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President Obama: Time to Try Again on Trayvon

This is a guest post. 

Can anyone, anywhere, please ask President Obama to speak to the country, invoke Lincoln and appeal to “the Better Angels of our Nature?”

We need it. Now.

It’s time for you to speak about the Trayvon Martin tragedy again.

On November 3rd, 2008, The Michigan Daily said, “…Obama has proven that he can bridge racial, religious, age and partisan lines.”

Mr. President, bridge these lines.

Right now – as I type this – there are at least five people either on the run, in hiding, underground, or terrorized.

They aren’t fugitives from the Law. They are the pursued prey of The Mob.

Obama in the Rose Garden
Photo by Keith Koffler

And I’m not talking about criminals – as of yet. I’m talking about George Zimmerman – who shot Trayvon Martin – Zimmerman’s parents, and the McClains, a couple who had had their address tweeted by Spike Lee, who mistakenly thought they were Zimmerman’s parents.

Zimmerman may be guilty of a crime. We don’t know yet. In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty. And you don’t get arrested until there is sufficient evidence against you. Arrest shouldn’t happen when The Mob demands it.

And Mr. President, while your Justice Department is investigating the possibility of a race crime, as it should, have it also find out what’s behind the threats being made on people’s lives.

Who are the public faces of this particular Mob?

Al Sharpton has been making himself hoarse stirring demonstrations demanding Zimmerman’s immediate arrest. Sharpton now threatens more civil disobedience and economic punishment of the city of Sanford, where the shooting occurred, if Zimmerman is not taken into custody.

Representative Frederica Wilson (D-FL) called for Zimmerman’s physical detention for his own “safety.” I don’t think many Appeals Court Judges would agree someone can be deprived of liberty indefinitely by the Government to keep them “safe.”

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan promised “retaliation” if there is no “justice” in the case. Instead of yawning, the Justice Department should ask pertly, “what retaliation and against whom?”

The New Black Panther Party has offered $10,000 for the “capture” of George Zimmerman. DOJ should ask, “Hey, what’s with the contract you put out?”

The New Black Liberation Militia has declared, “We’ll find him” – referring to George Zimmermann. “And do what, Militia?” Eric Holder should demand.

Roseanne Barr pitilessly corrected Spike Lee’s mistake with the actual address. She apologized. Her apology effectively means nothing, but the future lawsuit will help correct her future meanness.

Spike Lee now says “Please Leave The McCLain’s (sic) in peace” to his followers, who number more than a couple of hundred thousand and all have the McClains’ address. Yikes. That’s like a small, mid-western city. You’re darned right, Spike; you could be in a ton of trouble if anything does happen to them.

What about the @KillZimmermann Twitter account?


And is there any concern about people who bear even a vague resemblance to Zimmerman?

Mr. President, I watched your speech in Arizona last year from a hospital bed following surgery from complications from a gunshot wound I received in Afghanistan a long, long time ago. I was heartened a little then as I lay there.

You were helping the country heal from the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. You asked for civility.

Now you must ask for something even more relevant to your office: The rule of law.

Mr. President, if you had a son, he may well have borne a strong resemblance to Trayvon Martin. But the senior Mr. Zimmerman may bear a strong resemblance to your actual white grandfather.

Mr President, how ‘bout it?

The author chooses to be anonymous. James Locke is a pseudonym. The views are the author’s own.

94 Responses to President Obama: Time to Try Again on Trayvon

  1. I disagree. We don’t need to hear from this guy on this subject. Like the Giffords mess, he just jumped in to get ink. His “gift” of speechifying is highly overrated–remember all the endless yak about his race speech, Muslim speech, Berlin speech–etc–who can even remember a line from any of them? This Trayvon thing needs to “pend” a while not be kicked back up by another presidential pronouncement written by some 20-something speechwriter. He has already said he identified with Trayvon–not in so many words, but close. No more!

    • I don’t know what Trayvon was doing there–I think he was out of school and going to visit someone and just wandering. I read Zimmerman as a fanatic nosy neighbor, self-important. Why wasn’t he at work? Who knows. Why did he carry a gun around in the day time? Sign of poor judgment.If there were witnesses–why is this a month old? The press has been terrible–I saw the transcript so-called where the dispatcher ASKS what Trayvon looked like–and he said he might be black. The question was removed–he is up to no good, he might be black…So twisted. I am sick of this whole thing. Someone is getting something out of it–probably the agitators. I will never go to another Spike Lee movie.

