m not very subtle; I find it absolutely beyond my understanding.”

Though Biden’s remarks were partisan and clearly designed to curry political favor with firefighters and police, the gathering was billed as an official event and paid for by taxpayers.

265 thoughts on “Biden: GOP Shields Rich, Lets Firefighters and Police Die”

    1. Yup . . .

      1968 . . . one more time baby! Because the first time wasn’t enough!

      April 3, 2012

      Dear President Obama,

      I’m betting during the George W. Bush decade that someone fornicated for a happy meal, but, to my knowledge I doubt that they did for the dollar menu. I’m also willing to bet that you know how the court ruled on Friday as a result of your well timed, but ill conceived comments today. I would not take up poker. Let’s push this a tad further because I caught a glimpse of Bill Maher tonight because the chilli gave me a bit of indigestion, he seemed to stretch the notion with Ezekiel Emmanuel that to reduce the cost of providing health care would require the government to step in and make the choices for us. See I don’t see it that way, I see a medium number one with extra pickles hold the “monica” because I can afford it, and it taste good when I swallow it.

      Let’s drive this one home so even Bill Maher can understand it. Because when he isn’t being mean, I think he is funny, it’s not nice to hurt peoples feelings. So we’ve got this huge issue of people operating under the false assumption that tomorrow if they do not have medical insurance they are going to die. I don’t mean to upset any one, but I’m sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. If Whitney Huston had a Big Mac and a Coke and a large fry, then went to bed and got nine hours of sleep I could hear her beautiful voice in the future. If Martin Travont decided to stay home and do his homework and maybe yak with his classmates on Facebook, instead of doing a little casework for a little B and E he’d be alive today. If my uncle had worn a prophylactic he would not have died from AIDS. Our lives are largely a function of the choices we make as, hopefully, responsible human beings.

      Back to McDonalds. This is a company that can transport, store, and prepare food that billions of people eat and we live so long that Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare and the Federal Government itself is going bankrupt. My Grandmother recently passed away, born in 1918 this broad ate, drank, and smoked. If the same team that ran McDonalds and Apple computer put their heads together and bought a hospital and said we are going to provide high quality low cost care for a set of services, just like Walmart did for consumer goods. I can guarantee you that even though that would solve our problems Bill Maher and the rest of the liberal establishment would stand against it. No matter that it would give a future Martin Travont a job, not to mention a future.

      We know what you want. It’s not to give out bandaids and help people. If it was that you’d be doing it with the billions you have wasted on this fruitless endeavor. Remember “Hillary Care” and her plastic credit card with no spending limit? Your collective goal is to tell us that we should not eat Mcdonalds, we should not consume soft drinks, we should not smoke, and at some point we should not live the way we want to. I’m confident you’ll keep up this wasteful fight for “single payer” from a government, I remind all of you that hasn’t had a budget in almost three years that has 4.7 million employees, and $3.9 Trillion dollars, borrowed, printed, and expended on things like fornicating shrimp on treadmills. Not to mention is trillions in debt and deficit right now even before the government has paid for Al Gores first vasectomy.

      And another thing, would someone tell Mr. Van Jones that when he attempts to twist the Constitutions, “Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness” thing right after Ezekiel just said that the government should pay to kill babies, he sounds a little disingenuous.



      Joe Doakes

          1. I thought it was a powerful comment, as only Joe Doakes can do. Joe’s Daddy didn’t raise no fool. I’d be careful too after Mom trademarked her son’s name.

          2. He’s referring to little Trayvon Martin, the left’s latest poster boy for why “the man” is keeping the black community down.

        1. Count on it . . .

          True . . .

          Remember the goal of these letters is to stiffen your spines and to help all of you to see that we are going to save this nation, one ballot, one letter, one syllable at a time – and just as Reagan did our new President will do again . . . with any luck I’ll be helping that happen.

          Getting a little tiresome writing speeches no on hears . . .


      1. Joe, I agree completely. What’s so sad is the fact that the only people who understand what you just put out there are the same people who agree totally with you. The other side still won’t get it even after we take back the country.

          1. not to mention that we already pay taxs to cover the police and firefighters and they stole the money and now wants to tax us more then they will steal that money and tax us more. the dems will not be happy untill the US pays triple what the rest of the world pays.Dems have never met a tax they did not want and envey. and only a fool would have ever voted for the lier n chief in the whitehouse

    2. Pick any high school student body President in the US and you will have found a person with more class and more smarts than Biden.