    • Star, the chief reason I wrote this was to call-out the President to be what he told us he’d be. He, of course, won’t do that but I wanted to give him the opportunity to be a Good Leader.
      And…I wanted him to know we’re all watching.

      Thanks for the all the input from you guys

      It’s time for all of us to start writing…

  2. The author asks rhetorical questions. The ‘answer’ is that Obama supports class warfare because that is more likely to continue his lobster and golfing.

    It does seem that there are multiple crimes being committed to innocent citizens. Sounds like conspiracy to commit kidnapping (“capture” …Zimmerman) might be the easiest to identify.

    This upcoming election is going to be about mob rule vs civilization. God help us.

  3. The guest blogger had me until the end; no, MrObama did not “heal” our nation after the tragedy in Tucson that was committed by an insane man. The only “healing” to be done was to aid the many wounded, bury the dead and hope that the shooter be treated and committed to a safe place.
    What MrO did in Tucson, was to put the blame on conservative thinking because one of the victims was a Democrat.

    MrO will never address the race hustling that the MSM loves to promote; it’s to his advantage, or he thinks it is. He started the race hustling with his comments on the victims skin color.
    We’re tired of the frayed, bent race card and the demands from certain people that they be given special attention because of something that happened 160 years ago or 60 years ago or yesterday.
    I say to these people : Clean your own house before you critize mine.

      • What was the theme printed on the t-shirts placed on the back of every chair at that Tucson memorial/campaign event? “Together We Thrive”. Let’s see…he’s got the War against Women, the War against Religion, the Race War, the old reliable Class Warfare, and after his staged press conference this afternoon it sounds like he’s calling for War against the Supremes. His new campaign theme should be “Us Against Them”. I’m afraid We The People are the “Them” in that scenario.

  4. Obama and Holder need to face up to the fact that 50% of all crimes are committed by blacks; and 93% of those crimes are black on black! At this rate, the black population will drop from 12% to 6% in no time. Then, what will they do–Sharpton and Jackson will be out of work.

  5. It’s become apparent to me that this administration is getting first grade lessons in civility and moral values from reading ‘What He Should Have Done’ hints from sites like this, manned by civil, law-abiding, moral, ethical people from all political parties. This Administration of Fools doesn’t know how to do it on their own but just watch, a day or two from now, they’ll come out with a twist that includes the lesson learned. They start looking like good guys again. STOP HELPING them!

    We already know who we want to get rid of. Let’s START helping the people we want to replace them!

  6. “But the senior Mr. Zimmerman may bear a strong resemblance to your actual white grandfather.”

    Great insight.

    Obama’s myopic vision has fueled the blind rage. This is the bread and butter of the “community organizer”. The butter is rancid and the bread is stale, but it won’t stop him from serving flat beer summits.

    • “Community organizer”? I prefer to call BHO what he really is – a Community Agitator.

      Now that more recent photos of Trayvon Martin have been made public, I would love to see a reporter ask BHO if he would still say if he had a son he’d look like him. Really? Would BHO’s 17 year old son be sporting a gold grill and tattoos, and use the “N” word as his Twitter name?

  7. He should have kept his trap shut the first time. The only thing he could say would be to throw Spike, Sharpton NBPP and the list is endless under the bus
    and that he will never do so why bother. Like other things it’s what we aren’t
    supposed to be looking at we need to worry about his playing the race card
    will never change.

  8. The heavy metal group Black Sabbath had it right 28 years ago: “If you listen to fools, the mob rules, the mob rules!”

  9. The people out for “mob justice” have no ethics, nor apparently do Holder or Obama. They will not speak out against it unless there is something in it for them. Sadly I agree that the November election will be marred by violence if they do not get a second term. All this screaming is being used to hide what they do not want you to know, just like the late Friday document dumps. What is it that MSM is not reporting?

  10. First of all, thank you for your service to the country “James Locke”. I agree with srdem. You had me up until the Tucson shooting. The _resident didn’t try to heal the country. He turned his hounds loose on Sarah Palin, talk radio, and conservative media, trying to place blame on them for the actions of one twisted, sick individual. With the Florida incident he is trying to divide and conquer by stirring up racial division.

    “This is not about Trayvon Martin. This is about divide and conquer. Hope and Change has been replaced with Us vs. Them. This about pitting Americans against Americans.”

    • The reason I included the Tuscon incident was primarily due to my emotions in the hospital at the time. I used to be, among other things, a professional bodyguard. I suppose the hopeless desire I felt at that moment was – I Wish I had Been There.
      Terribly egotistical, I know but that was the helplessness I felt – we felt, really. I was under the influence of pain-medictaion so maybe his speech impacted me differently (chuckle). The speech was good but it sure didn’t last, did it?

        • Thank you, Star
          I remembering weeping and seeing it my mind as I went for him. But that’s the funny thing about things like this: even if I had been there, it may have made no difference at all.
          I’m pretty cynical – mostly from war.
          It just seems, in the long run, we’ve somehow stopped making things better in the world.

  11. Sorry, but Obama should not have commented on this incident. Many people are tragically killed each day, he does not comment on them. He should just keep his big trap shut. His comments only served to fire up the professional race hustlers Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakhan. Now the Justice Department is involved? The media posted the picture of 13 year old “boy” Trayvon as opposed to 17 year old “man” Trayvonon television and they are fanning the flames by keeping the incident alive – all for the ratings. Trayvon’s mama wants her piece of the action with the trademarking of her son’s name and Juan Williams incredibly referred to Trayvon as an “innocent child” on Fox News Sunday – making it sound as though a 5 year old werre gunned down.
    Now Joe Biden and posse are crying for more gun control legislation which is what this whole thing is going to morph into shortly.
    I believe someone got hold of this story as a vehicle for Obama to latch onto so people will stop focusing on the miserable job he is doing as POTUS.

  12. Take a look at the current “People Magazine.” Baby-faced Trayvon on the front — more babyfaced pics inside.

    No image of his middle-finger waving, no gold-grill photo. And I’m going to bet they didn’t quote from his tweets

  13. I dunno’ there’s an old saying about giving someone enough rope… some part of me thinks that the more Barack Obama jumps in where he should not tread as President of the United States, the more of himself he reveals to the country. The MSM may be unwilling to present Obama critically or impartially but there’s hope for an unchecked narcissist with a national audience and no teleprompter or a hot mic. This whole never waste a good crisis meme may not be working out so well for this President.

  14. Excellent questions to be asked and oursued. It’s a crying shame we do not have journalists in the main stream media who have the fortitude to ask them.

  15. This is going to be about as politically incorrect as one can imagine, but here I go.

    I am so sick of hearing about the “tragic shooting” “the tragedy of Trayvon’s death” “racial profiling” “no justice, no peace” ad nauseam. How about we ask some real simple questions.

    Let’s start with, “Where the hell was his mother?” Did she not see that her sweet little boy had become a thug, with no respect towards women? Didn’t she see the pictures of him flipping the bird, and wearing a gold grill? Didn’t she stop and think about what was going on when he got suspended for drugs (and don’t give me this crap about how it was just some residue, because to have residue you have to have drugs!)

    Where was his daddy? Why didn’t the father step in and deal with this kid before things got out of control? Why didn’t daddy snatch him up by the scruff and tell him you don’t talk about women they way he did on his Twitter account? Why didn’t his daddy teach him to have some self respect, and not use the “N word” to describe himself? Why didn’t his daddy teach him to respect others?

    The entire situation wasn’t a tragedy, it was to be expected. Parents who will not control, and discipline their children are the ones to blame. Not racial profiling. Parents who think that their job ended at conception for the men, or at the end of the birth canal for women are the ones to blame. The old saying goes, “Children learn what they live and live what they learned.” And that is so true.

    Stop blaming society for your failure as a parent. Stop blaming the police because the little hellion you raised goes to prison. Stop blaming everyone else for your lack of responsibility in raising YOUR child!

    And to all the race hustlers, poverty pimps, and politicians (I guess I am being redundant), where were you, when a 29 year old white police officer was shot and killed by a black parolee in Indianapolis on January 26, 2011? I don’t recall any outrage or condemnation coming from the White House. I don’t recall Jackson, Sharpton or any of the other so called black leaders condemning this shooting. Oh, and by the way, the officer never had a chance to draw his weapon, but was “shot down like a rabid dog” as one Congresswoman said of Trayvon.

    How about all the backlash that has happened since POTUS made his remarks? The Hispanic kid in So. California that was jumped and beaten by black youths? Where the outrage? Where is the call for solidarity? Where’s the call for justice?