  1. Is Biden really that stupid? Does he not understand that funding for police and fire services is strictly a LOCAL function in which the feds don’t (and never should) have a role? I see now why Obama picked Biden as Veep….no one would ever want this yahoo in the WH, even to scrub the floors.

    1. Wrong. Houston did a massive hiring in 2008 after Bush allocated federal funds to help HPD keep up with the rapid popoulation growth.

    1. Amenth!!! And this is what we’ll continue to have in DC until we can throw this ruling political class to the streets and force them to work a REAL job.
      And I’m talking BOTH sides of the aisle !

    1. No, he and his leash holder Barack ObamaSoros rely on class warfare because it’s very effective on the less intelligent, hate filled, bile spewing progressives the Democrat Party caters to.

      Say what you want about them, these guys know their audience and how to whip them up while the d-nozzles in the Dole/Ford/McCain/H.W. Bush wing of the Republican Party can’t find enough ways to demoralize their base with candidates like Mitt “Massachusetts Marxist” Romney.

      1. You sir, are right on the money.

        Notice also that since it appears Romney is going to be the nominee, O’Bozo and the media have begun with their attacks and faked polls. O’Bozo is ahead of Romney by double digits. While the mighty Boa doesn’t put much faith in their polls normally, there’s not much doubt that this one is probably fairly accurate. By time the media are done with Romney, he will probably be lucky to get 40 percent of the vote. The GOP apparently wishes to hand O’Bozo a re-election, and they’re right on target….

  2. If I were a lesser person, I would take VPBiden’s remarks as encouraging police and firemen to let that “first guy”s house burn down to the ground and not to assist the “first guy” if he is a victim of theft in violation of their oath of office and their duty to protect the public. I might even think that VPBiden’s remarks were made to create ill-will between the first responders and the people who depend on them.
    But, what I really think is that VPBiden is a political tool, and a dangerous fool

    1. I must be a lesser person than you srdem. I believe he was encouraging them to look at the people they are sworn to protect as enemies. How surreal to live in an America where our elected leaders are calling for police and firefighters to stand down in their duties to protect and defend their fellow countrymen…

  3. isn’t this the same biden who, while he was eating a $10,000 per plate dinner, complained that the GOP didn’t uderstand the common man??

    the fool needs to be given a glass of warm milk and cookies and tucked gently into bed. at least he’d be out of the way of the grown-ups….

  4. I don’t have an issue with what Biden says. It’s the person who sits there and is willing to accept his comments.

    Voters have more power than they know if they would just vote with their feet when politicians start talking.

  5. We paid for this campaigning event with our tax dollars? Here’s a thought BiteMe. Republicans are trying to balance budgets so cops and firefighters still have jobs. How are you doing in balancing budgets?

    1. A balanced budget is foreign to them. Hell, a budget at all would be foreign to them. If you are not planing to stop spending, why should you care about a budget?

  6. It is disgusting to see Democrat politicians once again attempting to exploit the deaths of police officers and firefighters for political purposes.

    The FBI maintains detailed data on police officer killings,

    Except for the extraordinary events of 9-11, the number of cops murderred in the line of duty has remained nearly constant for the last decade.

    This appeal to police paranoia is sadly reminiscent of President Clinton’s promoting police paranoia about being outgunned by criminals armed with assault rifles. FBI data that conclusively documented that murders of police officers had been on a steep, downward trend for three decades and that only a tiny fraction of officers were being murderred with the military style semiautomatic firearms that were allegedly the “weapon of choice” for cop killers was ignored. Less detailed data on killings of civilians conclusively demonstrated that rifles of any type, much less military style “assault rifles” were used in a small and decreasing number of murders. The fact that firearms assaults were becoming less rather than more likely to be lethal at a time when the lethality of assaults with other types of weapons confirmed that murder rates were not rising because criminals were using deadlier weapons.
    Clinton’s obsession with banning large caliber, long barreled, high capacity assault rifles that can fire dozens of rounds without reloading rather than the small caliber, short barreled, single shot Saturday Night Specials that are prone to misfire or discharge prematurely forces one to conclude that Clinton suffers from aFreudian phobia of firearms.
    Of course anyone who has read the Paula Jones affidavit concerning the distinguishing characteristics which described Clinton’s diminutive endowement or Jennifer Flower’s interview in which she referenced Clinton’s anatomical short comings would already know this.