    The Sanford shooting was not a tragedy, it was a culmination. Parents who are clueless or don’t care, coupled with a mentality that says, “my baby did nothing wrong” along with a glorification of the thug life, misogyny, violence and drugs lead to this shooting. Trayvon would probably still be alive if his parents, extended family and community had done their jobs. If those in Trayvon’s life had instilled in him self respect, respect for the community, respect for the law, respect for women, perhaps he wouldn’t have jumped on and beaten Zimmerman, as one witness stated, and Trayvon would still be alive.

    • This site–these comments–are the first time I learned about his Twitter, that he had one, that his Twitter name had the N-word, that he had the grill (not great for your teeth, by the way), that he was thuggy about women, etc. I usually watch Fox–and this was not brought out, any of this, which might surprise some people who think Fox is so racist. None of this means he deserved to get shot–but it does mean he was not some hapless little tot trying to find his Dad’s house. There is always more to these stories…always more…and probably more still to this one.

      • Also I am still stinging over some idiot coming in my yard, through a gate, and taking my kid’s bike out of the back–just because they wanted it…why not…see what they could see…that whole mindset.

      • Did you hear that the Today show aired a heavily edited tape of the 911 call? It made Zimmerman sound racist when he was only answering questions the dispatcher asked. NBC has launched an internal investigation into the matter but the damage is done.

        >NBC’s “Today” show ran the edited audio of George Zimmerman’s phone call to a police dispatcher in which Zimmerman says: “‘This guy looks like he’s up to no good … he looks black.”

        A transcript of the complete 911 call shows that Zimmerman said, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.”

        The 911 officer responded saying, “OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?”

        “He looks black,” Zimmerman said. <

        Big difference between what NBC reported and what actually was said.

      • Star – one of his twitter feeds had a photo of him giving the middle finger to the camera and looking all grim and street creddy.

    • Well said Shofar. It is about time parents take responsibility for their forgotten or spoiled children. This young man seems to have converted from good kid to punk over the last few years and the parents either didn’t care or they were too afraid to confront him.

    • I agree. It’s revealing to see what the AfAm “community” tolerates as normal behavior among its young. The whole gangsta thing is something that should be forbidden the instant a kid gets into it, yet for many people the outlaw anti-The-Man stance is appealing rather than appalling.

      Trayvon was on a trajectory to tragedy and his parents did not stop him. Sad for Trayvon that he never got a chance to get some sense and grow up — his ugly immaturity may have led to thuggish attitudes taht made him jump the wrong guy. In other words, Zimmerman’s story is much more believeable when you contemplate the real Trayvon and not the little boy image promoted by the MSM because it can’t be bothered to do any real research.

  16. Frederica Wilson is an intellectually dim Pimp Mama with the fashion sense of a rodeo clown. Only in America can such a racist fool be elected to office.

  17. I do want thank Keith Koffler for the opportunity fo r a Normal Joe to chip in. Thank you Keith! I WILL buy you a drink or ten someday
    (rendering crisp hand salute)

      • Incidentally, half my battle the last 3-plus yrs has been that my friends are not Republicans…nor was I until this mysterious and annoying candidate floated out of the ethers. I cannot discuss any of this with anyone but you guys–and that includes my sister.

      • I will. I’m the guy who likes to post as beloved Classic Hollywood Actors – I find it amusing and it pays homage so that perhaps one of you would pull “Cool Hand Luke” off Netflix and behold one of Strother Martin’s most hard-nosed performances if you saw the name. So, if you see some Idiot posting as ‘Lee Van Cleefe’ it’s probably me.

        • One of my favorite namesakes of yours is Clint Walker. What a great patriot he is. He still comes on Mark Levin’s radio show every once in a while. Have every episode of Cheyenne in our video collection.

  18. One of the reasons I felt compelled to write this was the image burned in my mind of Street Mobs. I’ve been in 14 countries (Keith knows all this) and 3 hostile fire zones and a violent mob is an absolutely terrifying organism to behold – even if you have guns. I actually developed a Zombie phobia due to past riots and so forth.
    What would the mob would do to Zimmerman if they actually had him in a cornfield somewhere? They’d tear him apart. Mobs are so dangerous due to the anonymity of the group; no one feels personally responsible for the second brick.