    The fact that President Obamaand now Vice President Biden are now attempting to revive the gun control issue reveals that the country is once again being governed by pencil pricks.

    1. Great points James, I agree 100%. During my police career, I often check the FBI’s summary of LEOs killed in the line of duty and note that the “assault weapon” is very low on the list. Year after year, fatal motor vehicle crashes are very high on the list, yet there is never a call for the outright banning of cars. Of course Biden and his ilk would love to have us driving around in “Smart Cars” or ride bicycles everywhere so that Mother Earth doesn’t get any warmer. That would, I guess, be one way of drastically reducing the chance of fatal collisions.

      Once again, liberal fear-mongering tactics using distortions of the truth are employed to try and sway opinions. These people have no moral compass at all.

      1. It used to be police were called on the car[pet for bad decisions involving unwarranted shootings of the arrestee. Now they are told to first protect themselves and if the suspect is killed so what? In long beach 9 policeofficers secretly got in position and killed a drunk who was sitting in an enclosed courtyard stair when he raised a water nozzel They never id’d themselves and watched him for 10 minutes before they killed him. It was found to be a policy shooting (kind of like duck hunting). In Pasadena the police killed a suspect when he reached for a cell phone. They claimed they relied on the victims 911 call that the suspect had a gun but they never saw it first. The police chief says OK. The motto has changed from protect and serve the public to protect and serve ourselves. These two shootings should embarrass all good cops everywhere. In long beach now we have the officer that blew Zerby away back on the street and he can’t tell his arse from a hole in the ground.

  7. Just another example of class warfare. The question for the dimwit Biden is, given that the Administration that you are part of, just increased the National Debt by 4 trillion dollars, Why were you un-able to satisfy your lust for spending? How much more do you need? It appears that there is no end in sight. spend spend spend

  8. Biden failed to tell the audience that the stimulus only paid for one year of increased salaries. All the new fire and police staff were temporary to begin with. The money wasn’t there before the stimulus and isn’t there after.
    How many new first responders could be retained if Obama paid for his own campaign expenses? A bit hypocritical, Mr. Biden.

  9. I always wondered why anyone would have this person as his VP and now we all know…. He’s a moronic rabid dog that will spew any crap you tell him to. He’s the puppet’s puppet.

  10. I think we are all looking at Plugs all wrong. Sure he’s gaffetastic…but in, I believe, a well PLAYED way.

    Joes “crazy uncle” shtick is contrived. He “steps in” more routinely now–more rancorously divisive so as to have a plausibility of he is dismissed as VEEP for Hillary. BiteMe’s idiocy has been ratcheted upwards–claiming that the Right wants dead cops and firefighters is no “stand up Chuck” moment. Joe is a good little Obot foot soldier and he will march wobbly into the turquoise and red Obama sunset if told that what’s “needed” to assure another Soetaro term.

  11. Biden is such a dunce and an embarrassment to the country.Just because Sheffiff Joe, watcher of the wasted $800,000,000,000 stimulus dollars, cannot account for any of the monies we are to listen to his pronouncements? I don’t think so. Joe, Obama and the democrats have made slaves of their followers by giving away our tax dollars for so many wasted and sleazy political efforts like the stimulus, GM, Chrysler, green scams costing $100,000,000,000 so far with no successes.By the War on Poverty, New Deal, LBJ efforts which destroyued the black family and held the blacks in poverty in inner cities of america while intronatinating the children in public schools run by unions nd bankruptingm the country while failing the children. We have wasted over $16,000,000,000,000[the national debt today] on these democratic programs which have kept the poor and primarily blacks in the shape they are in today and will remain until they awaken and leave the democrats for the freedom of the “real” america not the Potemkin Village of liberals.

  12. Hey Joe, sounds like you are saying that the rich not paying more taxes for police and firefighters are only hurting themselves … so why do you care. Shouldn’t they be allowed to make that decision for themselves? … or do you, like the rest of the Obama administration, know more about what people need than they themselves know?