    • James,

      You are right about the “mob” mentality. In one of my previous lives (pre-illness) I ended up in the middle of a riot while we were trying to make an arrest on a person wanted for shooting someone. The family came out in force, and literally all hell broke loose. If it hadn’t been for a good communications system and dispatchers calling for assistance for myself and the other three officers, I would hate to think what the end result would have been.

      As it was we spent several minutes getting pelted with rocks, bottles, and God only knows what else. Thankfully no one started shooting, because it would have been a bloodbath. Two of the officers I was with received cuts and abrasions from being hit with glass and rocks, another was hit by a car and ended up with a couple of cracked ribs and I ended up with a broken thumb. And this was not in a “hot zone” overseas, but in America, in an inner-city community.

      People wonder why LEOs become so cold and jaded. This is why. People wonder why LEOs give a second look at the kid saggin’, with a grill, and driving with the bass blasting out of the trunk of a car with 20 inch spinners. It’s because 80% of the time the person is up to no good, and has drugs, guns or something illegal going on.

      You don’t want the cops to stop you, turn down your stereo, use your turn signal, don’t light up that blunt while you are sitting at a stop light next to a marked car. Respect yourself, others and your community.

      • Shofar (I so dig that handle, btw),
        You know exactly what I’m talking about.
        A chunk of concrete split my head open in Korea in ’94 (16 stitches if memory serves), a piece of asphalt in Haiti in ’95 split my scalp and you know scalp wounds – dramatically bloody to the point you ask yourself, “Wait…did I just get my head-blown off?”.
        In Kabul, immediately after Abu Graib, it was like that scene in “300” when the Persians darken the sky with arrows. By then even Sexy Action Guys were all wearing helmets but riots are ALWAYS scary as Hell.

        • Thanks for the props on the handle.

          Yeah, they are scary. The majority of American have never been in the middle of one, and do not understand what is going through your mind if you are in a uniform. You get trained to stand your ground, and put on a locked, hard face, but truthfully you’re crapping in your boots wondering what’s going to happen next.

          Thanks for you time in service.

          • “crapping your boots”
            Then after several hot hours, you just wish you could put two in the pumpkin of the next Effing Guy you see flinging a section of pipe at you. But of course, we didn’t do that – we’d lose the War, right? And later on after a shower and a beer you’re damned glad you didn’t. We just took it. Besides, once one Joe starts shooting everyone opens up.
            And that’s Bad.
            …and thank you for your Service, Brother

          • And this brings us round full-circle.
            I think just about every thoughtful person who pays attention (and reads this site, btw) sees Big Troubles coming.
            As groups beat on each other they’ll eventually fight the cops. If it gets as bad as I think it’ll get Law Enforcement will be in exactly the same position we were in way back in ’03-’04. Then, someone will shoot at the Police and they will shoot back. This same type of event happened in Fallujah in ’03 and I said to a colleague “The 82nd just started the Insurgency” . History supports that comment.
            Without addressing causation (the causes of discontent and violence will be obfuscated into the dusty wooden crates of History – like Fannie and Freddie, the Gulf of Tonkin, etc), the President – with a flourish of assurances -will be ‘forced’ to take ‘unusual steps’ to restore ‘peace’. And we’ll demand he do it – “Clear the streets, Mister President!!”
            And, sadly, he’ll do just that.
            After all, Lincoln did.
            Where that puts the United States of America after that only God knows.

  19. The president had no business taking sides, making public speeches, and inciting the racial rants and demonstrations. This is not justice, this is mob hysteria because Obama took it upon himself to defend the victim, who just happened to be black. So, here we go again….threats and intimidation urging retaliation…that’s what courts are for…Zimmerman will never get a fair trial now, and he will probably fear for his own life because of the radicals, the race card has been played again and again. Obama just encourages it and the public deserves an apology that he should not have jumped to any conclusions with no facts or evidence. He was not there, he does not know what happened. Will we hear anymore from him…no we won’t because he won’t take the blame for what may be another tragedy…he has escaped to the golf course as usual…running away…

  20. Keith, thank you for letting Mr. Locke post this.

    Mr. Locke, I live in FL and am weary of this entire situation. I pray that those who are instigating don’t get their wish of all out riots.

    • Absolutely.
      I do want to thank Keith publicly. He’s a Good Guy fighting the Good Fight.
      Thank you, Keith
      Well, Brenda, one thing about folks from Florida: You are Survivors. Just tighten up your 72-hour kit and be alert and be safe

      • Thanks. We know how to prepare for hurricanes; but how do we prepare for chaos and lawlessness?

        The media bear responsibility for their inept reporting and desire to gin things up.

        • Kinda the same way I guess. Who always comes out after a hurricane? Looters.
          Without getting into the whole Gun Thing, it is my firm belief that every American Household should have – at minimum – one pump action shotgun and about 30 or 40 rounds.
          For the Defense of your Home.
          If you do go out and buy one talk to someone who knows a thing or two about them and take it out to the range. A gun is like a car; we don’t just hop into a car when we’re sixteen and drive off. There must be a little training. You must be familiar with your ‘car’ to operate it safely.
          The More You Know…(cue music…cue star)

  21. It looks like ABC and NBC are coming clean about their Disinformation Materials (only because they were caught red-handed by Breitbart and others)
    The ABC police department footage is about as clear as the Lunar Landing and the NBC audio is so spliced together it seems intended to defeat a voice-regonition system.
    Lo’ and Behold – the man does have gashes on the back of his head and his description of a ‘black’ subject on the tape is in direct response to the Dispatcher’s request for a racial description. He also, apparently, followed the Dispatcher’s instructions to disengage. He wasn’t ‘gunning’ for anyone, in my opinion. But the only one who’ll ever REALLY know is George Zimmerman

  22. I think that Obama should have kept his mouth shut, but since he’s weighed in, I agree that he now needs to say more. He needs to say this:

    “I reacted emotionally to the Trayvon Martin death by stating that if I had a son he would look like Trayvon. I put race front and center in my reaction. That was a mistake and I am very sorry. What is important is that if Mr. Zimmerman is arrested, he will receive a fair trial. I ask everyone to drop race from their thoughts about this case. After all, most young black men die at the hands of other black men. That is what “my people,” as Mr. Holder says, should be protesting and working on in their neighborhoods. I call on Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson to go home and stop agitating for race anger and angling for riots. Thank you for listening to this comment. I hope that everyone will take it to heart. We are all Americans.”

    • The words “I’m sorry” will never leave his lips. Even if he was really sorry, which he isn’t because this was done intentionally, he will never, ever apologize.

    • Just doing the right thing would earn him so much latitude with the American People
      But consistently…he doesn’t do the right thing

  23. One thing we should note is that all of these tactics: the fierce and exaggerated accusations, the hunting, the crowds, the demonizing from the airways…these are all methods that have been used against Black Folks for years and years.
    It shouldn’t be simply Whitey’s Turn
    I really, really wish MLK and Malcom X were alive today. I really do.

  24. “James,” it would be nice if Obama were capable of doing what you request. I won’t go into what might be his motivation if he did, but I will say why I think that he never will do it.
    He needs this issue. It helps to stir up his base, it will help to motivate “African Americans” to get out and vote for him. Yes, the election is 8 months away. But we will be reminded of this come November.
    Call me cynical. But I’ve watched this president very closely now for 3 years. I do not believe that he has any motivation for doing anything that does not benefit himself. I’m sorry, but that is how I see it. And I think Obama and his handlers feel that keeping this issue alive is far more beneficial than it is to putting it to rest. Sad, I know. But that is the state of American politics in the 21st century.

    • Unfortunately, you’re right
      And how have we become so cynical? Constant Deception from just about everyone.
      I just wanted to throw it out to him and see if he’d do the right thing.
      But just wait until Zimmerman is aquitted…

  25. amen “Mr. Locke”! and I’m loving the Michigan Daily mention in the beginning; was this originally printed in the Daily (our student newspaper at the U-M? if so, GO BLUE!

    • Thank you, rulie
      The MD excerpt was just one of the more flourishingly adoring quotes I found and it seemed to encapsulate everything he once claimed to be.
      …and how profoundly different from those claims actually is.

  26. …and if you wanna see something REALLY Scary, start looking for and perusing editorials from old newspapers like the New York Herald, the New York Times, the Richmond Daily Dispatch and the Charleston Mercury from about 1851 to 1860. The outrageous and inciteful rhetoric will make your hair stand on end.

    We are seemingly condemned to repeat History

  27. Barry should stay OUT of the Trayvon thing. He has enough other things to deal with instead of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. The statement he made about if he had a son he would look like Trayvon, with all the gold caps too? Or would they be platinum? Let’s just thank the guy upstairs Barry doesn’t have a son. Concerned AMERICAN, Larry Velasco