  13. We have twice as many firefighters in this country as we did 20 years ago, but half as many fires. If not a single new firefighter were hired in the next 20, we’d still be overstaffed in the aggregate.

  14. Never, in the history of political campaigning, has a (BRAINLESS) PresIdent and (useless)vice-president, done so much to encourage class warfare and hate, just to win and retain power. The needs of the United States are not an issue for these pretenders. The only concern they have is to create “straw-dogs” of hate so that the electorate doesn’t see what has gone on behind the curtain of deceit they continue to maintain.

    biden has become an embarrassment to the country and all Americans should feel the shame this administration has created.

    We have a chance, in the November, 2012 election, to put the United States back on the road to sanity and reform. Away from the policies of division put in place by this FECKLESS administration. Socialism has failed Europe; Communism has failed Russia. Yet, this administration continues to try to put these policies into the heart of the American Government, even against the strong will of the majority.



  15. Joe, your dementia is not a pretty sight. Now if you had said DemocRATS fire Poloice and Firefighters to protect their Cronies on the public payroll that would have been a moment of clarity and truth. Alas your a DemocRAT, and lying is the first rule of thumb.

  16. The pro-abortion folks need to use him more to make their case. Seeing what can come from some full-term pregnacies will do more to change their minds then ideology, etc. His hair plug were put in too deep. I’ve always argued these folks are nuts, but I don’t push because they’ll start asking for disability checks….

  17. Howard H. E7 Ret USAF

    There’s one thing we know: the more cops on the street, the fewer cops get killed. The more firefighters responding to a fire, the fewer injuries to the firefighters, because you have each other’s backs,” Biden said.

    There’s one more thing they know: the more troops in the field, the fewer troops get killed. The more troops responding to a firefight, the fewer injuries to the troops, because you have each other’s backs,” Biden did not said.

  18. Biden and most of his cronies made a fortune off insider trading. Even with the new law they are trying to pass prohibiting this practice will be circumvented. Biden is not only not in full possesion of his faculties, he is just as much an embarassment as Obama is to the world and our own country. And Van Jones recent statement that Blacks would vote for Obama even if he were gay, shows that Obama and Van Jones thinks that all blacks are racist and stupid. Maybe a part of them are, but to brazenly expect all to to flollow the plantation rules and vote race is a bit much.

  19. Biden said. “I’m not very subtle; I find it absolutely beyond my understanding.”

    That’s because your I.Q. is in single digits, Joe!

  20. Every night, I go to sleep hoping that I’ll wake up and find that the last four years have just been a dream . . . a nightmare of a dream, but knowing,of vourse, that it wasn’t . . .isn’t. Of all the Useful Idiots littering the Obama administration, Biden is surely the Poster child.

    I recall the words of Brother Venard (rest his soul), my eigth grade teacher, back in Brooklyn, in 1948, a member of the Order of Irish Christian Brothers. He had a favorite phrase that he used to describe those occasional students (there weren’t many of them) who chose to put their stupidity on display. Brother Venard would say: ” Mr. So and So, I am growing closer to the conclusion that you may well be tha most useless piece of excess baggage I have ever encountered” . . . But, then, Brother Venard never met Biden.

  21. So let me get this straight… cops and firemen will intentionally slow down response, or not respond at all – to wealthy people’s emergencies? The people who pay the most in taxes will be mistreated… yea, that’ll happen.

    Because the police and firemen want their town to be like other towns that have driven away the tax base: Detroit

  22. I guess getting guns into the hands of drug cartels that are used on law enforcement officials and citizens like the Obama administration did with “Fast and Furious” is they’re way of showing how the Dems stand with the police.

  23. These low-life democrats will saying anything to get elected. It’s amazing the that the press follows along this line of crap, and the American liberals believe it.

  24. This simply shows what a fool Ol’ Uncle Joe is. Yes, the millionaire who’s house burns to the ground, or has his vehicle stolen will lose more in total dollar amounts than say someone who is loses their their 15 year old car, or $60,000 house. But, in terms of who can afford the loss, the millionaire is in a better position than the individual who has been unemployed for six months or a year.

    One of the first things that usually goes when you hit the “poverty level” due to economic times is insurance. If it is a choice between paying for full coverage on your car or buying food for yourself and your family, people take food. If you have to choose between homeowners insurance and covering the cost of gas and lights people choose gas and lights.

    The monetary loss in percentage to the poor and unemployed is substantially higher than it is to the wealthy. My 989 sq. ft home and 17 year old car are worth more to me percentage wise than the 5000 sq. ft. home and brand new Lexus are worth to the wealthy person living in a gated community.

    When people hit the subsistence level due to illness, injury, or failed economic policy even the slightest loss of real property is devastating. The quickest and easiest way to turn the tide for those in economic trouble is to increase the speed of the engine of economic growth. That is not done by higher taxes, or pouring billions into Shangri-La technologies but by getting out of the way of business and allowing reinvestment into the business infrastructure and organization.

    I have to laugh at the Marxist/Maoist mentality that is become so prevalent in DC. These people do not remember history at all. Whenever and where ever the revolutions have happened, the first to go have always been the sycophants that have cheer-leaded the revolt. The leaders of their new utopia have to get rid of them because they know that once the truth comes out about what the revolution will do, there is the potential for them to revolt again. It’s like the old saying, “If they’ll cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you.”

  25. It’s bad enough that a Vice President would ever say such a preposterous thing about his fellow citizens, but it is much, much worse that half the nation is both gullible and ignorant enough to believe him.

    And just for the record, no, I am not a Republican — merely an anti-Democrat. I consider the bulk of the Republican Party to be mere enablers of their anti-Constitutional Democrat colleagues.

  26. The fire chief in Los Angeles directed the firemen slow down after budget cuts. He then lied to the council saying the cuts didn’t have much effect. The council then reinstated the budget not to correct the deliberate slowdown but to reward the chief for lying to protect the city. Biden knows that he couldn’t care less about response and of course the police don’t reduce crime they just take reports then pass on the 1% they now arrest to a liberal justice system that just releases them again. A small dog does more to reduce home theft than all the cops in the world do. Biden is a slave to the unions and local officials who just want to take our money and piss it away.

  27. If stupid were a commodity, Biden would be the richest man in the world! Thank you Obama for keeping this idiot on the ticket. He is the epitome of liberalism. Keeping a stooge around for the dirty jobs that he is too stupid really comprehend and speaking with complete and unbridled ignorance. A perfect example of what the Democrats bring to the table!

  28. Biden, stands convicted out of his own mouth…he is the stupidest person ever to hold the office of vice president. He was the stupidest person in the U.S. Senate. Unfortunately, my state, Ohio, now holds the distinction of having the stupidest senator….the Honorable Sherrod Brown.

  29. And here I thought Biden and the boys wanted to whack the one percenters for the sake of the deficit, not to do more local community organizing and hire more cops and firefighters.

  30. It never ceases to amaze me what falls out of Vice President Biden’s mouth and how he doesn’t get called on it by the MSM. This isn’t the first time he had made such comments. If he really believes that drivel he is out of touch and if he doesn’t really believe it, he is basically lying in the hopes of gaining a political advantage. Neither possibility is desirable.

  31. I’d like to see more medical help and benefits for those poor 9-11 first responders who are now too sick to work.

    Joe Biden is VP for one reason only-to make whites look like total fools. Problem is, the biggest fool of all (Biden) is too foolish to recognize this.

  32. Really found the comment that only the 1% have assets worth protecting. Us poor people don’t have anything to steal or burn???

    Line of Duty keeps a running tally of all Police deaths and weapon used. The deaths are down this year, but its only April. When the FOP supported Obama in 2008, they did not have the backing of the majority of sworn officers…just sayin.

  33. Biden lives in his own la la land. Another nonsense lie from Biden and he can start volume 52 in the “Biden Stupid Lies” series. He makes a great companion to Obozo with their deceit. Both are master liars and manipulators of the disadvantaged and working class. They knew who they were targeting with their scheming. They know that only the working class and disadvantaged could be manipulated to the point where nothing is done for them, they are worse off than 4 years ago and they keep telling them to wait wait wait. Watch them manipulate them now into thinking that as the lame duck duo, they can do whatever they want for people with another term….What a lie! They can’t accomplish squat because they lost control of the House and they will lose control of the Senate in November. They can only sit on their hands and do nothing! Anything other than that is a LIE!!

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